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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 10:46:21 UTC

After my report about Hungary I would like to make some contribution to "The World Sex Guide" especially about Morocco.

I am just coming back from Morocco and I can tell you, you can enjoy yourself if you go to the right places! Who would have thought that Morocco can offer not only cheap Lacoste shirt and copy of the most famous Swiss watches, you can also find some very nice girls who are going to accept to come to your hotel for the all night. I will speak about my own experience in Casablanca but you will find similar place also in the bigest cities. One evening we decided to go to a typical Moroccan restaurant in the centre of the city. I do not like to give its name because the goal of this paper is not to make advertising. There is a big difference between our restaurants, in Europe and those in Morocco. In Morocco you go first to the bar where a lot of girls are waiting for customers. These girls get tips if your order some drink but very little, their main occupation is to find a customer for the night. You have first to scan around you and maybe approaching a girl. First obstacle, the language, do not expect to meet a girl with English knowledge, if you are lucky you could maybe speak some French. Once you make a touch, you are able to invite the girl to your table. Why not once eating with a nice girl before fucking and what is great you have not to pay for the time the girl is accompanying you as it is oft the case in Europe, is it not fantastic! In such restaurant you have always music and now you will enjoy your meal because your girl will dance for you, in front of your eyes and it is not forbidden to dance with her, you are welcome. Good eating, nice girl and nice atmosphere, you have everything to spend good time together. Give about 100 $ to the girl and she will stay with you the all night. At about 1:30, the girl is allowed to go out of the restaurant with you and you can go directly to your hotel. Be careful, you are not able to take a girl in your room, you have to book a room for her because the Morocco law does not allow strangers to go with Morocco girls unless you are married and you can prove it. Once you are in your room ... feel free!

Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997

Don't miss Ceasar discotec at Sheraton Hotel Casablanca. Great stuff running from 100 TO 200 US. Best place around.

Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997

Morocco is a contradiction - a Muslim country with fairly liberal attitudes. In the tourist cities, Makarresh & Fez, you will find offers of Boys, Girls, Sheep, Donkeys and Dope every 5 feet. However, you can't take girls to your hotel - you have to rent rooms in special "vice hotels" and you MUST deal with pimps due to the way things work. I was quoted DHS400 (US$1 = DHS9) plus hotel for a night a fun. I didn't do it because the pimp wanted half the money up front. In Fez, a freelance girl picked me up on the street. I gave up trying to do a deal after 10 hours of hanging out together because I lost patience with the convoluted Arab courtship stuff. If you are into guys and dope, this is the place to do it, because it's the accepted thing.

Casablanca has open street prostitution centered on Blvd Hassan Seghir and Rue Mohommed Smiha between Ave des FAR and Place de 20 Aout. This will set you back DHS 200 for full service, plus DHS 100 for the hotel. The women aren't great looking, but OK by street standards. Better looking women can be found in Nightclubs - try La Fontaine, Le Don Quichotte, and L'Arizona. Expect to get pay DHS50 per beer, and getting socked for DSH500 for ladies drinks. I didn't follow this to the end, because I just don't have the endurance anymore.

Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998

I recently was in fes and i found the information posted in your group to be wrong . i was not offered sex at all although i was offered hashish , i dont know if the situation has changed or what.

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