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Try the yellow pages. I called the first or 2nd listing under escorts,
and got hooked up with a girl named Alex. about $200 for full service;
very nice.

Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 08:15:24 -0500 (EST) Subject: mississippi The Health Studio in Jackson, Mississippi provides needed services. Typical $55 for half hour, $85 for an hour. The attendent (Americans -one white and one black) takes off her top and massages you. I just put her hand on my cock right away and she started to take care of things. I asked her if she did oral and she said no. Then the next thing I knew she bent over and was giving me a blow job with no rubber. I shot a load in her mouth very quickly and she took it all. Then walked over to the "spit" sink and rinsed. She never asked for an extra tip and I didn't give her one. The night I was their they were very busy. Nice decor inside with a big waiting room. They offer hot tubs and saunas etc if anyone cares. All the men sitting around looked nervous and uncomfortable. But the ladies their were very nice and polite, particularly to men who are patient and polite. When I saw the Wal-Mart truck parked outside it sort of gave me a good feeling -- don't know why. Overall I must recommend this place highly. A $55 blow job in a nice secure massage parlor setting was an absolute bargain.
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 23:41:39 -0600 I've tried Jackson escorts only once. I think it was 1st Class Escorts. They had only one girl available when I called. A fairly quick call back from the escort who pretended ignorance when I asked if it was full service. This was a warning sign that I should have heeded, but it is becoming fairly common even among those escorts who do provide full service (security?). At any rate she arrive only 30 minutes late. Very beautiful girl (tall, busty blonde - actually exactly as described), but I don't remember her name. We once again went through the "full service" question at which she replied she never answered that particular question, but that she was sure I would be satisfied (I know - but some nights I'm particularly stupid). I paid the fee ($150 I think - this was almost a year ago). She then went into the bathroom and returned in panties and bra. She then began a massage. As my hands began to roam a bit she moved them away and informed me that the $150 was only for a massage and that she did not do anything else. To make a long story short, I eventually negotiated a BJ for another $100 and she informed me that anything else would be another $250 (total $500 for full service). I settled for a BJ since I already had a sunk investment, but this was a huge ripoff. Would not call them again. If they are listed I would call Absolute Action. Quality is spotty sometimes, but it is full service and generally no tipping. This is generally my sure thing call, but don't let me discourage you from researching different agencies - we need to identify new talent if possible. Triptime
Subject: [ASP] Gulfport MS Report Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 03:01:09 -0600 Gulfport Gulfport/Biloxi has several escort agencies. I've used two. Absolute Action which advertises all over the southeast and whose quality varies widely is a sure thing. The experience I had in Gulfport with them was average - average brunett, average price ($180), average service. I don't even remember the girl's name. The agency I use now is called Ace Referrals, and I always request a girl named Bianca. Bianca is probably in her early to mid thirties, nice slender body and about C cup breasts. Blonde/brown. Bianca's primary physical drawback is the fact that she has quite a few face wrinkles - not so much from age, but like someone who has spent too much time for too many years sun worshiping. The first time I met her she showed up right on time, did the ID bit, took the money ($160 I think)and disappeared into the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later in a crotchless red something that looked fantastic on her. She started out giving me a BJ (w/condom) while she masturbated herself - hell of a show. After that anything goes (except anal). The second time that I saw her she came out with a different colored teddy(?) and her toys. She proceded to put on a toy show for me prior to our other activities. This is a really sexy lady. If you see her, be good to her. Triptime
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 06:01:57 EDT Subject: Mississippi this is in regards to Mississippi, the Gulf Coast...i have lived here for about 22yrs or so...i have frequented the strip joints, massage parlors, and lingerie stores...not much happening here, although you can go to the Tokyo Bath House in Biloxi, on Veterans Ave., there you can get "fs" for the right price, and they have some of the hottest young asian women that i have ever seen, hard tight bodies...40.00 for the massage, and usually another 60.00 for a good hj by one of the hot girls, and you can finger the girls while they service you, i even played with her asshole and could feel her grip on my cock tighten...i have never gotten anything more, because of inexperience, but thanks to all of the posts i have been reading, i feel i know the lingo, thanks guys... as for titty bars, not so good, although they do get totally nude, and are quite attractive, they cant get down and dirty on stage, but the table dances are really nice, they can now get totally nude back in the private area, if you go to one, make sure its the El Maracco, the Hourseshoe sucks (alot of fatasses there), and if you go to the Maracco, look for Rhonda, shes great, and get a table dance, if you pay her a little extra she'll get freaky... now the lingerie stores, ive been three times to Fantasee Lingerie, located right outside of Kessler gate 7 on Pass Road, the first time i was nervous of course, so i settled for an average girl, kinda looked like a high school senior, and didnt look like she knew what she was doing, they dont offer any tissue or lotion that i can remember, and its no touching, but you will get the occasional cock rub with a leg, but i didnt see any pussy or tits that night....the second time i got an older woman, but she was in great shape, and still had a little tightness to her body...and i could tell she enjoyed what she was doing, she was wearing a very see through tight teddy, i could see her lips, nipples and all, but of course that was it...then the last time i went (dont know what i was thinking, knew i wasnt gonna get any), i got a playboy model look-a-like, she was so hot...she dressed up in this full body stocking type thing, sheer just like stockings....and proceeded to dance for me, unlike the others she told me to lay on my back on the floor, so i did...she squatted over my face and came down real low, low enough for me to smell her sweetness, and right then i had a hardon, but she didnt even flinch (o well) the prices there were 30.00 for 1/2hr and 50.00 for 1hr, tip if ya want... there are however new massage parlors and lingerie stores opening up, so i plan on giving them a try with my new found knowledge...oh, and another thing, the titty bars cannot sell alcohol, at all, only n/a beers, and i plan on trying the escorts soon too, i'll post whenever...and there is hardly any street action, except for a couple of crackwhores...thanks again guys for all the help

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