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Montreal, Canada

Date: 06-22-2001

Montreal February 2001

For those of us living in the the Northeastern US, Montreal is the closest thing to heaven I've found. The exchange rate was very favorable during a recent visit with US dollars fetching a $1.50 CDN. Having studied some of the Canadian boards(canbest and terb) I called Private Lies agency for an afternoon treat. I was instructed by the phone girl to call from a nice highrise hotel lobby and then was given instructions to proceed on foot to a nearby condo. The beautiful young Quebecois who answered the door fitted the phone girls description to a "t". She was blond, early 20's, nice natural figure, and the apartment was clean, comfy and secure in a good neighborhood. Marylin's english was much better than my french and we had no problem communicating. An hour of fun and games set me back less than $100USD. It was an unhurried pleasure which I hope to repeat soon. Montreal is easy to get around in, we had no trouble driving on a saturday and the subway system is safe, and very reasonable if you choose to leave your car at your hotel. There are many agencies which provide outcall services. The strip clubs are world famous and the food and accommodations are great. Go north and treat these girls well. You will reap many benefits in return.

Many bars around Montreal offer $10 dances for which you can caress the girl while she dances for you. Usually the dance that place in a boot. Depending on the bar standing, the girl may keep her panties but you can touch her almost anywhere.

Some other bars go even further and you can actually have sex with the dancers. A blowjob goes for about $30-40 and a fuck for something like $60. Obviously this is illegal by local standards and I won't give bar names for this reason. However, almost any bar off the island has $10 dances and usually bars with closed private boots have hookers.

Enjoy your trip!

Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995

Well, I just got back from Montreal and since there doesn't seem to be much net-lore available I thought I would contribute a few data points. Based on some net-advice I grabbed a copy of the local underground rag the Mirror (written in English which is a big plus for those of us who are linguistically challenged) and there was a fair number of ads for local escorts. Most of the ones I saw were for agencies and not very many free-lance. In anticipation of my big night I headed for the local cash machine. (Which, by the way, is the best way to change money if you are from out of the country.) Much to my horror I realized that all the instructions were written in French. I managed to muddle through finally and got the needed cash. Several of the ads in the paper put the price at $120 so I chose one at random and arranged a date.

Half an hour later Jeannie showed up at my door. Look-wise she was about average and about 15 pounds heavier than advertised. Her personality was pleasant and she was fairly outgoing. This is something that she does on weekends and during the week she is a student at a local University. She sat down on the bed and explained the pricing (I knew that $120 Canadian was too good to be true). The $120 advertised gets you a massage and a blow job. Another $40 gets you full service. This is still a great deal (for us US blokes at least) considering that $160 Canadian = $120 US. It was refreshing to not have to beat around the bush about money like in the US. It is legal there so we didn't have to play the little "you first" games. The sex was OK but nothing spectacular. She was very professional about it (and I mean that as both a compliment and a complaint). She said all the right things, moaned at the right time, etc. I have to admit that telling me that I should consider a job as a male escort was a nice touch. Afterwards we took a shower together and then she took off. All in all a pleaseant if not spectacular experience.

In general, Montreal is a great city. I wish I could have spent more time there. If you ever get a chance to visit you should.

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995

> I would like information as to which streets in Montreal are best to > pick up whores for car-sex.

Ste-Catherine street would probably the best spot (arount St-Denis street).

Date: 16 Mar 1996


Try Sugar and Spice Escort Service. Use Ideal Motel on St. Jacques $30 for 3 hours, very clean. Sugar and Spice provides great girls for $150 Canadian. No tip needed. Complete service. One hour.

Mon, 17 Jun 1996

If you're going to montreal and wanna have some fun check out these 2 strip joints: Solid Gold on St. Laurent Street and the Amazones on St. Jacques. If you wanna get laid then just go to St. Denis and St. Catherine for the pros (40-60 fo a blow, 100 for a lay). If you want a place to bang then check out the ideal motel on St. Jacques St right across from the Amazones.

Date: 5 Dec 1996

My report is as follows:

Sarah-Eve - Negative force creature. Don't go!

Trying to find some independents, I found her ad in English on the "Escorts Service" section of the local free paper called Hour.

When I called the number (931-2691), she said that she was 19yo, blond, 110 pds..., and that she would charge $110 for two times. Sounded like a good deal, so I thought why not try. She made me come to the Guy Metro station first and call her again from there, at which time, she said, she would give me the direction to her place. When I did, she asked me about my race, and gave me the address of her apartment: [censored], which is only several minutes walk away from the station. I arrived there and depressed her apartment number, only to be responded by a man saying something like "Hey, brought a good pizza? Huh, huh, huh, wrong number!" which was followed by some vulgar words and laughter by a young girl, presumably the one over the phone. I had no choice but to head back.

Clearly they do this to make fun of people like me. I was very lucky in a sense because I did not waste much time or money. I was staying very close to their place. So, in total, I lost about 20 minutes and a few dollars for phone calls. But what if you were from very far away! They make you come all the way to the nearby Metro station. Probably they were watching down the street from their apartment window to find out what "victim" they trapped, since their place is only a few minutes away from the station.

Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 Subject: Update on the Montreal situation

Hi Atta! Congratulation for that extremely usefull piece of work you're maintaining! One of the most intriguing site of this whole Web!

I have to admit I was a bit disapointed at the picture of Montreal (Canada) you're giving! Knowing well the city and browsing throught your guide, I think this is one of the sex capitals of this world, both in terms of variety of services offered and in cost/quality ratio. The girls from Montreal are reputed to be friendly and kind. Whenever you pay for an agreed upon service, you can expect they'll "deliver" without having to be effraid of being screwed (unless that's what you want....)

Let's describe first what a typical night on the city might look like:

As a warm up, you might want to get to one of the lap dancing strip clubs. I know this page is not about strip clubs but a few of the Montreal clubs are really worth mentionning. A gap in the Canadian Law (currently being appealed, sadly!) allow clubs to offer private dances where you can fondle the nude girl everywhere except pussy. Each dance is $10 CDN per song. There are many such clubs in town but the best one, by far, is the Solid Gold, located corner of St-Laurent and Cremazie. This club has dozens of girls (8-10) available for dance. Every hour or so, they also have live erotic shows involving two girls or more, and they do not fake, beleive me! The club Les Deesses, in Laval, is a pretty hot club as well, although smaller than the Solid Gold

The next attraction in the city are certainly the dances in private rooms. These are available in some "clubs" and are perfectly legal in Canada. Best ones are the Pussy Cat, on Ontario St., Modeles Bleu-Nuit on Ste-Catherine corner Papineau and there is another good club on Ste-Catherine, corner of St-Denis (I forget the name). In these clubs, you will be introduced to four or five girls (7-9 usually on a scale of 10). For $40, your selected dancer will do a 20 min. sex show for you in a private room. You can undress and masturbate. Some clubs will offer options. Typical options is they use a vibrator ($10), anal vibrator ($20) and allow you to touch them ($30-$50). Some dancers will go further, but from my experience, there is not much to be expected if you're looking for the complete service. The shows can get extremely hot, though. If you're a voyeur and are looking for a good show, this is the place to go. I recently had two girls doing a lesbian show for me with them french kissing and double headed vibrator for $80. They were great!

If you're looking for the real thing, you have three options: street or call girls. I don't especially like street walkers and their price seem fairly high, so unfortunately I don't have much information about this. The montreal escorts, though, are the best I've seen so far (and I travelled quite a bit!).

Pick up a copy of the Journal the Montreal and go to the Classified under section 340. Don't mind the french, just call any phone number there. My favotire one is the Lady Amazone. DO NOT use the phone book. Most of these escort agencies are tourist traps and will charge you more than needed. The price for one hour with the lady of your choice ranges from $100 to $140, the more expensive not necessarily being the best. You can ask for two girls ($180-$200), a lesbian show where you can participate ($260-$280) and even three girls if you want ($280). Some girls will do anal and some are into Domination. From my experience, don't be shy and explain CLEARLY what you want. These people have heard it all anyways! Describe your dream girl ask them who is available tonight. Usually they will describe relatively fairly the girl they're sending you. A lot of these escort agencies do not have agency fees if you refuse the girl so it is in their best interest to send you what you expect.

Usually the girl will show up 30 min to 1 hour after you called. She will talk to you a bit to ensure you're not on drugs or you're not going to beat them. Giving them the money at this point is a good way to make them feel comfortable. They will them call the agency to confirm that they feel in security and that you've accepted the call. The rest is history. Usually these girls are extremely kind and affectionate. They will chat with you, if this is what you want, or will have the most outrageous sex if it is your desire. I have personnally a lot of respect for these girls as the work they do is not easy and they do it extremely professionally and with a lot of gentleness, which is something you can't pay for. Please tip them well at the end of the session if you liked it. They give a portion of what you pay them to the agency but they get to keep whatever you tip them.

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 Subject: Montreal Massage Offerings, April/97

Not having seen any new updates on the Montreal massage scene since late 96, wish to provide some reports as to current offerings with reviews:

-- Acacia, on St-Denis Street near the Jarry Metro (382-4017) is by far the classiest place for massage in town. Girls are on a 7-to-9 scale ; clean, discreet townhouse location ; classically and stylishly dressed. $65CAD gets you an unrushed, full-hour professional massage, including hand release ; no extra tipping is asked. Cindy, alas, is no longer with them -- a real nymphomaniac, petite, 5'2", short-haired brunette, great legs, and firm tits that she liked clients to fondle and suck ; she wanted you to finger her as she jerked you off, and would shove her fingers up your ass, guaranteed to make you shoot your load. Today, the best is Claudia (19 year old student, 5'8", reddish hair); avoid Sonia (lower-class waitress-type, doesn't want to be touched)

-- Centre de Massotherapie Psycho-Corporel (sounds real legit, but isn't), Jean-Talon east of St-Hubert, 276-1443. Operated by Vietnamese, Mr. Tran, but rarely any oriental girls. Used to be good ($45 + $20 tip for a topless hand-release with finger up your ass), many of the girls today demand tips of $40+ for a very perfunctory hand-job, and are only marginally pretty. Best deal, though, when she's working is Martine, a 20ish blonde, 5'6", single mother, who for the $20 tip only, will give you a blow-job, without condom, and let you finger her while she's sucking away.

