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Mt. Prospect, Illinois

Date:         1998/02/16

Exercise Spa  (Mt. Prospect, Illinois)

This massage spa is located at 1735 Algonquin Road, Mt. Prospect (northwest
suburb of Chicago). Their ad frequently appears in the Chicago Sun-Times
newspaper. The establishment is located in the middle of a strip mall.

The lady who greets/buzzes you in would usually be your masseuse. The fee is
60/hr. The place is neat, well-lit and clean overall. The massage room has an
accordion-type folding door (curtain?). They also have a sauna/steam room

The very few times I was there, there were two Asian (Korean, I believe)
ladies available. One is in her late 30's (I guess), 5'-1" and could use to
lose some pounds. The other is slimmer, in her late 20's or early 30's, 5-3"
or so. If you're a numbers man, the older lady is a 3 and the younger one is
a 5-6 out of 10 scale.

After an assisted shower, the lady will ask what kind of massage you would
want ("soft"). The massage is okay and perfunctory. If you are a regular or
if you do not look threatening (i.e. do not look or act like a
cop/slob/jerk/etc.) she would ask verbally, or with her hands, if you desire
some "manual relief".  I've asked but she would not take their clothes off.
But one did agree to let my hands roam inside her blouse while I was being
"manually relieved".  No extra fee or tip was ever mentioned or asked but
give one if you you think the service was good.

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