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Monterey, California

Date:         1998/01/04

I have lived in Monterey for a couple of years and have enjoyed the
incall scene a few times.

The first place I tried was The Studio.  It's an average place on
Fremont Street behind Q Lube.  There's a "menu"--$40 for 1/2 hour, up to
$140 for a full hour, she's nude.  I went during a weekday afternoon,
and two women came out.  One was at least 40 with monstrous tits,
otherwise ugly.  The other was a plump Hispanic with C cups.  I chose
her for half an hour, as I didn't have a lot of money to spend.

She gave me a half-assed massage, during which she was fully clothed.
She was friendly and chatted.  I rolled over and she asked what else I
wanted, and I told her simply a hand job.  She asked for $50!  I got her
down to $15, but only because I was nice and business may have been
slow.  Decent hand job.  I have seen a beautiful babe go in here for the
evening shift, but haven't checked her out.  I don't recommend this
place.  It's not very nice and it got closed down a few months ago for
solicitation by a minor.

The place I prefer is Paseo Health Studio on Alvarado.  It's your
typical massage parlor.  Across the street is Bay Books--check the local
free papers there for coupons.  If you're on a budget, Paseo sometimes
runs a $10 off in the Carmel Pine Cone or other local rags.  I've been
to Paseo about 4 times.  As usual, the more you spend, the better.  I've
gotten a massage and hand-job for a total of $50--$40 for 1/2 hour,
minus $10 coupon, plus $20 tip.  She was clothed but allowed groping.
The best time I had was with a short Asian with big tits who's since
moved on.  I paid for an hour ($60 - $10 coupon) and gave her $50 for a
topless handjob.  She was great!  by the end, she was up on the table
tit-fucking me.  She got a little upset when I spooged in her hair, but
it was great anyway.  I've since had variations on this for about the
same price.  They do offer full service, as well.  The place is average,
but it's located right in town if you're in for a convention.  The women
have always been friendly and usually rate a 6, though the one I
mentioned above was a 9 by my scale.

In the two years I've been here, I haven't heard anything about busts
except as noted at The Studio. There have been some letters in the local
papers about making a legal distinction between legit massage and adult

Subject: [ASP] Monterey, CA massage parlors Date: 1998/03/02 Since I have never seen any reports from the Monterey, CA area, let me be the first one. There are four massage parlors in the Monterey area: The Studio Massage, Paseo Health Studio, California Oriental Massage and Bay Massage. I have visited all of them, and the going rate for full-service is $150. Most women will do full-service, but some may not. The ladies at all these establishments range from downright ugly to 'babe.' Let me tell you about some of my experiences. The Studio Massage is located at the corner of Casanova and Fremont Streets in Monterey behind the Q-lube Oil change place (how appropriate!). This place is now closed due to an outcall bust, but will open again in April, 1998. The ladies here vary widely from tall, big, and not too good looking to really good looking, and from Asian to black to white. My best experiences here have all been with the Asian girls. They provide you with the best massages and the best 'fringe benefits.' My favorite all-time Asian girl, Li, moved on and got married, but whenever one leaves, another always seems to take her place. First it was Jasmine, and now it is Sunny and Jennifer. Well, since they are closed till April, Jennifer has moved to the California Oriental Massage studio. (I will talk about her when I tell you about that establishment.) I don't know where Sunny is now. Basically, when you enter The Studio (also called Foxy Lady Out call), you enter into the lobby, with two couches and a TV. Usually none of the ladies is in the lobby. Surveillance cameras let them know you are there, and soon someone comes out to greet you. They are dressed sexily, and will ask if you want a massage. Of course, you say yes. They will usually tell you how many ladies are available, and if there are several, they will bring them out for you to choose from. After choosing, she will take you back to a room, which usually has a massage table and mirrors (some have mirrors on the ceiling), and that's where you make your deal. The lady will most-likely ask you if you have been there before and who you saw. Tell them it's been a long time, but you saw one of the girls I mentioned. If you give them $140, they will probably just go right ahead and give you full-service, but sometimes they will ask for a tip or may still be wary that you might be a cop. Assure them that you are not. Some girls will not do full service, but they won't tell you until it is too late. Showers, hot tub and sauna are available here as part of your $140, but you have to ask for the hot tub or sauna. The Paseo Health Studio is on Alvarado Street in downtown Monterey above the Round Table Pizza place. This is an Asian establisment and most of the ladies there are older, but there are one or two that are younger and better-looking. Suki is one that I really like, but as she gets to know you, she tries to hurry you. She is perfectly willing to french kiss and receive oral. She has a great pair of legs, and a great face. I rate Suki a 7 in looks, an 8 in attitude, and an 8 in technique. The rooms here are OK, having the same massage table atmosphere. Showers are available, but that is about it. California Oriental Massage (an Asian establisment) is located behind a glass place on Franklin Street in Monterey (one block behind Mc Donalds). It is not easy to find, and you can not see it from the street. It looks like a dump from the outside. Even on the inside, it looks a little sleazy. There are lots of shear curtains hanging around with blue and white lights to make this place look 'sultry.' You walk into a small entry way and ring the bell. You will hear the footsteps coming down the stairs and someone will answer. The only good-looking girl there is Jennifer, but since the owner's daughter is also called Jennifer, she is known there as Janet. Janet is 5O-7O, Chinese/Japanese mix, 27 years old and thin, but she has nice legs, ass and large augmented breasts. Her face is very nice, and she is very soft-spoken. Janet, or one of the ugly older women, will bring you to a room. You might want to ask for Janet first. You don't want to get stuck with the fossil. If she is there, they will send her to your room. Since she is the only good-looking one there, she might be busy. But she is worth the wait. Lately, her routine goes like this. She will slip out of her short dress, and underneath she is wearing a see-through bra and thong. She will touch you, lick your nipples and softly caress your skin, eventually getting to your by-now, raging hard-on. She then will put a condom on you and kneel down and give you semi-good head. She will lick your balls ever-so-gently. too. Once she gets you really hot, she will have you get on the massage table and lie on your back. She will get on top and inert you into her. She then rides you until you cum. She will also give you a good massage. Since I see her frequently, I have been given special treatment, such as getting to orallly satisfy her and getting to dictate the pace, position, etc. of our encounter. I rate her an 8 in looks, 10 in attitude and 8 in technique. The only thing I don't like about this place is that they don't have showers readily available. I did see one, but I'm not sure if it is for customer use. The last place I have visited is Bay Massage. It is behind the Jack In The Box (which is on Abrego Street). It is on the second floor of that building on the street behind the Jack In The Box. There is a legitimate massage place on the third floor, so don't go there. Showers are not available here. Nina, a slightly older Asian woman (high 30's) who used to work at California Oriental Massage before Jennifer got there is the girl to see here. Bay Massage has a variety of ladies working there, but hardly ever at the same time. They do a lot of outcall, too. I have seen a great looking caucasian girl there once, but all she would do is a hand job. The price was still $140! I forgot her name really quick. Anyways, Nina is tall and thin, like Jennifer, and has nice large nipples on well-shaped breasts. She gives good head and loves to scream out, 'Cum, baby, cum' as she rides you to oblivion. She has an air of beauty to her, but I will rate her a 6 in looks, an 8 in attitude, and an 8 in technique. This place is Asian-run, but a variety of girls work there. That's all! Hope you enjoy.

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