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Mobile, Alabama

Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 05:01:25 -0600

Tara - Met Tara at incall establishment called Alisha's Massage that is
advertised in the personal services section of the Mobile Press-Register.
 Typical incall security measures.  I called to ask particulars.  I was
then directed to a telephone at a gasoline station from which to call
again.  I was then given final directions to the location.  Location was a
private house (actually a new double wide mobile home, but very nice) at
the end of a dead end road behind a light industial area, but near an
older residential area.  I was met at the door by the "madam" and shown
into a nice living room.  She offered me a drink and  told me I would have
to wait for about 5 minutes as Tara was on her way home from school (??).
 This was occurring about 4 pm so it seemed reasonable - and intrigued me
no end. The mystery ended in, astonishingly enough, about 5 minutes when
Tara arrived and threw her books on the bar, smiled, and said hello.  She
is apparently one of those rare creatures who actually is a student (at
the University of South Alabama).

Tara apologized for being late, asked me to wait just a few more minutes
while she freshened up and changed, then she disappeared into the bathroom
where I heard the shower start up.  She came out a few minutes later
wearing a long sheer gown and led me to a room. Mind you that all of this
was occurring without any mention of money having been made since my
original telephone call, nor had any money changed hands.  The room was
not your typical "massage parlor" rooms with a table knocked together out
of 2x4's and plywood, but actually a bright, airy bedroom with a canopied

Tara then asked me to make myself comfortable and left for a couple of
minutes while I did so.  She then returned and we proceded directly into a
full service encounter without any of the normal BS.  I guess this is
possible since no financial dealings had been discussed or concluded on
the premises.  I love this way of doing business, but I would have to
assume that there is an enforcer somewhere around (didn't see one) to take
care of the guys that try to rip them off.  For any of  you that follow up
on this post, don't screw it up for the rest of us.

I won't go into details of the encounter other than to say it was
enjoyable, met my expectations, and the price was right.  Tara gave
acceptable service, though not outstanding.  The house establishment is a
class act though.
	Name:		Tara
	Agency:		Alisha's Massage	 - they also operate an
                        outcall escort agency.  They gave me a card with the
                        agency name and number on it, but I threw it away - those
                	things have a way of winding up in the hands of wives.
	Phone #		In the personal services section of classifieds in
                        Mobile Press-Register
	Hours Avail:	24
	Age:		20
	Height:		5'5
	Weight:		115
	Hair/Eye Color:	Br/Bl
	Tattoo/Piercing:	Don't remember any
	Build/Looks:	9+ if this is your type.  34 B/C.  Beautiful
                        slender body.  Pretty face
	Attitude:	8.  Friendly as opposed to passionate.  I
                        was apparently her first client of the day as I had to
                        wait a few minutes for her to arrive.
	Service:	7.5.  She was amenable to most any
                        position, but not really into it.  Not
                        particularly enthusiastic, but acquiescent.
                        No rush.
                        Establishment service 10, really a class act.
	Use Again:	Yes.  Very enjoyable.
	Price 		$90 for half hour, $120 for an hour.  Surprised
                        the hell out of me when I was not asked for any money up
                        front.  Surprised me even more when she
                        seemed surprised that I would give her a tip.
                        Price is right for services received.


Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 02:54:10 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Mobile After a lenghthy view ( 2 weeks) of this sight I can now offer a little info for the Mobile, Alabama area. Strip clubs: Very nice women but very few work out of the clubs. Save your cash for a real outing!!!!! Incall: Only a few in town but they are all full service....thats right ALL. Movie Mates: typical setup. You knock on the door and are usually greeted by a couple of ladies. If they are not to your liking then stick around and see the others. My suggestion is Mylay. She is a beautiful blond 38D, 25,34. The breast are fakies but still nice. She is very talkative and enjoys the pre business chat. The cost was $40 to get in and the girls work for tips (imagine that......capitalism at its best). Well she finally asked me what I wanted and I said a BJ was fine. She said she usually get $100 for half and half so I said You got it. She told me to disrobe and she would be back. After 3 or 4 minutes she returned and released those monster tits for air. She crawled up on the bed and began kissing my neck and chest, making her way down. Surprisingly she just brushed my member and moved to my inner thighs. Then she slowly and sensually licked up my shaft and engulfed my dick in her mouth sans rubber. I am a careful guy so this made me a bit nervous and she noticed but she to relax that this was just a warm-up. I told her to stop that I was going to cum. I expected her to stop but instead she pushed down on my chest and prceeded to swallow all that I could pump out. Well, I thought that it was over but after a cig and some chat I began to get dressed and she looked at me like I was crazy. She said we weren't done yet, and with a giggle she swallowed my dick and it jumped back up. She quickly put on a rubber and mounted me. We fucked for a good 10 min when I felt that old familiar feeling. She asked if I wanted to cum on her tits and I of course said yes. She quickly removed the rubber and and sucked me to the point of orgasm and jacked me off on her tits and in her mouth. This is as good as it gets folks $140 for 1 hour of heaven. This place is on Hamilton Blvd. Outcall: Athriving business but you will likely get ripped off Lingere: Trustme....for the right money you can get a BJ but thr right money is usually $200 Yikes Massage: All Oriental places are hand jobs only. Any other info on Mobile would be appreciated
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 05:46:41 EDT Subject: Car Wash Recently visited a car wash in Mobile called Euro Detail. This place is amazing. Called the number listed in the local paper in the classifieds. They told me to come down and check it out. They are located on Halls Mill road. The area of town is safe. I pulled up at 7:30 PM and 4 girls came out to greet me (the place is behind a tall fence). These girls were all young, 18-25, and absolutely beautiful. One (Chyenne) explained the options to me. $30 for one girl or $40 for two. I opted for 2. They led me into a building with several rooms. There was the standard chair and boombox. It was then that I thought it was just a jack session.....but boy what a little cash will do. Having paid the $40 I was told to get comfortable. I stripped to my boxers and sat back for the ride. At first it was just dancing and even that was hard due to the fact that 2 women were moving and I couldn't concentrate on one. They had on bikinis and would move close and then away. I started to stroke myself as slowly as I could over my boxers to be sure the girls knew I was here for business. I tipped each girl a 20 and off came the tops.....another 20 and off came the bottoms.....I asked what was next and they said that depends on if the tips keep coming. The session was for 30 minutes and I figured i did't have time to dicker and I seriously wanted a good fuck. I gave each of them a 50 and one immediately grabbed my cock and started to stroke it while the other fed me a little kitty. I said I wanted it all and just wanted to know the price...they whispered to each other and one said 100 each and it "was on". Well that is a hell of a lot of money total but I was already in deep so I gave it up....but it was worth it. I won't go into detail but one would suck sans condom while the other would kiss me or eat the other girls pussy. I came the first time in Cheyennes mouth and she did the obligatory spit but said nothing. Then they took turns riding me w a condom and I came again in the other girls pussy. She then left. Cheyenne could see i had a great time but was perturbed about the money and she explained that for a one girl session it would only be about 150. Next time I know.. This is an awesome place....check it out

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