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Napoli, Italy


Very limited offer. Pretty girls look for husbands. For money they will
accept to marry you rich foreigner but they will not allow to you a short
fuck. So if you look for sex, change city.
The few opportunity are to look in the daily newspaper "Il Mattino" for same
ad (they call themselves: cartomante=astrologue, pantalonaia=pants'
tailoress, accompagnatrice = hostess). You will find a number to call. In
most cases they prefer to host rather than to deplace themselves. No
foreign languages spoken. Price 50.000 for a short, 100.000 the best
looking, do not accept to pay more. Double for an hour. Normally they do
not accept a full night. Here you can find some decent looking girls and
for Naples is the best choice.

A bit of streetwalkers' action can be found on "Via Marina" or "Corso
Umberto". African, albanian and Italian at low price, low service. 30.000
to 50.000 in the car, a bit more in the hotel. If you have no car, try on
the Piazzale Garibaldi, with the central station behind you head to the
top right corner. Few (4 to 10) whores work in the small streets around
there. She waits on corners, not walking, when she sees interest, she will
approach you. She normally has a small (ugly) studio close by.
Even worse the action in the area of Bagnoli / Agnano close to the NATO
(OTAN). Still low prices, but often unsatisfactory service.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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