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Morecambe, United Kingdom

Subject: morecambe

I can thoroughly recommend an address near to the Arndale centre. The phone
number is in the Daily Sport and is advertised as mature.
I eventually found the place as directed over the phone, it is opposite a pub
and has a lingerie shop at the end of the street. The entrance is an alleyway
and up to the 2nd floor. I was greeted by the maid and ushered into a room and
had a desultory conversation before being introduced to Marnie. She is in her
thirties but attractive and very pleasant. There was a video playing and we
discussed prices. I wanted oral, 69ers and a fuck. This was 60 pounds and the
money was to be paid after. The room was large and well decorated with plenty
of mirrors.
She was dressed in a teddy and suggested that I strip down to my undies and
she then went down on me pulling my undies down with her mouth and handling my
cock beautifully. We got onto the bed after she had stripped and she lay on
her stomach while I straddled her and massaged her with talc. She raised her
arse as I talced her cunt and when she turned over I did the same over her
tits. Her legs opened wide and she pulled her cunt lips apart so that I could
really get stuck in with my mouth. I really enjoyed the way she held my head
there and kept thrusting away.
After a really pleasant massage she spent several minutes sucking my cock
until I had to ask to stop or I would come. We talked for a few minutes and
then she asked to sit on my face. This was superb as she sucked my cock and
thrust her fanny up and down on my mouth and all the while I could see this in
the mirror. We then reversed and I spent ages with my face deep in her twat
having my cock sucked - Heaven!
We relaxed again to stop me coming and she guided my fingers in and I could
feel her cunt muscles squeezing me tightly. I asked her to straddle me and we
fucked for a while like that (with a condom on) and her twat was smooth and
slippery. Her muscles gripped my cock and massaged it while sliding up and
down on my shaft.
To finish I slipped into her doggy fashion and had the most delicious cum
which seemed to go on for ever.
 Marnie is very friendly and fun to be with, she is an expert and enjoys her
work. I have tried one other in Morecambe but she was not as much fun and the
surroundings were dismal. I think she has closed down.

Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 05:57:54 EST Subject: Morecambe UK I have tried 2 places in Morecambe in the nw of england. The first was ok the second was GREAT. I got the phone numbers from the Daily Sport paper and the first was in the old part of the town in a terraced house. Anita is in her 20s and good looking with smallish tits. the room was a little shabby but she soon put me at ease. I come easily so the massage took a while avoiding my cock. Once I calmed down she gave adequate oral with. I could only fingure her fanny and not give oral. She is very pleasant and chats easily to relax you and I went on to fuck her doggy fashion. Quite a good first time 60 pounds for 1 hour. I have been to the next place twice it is that good! Marnie works on the first floor less than 100 meters from the Arndale shopping center. As usual a maid welcolmes you and when Marnie is ready you are ushered into a largish room that is clean, has uv lighting, mirrors and a video playing (she also sells these). Both times I have had full sex at 60 pounds for nearly an hour. After a brief but pleasant massage I have gone on to oral including the best 69 ever. She really does work hard to please and gives oral without, fist fucking and anything you want. She fucks in any position and nothing is too much trouble. Marnie is in her 30s and is attractive with good tits for tit fucking. There is no rush and gives any service you want including TVs and married couples. Friendly, relaxed and first rate service.

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