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Munich, Germany

Date: Fri,  1 Sep 1995 21:16:24 UTC

MUNICH - as of 1994, various dates.

Munich has many delights at all prices. At the lower end
of the market, try the Hansastrasse.  Take the U-bahn to
Heimeranplatz and follow the signs to Hansastrasse on foot;
on arriving at the Hansastrasse turn right to face towards
the Westendstrasse end.

This differs from most other street areas in that the girls
are all in cars, lining the street over a distance of a
kilometer or so from 9.00 in the evening onwards. This means
you can only see them from the bust up, but it's a reasonable
view.  They will drive you to suitable premises, one of
which (adjacent to the Westendstrasse) is a walk-in brothel
that you may try directly yourself.  Actually, you will do
much better on the street itself talking to the in-car talent.

Prices vary up to DM200 or more.  I paid DM150 for an average
girl who took me to a small whorehouse about 500 metres away
and gave me a straight fuck, no hurry, and seemed to enjoy it.
Overall rating about 5/10, I shall not go back.

Much better is Leier Kasten (it means Barrel Organ), which is
a smart well-appointed brothel just beyond the Frankfurter
Ring on the Ingolstadter-strasse.  Just walk in, sit down in
the bar and wait.  Best advice is to follow the advice in the
accompanying German brothel description in these Web pages.

If you are feeling rich you might try 1001 Arabian Nights,
which is on the Landsbergerstrasse about a kilometer or so
from the main station.  DM 50 just to go in, DM100 for a
sauna, DM300 and upwards for a girl.  But very well appointed
indeed. (This info is from several years ago, the details
and prices are probably different now).

There is a huge well-lit brothel on Hittorfstrasse, which is
within walking distance of the Nordfriedhof U-bahn.  I haven't
tried it, perhaps someone else will report.

