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Miramara, Cuba

Subject: as of January '97.........

I just got back from Cuba....the blood is still pumping like a race
horse! Varadero is a ghost town as far as "Ladies of the Evening"!
But,I didn't go there thankfully! BUT,just 20-30 minutes outside of
Havana is a small town called Miramara(I may have spelled it wrong)
that is alive and kicking! While the women are frequently chased from
the front of the hotels they still are abundent in the local "discos"!
Don't expect any "Club 54's" but it does the trick! (Sorry for the
pun) But the real trick is "bring your own protection"! I really
suggest small gifts like pantyhose, scented soaps, perfumes....and
don't forget the "cash"! You'll have a great time, learn some Spanish
(like counting to 20)! And I recommend the tours during the day. Cuba
has A LOT more to offer than just the "unbelievably Gorgeous Women"!
See the sights too! They are worth it!

Prices for sex are around $20.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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