-- 1000 Amherst (near Berri-UQAM metro) -- number keeps changing. Ask for Marie, a 20ish, dark-haired nurse (she showed me her union card), laid off thru government cutbacks. $35 + $20 release + $10 topless. Her sister, though, Annie, is tall and skinny, with no tits, has a pierced nose, and rushes you through.

-- 4030 St-Ambroise (near Place St-Henri Metro), 934-1275 : the old Coleco factory where once Cabbage Patch dolls and NHL table hockey games were made, its conversion to a massage parlor mirrors Montreal's economic decline. Advertised theme rooms are a rip-off -- just different colours of paint, a few decorations (handcuffs on the wall and balck paint do not a dungeon make). $45 gets you a 15-minute massage, a light spanking, and some verbal abuse ; the girl will most likely demand a tip, even though supposedly all-inclusive for $45 -- you'd do much better for the same price elsewhere (see below) --

-- Cartier and Masson, Bus 47 from Laurier Metro, 521-8982 -- quality varies greatly from girl to girl. $45 for 1 hour, includes hand-release, no tipping ; girls wear swimsuits or lacy lingerie but do not disrobe. Veronica (5'4", dark hair, former taxi driver from Jefferson City,MO), and April (5'1", blondish-brunette, university student) are the best : April's hand-release technique is one of the best in Montreal, as she can spend 10,15,20 minutes slowly teasing a cock to full erection before finally stroking your shaft to a tumultous climax.

-- Viva Sante, 3440 Cote-des-Neiges, near Guy Metro, 935-5556 -- the beginning of the incursion of the Eastern European massage spas so prevalent in Toronto. $50/hour includes real massage plus a very erotic hand-release (sometimes $20 tip required) -- topless, finger up the ass, finger fucking her, sometimes even mutual oral is possible. BUT, ask to see girls first -- some are real knock-outs, others could have been on the Russian Olympic body-building team. Best bet is Vera -- 18 year old creative arts student, cute, sweet, and demure, she claims to be a virgin and that she masturbates at home and night fantasizing about the cocks she has stroked that day!

Since I spend over $3000/year in Montreal massage parlours, believe me, the above, for better or for worse, are the premiere establishments that are easily accessible by public transportation for visitors to the city. Unless you have a car, and knowledge of French road signs, getting to Laval or the South Shore, where full-service establishments exist, may be difficult. For incall services in Montreal, check the ads in "The Mirror", and "Hour" (free weeklies published Thursdays), plus classifieds in the dailies "La Presse" and "Journal de Montreal" (ads are so clear as to meaning -- "Escortes" and "Studios de Massage" -- no French required, although may have to speak some when calling) ; ads in the English daily, "The Gazette", geared for the phantom rich anglo executive or American tourist, and are overpriced.

Key French terms: Je desire plusiers renseignements en concernant votre annonce = I would like more information concerning your advertisement Est-ce que c'est possible de me donner une petite description des filles = Would it be possible for you to describe some of the girls Qu'est-ce que c'est vos heures d'ouverture = What are your opening hours Qu'est-ce que c'est votre adresse -- c'est pres de quel station de metro = What is your address .. and that's near which subway station Est-ce que c'est un massage complet = Is this a complete massage (in Quebec, complete massage means with hand release, nothing else) Est-ce que possible d'ajouter des autres services = Is it possible to add additional services (i.e. oral, anal, S&M, etc.)

Hope this has been a good report -- Montreal prices, when converted to U.S. are so cheap, sex afficionados should vacation here -- the equivalent of $35US for an hour massage by a 19-year old student in a clean, safe, and discreet atmosphere, sexily attired, often with anal massage included, no tipping policies ... it is paradise here.. See you soon!

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997

I guess as a Montrealer I should guide you in this wonderful city.

First if you want sex, get the girls to come to you. There are several escort services that will get to your place in relatively short time. 2nd, check in the local papers like Journal de Montreal or La Presse under TOUT SERVICE SPECIALISE. You will find that the longest ads you have there are the most expensive (140-160$/H) but they're worth it! Most of the smaller ads have overweight girls & will try to rob you. 3rd, ASK WHAT THEY HAVE! Don't go for anything less then what you expected, if you're not satisfied with the girl that was sent to you. CALL BACK WITH THE GIRL & they'll fix it. Usually, girls are cooperative & will do about anything. They bring the latex so no extra fees there;-)

I had several experiences with girls around here but they go fast, you can't expect to have the same girl if you wait more then a few weeks. Sad thing, I must have spent like 1000$ or more with Kim...... Anyways boys, always remember. NEVER ASK A STREET HOOKER. They're either cops,ugly or guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 Subject: Small Montreal Report

Followed a suggestion to visit the strip club Solid Gold on St. Laurent and Cremazie. It's very professional, very large with a good atmosphere. Went on a Fri. night and there must have been about 30 women while I was there. Looks ranged from 3-8.

There is a separate section upstairs which give you a view of the entire ground floor. They also have strippers upstairs and you pay an extra charge to be there. The women are slightly aggressive in trying to get you to pay for a table dance or a private dance in one of the many booths. You can pay $90 for an hour's worth of private dancing.

Unfortunately I left too early and missed any of the shows that they put on. Was there for over an hour so the half-hourly shows may no longer be offered. Would definitely go again.

A couple of nights later I decided to try out the private dances in Le Pussy Corps. This is the one on Ste. Catherine, corner of St. Denis that was mentioned earlier. Folks, be aware that this is NOT the best area of town! There are several other strip clubs well within walking distance of this place.

Le Pussy Corps is situated on the second floor, you have to walk up a flight of narrow grungy stairs. You come to a door where you ring and walk in. I was greeted by two women-one was a brunette who was dressed in bra, g-string and stockings and caressing herself! The other was...I can't remember but she explained that a private dance was $40 and there were 3 options, one of which I had to take. They were $10 for a dance with vibrator, $20 for a dance with anal vibrator, $30 for mutual caresses.

Including the brunette who greeted me were two other women who were dancing up on a small stage. I was curious about this because there was no customers but me! I paid my $40 and sat down to pick and choose. I ended up choosing the brunette who greeted me at the door.

She showed me the four available theme rooms; one was a jail cell(!), one was a small principal's office, one was a chinoiserie room, and last was a room outfitted with mirrors. I eventually picked the room with mirrors.

Inside I chose the mutual caresses option and paid her first. I can't exactly remember her name though, I think it was Anais. She's about 5'5", 120 lbs, very well proportioned with incredible nipples! Very attractive with a short haircut despite the nose ring. That seemed to add something to this.

It was a very hot encounter! She included a lapdance before stripping down and caressing each other. Will not go into details but I would definitely go back! She will be there until August or so, so there is hope!

If you don't speak French it does a small problem but you can easily get by here! Don't let the surroundings fool you. once she got going everything else was secondary!

Gotta love Montreal!

Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 Subject: Montreal Massage Scene -- July/97

I'd like to give another update, around 3 months since my last report, as things tend to change rather rapidly on the massage scene in Montreal.

Acacia is still the best in Montreal -- St.Denis and Jarry Streets, 382-4017. Too many people read these pages, and took my advice to avoid Sonia -- so they changed her name to Jessica! She's just as bad as ever -- I got fooled by this change, and was ripped off again. I didn't like her attitude and she thought she was too good to be putting her hands on my body. In lieu of the much-lamented Cindy, Melody is a good replacement. Age 22, 5'6", brunette, she can tell very dirty and raunchy stories about her sex life (she's an aspiring actress)-- how she likes taking it up the ass, appearing in live sex shows at a swingers club, bi-sexual escapades with her female friends, etc. -- a big turn-on. She, too, will shove her finger up your ass, but will stop short of letting you finger her.


1)- Salon Exotica, Lamoureux Street, 254-8986, near Ste-Catherine and Pie-IX, near Olympic Stadium. This is a bad part of town, high crime, boarded-up houses ; the girls are UGLY! At first, with their fake lab coats on, one girl, Amy, looked presentable -- then, she disrobed, to show an entire arm covered with skull tattoss (6 of them), and a serpent tattoo on her leg; so utterly revolting was she, that I couldn't get a hard-on, and left the room having wasted $45

2)- Crystal, Notre-Dame West at Atwater, 939-2249. Old Russian women, they must have practised on the 1980 Moscow Olympic champs. Must be in their 50s, speak very little English, except those all-important capitalist words to make Gorbachev proud -- "tip"

3)- Salon Confiance, Jean-Talon West, 277-1524. "Learn to massage a woman with confidence", blare the ads in every city paper. An attractive lady disrobes, you begin to massage her, she moans, makes you think you'll get something ... then, like a little cock-tease tart, berates you verbally for being a pervert for getting an erection, and storms out of the room to let you beat your own meat ... I can do that at home, and save the $45 fee ...

4)- Viva Sante, Cote-des-Neiges and Guy, 935-5556, for which I gave a good rating when it first opened, has changed owners and has gone downhill. You used to pay $50 for a complete massage, and no tipping was required. Now, a tip is demanded, pushing the price to exceed $70, and the hand-job is very perfunctory -- rough and tough, you feel as if your cock is being pulled from the rest of your body. Some Montreal media types might be intrigued, though, to ask for Anna, a raven-haired vixen in her early 20s who resembles Montreal-area media personality Lori Rothman -- but, I'm afraid, with just as icy a personality.


