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Montego Bay, Jamaica

Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 16:08:57 UTC

Jamaica, Montego Bay

someone requested info on Jamaica, i found the following from a 1988
guide book:

On Sunday nights in Montego Bay you can usually find an outdoor dance
at Chin's Bakery and Global Travel in Sunshine Plaza, 2 Church St.
These tend to get a bit raunchy, so watch yourself.

A reliable Montego Bay hot spot is Lyle's Intensified Inn, a
combination restaurant, hotel, nightclub, wholesale liquor store and
disco.  You can buy fresh Jamaican pastries, fritters, fish and bammy,
or you can drink white rum for pennies a shot.  "Restaurant &
Bar-Ear-Drink + ?," says the sign out front, at 36 Barnett St.,
952-4980.  The next line on the sign says "no loafers, prostitute &
pimps read & fun or Else?"

Despite or because of the colorful sign, there are plenty of hookers
and pimps.  Inside you can watch dancers in string bikinis performing
slightly lewd acts while caressing metal rails on a little stage in
the center of a dark dance floor.

There are also wholesale bulla cakes and inexpensive meals.  Late at
night, the combination of services makes for a crowded scene.  The
restaurant serves good, authentic Jamaican foods at low prices and the
whole operation exemplifies the loosest of Jamaican nightlife.  People
drink and hoot at the dancers.  The dancers come on to all the guys.
Located next to Oneness Plaza.  Be careful, but check it out.
Weekends, after midnight, are really steamy.

Several other bars line Barnett St., Lyle's is the biggest and
busiest. Other interesting nearby clubs include The Jokers Club, on
Orange St.  and Love Lane, where there seems to be a perpetual game of
dominoes going on.  Next door is the Solidarity Pub and Tailoring,
"Prop. Prince Brown."  Stand back and watch a loud game of emotional
dominoes, drink white rum that will knock your socks off, chat with
nightlife cruisers, hooker and pimps.

The Far Bar and Sir Winston's, both on Gloucester Av., cater mainly to
tourists.  The fist has ld recorded music.  The latter often has a
live show.

Does anyone have info on Trinidad or any English speaking Caribian

Subject: prostitution in Jamaica Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 21:31:43 CST During January of 1998 I visited Montego Bay, Jamaica. There are 2 strip clubs in town. "The Gold Finger" has a small stage area where the ladies dance. The music was so loud it was difficult to make arrangements with the ladies. The asking price for sex seemed to be $50 US for all of the girls. The price was negotiated down to $30 US. There were about 15 girls working that night. There are also rooms upstairs to rent for $20 US. Some of the girls were quite young, some older, some slim, and some fat. Another strip club is the "Royal Palm". This club was smaller; however, the music was softer and the lighting was better. Some of the girls work both clubs on different nights. The prices were the same. Both of these clubs are in areas that might be a bit unsafe so watch yourselves. A taxi is the best way to get there and to leave.

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