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Monterrey, Mexico

Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 14:32:36 UTC

This is a good one.

Try a speak-easy called "casa de Saul"  or another nearby called
"casa de Miquel Angel."

They are five blocks northeast of bus station near street
called Vicente Guerrero and Marco Polo.

Look for "Itzel" or "Sonja"  Bring at least 100.

Subject: prostitution in monterrey mexico Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 00:13:56 UTC * There are street prostitution but is mostly male, so watch out. * The best place to go is Obssesion Men's club, (real name, not translation) or casablanca, the other places you mention are going down on quality One is a strip joint and you can have table dances for 60 pesos (9 dlls. at current exchange rate), a basic lap dance, A private dance for 300 pesos (45 dlls) where you can touch all, but no intercourse. Or take the lady out to your hotel for 1000-1500 pesos (120-200 dlls.) on a 4 Hrs. outing. Girls are gorgeous, magazine mdel types, with some ecxeptions. The casa blanca is a brothel with no maskings, the police allows this places like in vegas, the girls are from good to beautiful and cost from 800 to 1300 pesos (100 to 150 dlls), room included for 1Hr. The minimal age permitted is 18, and the law can punish the prostitute but not the patron, unless they are caugth on the act in the street(in a car or a dark corner or something).
Subject: Monterrey, Mexico Date: Fri, 03 Jan 97 10:55:45 -0500 A plug for this city: A prostitute working Boy's Town in Nuevo Laredo who was from Monterrey told me she left Monterrey because of "too much competition, all the girls in Monterrey are beautiful." Generally, I have found this to be true. As Monterrey is a large city, I recommend "renting" a cab driver to take you around to all the places he knows of. Settle the price/time up front. On my most recent visit (September) I spent $40 for several hours of being shuttled all around town. To me it's worth it to find "local" favorite places I wouldn't otherwise find. It's fun to run the whole gambit from cheapest to most expensive. The cabby can take you to crazy places where the girls are not very pretty but only cost $5 (and the live, local music you will hear performed in these neighborhood spots is well worth the trip) all the way to the top-end places such as Club Essence where the women all look like Vogue models and go for $150 and up. Of course, as with all prostitution in Mexico the prices fluctuate drastically depending on how much Spanish you speak and whether or not the woman likes you. One man's $100 action is another's $25. Helpful hint: If you're not very good with the language it is VERY worth your time to learn a few romantic phrases in Spanish with which to "flirt." Yes, these women are prostitutes but they are first and foremost women, and Latin women at that who come from a culture rich in both romance and literature. Many of these women are extremely intelligent and well read. They are very appreciative of men who are not oafs and will respond in kind. For instance, a friend of mine, who doesn't speak but a few words of Spanish dropped a line from Pablo Neruda (Latin America's greatest poet, most of his work is in bilingual form so you can figure out what is what) on a young lady and she immediately recognized the line and the poem it was from and (no lie) ended up only charging him for the price of the room ($5.) And this is not a random occurrence. I could relate more incidences of the power of the spoken word in Spanish. Now I'm not suggesting that anyone become and instant "poet type," just learn a few phrases. It will show that you are making some attempt to respect the language and the culture. (If I get around to it, in the future I'll try and post some phrases that will get you started.) The great boon for the fluent Spanish speaker, of course, is that it will allow you interact with the non-English speaking women. These tend to be the women who are from the the rural areas and are very new to the scene (eg. very young, not jaded, sweet, treat you like you're their boyfriend); additionally, these are the women who are "temporarily" involved in prostitution due to the current economic crisis in Mexico. Most likely they have a husband and family at home while they are staying with "cousins" in the city. Money gets sent home, no one in the family asks a lot of questions. Call me a "bleeding heart," but I can't help but want to give my money to them rather than the true "professionals." Que pase bien tiempo!
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:39:36 -0600 Mexico - Monterrey Casablanca & other previously mentioned whorehouses are closed now. Still, ask a cab driver to take you to "Poison - Men's Club". You'll find some action, very good music & very cheap drinks. If you're there, ask for "Samantha" or even better ask for "Melissa". There is a "back room" where they take you, but you'll have to pay: a)the girl, and b)a number of personal table dances in the back room - enough for you to do your job! Prices and performance depend on how much the girl likes you. I had Melissa for US$35 and she even gave me her home phone number!!!
Subject: WSG - Monterrey/Mexico Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 11:04:08 PST Hi, Atta ! Thanks for maintaining the WSG, a great help and inspiration ! Terrific job ! I'd like to add some information on Monterrey / Mexico. Feel free to edit it as you see fits. Please note that I just spent two months in Manila / Philippines, so I am pretty much spoiled when it comes to these matters. <s> The Tank now rolls in Monterrey. Here goes: So far, I have checked out two clubs. Both clubs somehow belong together, since they advertise together, and offer free cab rides from / to your hotel. 