Pegasus (

Subject: An interesting Munich experience Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:21:56 UTC Hi all, I'm just in the mood to let you participate in an interesting experience I had in Munich. Munich has a vast, but expensive and very professional atmosphere when it comes to commercial sex, but sometimes you are lucky and find a sort of highlight. E.g., there's an agency in Kreittmayerstr., where Ms Kaytas, an old lady in her seventies, has a collection of photos of girls who offer there services. You can choose one or more of them and she will give you their address for 100,- DM each. This deal does not include any fee for the girls. I chose a really gorgeous looking one, Ms Kaytas said she used to be a model, and gave me name, address, and phone no. (Michelle Cimarolli [rest censored]) Our first appointment failed due to scheduling problems, but in the meantime I read a lot in the newspapers about a girl in Munichs "Schickeria"-scene, her name was Brigitta Cimarolli. I wondered if Michelle was her sister or other relative. After some weeks we finally found together, and she was really gorgeous. At first we had a bit of smalltalk, she gave me wine, (I was in her flat), she had prepared a candlelight atmosphere and looked really sexy. Her really weak point was - and she couldn't hide it - that she was continuosly looking for compliments. After a while we moved to the other room, after washing my dicky, and she started foreplay. I was surprised that she was not too professional, she sucked my cock without rubber, which is abs o lutely unusual in Munich, gave french kisses (with little passion, but nevertheless), and made love in a quite passionate way. All in all, I would rate the sex game 8 on a 10 scale. The fun, after all, was: she was Brigitta Cimarolli, the newspaper girl, she asked me if I hadn't read the articles, etc. etc.. I believe that she does the job in order to confirm herself, not for the money - she should have enough of it.
Date: August 1997 Streetprostitution can be found at the Ingolstadter Strasse, north of Munich. Make a left at the Gesellschaft for Strahlenforschung. Fucking takes place in the large cars of the girls. Fucking for under DM 100.
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 13:36:41 +0200 Subject: Article for the guide + Help Please find below a short report about Munich, I have been to this place last week. ************************************************************************ Munich is a very expensive place for sex and I would not recommend it. You have street prostitution in the following streets: - Hansastreet - Landsbergerstreet Girls are mostly sitting in cars and they will go with you in studios, they are quiet nice. Rates are beginning from 200.- DM (only oral sex) to 500.- DM (normal sex) or even more ! I have also been in two sauna-clubs, 1001 Nacht (Landsbergerstreet 200) and one in the north of Munich, I can not remember the name (I think it was a Greek name, it used to be the Salambo or something like that a couple of years ago!). Ask the taxi driver, it is one of the best (not the Roma Club nether the NewYork Club) but it is located in the same area. First of all you have to pay 100.- DM to enter (all drinks included in the first one and three drinks included for the second one). Friendly atmosphere because girls are not coming to you, you have to make a sign ! Girls are very beautiful and friendly but forget to kiss them, they are in my taste too professional. If you have to pay a drink to a girl, expect to pay 90.- DM for a piccolo and about 200.- DM for champagne. If you would like to go with the girl to a room expect to pay minimum 300.- DM for 1/2 hour (tips for the girl not included) and more than 500- DM for one hour. P&P
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 18:59:26 +1100 Hi there. I ve got some info for your Guide concerning the situation in Munich, Germany, if you are interested; as I don't know what kind of infos you need, I will send you some general infos as well as a personal experience... Finding prostitutes is rather easy; I especially recommend the newspaper "TZ" (Tageszeitung), where many "free" girls advertise with their phonenumbers. As a general rule, you can tell by the way they answer your call, what you can expect; keep away form girls that sound bored or simply uninterested about whether you visit them or not; some girls are really nice and exited when you call them, and I felt that these are doing a much better job... In general, Munich is rather expensive, if you want to avoid the lower end of the market (streetwalkers and the car-girls...) there is one club that i would like to recommend: Club Roma Neusserstr. 21 Phone: 089/36100800 12.00 noon to 6.00 am (There you can find a "magic word" that will grant you free admission; They have a couple of nice girls, and it is all very clean and comfortable. Prices start at 150 DM for straight sex. I'd also like to tell you about a girl that used to advertise in the "TZ": her name was Vanessa, and she sounded very nice on the Phone, so i decided to visit her. She told me on the phone where i could find her, and that she is 21 Years old. (which I didn't believe; in general the girls are 2 to 5 years older than they claim... as 1qeverywere, i suppose...) I easily found her adress. I rang at the door, and she opened; she is about 180 cm tall, has smooth brown skin and long reddish hair, that almoust goes down to her ass. She is slim, and has very nice and firm breasts. She was wearing a simple black bra, and pink "Aerobic-leggins" (sorry, I don t know the correct enlish word...) She was very nice and did not once seem to be in a haste; we talked for a few minutes, and then agreed on Suck/fuck for 150 DM. We then got to her room, (there are at leasat two other girls, but they where buisy, so I couldn t see them...), which simply consisted of a large bed and a small cabinet where she kept necessary "equipment". We undressed, and layed down on the bed, and started to caress each other; i asked her how old she really is, and she replied 30, but I had estimated her to be 28, so she looks younger. My first impression was confirmed as she had a slim and firm body. I could touch her anywhere but was not allowed to press a finger into her. As my dick began to grow, she put a condom on it. After a few more minutes she began sucking my cock, while i played with her nippels; she kept a somewhat monotone movement, and it wasn t the best blowjob i ever got, but fairly average. She continued for a few minutes, and when i got close, i asked her to start fucking; she asked in what position, and I decided her on top. She "mounted" me, and started to move up and down on my cock, while i played with her breasts and her clit. Then she begann to moan somewhat "false", wich rather "slowed" me more than it did encourage me. Shorty later I was "finished", after about 20 minutes. She asked me, if i did enjoy it, and that I should come back. Then she escorted me to the door. All in all, it was not the greatest experience, but she was nice and there was no rush at all. perhaps i will try for a complete hour next time (200 DM). Have fun, Alibaba.
