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Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay: there are nearly no street prostitutes,
and they are mostly old and ugly. They can be found in the two streets
Monte Caseros and Gral. Artigas (near corner Monte Caseros).
A typical price is 15 US$.

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 00:05:24 -0200 (PDT) Montevideo, Uruguay: by a six-year resident of this under-rated city. There are four scenes: 1 The street. As a previous correspondent says, this is depressing. There are other street areas, some with younger girls, but what you get is a short stay hotel, half an hour of unenthusiastic mechanics, and a 200 peso fee plus 100 for the room (=about US$25+12). On Boulevard Artigas there are transvestites who are truly dreadful and dangerous. 2 Clubs, called "boites" or "boliches". Late start - 11pm on. I BAIRES and MOUSTACHE, expensive booze, striptease every hour or so, and ladies round the bar. They can be taken to a hotel (again, expect US$12-15 the room per hour) where they will fuck for US$100 with varying degrees of enthusiasm. You may find something delicious, or you may waste time. The customers are a dim crowd - Korean and East European sailors on furlough, plus morosely drunken British or Northamerican residents who are there to get away from the wife and do some harmless voyeurism. Streets around these bars, though only a block away from the main drag, are poorly lighted and not entirely safe - if you leave on your own you could be followed and mugged. Not my scene, but I know that for some, sleaze isn=92t sleaze unless it starts in a bar. No, my advice is to spend the evening eating the excellent local beef, then watch some cable TV in your hotel, get an early night to build up strength, and use the following afternoon to visit 3 Massage Parlours. The best option, although almost the only place they advertise is in the El Pais newspaper Classified section, which only comes out on Sundays. But kiosks keep copies and so will your hotel. Look for "Masajes Especiales" and "Mensajes Especiales" in adjacent columns Here are 20 or 30 ads. Some offer an address, others only a phone, so you may need your High School Spanish. Take to the streets armed with a list of these sites and a map or a helpful cab. Most locations are on or near 18 de Julio, the main avenue, perfectly safe by day. You'll reach a small apartment with 2 to 6 girls. They'll tell you prices and you choose a girl. 115 to 200 pesos for "servicio completo". (US$15 to 25) Pay afterwards, and add US$5 tip if you're a gentleman. The "completo": your chosen girl will take you to a cubicle. You both strip, she performs a massage, which will range from a few perfunctory caresses to a lingering Erotica Symphony. Massage over, the obligatory condom is slipped on, for good BJ, then fuck. Take as long as you like and change positions ad lib. Anal or a two-girl scene costs about ten bucks extra. The girls are almost always friendly and willing to please. Also intelligent and educated: literacy and secondary education are bigger here then in many parts of the US or Europe. Some have a little French or English, but once again your Spanish will be handy. They vary in looks and age, and of course one of the golden rules of whoring applies: the leathery-looking housewife may give you a memorably enthusiastic and expert ride, while that cute sophomore will grimace and fumble her way through the show. One solution, viable at the price, is to fuck them both. On several occasions I have spent from noon to 6pm in one establishment, mounting four different girls for US$100 total, and enjoying coffee and conversation between events. A variation on the same theme is to visit four different joints in one delightful afternoon. Locations and staff change every few months. At the time of writing my favorite is "Acuarela" where Tessa, a busty blonde and Lucia, sli mulatta, provide a piquant contrast. There's also Angie's, run by a vivaciou petite Eurasian girl: her colleagues tend to be clever young students from the nearby Universidad de la Republica. Try them all! Enjoy! 4 Finally, investigate smart cafes and "whiskerias", especially in the urban bayside section, Pocitos. You buy a drink, catch her eyes, and play it from there. Friends tell me this is hit and miss, and expensive, but spectacular when it does come off. As a well known figure in the city's commercial life, I am unable to patronize these public places. Nor do I wish to mingle with pimply beerdrinkers at one of our many discos, where as in every city there are girls willing to ride a wealthy man's car, credit card and cock. No, stick to the massage parlors, gentlemen. Buenos Aires has the continent's most beautiful hookers, and Rio de Janeiro the widest choice, but an afternoon touring the apartments of Montevideo is an experience no genuine bought-sex buff will wish to pass up.
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 08:42:33 -0700 Montevideo has many private dancer bars e.g. " EL PICARO " in the downtown area where there is also striptease performed. These girls are of course available. The boulevard Artigas is also for transvestites and homosexuals. Another place is BOULEVARD ESPANA with pretty street girls - often students.

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