1)- If you like the sensation of being dominated, and wish to explore that element of your sensuality in greater depth, Mistress Sheva, 524-2213, located on Boyer Street in the Plateau District, is my pick. You enter an authentic basement dungeon, and feel as if you can't escape -- then, every imagineable type of torture device is utilized to bring the worthless slave to total submission --- prices are reasonable, around $125CAD/hour, for what would cost $200US in New York.

2)- Petite Sarah, 932-7380, located in a private, upscale apartment near the Old Montreal Forum, is a 5'1", 95 lb., 22 yaer old, university student, who will do anything for a dollar ... you really feel safe and secure in what is her home rather than simply a rented hooker's hang-out, she'll hold and caress you, not taking note really of the time -- your 1 hour appointment for $150 really is more like 1-1/2 or 2 hours. I've enjoyed everything from steamy, erotic showers, to mutual golden showers ; she is so tiny and doll-like, it is a real manly thrill to spend minutes on end ramming her tight, small ass (she loves anal sex!), and it is rare that you leave without having cum at least twice, if not three times ... you can feel very protective of her, and can easily fall in love .. some men in Montreal are so addicted to her, they see her practically daily.

That's it for this month. Keep up the good work, Atta ... and, happy body rubs in Montreal ... Quebec singer/songwriter Robert Charlebois sings "Je reviendrai a Montreal" ... "I will return to Montreal" (or is it "I will (cum) again in Montreal"?

Date: Sat, 02 Aug 1997 Subject: Massage in Montreal

Hi, first, thanks for the guide. A VERY useful and needed service.

As such, I'd like to contribute my experience, which took place last week in Montreal.

I went to the establishment listed in the guide, Viva Sante, at 3440 Cote-des-Neiges. First, it should be noted that they are open only from 10am to 10 pm. I went to address around midnight one night without calling, only to be thrown off because there is no listing on any of the mailboxes. Calling produced no answer. Save yourself the "head-ache", and call these places before you go. They are right on the first floor of the building as you walk in, "Suite 100". The next day I did call, and a very friendly woman verified the location and told me the rate was $50, complete.

When I arrived, an unattractive but petite woman answered the door. I confirmed the rate with her, and she insisted that $50 was "for everything" in response to my questions about "extras". I asked to see the girls, and two women each about a 7 were marched one at at time into the hallway where I stood. One had black hair and the one I chose, "Inga" had light brown hair. I chose her based on her very friendly "hello" and smile. The first woman then returned, and I advised her of my choice. I had to pay at this point. A few minutes later Inga returned, and I took off my clothes. She did not respond to any questions or small talk, and the friendly demeanour was gone. She told me to get on the table. When I laid on my back, she said "turn over" in a nasty tone. She started a very sensual massage with my back, then shoulders, legs, and buttocks. Then she had me turn over and massaged my chest. The hour apparently expired, and she abruptly stopped, and announced, "okay, I'm finished" then quickly turned as though to leave. I stopped her and told her I wanted her to rub my cock, and she pretended "no, I don't do that". After insisting (nicely), would she please do it, she said "that's extra". How much? $20. She would not negotiate. I agreed, and she then went to work in a very professional manner and got me off with finger up my ass, in less than two minutes. Her goal was to get me off as quiclky as possible, and I could not hold back, as her technique was great. As far as delivering a "normal" massage, Inga was obviously capable, but her routine did not include feet, face or arms. All the time she wore a loose fitting mini dress, and would not respond to my offers to have her remove it. She would not allow me to touch her, even when she was jerking me off. As a whole, the experience was fairly unsatisfying. I would reccomend trying another establishment, unless you enjoy these kind of games and last minute price gouges.

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 Subject: montreal escorts

I had the great pleasure of sampling some of the finest escorts i have ever or probably will ever meet, in Montreal during the summer of 1997. I will warn you off of agencies that advertise great discounted rates of 180$cad for 2 girls for 1 hour or 1 girl for 2 hours ...these agencies in general had girls between the ages of 26-40 and off 4-7 quality. all very rushed and cum and go policy sometimes very fast if they are very adept at blow-jobs. and some are great at that. I on the other hand while enjoying a good blow-job am not satisfied with that alone. it is great prefunctory but i love oral(giving) and intercourse. I discovered an agency called Fantasme Agence enr, ads are in the Journal de Montreal. they listed girls by name,age,and description such as busty,mannequin(thin),volupsuous etc,and hieght. i found almost every girl in this agency to be a 9+. i made an effort to meet every one of them over a 3 month period. some perform blow-jobs without rubbers but nearly all of them will position themselves for doggy-style sex. cost was 140$cad per 1 hour...i came multiple times. discounts for multiple hours with the same girl...2nd hour on 110$/ hour for two girls lesbian show (not really, they lick each other) 280$cad 1st hour...2nd hour on 250$/hour...220$/hour if no lesbian stuff. i can't do anything but dream of ways to return to Montreal to call these girls up again. Eve...21..5'5" 34b-24-35 fantastic Elie...21..5'4 35c-23-34 beautiful and incredible Sacha..22...5'4 35c-25-35 great blowjob blonde Lianne..18..5'4 34c-26-36 made me cum while she talked, great bj Vanessa..22..5'6 34b-23-34 sexy,sexy black hair works hard last my favorite... Kate..19..5'8 they say she is "charmeuse" i thought that meant charming and almost told them don't send her. we all know what it means when your sister wants to introduce you to a girl and says she's out dog alert. Kate is a perfect model type with Dark brown almost black hair, piercing eyes disarming personality...i was relaxed immediately upon seeing her. i thought she must be ready to leave as soon as she entered as i could not even believe i could be in the same room as such a beautiful girl. she not only made me feel comfortable, she made me feel i belonged with her and that she cared how i felt. time with her was like living out all my fantasies of romance and i was going to have sex too. oral is not her forte but she has an incredible ass and her personality makes up for any down and dirty sex short-comings. i have to admit sex was probably better for me with all the other girls of Fantasma but Kate made me feel good about me and life and her. i strongly recommend this agency and recommend you avoid Passion xxx enr., and Adorables Demoiselles Enr. Fantasme Agence Enr. 514-944-9545/944-1669 after 7pm to 3:30am they won't answer the phones other times.

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 Subject: Montreal Update

More news from the Montreal massage scene since July/97 ---

Some new locations have opened in the city ... and some old favourites have some great new girls ... Take a look ---

1)- Salon Eloi, 409 St-Eloi at St-Paul, in Old Montreal (Tel.: 288-7552) is on an alley-way in the historic district, very discreet. Stone walls inside give the atmosphere of a medieval dungeon. Rate is $60/hour, includes a hand-job ... Best girl is Catherine, a university student studying philosophy .. 5'6", curly blonde hair, blue eyes, 115 lbs ... will sit on your face while she jerks you off.

2)- Fine Lingerie, 1117 St-Joseph Blvd. E., Suite 1. (Tel.: 270-7677)... Metro Laurier .. A bit overpriced at $95/hour ... models dress in erotic lingerie but do not disrobe ... it is a very romantic turn of the century townhouse in an area where the French-Canadian elite used to live ... high ceilings, leaded glass, and candles create a Victorian atmosphere .. Marie-Lou is recommended, because she speaks English, and will tell you of her bisexual affairs.

3)- Russian Salon, Rene-Levesque Blvd., east of Atwater (Tel.: 846-9473), Metro Atwater ... where most of the better girls from the once-recommended Viva Sante have gone ... modern ground-floor condo with whirlpool tub in which the girl will bathe with you for an added fee ... My choice is Louisa, a petite brunette in her late 20s/early 30s ... humongous natural tits that you can suck and fondle (she'll take your cock between her breasts to give you your release) ... an extra $20 will allow you to engage in mutual oral sex (she says that, as a single mother, she gets no other pleasures) ... she will accept $40 to ram your rod up her ass ... and tells you to call her a Communist Bitch to excite herself.

4)- Acacia, 8045 St-Denis at Jarry (Tel.: 382-4017), Metro Jarry, is still going strong ... Avoid Maggie, a short, frumpish girl from the Dominican Republic who doesn't speak any English and gives a very perfunctory massage (payt for an hour and you're out of there in 40 minutes) .. Best new girl is Chantal, 20 years old, 5'5", 125 lbs, blondish/brown hair .. who will do anything, and I mean anything, for a buck ... finger up your ass, oral, anal ... and will take your phone number to go to your hotel room after hours (she says she would accept any offer because she is so desperate for cash to pay off her student loans). Her fantasy includes going with another woman for a weekend of non-stop fucking ... and she enjoys taking more than one guy at a time.

5)- Centre de Massotherapie Psycho-Corporel de Montreal, Jean Talon and St-Hubert, (Tel.: 276-1443), Metro Jean-Talon ... newest girl to recommend is Julie, early 20s, an aspiring actress, who wears tight, tight long dresses, just begging for your hand to reach up and caress her crack ... for an extra $40, she will ask Martine to join her for a hot, lesbian show...

I look forwrad to hearing other's impressions of my selections. Keep up the good work, Atta ... this is great!!

Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 10:52:40 -0800 (PST) Subject: massage parlours in montreal

I would like to relate to you my experiences concerning the health hand massage clinic on hochelaga street tel. 526-4654. i visited this place in the summer and was given a good service by a tall 5-11 syberian woman, she told me that her parents were originaly from germany, as her hair was golden blond, she was attractive (7.5 OUT OF 10)slim, tall, blond. On my first visit, i recieved a good massage, with hand release for $35. However, recently I returned expecting the same service. but when I arrived I was offerd a dual massage of two women for $50. I accepted this offer, but when the two women entered the room, my first impressions were that they were previously soviet truck drivers that delivered cement to the chenobel nuiclear disastaer site They proceeded to give me a rough tough massage in a style that you would expect to give to a russian olympic wrestler names borris the crusher antanov. These two rated 1 on a scale of 10, after 20 minutes of the slap push massage they began to massage closer to charlie, I started to feel them off, the younger of the two (32 - 35) slapped my hand away, but the older one (40 - 43) allowed me to continue to rub her small 32"tits through her rusky style bra, but proptly demanded $20 each for a hand job. I refused , and that was the end of this massage. I believe that in this marketplace, where many of these parlours have opened up to provided these "fast food" style massages, they have taken up all the bussiness that were provided by the one person independant massuses the were avalible only a year ago. They have gotten greedy and are now asking for tips to complete the massage, a service that they provied with the massage only 6 or 8 months ago. if the parlous insist on continuing like this I believe that the trend will reverse and we will once again see the independant masseuses offering services out of their appartments or homes again.

PLEASE NOTE:source de vie massage on queen mary street magic hands on st. huberts street, and health hand on hochelaga street are all owned by the same people I do not recommend these places as I have visited all three.

Subject: Montreal's the best... Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997

I found myself in Montreal on a Monday night, not a thing worthwhile at any of the many local strip clubs (only because it's a slow night, when busy they are better and cheaper than almost all in the US). I located a current copy of Mirror, which is the local free events guide, and paged back to the sex services ads. Don't waste your time and money on the ads in the Montreal Gazette and the Yellow Pages, many are overpriced and don't live up to their promise.

Since it was too late for any of the incall services, the escort services were what was available. I called several of them and it seemed that the standard price was $150 Cdn. (that's $110 US, folks!). All are for a complete hour - in fact, the folks at the services seem startled that someone would even ask that question! I'm not sure if the standard price was a reduced rate because it's a slow night, or it remains that cheap even on busy weekends. After a few calls to test the market, I called the display ad that looked the most appealing to me, Agency Seduction. Their ad lists descriptions of 5 of their women, all sounded very promising. I was told that their hourly rate was $130 ($95 US!!). Perhaps because of this, there was only one lady available, the rest being out on calls. Being wary of someone trying to make a sale, I had a short list of things I wanted in a woman, but before I could get to them, I was told simply "She's a 19 year old gorgeous blonde, you will like her". OK, did the callback thing, and she arrived at my hotel in 15 minutes.

Gorgeous isn't the word, this lovely creature was a drop-dead '10' all the way. Talked a bit and found her friendly, real and speaks excellent English. When we got going, she eagerly offered up a perfect body on her petite frame. Perfect. We had a wonderful hour, I'm crazy about giving oral, and she really loved it and was very multi-orgasmic and genuinely hot... "girlfriend sex" would be the best description. I gladly added $30 for her (Total of $117 US for one of the finest hours I've spent). I plan to partake of more such pleasures, so I'll not publicize her name, lest she become overbooked. But my experience is that there are a high proportion of truly beautiful women populating these escort services, and for about half of what it costs in the US cities, Montreal has to be considered the one place to vacation with sex in mind - Bang for the Buck is really high. It helps that the city is also has a great European flavor with lots of restaurants, and it is bilingual for the most part. Come check it out!

Date: Fri, Nov 7, 1997 Subject: Review: Sophie in Montreal

Business took me to Montreal for the first time this week. Following the advice of a recent poster I contacted an agency called Heartbreakers (939-2513, C$150 which is only US$115). Like that poster, I hooked up with Sophie. Wow! I highly recommend her.

SheOs a 5O5" tall, very well toned, slim (110lbs), French Canadian (wonderful accent) with auburn tinted hair. I'll skip the gory details, but we enjoyed a very sensual (she throws herself into her work) full service (half-and-half) session capped by a relaxing massage complete with herbal oil.

Gentlemen, this woman brings new meaning to the phrase "girlfriend sex." Definitely among my top escort experiences. Although she didnOt ask, I tipped her generously.

Good luck and happy hunting, Too_hard

Date 25 Nov 1997

After waiting for responses to my posts on Montreal and none were coming I decided to go out on my own. I called Sabrina which I found in the Mirror. She made me travel to the corner of Guy and St. Catherins and told me to call when I was there. She then gave me directions to her Apt which was just around the corner. She greeted me wearing a very tight black dress and black guarders (extremly hot). We talked for a while and she made me very at ease. She then asked to come shower with her. OOnce cleaned up she preformed orally on me. I tried to return the favour but was kept away. We then went to bed and she mounted me for a while then asked me to do her doggy. She made good noise and talked very dirty but you could tell it was unauthentic. One thing i did like is she asked me to take the condom off and cum on her tits. And then she proceded to rub it all over herself. She didnt rush me out but i could tell she wanted me to go. Price was 120$ for 1 hour or 90$ for 30mins (no tips req). All in all it was good but I Like to do oral and kiss so i was kinda dissappointed. Can anyone please help in Letting me know anyone where i could get this?

Looks: 8+ Personality:7 Exp: 7

Date 2 Dec 1997

I just returned from a massage from Louisa. I read her review on WSG and decided to go for Lunch. 30 mins for 35$. I am not sure if release is included becuse i tipped her anyways. When i said "so i guess you get a tip" she replied "Thats up to you" I gave her 15$? Is this ok? I am new to the scene so please advise. Anyways i entered and it was a townhouse converted into a parlor (reasonable nice place) I was lead to a room and told that Luisa would be with me in a Min. I undressed and waited for the fun. Louisa can in wearing a black Mini dress and atight top (noting to sexy , everyday cloths). Being new i was nervous and unsure of what to do.

I was already naked (is that right?), and she told m e to laydown. She gave me a great massage, almost putting me to sleep. then ask me if i wanted to roll over. Then she started right away for my cock. Wow these gorls know how to handdle a guy. I asked her to take her top off and she did no prob. In WSG it says she tit fucks you. Sorry i came too fast to even give her a chance. I will be back to see what else i can do. As for those 36d tits as reported in WSG i would say more like 36c but nice.

Looks:6 Attitude:8 Tech: 9 (but i am a rookie so may be lower to your standards)


Oh BTW she has 4 appointments today all from the internet she has no clue about what this is all about.

Subject: [ASP] Montreal Report - Part Deux Date: 1997/12/24

I sampled more places on another trip to Montreal, Canada. I've also included my earlier report. (I got with Sophie from Hearbreakers again). If you have a favorite escort here, email me - or

Nude Hairdresser: I called the number in the newspaper ad, and was directed to the town of Dorion far west on on Route 20, just off Montreal Island. A Morrocan girl gave me a haircut for $30 and offered a "sex show" for another $60. This was disappointing - she screwed herself with a dildo while asking me to masturbate, and didn't even attempt a hand job.

Nude Dancing: I found a strip club "Miss Dorion" on Route 20 in Dorion just west of Montreal. The dancers were friendly and didn't hustle. I asked about the "Danse sans contact" signs on the $10 dance booths, and they assured me it meant nothing. I tried a couple of dancers and sure enough, they allowed touching everywhere except the pubic area. One of them (another Sophie) parted her cunt and played with her clit, but brushed mu hand away when I tried to help

Massage Parlor: The Montreal Gazette had an ad that said "La Confiance - Learn to Massage Women - no sex 277-1524." I called and was directed to 123 Jean Talon between St. Urbain & Waverly. The charge was $35/hr or $30 for 45 min for a massage lesson. I was taken to a room with Madelene, who was lying nude except for a towel over her butt and dragon tattoo on her back. I got a fairly good lesson in a full body massage that skirts around the breasts and pubic area. It became apparent that sex was not available (especially with the instructer popping into the room every few minutes to continue the instructions), so I resigned myself to enjoying the physical contact and conversation with Madeline. I considered the $30 Canadian well spent and was surprised to see another WSG report on this "An attractive lady disrobes, you begin to massage her, she moans, makes you think you'll get something ... then, like a little cock-tease tart, berates you verbally for being a pervert for getting an erection, and storms out of the room..." I guess your satisfaction will depend on what your expectations are for $30.

----- Subject: [ASP] Montreal Escort Report

Escort Agency: I started with an agency that has given me good service before: Heartbreakers, 939-2513, Since I had recently encountered an overweight escort in another city, I asked for their slimmest girl and got Sophie, a slender 5'5" brunette. The rate was $175 ($130 US), no extra costs. Sophie was very friendly and stayed the whole hour. We had leisurely sex (half and half) and an engaging conversation. She also gave a great massage using body lotion, her hands and her pussy.

Nude-Dancing Bar: The first few bars I tried had seedy looking dancers. Then I found Club 669 on St. Catherine which had very attractive girls. You pick a dancer from about 10 sitting in a row of booths, and ask for a nude dance at your table for $6 or in a semi-private area for $10. The catch is that they dance continuously and keep you occupied with small talk, while your tab increases each time the DJ starts a new song. I ended up owing $40 before realizing this.

Private-Dance Parlor: I went to Pussycorp on St. Catherine Street near St. Denis. As soon as I entered the lounge, I was surrounded by a group of 6 women who bared their breasts and payed with their nipples. I picked one (a dancer not a nipple) and payed $40 for a private dance with both of us naked. She turned down my offer to pay for sex. I turned down her do-it-yourself options.

Massage Parlor: I did not try any because other reports say a hand job is all you can get from most of them. I needed full service for full satisfaction.

Street Girls: I saw a few prostitutes on St. Catherine about a 1/2 block from St. Laurent. Whenever I made eye contact, I was asked if I wanted to have sex. None of these were of reasonable quality. Later, I saw attractive girls at St. Catherine and Sanguinet, wiggling their hips at passing cars. They suddenly scattered out of sight and I saw a police van cruise by. I got cold feet about pursuing this option.

