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Minneapolis, Minnesota

>Please Email me with info on the sex scene in Minnesota and Twin Cities

The cities have a lot of massage parlors, from what I've "heard",
they're all full service. Expect to pay about $150 for a half
and half. Lake Street, East of of 35W and West of 55(Minehaha Ave.)
has street walkers (mostly coke whores), mostly white some not bad
looking but... use a condom. There are also escort services.  Hope
this helps.

From: Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 18:01:18 UTC Subject: Minneapolis Information There are several services in Minneapolis, but I've heard very little information on the quality of said places. I'll post the little experience I've had there, in hopes that someone will continue this. Metropolitan Forum is a free XXX newspaper to pick up to find all the ads in. You can get a copy at any Shinders or adult Bookstore. Night Lights seems to have the best deal in town. They are open from 8AM to 4AM, and usually have at least 5 girls to choose from. Quality can range from 4-8, I've never seen anyone above an 8 there. Prices are $125 for once, $150 for twice, full service. Of interest are Vanessa or Taisa. I'd love to hear reviews of other women too. Allure is out in the burbs, but it is strictly a no touch place. The girls mostly 9's and up, but pretty expensive for no touch. Anyone have other experiences?
Subject: Polynesian Escort in Minneapolis Date: 6 Sep 1995 11:27:34 GMT Had a wonderful experience with a lady advertised in Metropolitan Forum as Tamara, a Hawiaan Vacation. Dark long hair 38-24-34, pretty face, definitely Polynesian. She truly is a vacation. She charges $150 an hour for full service. You won't be disappointed. Pleasant friendly personality which is very important to me. Works out of an apartment. She's lots of fun and very eager to please.
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 01:00:38 UTC Went to a place calles Lee Lenore's on Snelling Ave. For 100-120 you can get full service. Ask to see all the girls. The one I got was not the best choice there. Parking is available in the rear and you can leave from the rear also. (Hint) The woman told me that in MPLS/ST. Paul if you want sex at a "spa" give the girl a kiss on the lips (the other one's, you know?) and that is the key.
Subject: Re: Minneapolis, St. Paul Info Needed Date: 8 Oct 1995 03:32:14 GMT > Will be spending several days in the Minnesota Twin Cities. Any > suggestions for : escort services? Update on police sting operation > going on a few months ago? : How about strip joints or places to > visit where even more is happening? : thanks. There has been something of a crackdown on Lake St/South Minneapolis streetwalkers lately. This is a community effort, focusing on the johns as well as the prostitutes, so I must firmly suggest staying away from that area. I dont have a copy at hand, but the City Pages (a free weekly newspaper) usually has some good ads in the classified section.
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 09:33:43 UTC Polynesian Tamara is still the best....Now located in St. Paul. recently raided incall service, but now working from hotel again.
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 19:33:13 UTC The newspaper had a report about Minneapolis street prostitution yesterday. They said that W. Broadway between Logan and Penn is the best spot.
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 00:20:46 UTC There are some prostitutes along University Avenue, or in the Lake Street/Franklin Avenue area. I'd be careful about picking them up, though, cuz local laws allow police to take away your vehicle if you get caught. A safer alternative is the massage parlor. I've been able to get full service at a number of places, and the current rate seems to be about $50 to get in the door, and an $80 tip for full service... some places are more expensive, some slightly less. Pick up a copy of the Metropolitan Forum newspaper... they list all the parlors in the area, including many incall/outcall services. Free copies of the Metropolitan Forum can be picked up in a number of places... I get mine at an XXX bookstore on University, just west of Dale Street; they seem to always have copies, when other establishments have run out. I've never tried any of the incall/outcall services, but a few of the ones operating out of private homes have tempted me. I'd be interested in any information anyone can provide me on these. Here are a few places I've been to where they provide full service: Lee Lenores, Snelling Avenue Cosmos, Rice Street Royal Knight Sauna, Lake Street There's a place over in Minneapolis in the warehouse area called Nightlights that everyone seems to be high on... I stopped in once to see what the place was like, and I have to say I was impressed with the girls. However, as I remember, it was about a hundred bucks to get in, so I left. I'd be interested in hearing about anyone elses experiences in the Twin Cities area. Thanks
Date: 2 Nov 1996 10:02:23 -0500 JAYHAWK'S TRIP TO ST. PAUL/MINNEAPOLIS I had a few days to kill in the St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN area in early August. Having read the World Sex Guide and a.s.p. posts, I was well versed in the pleasures of the area and set out researching. Here are some general comments. First, several posters indicated that all the escort ads are in Metropolitan Forum and that this is available from any Shinders book store. First, Metropolitan Forum is a raunchy adult newspaper sold for 25 cents. Most Shinders stores do NOT carry it, but the main store at Hennapin and 8th (Minneapolis) does. It is kept behind the counter so you need to ask for it. Most adult bookstores probably have it as well. Metropolitan Forum actually has very few useful ads. It lists simply names and phone numbers, no other descriptions, so compared to other escort listings (Monday Magazine in Victoria, City Paper in D.C., Spectator in San Francisco) it is disappointing. I decided to try Night Lights in Minneapolis, which several posters have raved about. Over the phone they say they have a $120 charge, with no tips, and this is consistent with what others have posted. I assumed this to mean full service. This is just north of downtown and is about a $5 cab ride from the downtown area. It is VERY hard to find unless you know where you are going. It is out-of-the-way, which probably accounts for their success at maintaining a low profile. I had a very nice cab driver, who informed me that Night Lights is indeed the best place in town, and that the city is very laissez faire about it. As long as they stay off the streets, the police leave them alone. When I arrived, there were 4 girls working. One was busy with a