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Nairobi, Kenya

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 20:06:58 UTC

I have spent more than a year in Africa as a filmmaker and have found one
club in Nairobi, Kenya that is guaranteed to send you off with a smile.  It is
The New Florida club in downtown Nairobi.  The club is located upstairs and
has a pulsating dance floor and huge bar.  As soon as you pay your admission
(about $5 US) and go upstairs, you will be approached by many, many
women, some of them extremely beautiful (Somalian woman are incredible),
and probably feel the Nairobi handshake (a feminine hand on your crotch)
before you get your first beer.  I took home two great looking sisters for
an all nighter for around $40.  You must be careful though as they both
wanted to start screwing right away without using a condom!  And, of course,
in Africa, AIDS runs rampant so use intelligence and a bit of common sense.
I had a fabulous time, drinking and smoking African ganja, and screwing
to my hearts content.  I still get letters from one of the sisters.  You can
find prostitutes all over Africa, of course, but you can't beat the Nairobi
scene for beautiful women.

Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 17:47:18 EST Subject: Kenyas Prostitutes I have lived in kenya all my life and the best girls in the industry come from narobi and mombasa. the best places to pick a girl in nairobi is in the streets at night. drive along koinange street in downtown and you will see a parade of all sizes. also go to a pub in latema road called modern green. this bar is open 24 hrs and girls range from age 14 to 50. you can get all tribes and races in this joint. even women from europe and asia are common in this dark and dirty place. also be careful of pick pockets in this place. the other plce is either florida 2000 or florida on koinange street. here girls are clean and well educated. you will even get girls from rich families just looking for a fuck and a general good time.all naiobi pubs have good girls . all you need is walk in and the eyes will tell you who is hooking. sometimes they will come and touch your balls. it is called nairobi gretings.
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 00:49:20 EDT Subject: (no subject) Nairobi-Kenya is probably the only country where women walk the streets freely despite prostitution being illegal. Along koinange street in downtown, girls ranging from 14 to 35 yrs old are seen waving at cars after 8pm. If you don't want to be in the streets, then try Florida 2000 and florida Mad house. You also might wanna go to a pub on Latema rd called Modern Green. A fuck in Nairobi is 500 KSh- 0r $ 10 and a blow job 300ksh 0r $5 many girls come from rich families and just do it for fun or rebellion from their families. Dont be surprised to meet a girl with a college degree from usa or britain in these pubs.

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