Independent Escort: I browsed through the Gazette newspaper and the Mirror, a free tabloid found near entrances to magazine shops and grocery stores. The majority escort ads were by agencies. There seemed to be an unusually large number of ads about mature women over 40. Most of the rest were by nameless escorts giving vague descriptions. The ad that caught my eye read:

"JESSY, beautiful slim & classy girl. Call and you won't be disappointed! Outcalls only. If you are in a hotel leave your room # after the telephone #. 986-8528"

Jessy called back soon after I paged her, and described herself as 24 years old with long brown hair, 5'4", 105 lbs, 34B-24-34. Her rate was $120 ($90 US) all inclusive, so I quickly accepted. When she arrived I saw her description was accurate and she was really pretty. The session was enjoyable - She gave me head with a great tongue action and asked if I wanted sex straight, doggie style or with her on top. She used 2 condoms one over the other for sex, saying it was safer that way. Even this didn't take care of her spermophobia, because she hurried to get it out soon after ejaculation. But we lay and chatted afterwards. Jessy said she turns off her pager for days when she doesn't want to escort, and she alternates her hair color between blonde and brunette.

Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 Subject: Report on the Montreal area

This is a brief overview of my 1997 experience in the Montreal area.


1. Fugace : Located in Brossard (south shore - 5 minutes from downtown Montreal via Champlain Bridge) on Lapiniere Blvd., near the Champlain Mall. The place is legitimate, very luxurious and classy. However, it's very expensive and you don't get anything from the girls. I spent $70 to bathe with a girl in whirlpool tub and for a massage. I paid an extra $30 for the girl to disrobe and another $60 to massage her (don't get me wrong - you can't even touch her breast!) and jerk off in front of here while she plays with herself in front of you with a dildo.

Let me tell you I was expecting more from a place with an ad under section 340 in the Journal de Montreal. I guess the best thing is to ask first what you'll get for your money ! I went there only once but a friend of mine went there also and had the same bad experience.

2. Massage Hawaii : Also located in Brossard on Auteuil Street. They advertise in the Journal de Montreal. For $50, you get a straight massage, no special. I went there only once and had a white local girl. However, most of the other girls are asian. Perhaps one could get something special from them.

3. Viva Sante : I went there this summer. I don't recommend this place. Everything that had to be said on this place is posted in this section.


1.Grand Prix : This is the only strip club I know in the Montreal area that has closed private boots and where all the strippers are hookers. The first article in this section seems to pretend there are many places like that in Montreal. Please post the names of such clubs, I don't think there are many of them.

Anyway, Grand Prix is a very popular place, very crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. $10 for a lap dance, $30-40 for a blow job, $60-80 for a fuck. I recommend you go there during the week as there are only few customers for the same number of girls. When you get there, you should sit, watch the show, have a beer and look around for a while before you get any girl. The reason is the most beautiful girls are probably busy with other customers in the private boots. Believe me, it's worth the wait as some of them are real knock-outs. The prices shown above were paid for girls that rank 8-9 on a scale of 10. I guess the uglier ones charge less for their services.

I went there three times and had three different beautiful girls. Sorry, I don't remember the names. However, all of them had incredible bodies (at least 5'6, perfect legs, perfect ass and large breast). I don't recommend the fuck as the private boots are very small. My best experience was 3 laps dances followed by a blow job. Don't be shy and tell the stripper immediately what you want. Most of them don't offer anything above the $10 lap dance unless you specifically ask for it. Simply ask if you can get more than a $10 lap dance to have the full menu.

The club is located in a small town, Richelieu, on the south shore (25 minutes from downtown Montreal). You need a car to get there. Take the Champlain Bridge, stay on highway 10, take the Richelieu exit (a few kilometers after Chambly). Grand Prix is located on the Richelieu Blvd. (you can't miss it, the town is so small). If you're a tourist, you either rent a car or take a cab to get there. The ride from downtown to Richelieu should not cost more than $30 (remember you need to come back!)

2. Acacia : I went there once this summer and had a wonderful experience. The first report on this place is correct: you get a full hour professional massage for $65, hand release included. The girl had a great body, was very nice and did not ask for any extra tip. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the girl.

3. Salon St. Eloi : I went there during the Xmas holidays. I had the chance to experience the recommended Christine . The girl is very nice and gives a very relaxing massage for $60, including the hand release. However, I had to give her an extra $40 to remove her clothes and finger her while she jerks me off. She refused to sit on my face, even though I said she did it to a good friend of mine who recommended her.

4. Petite Sarah : I want to try this young student but the number given (932-7380) is always busy. Is this number right? Does she advertise anywhere? Do I have to call during specific hours? Please post some additional information. Thanks.

5. Miscellaneous : I also have tried many different escorts agencies during the year. I got all their numbers in the Journal de Montreal. I recommend all the big ads that offer guaranteed satisfaction, including the girl description. Again, I don't remember any specific agencies. My 1998 resolution is to remember more details in order to share them with everyone here.

That's it for 1997. All the prices shown there are in Canadian currency (which represents Monopoly currency for Americans as the current exchange rate is CDN$1 = US$0.70) I encourage anyone in the Montreal area to take the time to send an e-mail to Atta. Thanks to him, this site is wonderful ! A special request to the few people who already posted reports here and who appear to have a lot of experience in massage parlors: please give us some tips and techniques on how to deal with the girls, i.e. how to get the most from them with our money.

Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 Subject: reply to a review of my massage parlor

This is a response to an October review of the massage parlor where I work, in which I was recommended as the best masseusse. I work in a salon in Old Montreal (named Salon Eloi in the review); I am the blonde blue-eyed Catherine who the deluded reviewer claimed would sit on your face while I jerked you off. Let me set the record straight by assuring anyone who takes these reviews seriously: I have not, nor will I ever, sit on any customer's face. What we offer at my salon is MASSAGE, which includes TOUCHING with HANDS. Whoever this reviewer is or whatever kind of crack he's smoking isn't really my problem, but when customers who read his review call my salon asking for me, and I end up spendiing 45 minutes of the hour fending off their advances and trying to explain to them why I won't take it any farther than just a massage, I guess I know who I have to thank. Thanks a lot, asshole. It's also great of you to have printed our address so any vagrant, cop, or psychopath can just drop by.

Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 Subject: Montreal

Montreal Scene Seeing as I recently discovered your site and have read it with great interest, I thought the least I could do is contribute. I'm shocked to read what some people are paying in other parts of the country ($200-400!!!). Montreal must be some sort of factory outlet - great products at reasonable prices ($120-140 for one hour). Prior to Aug '97 I had never paid for sex, but I must say I'm a convert. Just good business - pay your money and get the agreed upon service. No hassels - at least so far. I have had great success with the first agency I called, so I've stuck with them and have had no complaints about the half dozen girls I've been with. So I'd like to report on Agence Confidential (942-####) which can be found as one of the larger ads in the English daily The Gazette. Aug 97: Very nervous as I called for an escort for the first time in my life. But also incredibly excited. I had always fantasized about paying for sex, but had always been in a relationship. The woman I spoke to on the phone was very courteous and helpful. As I was unsure how this worked or what I wanted, she suggested Fiona and assured me that I would not be disappointed. She discribed the girl as 22 years old,petite, blonde with a great body and said she "looked like a movie star". Yeah, right! Anyway, I would have agreed to most any thing so I said "Send her over". The stated price was $140 for 1 hour. Half an hour later, I opened the door to a goddess! She truly did look like a model or movie star. She smiled brightly and admired the apartment. She and I made small talk as she (and I!) assured herself that everything was cool. She called in after I gave her the money. I must say, I was still in disbelief as to how stunning this girl was. She stripped down to her lingerie and we embraced. I ran my hands all over her flawless skin. I had never been so aroused in all my life! Off came the bra, revealing pert firm breasts. Off came the panties, revealing a shaved pussy. We fell into bed and I sucked on her nipples while playing with her clit. Man, it was heaven! Then she put some Astroglide on me and began to give me a hand job, nice and leisurely. I had never experienced a lubricant before but now I assure you I got a bottle right beside the bed! Next she gave an adequate blow job with condom and then got on top and lowered herself down onto my penis. Now, I hadn't had sex since my girlfriend left me in Feb, so I needn't tell you how great this felt. She seemed surprised that I didn't climax right away, so she suggested doggy style. However, I wanted to ride the old fashion way. That way I could look down at her lovely face as I came. Afterwards, she smiled sweetly and we again chit chatted. She was quite bright and very pleasant. And she didn't appear to be in any particular rush to go. When , she left she gave a nice goodbye kiss and I thought to myself, "Man, now that was money well spent!" Overall Score 9, Appearance&attitude 10, Ability 8 Sept. 97 Fiona fueled about a month's worth of fantasies, then I decided to call again. She was unavailable, but the operator recommended Nikki, a brunette in her early twenties with a slim build but large breasts. Sounded good. Half an hour later she arrived. Now, she was not as stunning as Fiona, but few are. Still, she was very attractive and the description was accurate. We went into bedroom and both got naked. She found the room cold so we cuddled for awhile to warm up. Then I started sucking on her wonderful breasts and playing with her pussy. She seemed (?acting) to get very aroused and complimented me, always a nice touch. All the while, she stroked me erect. Once she was nice and wet, she put a condom on me and started to give me a fair blow job. Then she mounted me facing my feet. Next, I got on top and she started urguing me to "let it go" and "relax". Now I felt pressured and wasn't able to climax. So we switched to doggy style and I promptly got a cramp in my leg and lost my erection. She valiantly tried to get it back by cooing to me while playing with it (and herself) but it was no go. She decided that perhaps the problem was the condom and suggested that I jerk off on her tits. That did the trick, particularly with her talking dirty as I frantically stroked it. I blew a huge load, the biggest in years. Again, she took her time getting dressed and we talked. Again, I was a happy man, although I would have preferred to finish in her. Overall 8, Appearance 8,Attitude 7 Ability 9 Early Oct 97 I got that old feeling again, so I call up the agency and neither Fiona or Nikki are available but Johanne is suggested. This time I ask for 2 hours at a cost of $260. Thirty minutes later, Johanne arrives and I'm somewhat disappointed. I forgot to ask details over the phone, and she much older than I expected (mid-thirties) and has extremely short hair (ie buzz cut). But she's well dressed and certainly is talkative and cheerful. I don't have the heart to send her away. Good thing to, because she gave me one hell of a good time. She stripped to reveal very sexy lengerie. She had a nice body, and preceeded to blow me without a condom. She had excellent technique. Again, she rode me once the condom was on and she was very aggressive, snarling and snapping and really primal. It was very arousing. No girlfriend had ever done this! I came hard. We lounged about in bed for awhile, waiting for the little feller to regroup. She talked my ear off. Then she blew me again to get me hard and I did her missionary style and got off nicely a second time. Afterwards, she gave me her card, and said that she'd like it if I became a regular. Overall 8, Appearance 6, Attitude 7, Ability 9 Late Oct. 97 Call again, and don't even bother asking about the girls I've already been with. I'm starting to like the surprise aspect of never being sure what you're going to get. That is very exciting! I do ask for a blonde and they have two. The operator recommends the younger of the two, saying that she's "more out going". So I wait anxiously for Vanessa to arrive. Bingo! Another looker! Extremely petite, blonde, pert breasts, bubbly personality. Asks me to put on some music and then begins an incredibly erotic strip tease. Wow! I'm speechless. (Apparently, she an ex-stripper) We retired to the bed room, and I can't help but notice that her skin does not have one single blemish! Again, pussy shaved nicely. A stunning body! Tight, tight ass. She is superb at giving oral sex (with condom) and with manually stimulating one to erection. We agreed to two hours at $260 so I get to do her twice and she likes it when I get on top of her. She gets into it appropriately, but it's more obvious that she's acting. I doubt mind though; she trying at least. She is very affectionate and eager to cuddle in between the two times we have sex. Again, she says she'd like it if I were to become a regular. Competetion must be tough. Overall 9, Attitude&appearance 9, Abitity 8 Nov 97 Feeling horny again, so I call my now trusted operator. I feel in the mood for large breasts and request such. The operator suggests Aeisha (sp?), a large breasted Chinese girl. Initially, I'm hesitant as I've never been with a non-caucasian, but what the hell. I haven't been disappointed yet. Pace anxiously for 30 minutes, then Aeisha arrives. Well dressed, all in black. Indeed has large breasts, quite full figured in hips and butt. Very frendly, lots of little kisses. We strip each other as we make out. She's a much better actress! I play with her while I suck on her breasts; she tells me that she came twice and if she was faking, it was convincing. She rolls the condom onto me with her mouth and gives good head. I can't take much more and tell her to climb aboard. I'm shocked at her tightness and tell her so. She smiles and says that most Asian women are. We roll over and I can't last long because she's so damn tight. But what an intense orgasm! There's 20 minutes left in the hour and she's quite content to cuddle and chat. She tells me thatshe has quite a few regulars, and I can believe it. Overall 9, Appearance 7,Attitude 9, Ability 9 Dec 97 Decide to call as I was going on holidays for two weeks the next day. My trusted operator is not on! Instead, there is some guy who sounds drunk and is very disorganized. I have to call back 3-4 times before he has his act sorted out (to be fair, I think he was filling in because of a crisis - he was up front that he wasn't sure what the hell he was doing and that this wasn't his job). He suggested Chantelle, who he said was a "real party girl". Whatever the hell that is. I said fine. Half an hour later she arrives, and again this is a full figured girl dressed all in black. Auburn hair. She doesn't speak a ton of English, but it's alot better than my French. She has quite average looks, but let me tell you that there was nothing average about her in bed! What a sexual dynamo! She was very affectionate right off the bat and seemed pleased with my looks. Lots of deep passionate french kissing. This girl was so HOT! She got down on her hands and knees and started licking my shaft and then moved on to my balls. Oh, heaven! She began to deep throat me with no condom and seemed to really be getting into her work. I told her that I couldn't stand it, that I had never been so aroused in my life and that I simply had to fuck her. She seemed very eager and asked me to do her from behind. God, I started slamming into her and came far to soon for my liking. Or for her's, as she continued to pound back against me. We collapsed into bed and get kept frantically kissing and making out. I sucked on her moderately sized breasts and then played with her clit. She became very excited and said that she wanted to come with my cock inside her. Okay by me. So she blew me again to get me nice and hard and then had me ride her til she orgasmed. Then she demanded that I tit fuck her and let her suck on my cock some more. She seemed desperate for me to come all over her tits. But I couldn't, so we tried it doggy style again, which is usually "can't fail" for me. I just banged the hell out of her, but it was clear that I wasn't going to be able to come a second time (in 60 minutes). I can say without a doubt that this was THE GREATEST SEX OF MY LIFE!!! Never have I been with such an enthusiastic partner. She was astounding! She truly seemed to love her work and we filled the entire hour with passionate sex. She left me breathless! Overall 10+, Appearance 7, Attitude 10+, Ability 10++ Highly Recomended Works mostly during the day, worth booking ahead Jan 98 New Year's resolution - More Chantelle in 98!!!

Let's hear more reports on Montreal, guys!

Subject: Montreal Escort Date: 1998/01/13

When looking for escort in Montreal avoid "C SEX C" escort. They lied on phone describing the girl which was overweight and did not even try to pretend that she likes what she is doing. This was totally wasted time and money!!!

I think the rule of thumb is that if they do not say weight in the newspaper ad you should watch out! It maybe a pigglet!!!

Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 Subject: Montreal, Part Two

Greetings, Atta! After writing my first report (in the midst of Ice Storm '98), I decided that I really needed some female companionship. So, of course, I called my trusted Agence Confidential, hoping that Chantelle would be available, but aware that this was unlikely as she works mostly days. Actually, I've been on abit of a tear recently (at least for me), having sampled 7 girls in the past 4 weeks. In chronological order, I have been with Destiny, Chantelle, Melanie, Josee, Alexi,and Veronique. I also tried another escort service called Moonlight Escorts, but I can't remember the girl's name. 1) I called immediately after completing my last report, but alas, as I feared Chantelle had booked off for the day. The operator asked what else I might be interested in and I asked what was available in large breasted blondes. She said she had two and recommended Destiny. She arrived over an hour later (due to the storm) and fit her description: short, full curves, large pendulous breasts (but not too large), blonde Italian around 20 years old. She was friendly and quite cute with very sexy/slutty makeup. We quickly got down to business and got naked. She said, "I hope you like a shaved pussy!" (is there anyone who doesn't?) and proceeded to lay back and masturbate while I got an up close view of her gorgeous genitals. I played with her tits for awhile and then she put a condom om me and started her blow job. Fair technnique but lots of sexy eye contact. She suggested that I sit on the edge of the bed while she knealt on the floor and blew me so I could watch her pussy and ass in the wall mirror. Nice touch. Then she rode me and watched herself in the mirror, each of us playing with her tits. We finished with me on top, riding her and holding that full ass of hers. All in all, I was reasonably satisfied. It was a good fuck, but it was all over in less than 30 minutes. Overall 8.5, Appearance & attitude 9, Ability 7 2) I call two days later early in the morning and booked a nooner with Chantelle. Again the storm made her late and I paced back and forth impatiently. But it was worth the wait! I asked if she remembered me and she laughed and said, "How could I forget that mouth!?!" Ah, flattery will get you everywhere. Once again, she was a tigress in bed. We romped for the full sixty minutes and she appeared to love every second of it. I love the way this girl gives head, especially sans condom. I fucked her in a variety of positions and, for my second orgasm, blew my load all over her tits while she played with herself with one hand and my swollen balls with the other. The end result was one immensely satisfied customer! Without a doubt, this is the best sex partner I've ever had. Overall 10+, Appearance 7, Attitude 10+, Ability 10++ 3) About a week later, I call late one night and again request a blonde. Melanie arrives 30 minutes later and is as described. Tall, slim, attractive blonde 19 year old with medium sized breasts. She appears somewhat shy and awkward, frequently giggling nervously. She quickly strips and gets into bed. She allows me to suck on her tits while I play with her very erect and large clit until she climaxes. She then puts a condom on me and proceeds to give me perhaps the worst blow job of my life. Horrible technique, very rushed and unpleasant. Then she climbed aboard and roughly bounced around. This was not good at all. So I got her to get on her hands and knees and fucked her doggy style so I could control the tempo. She actually seemed to enjoy this marginally more, but over all she seemed to find the whole experience distasteful and boring. This woman does not enjoy her work! After Chantelle, this was most unsatisfactory. Overall 5, Appearance 8, Attitude 5, Ability 5 4) Saturday night and nothing to do. I get the idea in my head to have one girl early in the evening and another later that night. It's been a long time since I fucked two different women in the same day. For the first girl, I call my regular agency and they send over Josee, an 18 year old brunette with large breasts. And wearing sneakers. Sneakers! All the other girls have been typical classy Montreal girls - very fashionable. Not wearing sneakers. Again, this girl was overly business-like, unable to even fake abit of passion. Typical half and half action with average technique. When we fucked, she made it clear that she wanted me on top "doing the work". Hey, who's earning the money here? Boring orgasm, which is kinda an oxymoron. Overall 5, Appearance 6, Attitude 5, Ability 6 5) A few hours later, I call Moonlight Escorts, who are $10 cheaper for the hour at $130. Their ad also can be found in The Gazette. As I said I cannot recall the girl's name who they sent over and that says something right there. She was a young (early 20's) blonde Italian girl and, to her credit, she had an awesome body. But the same problem persists - a total lack of interest or enthusiasm. I don't expect it to always be genuine, but some professionally acting would be appreciated. And this one wouldn't even allow me to suck on her tits or play with her clit. Once I got on top of her to fuck, she did perk up somewhat and I did love the way her body felt under me. A perfect ass and set of tits. Overall 6.5, Appearance 8, Attitude 6, Ability 6 6) Undaunted (or still horny), a week later I go back to Agence Confidential and this time I swear off young inexperienced girls. The operator suggests Alexi, a 36 year old Brazilian woman who's been with the agency for two years. When she arrives, I'm somewhat taken aback. All my previous girls were very young and looked like college students. This woman looked like what she was - a professional sex trade worker. And she performed accordingly, second only to Chantelle in ability and enthusiasm. Tons of complements, telling me things like, "I'd love to drink your come" as she sucked lustily away on my rock hard cock. She asked me if I'd be able to come twice, because she wanted me to come in her mouth but also to be able to fuck her later. Now this is more like it! Little things like "Your cock is just the perfect size" are delightful lies! Two of the best orgasms of my life! Overall 9.5, Attitude 9, Appearance 6, Ability 9.5 7) And to close out the month of January, I again requested a big breasted blonde. Actually, I asked for Destiny, but she was on vacation. The operator suggested Veronique, who was described as a taller version of Destiny. Also slimmer, as I was to discover. She arrived in record time, in less than 20 minutes. I was very pleased - tall, blonde large breasted French beauty who reminded me of Jody Foster. She gave me an average massage, then I returned the favor. She had a marvelous body! Perfect for my tastes - no excess weight but not overly skinny. Amazing tits, especially when she rode on top and they hung down in my face. Unfortunately, as we fucked, she looked quite disinterested. Despite this, she still managed to ride me to a ball busting orgasm. And I can't get those fantastic tits out of my mind. I plan to see her again, perhaps later this week, primarily because I adore her body, but she's also reasonably friendly. Again, service was mildly rushed, with everything over in 30 minutes. Some of the girls, like Chantelle and Alexi, will allow (even encourage) you to come twice and use every second of the hour for sex, but most will only let you get off once and then socialize. Overall 8, Appearance 8.5, Attitude 7, Ability 7 That's all I have to report for now. For the most part, I've been happy with the service Agence Confidential provides, but obviously each girl has her own strengths and weaknesses. Some are better looking while other are much better lovers. But most are a suitable combination of both. I can't really comment on other agencies in the city, but I'd love to read reports from other veterns of the sex scene in Montreal.