1. Prestige Ave. Madero 2144 (cruz con Edison) Monterrey, N.L. Tel. 333-85-00 Our cab pulled up right in front of it, and we couldn't see the entrance ! Our cab driver asked a guy who was hanging around there, and he turned out to be one of the security guards. Two round stages, and 4 small platforms at the walls. At times, 6 girls were dancing at the same time. For the private dances, there's a room behind the bar. Prices: (1 US$ = 8 pesos) Admission: 50 pesos Coke: 25 pesos Beer: 30 - 35 pesos Ladies' Drink: 40 pesos Tabledance: 80 pesos (8-10 minutes) Private Dance: 350 pesos (15-20 minutes) 2 hours at your hotel: 2000-2500 pesos (didn't try that yet) You pay your tab right before you leave, and get a stub to give to the bouncer. Saturday night, 1 am, about 15 girls and 35 guests were present. The music was good, the girls 5-7, maybe one or two 8's. The dancers usually started with shirt and longs pants on, and stayed covert like that until end of the second song. Halfway through the third song, they remove their tops and pants, but the panties always stay on (which is also true for tabledances and private dances). Not being too impressed, I asked our waiter if any of the girls speak english, since my spanish is not too good. Only one girl spoke english, a cute little blond from Texas, with nice firm tits and a well rounded ass. We sat for a while, I bought here a couple of drinks, and she asked me if I want a tabledance. I decided to go for the private dance directly, and we went in the room behind the bar. A bouncers stood in the entrance all the time, watching both us and the time, while a second couple got it on two feet away from us. I like some more privacy. As I started to suck her nipples, she stopped me and told me that they are not allowed to kiss (?). The dance was ok, but she only let me touch her pussy through her panties. As we sat down, she started the common routine (almost funny if you see it coming!): - I like you ! - You have a big dick ! (thankyouverymuch !) - Where do you stay ? (your credit rating) - How long do you stay ? (potential income) - I need money for jewelry I just ordered ! (here alleged motivation) As we discussed the rates: - A guy payed 600 US$, plus 400 US$ tip, just to look at me and hold my hand. Our waiter had told us before that the going rate is 2.000 pesos, but that he would try to cut us a good deal. My little lady told me that 2.500 pesos was the minimum. Upon me asking again and again, she told me that this would get me straight sex, once, in my hotel room. After that, she has to go back to the club immediately. If she stayed longer, she wouldn't get her share of the 2.500 pesos (which is 2.100 pesos). The waiter (after tipping him 100 pesos) told me differently. Oh well. What she suggested was me to pay 2.500 pesos to the club, plus 2.100 to her for her "lost" share, plus a tip for staying with me longer than just for one shot. Yeah, right ! Even though she was trying to rip me off, I was very nice and polite, and just told her that there is now way I'd pay 300 US$ for one shot, or 700-800 US$ for a couple of hours. She promised to call me at my hotel the next day, but I wasn't there, anyway. We got half off tickets for our next visit on our way out, but I will not be back to that place. 2. Obsession Men's Club Av. Guerrero #1302 (Esq. Con Luis Mora) Monterrey, N.L. Tel. 374-52-36 Big lit sign over the door, impossible to miss. A friend told me that the interior has been changed since last year. One big square stage in the middle, two small platforms at the side, and the girl's lockers and a shower along one wall, in full view (nice touch !). One area to the side is used for table dances, which are really lap dances. Against another wall are three little cubicles for private dances, which offer not too much privacy. Sex on the premises is not allowed, but you can take the girls to your hotel. The girls are not pushy, and will usually not approach you directly. The waiters keep bugging you about buying tabledance tickets, and get the girl you want. The waiters usually speak good enough english, while the girls usually don't. All the dance performances were very acrobatic and / or seductive, and while the panties ALWAYS stay on, they wear little else, and frequently move their panties so you get a good look at their "chocho's". Prices: (1 US$ = 8 pesos) Admission: 80 pesos Coke: 25 pesos Beer: 30 - 35 pesos Tabledance: 60 pesos (8-10 minutes) Private Dance: 350 pesos (15-20 minutes) 2 hours at your hotel: 2000-2500 pesos (didn't try that yet) They accept credit cards, but add 15% to Amex, and 10% to Visa / Mastercard. Their Mastercard machine didn't work (Visa did). Better bring some cash. You pay your tab right before you leave, and get a stub to give to the bouncer. On a weekday night, there were about 15 girls (and maybe 50 guests). The girls all looked very nice, most of them 7-8, a few 9, and one 10, with the most perfect ass I have seen in my entire life. She was very dark, from Cuba, but had bored / disgusted expression on her face, that really turned me off. One of my friends took her for a table dance, but said it wasn't really worth it. I choose a cute little Mexican, 7 looks, 7 attitude, but she had danced very seductively on the stage before. The tabledance was so-so, she moved very nice, rubbed herself all over my body. I asked her for a private dance, were she got a little more friendly, let me get into her panties, suck her nipples, kiss her on the lips (not french!). When time was up, I tipped her 20 US$, and asked her for another dance back to back. The tip didn't seem to encourage her, though. Dance #2 was pretty much the same as # 1. However, I saw her showing the other girls, the 20$-bill, and suddenly I became quite popular. We were about to leave the place, as one girl danced on the platform right next to me, and nicely spread her pussy for me. I'll be back to this place !
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 05:59:43 -0700 Subject: Monterrey, N L I just returned from Monterrey Mexico in Nuevo Leon. Had heard about Obessions Night Club on this Site..and saw a Billboard advertising it on the road out of the airport.. It was a decent place...easy to find.. 14 Peso to get in the door.. Drinks ran about $15 USD....kinda steep..especially for the area The girls are great looking...but the strip show is mearly R rated... Tits and pussy.. Table dance...60 Peso.... Private dance.... 235 Peso...I did was worth 30 bucks..cause She worked her ass off on me until I came in my pants.. I asked about getting laid..but since I don't know luck.. Not a bad place for a strip joint....and I did get off...

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