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Misawa, Japan

Bad news: You can't afford to get laid.  There are Hostess bars around
Misawa, but if you want more then conversation, forget it.  Prices for
drinks are high, and if you go to bars with prostitutes you'll find
yourself with a Filipina, not a Japanese.

Most of the bars in Japan that have prostitutes are "Japanese Only"
places, not "tourist" places.  These bars are almost like private
clubs, so unless you know a Japanese "regular" who can take you there
you will NOT be welcome.

By the way, the girls in those places are almost always Filipina or
Thais.  Why pay for that in Japan when you can get it cheap in
Thailand or the PI?

You might try getting a weekend hop to Osan from Misawa.   There are alot
of bars in Itewon that cater to foreigners.  You can get laid in Korea
for about $100.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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