Subject: Munich Disaster Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 17:21:15 PDT Was in Munich recently and decided to check the sleaze scene out there. Hailed a cab from my hotel and asked him to take me to an "appropriate" place. The cabbie was quite matter-of-fact with me regarding the whole thing, and discussed the matter with me as if I was going to an opera. Going to sex-houses is very open in Germany/ least it seemed that way. He drove me to a place called Herz AS. It was a very business like building..advertising the whole operation quite explicitly. Upon attempting to enter the place, I noticed an ambulance parked outside.. When I reached the door, I was shoo-ed away by a very professinal lady in a business suit. I was told one of the customers had heart failure at the joint..and I could see paramedics performing CPR to resuscitate him !! Anyway I asked for them to call me another cab, as I wanted to get the hell outta there. A cabbie showed up in 10 mins and he took me to another similar place with red-heart neon signs all over the outside of the building. When I entered, I saw a bar with lot of women sitting around. Not being able to speak German, was a distinct disadvantage, as none of the women would come over to talk to me. Anyway I ordered "ein bier" (one beer) and paid a whopping DM 20.00 (approx $12 for it)..what a ripoff ! After hanging on to my barstool for a while, I beckoned to one of the women to come over. We negotiated a price of DM 200 and we headed upstairs to the rooms. She started off by asking me to strip..and then proceeded to put on a condom, and tried to arouse me by hand..the whole thing was so mechanical..that I just couldnt get a hard-on. Finally I manged to get a minor woody which point she decided to sit on me, with her panties parted (not removed)..I attempted to hold her and remove her which point she got very angry and started to say something nasty in German. Needless to say I was quite pissed by then and proceeded to leave immediately and also demanded she refund me my money. She only returned DM 100 (half the amount). I asked for a cab, and was out of there in a flash. What a complete fucking ripoff. German women are the most non-emotional, worthless sex workers. Don't waste a single penny of yours looking for sex in least not in Munich...Munich sucks big time for sexual pleasures. I would NEVER go back again.
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 16:11:40 EST Subject: Madam Cabaret in Munich, Germany The prostitution scene in Munich is strictly regulated - clean and safe. The brothels have been banned from the city centre and form a belt between the city proper and the outer suburbs. They are inspected nightly by police. No pimps. Nice girls and safe as houses. Strip clubs and girly bars are allowed in the city itself. There you can invite a girl for a glass of bubbly and she'll listen to your troubles. Separées have to be openly visible. Full-scale fucking is not allowed and you cannot make an appointment with a girl outside the premises. One of the nicest of these establishments is the Madam Cabaret, at Ledererstrasse 22, just beside Munich's most famous beerhall, the Hofbrauhaus. It's full of lovely girls from eastern Europe. An evening there can be expensive. A bottle of champagne will cost you about DM 400. But there is some good striptease. One girl in particular - who dances to the name of Valerie but everyone calls her Olga - unpeels her silver-sequined apparel with especially innocent charm. She has the sexiest body I have ever seen. Nothing vulgar but the final climax with that shaven pussy is just mind-blowing. And you can invite her for a drink afterwards. She's one sexy lady, from St. Petersburg, and that's undoubtedly my next destination.
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 13:29:22 EST Subject: Madam Cabaret, Munich, Germany On 23 February I sent a report on the above establishment. I visited it again last night and discovered that the lady Olga has moved on. Pity.
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 12:00:55 +0100 Munich: Terrible expensive for sex, and not so good. The 4 As brothel: Too rushed, too business like. I felt like cattle.
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 17:19:30 +0200 MUNICH In Hansastraße I went first into the big whorehouse in the beginning of the street. What you see is door with pieces of paper on them that look like children's picture. I called on a girl whose description was "Blond, rasiert" (blond, shaved pussy). She opened the door in underwear, told me the price (100DM). I agreed. She looked then not too interested and when I got on top and into her, she pulled her head away as if I were for her most unpleasant. Seeing this attitude, I simply couldn't come. She didn't let me have another go but she gave me a hand job so that I could come. Overall that wasn't a great experience. But of course it's very cheap for Munich and you get what you pay for. The next time I went to the street girls in the same place. I came up to a small 4-wheel-drive (as far as I remember a Suzuki) with light in it and the driver asked me, "Willst du aufs Zimmer gehen?". I wanted only a "massage" and was willing to pay 100DM that she asked for. She drove me to the house nearby. As I saw her there better, I let her persuade me to fuck as well, for 150DM altogether. Gena was her name. She had long dark wavy hair, she said she was 27. She looks about this much, but when it's dark you may think she's much younger. She talks and laughs a lot and has a great attitude to life. I went to her once again a couple of days later. She had her dog sitting in the car this time! She gave me the second time much more attention and generally behaved so as if I was a close friend of her. We agreed for half an hour for 300DM. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy she asked if I wanted to stay for an hour. With my tongue at her Holiest of the Holy, how could I resist?! 200DM more went into her account and off we were. She's very professional and, as I've noticed, very reluctant to lie on her back. However she's cute. And the most important thing for me was her attitude. This talking and laughing in the middle of fucking was great. And never did I feel so easy about saying what I want and I also asked her what was best for her. Overall it was "ganz gut" and I sincerely thanked her at the end (which seemed to surprise her a lot). I don't know if any of the women speak English as I myself speak enough German.

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