Subject: Montreal Review Date: 1998/02/25

I have been lurking in this newsgroup for a while and I think it is time for my first review since I have gotten good information from this Ng. I recently took a trip to Montreal and it was my first escort experience in Canada. I stayed in a major hotel in downtown and the girls had no problems coming to my room late at night. I tried to provide as much info as possible but if you want the girl's name, e-mail me. This is also my first posting so be easy on me. I called an agency called Heartbreaker around 10:00 PM and talked to a nice lady. She got my room # and called me back in about 5 mins and said she had a 23-yr old student who fit my description and she would be available in 30 mins. The fee was $150 Canadian (about $100 US) which I thought was very reasonable. The escort showed up in about 45 mins and she is pretty but not the kind that will knock you out, thought. However, her personality and demeanor was incredibly friendly and I felt very relaxed with her right away. Somehow, I felt like I was with an old girlfriend. I got a pleasant surprise when we were getting intimate. She started to kiss me. It is not just a peck on the lip; it was with tongue and lots of wet kisses before, during and after sex. I didn't ask if she kisses her client normally but I would like to think we hit it off. ;-) Also, I think she would have let me gone down on her because I stuck my face between her leg and she didn't resist but I didn't do oral on her, however. I will not go into details of the sex but it was very 'girlfriend' like and satisfying emotionally. We chatted a little more and she left when the time is up. Here is my rating:

Looks: 7.5 (smooth skins, piercing in her clit) Attitude: 10 Service: 9

Next day, I decided to go to a gentlemen's club after dinner. The club, Chez Paree, has no cover charge and you only have to tip the doorman 2 or 3 dollars and I understand this is how the stripe clubs operate in Canada. I wish US clubs have the same policy. Anyhow, it was only half full and after watching it for about 45 mins; I was getting horny and would like to see the French girl again. I called Heartbreaker in the hotel but was informed she was off that night and all the girls were booked and I may need to wait for an hour to hour and half. A little disappointed, I remember a posting about an agency called Fantasame and I gave them a call. The guy who answered the phone said he got 2 available, both 19 and only one of them speak English and the fee is $140 CN. I chose the one who speaks English but after 10 mins, he called and said he made a mistake and the only one available didn't speak any English. At this point, close to 1:00 Am, I didn't care what language she could speak. At about 1:15 am, the escort showed up and what a sexy woman! My only thought were how many ways I could screw her. She is not 19 but shouldn't be more than 23 and she stuck her cheek out and wanted kisses on both sides. Hey, I was more than happy to obligate. After the formality of paying her, she sat with me on the couch and we were caressing each other. She is from Chile and she can speak only Spanish and French. After using all the Spanish I could remember from high school and a lot of hand signals, I decided to go for the gold. After 5 mins of foreplay with her kissing and licking my ear and nipples, She started to give me heads without a condom. As she sucked, she looked up at you with those big sexy eyes as if she was saying 'you like this'; I almost couldn't control myself. I then asked her to mount me and what a ride. She rocked me back and forth, up and down and then proceed to missionary, doggie and finished with missionary. We were both huffing and buffing afterward. Now, lying in bed after we cleaned up ourselves and playing with each other. She started to stroke my penis and started to give me heads again. This woman wanted a second round. I was excited but couldn't get full attention because I was tried and I needed some time to go at it again. Unfortunately, by the time I am getting a response, the hour is about up. I wasn't too upset since I am a little tired and I watched as she took a shower. My hands were roaming all over her as she dressed in front of me. It had been more than I expected.

Looks: 9 (skin was not as smooth as the French girl but definitely lot more sexy) Attitude: 10 (she must be in it for the money and sex, and she definitely enjoys it) Service: 10 (Anything you want except kiss in the mouth and won't let you go down on her. I don't know about anal since it is not my kind of thing)

Conclusion: Can't go wrong with either agencies, I had a great time or the price is more than reasonable (especially with the favorable exchange rate) compared to US. They never asked for a tip but I gave a tip to the second girl for good service. I will go back to Montreal even if there is an ice storm.

Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998

Hi Keep up your good work

Acacia is now closed. Centre de massage psycho corporel is still good. Also, try LES MAINS MAGIQUES. They have an ad in the news paper.

Date: Sun, 08 Mar 1998 Subject: Montreal Scene

Well, the best location in Montreal -- Acacia on St-Denis Street -- has closed down ... rumour has it that Chantale, who got a great review on these pages, was, in fact, a police informer or even an undercover cop -- but, she was great! Says something positive for once about the Police Academy in Nicolet!

Another massage service is now located at the same address -- 8045 St-Denis, at Jarry -- with a new number, 382-6160, but with Eastern European girls ... Price isn't bad -- $45, including hand-job --- but girls have hard time talking in English or French. Natalie, who claimed to be a former Polish national team gymnast, gave a tremendous slow teasing release, talking dirty, and simulating oral sex... but avoid those in their 30s when you ask for a description, as they are most likely in their 40s.

Clinique Sante, 1117-A St-Joseph E. at Christophe-Colomb, Tel.: 277-7505, has good and bad girls as well. They give you a thorough and professional massage for $40, credit cards accepted. But, only some girls will give a handjob afterwards. Izabella is a 27-yr old petite (5'1") blonde who is a professional dancer and singer ... when asked, she will admit to enjoying masturbating herself and that when sucking cocks she loves to swallow, that she can't get enough of the taste of sperm ... as well, she loves it when you put your hand up her dress, and finger her ... she gets really, really wet. Avoid Marie and Natascha ... they rushed out of the room after the massage even before you could ask for a release or proffer a monetary tip ...

Rip-offs of the month ... `Leonel on Rene-Levesque E. (397-0080), where they tell you on the phone it's a complete body massage (which in Quebec automatically means with handjob), then, after paying your $45, at the end, the very rude Russian (or, to be precise, Kazhakstan) masseuse, acting very arrogantly, denies such to be the case, and threatens to have you expelled by Boris or Sergei or Yuri, one of the menacing Russian Mafia-types that linger in the shadows. Avoid this place at all costs.

Another waste of time and money .. Perfection (anything but!) Chanel, 3403 Jean-Talon E. (near St-Michel Blvd.), Tel.: 374-9692 ... I was told that Cathy was a petite, sexy blonde, age 19 ... she admitted to being 28, and was most likely 38 ... and she was petite allright, only because she seemed so emaciated from possible drug use. The 1-hour appointment was a very rushed affair, really lasting only 30 minutes or so. Immediately upon entering the room, options of a nude massage or a dual massage were offered, at rates ranging up to an additional $40 (total of $85) ... but I was firmly told that no fingering would be allowed, her panties would remain on, she wouldn't put her finger up my ass, nothing ... Naturally, I saved my $40 (this time I didn't let Mr. Peter think for me instead of my brain), and that set the course for a rushed, impassive 30-minutes for the price of 60. You do far better at any of the other places listed on this site, all of whom are more accessible to the tourist, anyway, than this out of the way locale, in the East End.

Hope this update helps both locals and visitors alike.

Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 Subject: prostution in Montreal

I would like to give you my opinion on the prostitution situation in Montreal and surrounding areas. Many of the information you have on the World Sex Guide is a little biased, I suspect that some of the people in the prostitution business are putting their own names and telephone numbers on the WSG to promote themselves and jack the prices in the Montreal area. Prostitution in Montreal is rampant, ads could be found in any news paper, for example the Journal de Montreal carries about 200 ads for escort, 75 for massage each day. The going rate for the escorts in the Journal de Montreal is advertised at $99.99 for most place, if you check ot the Montreal Gazette (english newspaper) you will find that most places charge about $130 for only the reasons that you are an english speaking person. Some of these escort agencies and indiviuals advertise in bothe the engish and french newspapers but charge differnt rates for english and french people, so it is best for you to call and speck in french and get the lower rate. I called some places twice, and got a lower rate when I spoke in french. A good place that many people overlook is some of thesmaller newspapers like the Courrier Laval, Journal de Repentigny, the Suburban, and the Verdun voice. I can tell you that some of the best services and the most reasonable prices can be had from some of the ads in these news papers, I suspect the reason for this is that the motivation for these women are a little different from the ones in the larger news papers. These women want to keep a low profile and have a steady clientelle rather than run a fast fuck operation and serve up a lot of BJ deluxes. I can recomend a few of these places, that will supply a (shall we say) very adequette service for a reasonable price. PLACE 1- Pierrette 5ft 8in, 140 lbs, about 38 yrs old, 1 hour full service $50. Tel. 769 - XXX2 PLace 2- Collette 5ft 4in, 110 lbs, about 27 yrs old, 1 hour full service $60. anal possible if you are a regular Tel. 933 - XXX2 Place 3- Marie 5ft 1 in, 100 lbs, about 20 yrs old, 1 hour service $60. student Tel. 463 - XXX4 Place 4- Chantal 5 ft 5 in, 120 lbs, about 30 yrs old, 1 hour full service $60. Tel. 522 - XXX2 These are some of the places that I have visited from the ads in the smaller newspapers where I find the services are comparable to other places, but with a much more affordable price.

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 Subject: Montreal

A good and a bad review for you ---

DO go to the Cote des Neiges Massage Centre, Cote-des-Neiges just south of Queen Mary (Tel.: 344-3221) ... ask for Angie, she can be highly recommended. A petite (5'3", 105 lb.) dark-haired cutie, she speaks near-perfect English, but with just that hint of a sexy French accent ... she must be all of 19 or 20, but looks 16/17 ... usually wears a very sexy little-girl type top, with a bare mid-riff ... great massage, then, the most sensuous caressing of your balls, you will have an instant erection ... and most probably cum in seconds her technique is so good, with the thought of those tiny hands, and her beguiling smile making it really hard (pardon the pun) to hold back.

DON'T go to the Chinese Massage advertised at 2055 St-Mathieu, Apt. 209 (Tel.: 933-9531) ... I was charged $45 for an hour, with a nasty girl by the name of Linda, who said she was 22 but was most likely 30. Throughout the appointment she kept talking with her friend in the room (another masseuse), and also stopped repeatedly to talk on the phone. The massage was hardly a rub at all, and she kept bringing up the subject of "tips" constantly, even 10 minutes into the conversation. She asked to finish the appointment early because she hadn't eaten all day (this was at 3PM!) ... I wasn't going to pay her one extra cent for a hand-release, since there are countless places now in Montreal where, for $40, you get massage and jerked off, without an attitude problem like at this place. I complained to the mama-san, who gave me woeful story of how she had just come from China, etc., etc., and who ultimately gave me a 50% discount, accepting only $20 ... and said it would be much better next time ... There will be no next time, stay clear, this is not a good place.

Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 Subject: Montreal Update

Additional info and further info:

Fine Lingerie: Tips are appreciated but not required; I get the impression they're not even expected. The models do dress in erotic lingerie and they WILL disrobe---often they voluntarily lose the bra at 'turn over' time. It depends on how well you know the girl. Incidently, I've enjoyed somewhat more than just an erotic massage here. It really is a lovely place and you get an authentic massage, but recently it is under new ownership and the quality has declined slightly, plus the number of rooms has been reduced to 2. Discretion is recommended when calling and visiting.

Salon Eloi: I visited Catherine (I'm not sure if there is anyone else appears to be a private home), she is quite lovely and friendly...if a bit distant. She charges an additional $50.00 to disrobe, allowed me to finger her, but in contradiction to what is said elsewhere did not allow anything more. Massage and jerk off were also cursory and half hearted. Although conveniently located near my place, I'm not sure if I would return...

Fantasme Agence Enr.: Based upon what I read here, I called this agency one evening. After the description of who was available that evening (and they all sounded good), I made an uncharacteristically blunt request; I asked for the girl who gave the best bj. The man said he knew just who to send over---Tanya. Shortly after the confirmation call back Tanya arrived...quite a young beauty she was, too...sweet, friendly, and affectionate and although I lost track of time she stayed well past the alloted 1 hour. As for the bj; all I can say is that the agency fullfilled my one point Tanya became so enthusiastic that she stripped off the condom and finished me in her mouth. Most excellent.

The tele #'s for Acacia and Russian Salon no longer work. I cannot find listings for them anywhere...niether in the Journal de Montreal, Mirror or Hour.

Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 Subject: Montreal, Part Three

Greetings, Atta! I wanted to update people on Agence Confidential, on which I've reported twice before (hence Part III...). Although I continue to contact them on their old number, I believe that they've changed their ad in the Gazette to "BEST" (in large bold) Agency in Montreal (regular font) and then at the end of the ad refer to themselves as Confidential Escorts. The new number can be found in the ad but still starts 942-####. Since I last wrote, I have continued to use their services, mostly with girls I previously reported on. I have been with Chantelle a number of times and she remains the most enthusiastic lover. However, after a time I found her almost exhausting (believe it or not!), and have not seen her in quite some time. I have seen Destiny a couple of nights and have remained pleased with her service. She will fuck you a second time, but charges extra - unlike some of the girls. I choose to accept this as I like her rather than go through the hassle of haggling with her. Plus she's worth the extra money. I've seen both Aeisha and Veronique at least once more each, and they did not differ much from my previous encounters. Aeisha still climaxes (or at least pretends to) and is unbelievably tight. It's hard to last very long once you start to fuck that pussy. Veronique is quiet and pleasant, but less enthusiastic. However, her breasts are truely magnificient! March '98: I finally feel like a new girl, so I ask the dispatcher who's available in large breasted blondes. She recommends Natasha, whom she describes as 26 years old, blonde, 5'7", slim with a 36C-25-35 build and "very pretty". This sound promising so I ask for her to be sent over. She arrives 30 minutes later and matches the description. I'm very pleased with her looks and she seems quite friendly. She allows me to suck on her breasts while I play with her clit, and she makes the appropriate noises. She manually stimulates my erection and then slips on a condom and gives a nice blow job. Soon, she slides up and lowers herself onto my prick. It does not take me long to cum, as I find her swaying breasts extremely arousing. I ask how much to have sex again and she replies that it's free as I'm a regular. When I tell her that other girls charge me for this, she insists that I'm being ripped off. I think I may have found a new favorite! We chat socially for a while, until I feel I'm ready for a second erection. Again she gives me oral, then we fuck in the missionary position. I love the way her ass feels. And she has wonderfully soft skin. I enjoyed this experience enough that I indeed did request her for repeat visits. Overall 9, Appearance and Attitude 9, Ability 9 Early April '98: I called for Natasha but apparently she's "retired", so I decided to try Destiny's friend Tyra. She was a tall slim small breasted dark skinnned girl (perhaps part East Indian, but it was quite hard to pin down her ethnicity) with long dark hair in her early twenties. Very laid back and easy going. Usual routine for half and half, but some dirty talk which was nice. Also, she has two rings in her labia, which you don't see every day. Although she was nice enough and was a good lay, for some reason I didn't feel I connected with her, so I doubt that I'll see her again. Overall 7, Appearance 7, Attitude 8, Ability 7 Late April '98: My trusted operator has been extolling the virtues of her newest girl Sonya, from London, England. I finally allow my rubber arm to be twisted and relent to a session. She arrives 45 minutes later, and has an awesome body! She's 26 and has 36D-24-35 measurements with long straight brown hair and the most delightful accent. I am astounded by her body once she's naked. She is tremendously firm and very passionate. The sex was great. Unfortunately, she flew out the next day back to England, where her mother had fallen ill. However, she hopes to return to Montreal. I would recommend her if she does come back. Overall 9, Appearance 10, Attitude 8, Ability 8 So as you can see, I've been very satisfied with this agency - so much so that I seldom use any other (i.e. only once). If you choose to use their services, please treat them with respect. They are all nice women working in a difficult industry. I've found that by being decent and considerate, they make sure that you get your money's worth and leave you with a contented smile on your face.

Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 Subject: Montreal Massage Parlours

Avoid all parlours with Russian/East european accents, when answering! Three of them were busted last week due to Russian Mafia Links. My picks for best massage are: Centre Psycho-Corporel (276-1443) $45.00 + $25-$50.00; 847-1558 (1117 St-Joseph blvd, don't know the name) superb decor $85.00 all inclusive dressed in lengerie, ask for Dominique; avoid massage parlours situated to the dowtown core as they are "watched"; stick to "individuals" when dealing with dowtown. If a waterbed is your thing, call Aux Quatre Mains, 522-7311 (Ontario st.east) $45.00 + $25.00 (you can also get two masseuse to do what they do....), not very pretty but good technique.

Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 Subject: Montreal, Canada

I was looking through your pages on Montreal.

Firstly 1000 Amhurst - this is an office block - not a small of pussy - - certainly not one to fuck !!!! I walked all the way to Amhurst and nothing what so ever save for an office block.

I visted Le Pussey Corp -a good show with a girl and her dildo !!! But no chance for a fuck - a good shoow entrance C $ 40 - a vaginal dildo $ 15 and anal dildo show $ 25 combined C $ 40 good show, but no touching.

Montreal is a great place for those who like to look, but for those warm blooded sex maniac theres no real good fucking.

I visited Solid Gold - good show in the back, but again no touching - the girls in Monteal are paranoid that you should touch their pussy!!!!!!!!!! Better fucking elsewhere !

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