customer and I never saw her when I arrived or left. Of the other girls, one was a somewhat hefty blonde (I'd rate a 4), another was a somewhat plain brunette (about a 5), and the third was Joann, who a few posters have recommended. I picked Joann who I would rate as about a 7 face and an 8 body. She is blonde, about 5'6", probably a C-cup, nice figure. She led me to a room, then told me she had another customer. I could either wait or pick another girl. I couldn't figure this out since she was available when I walked in, but I didn't want the other two, so I said I would wait. She gave me a magazine to read then left. I could hear her through the wall fucking in the next room! After about 25-30 min, she came in and asked me if I wanted a shower. I said yes, showered, and came back to the room. She came in, climbed into bed, hiked up her dress (she wasn't wearing panties) and asked me to join her. I thought it odd that she had never asked for or discussed money. She said, "I'll stop you if you do anything I don't like." That crotch was looking pretty good, so I just bent down and started licking her clit. She almost immediately stopped me and said, "Good, you know the signal." She got out of bed and told me that licking a girl's snatch is the sign that you aren't a cop. Apparently a cop won't do this. She said if I hadn't done that I would have been asked to leave! (NOTE: This is apparently true at all the Minneapolis/St. Paul places!) She then asked for the $120 and told me that would get me half-and-half. I asked if she did Greek and she said no. She then proceeded to give me a first-rate blow-job, followed by an exceptionally good fuck. She moaned and wiggled a lot, and I'm sure it was all acting...although she did get pretty wet, which is hard to fake. All-in-all, it was an excellent performance. She told me that the spas in Minneapolis are a mixed bag. Some provide sex, some don't, and it generally depends on the girl. At $120 for full service, this is clearly a good deal, so based on my brief experience, Night Lights seems to be the place to go. I HIGHLY recommend Joann. The same poster who recommended Joann also recommended Vanessa, but she is no longer working at Night Lights.
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 02:11:40 -0600 Just wanted to let you all know of a bad incall experience and see if you can see anything I did that would cause this. I call up a local place (Tamara's Polynesian Paradise, Twin Cities, MN) that is supposed to be great, friendly etc. They tell me it's $150 and give me directions. I make an appointment and show up. Now I should say that this wasn't my first time at a place like this, I hadn't been here but had been at another place and had no problems like this. I go in and sit down with four of the girls there, they ask me what I do, what I like to do in my spare time etc, they offered me a drink which I politely declined because I had just had a large bottle of coke. Finally I select one of the girls and am lead to a room and told to get comfortable. Not knowing exactly what she had in mind (she wasn't the girl I chose) I just sat there. The same girl then comes back and says I should get a bit more comfortable. I strip to my underwear and the girl I chose comes in. She starts grilling me about my job, interests etc. I wind up telling here EVERYTHING I do as far as work and play etc. She excuses herself and leaves for a second. Then comes back and asks if I want to tell her anything else, she then asks what else I know. I say about this? and she says about whatever. I figure she's trying to get me to do something un cop like so I bluntly say, I like eating pussy and would like to do it doggy style. She says what else? And I'm like what else can there be. She then leaves again and the first girl sticks her head in the room and asks if I am comfortable, I say yes and she say why don't you get more comfortable. I'm sitting on the bed in my bikini underwear so I figure that the only way I can be more comfortable is to strip totally naked. I do so and the girl I chose comes back. I say to her, is this what the other girl meant by totally comfortable. She says Oh, I don't know. I'm thinking by now that no cop in the world would be naked telling the girl he wants to eat her pussy. But NO, she kept saying do you want to introduce yourself again. I say what else can I say, I tell her I must be missing something and she keeps up the act. She then starts dancing to the music and takes her dress down on the top so I can see her breasts. I touch and kiss them and she's ok with that, she then asks what else I do. We get into this long conversation about snowmobiles and motorcycles but she keeps this shit up. Finally i've been here a half hour and have been getting this game that I don't know the rules. She has me rub her back and takes off her dress. I ask If I can remove her panties and she says "you had to ask?" I say I just wanted to be a gentleman. Figuring things must be ok by now she all of a sudden asks me about going to the other place, I tell her about it because she had never heard of it. She asks why I left that place and came here and I told her because I got sick of seeing the same girl over and over. I tell her that we would have sex and I'd be out in 20 minutes. She leaves the room again, then comes back and starts rubbing my back, she then asks to see ID. I reach over to my pants and pull out my liscense. I don't bring my wallet, just the money and liscense because I don't want to let any scammers steal my credit cards etc. She asks why I only have the liscense and I explain about the wallet thing. She then puts a condom on me and lets me fuck her, then she stops and says shes kicking me out because it hurts. I say I'm sorry and she says, how could you know it hurts. She then rolls me over and gives me a quick handjob. She cleans me up and tells me to see someone else next time. As I'm leaving the first woman gives me this card and says that she's sorry I had such a hard time but I seemed kind of shy. I say yea whatever and leave. I'm pissed, I spent $150 for a hard time and a handjob that took an hour to get. I felt that I did everything I could do to not be a cop. Two things I always thought worked were getting naked before the girl did and telling her exactly what I wanted. At the other place I go to I just get naked with her and we go at it. I don't understand what the big problem is so now i'm just puzzled. I even asked her after we were done if I acted like a cop or something. She just told me to come back and see someone else. I swear that I didn't do anything different than what I've just described and I showered right before I came so I wasn't attitude or smell. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.....BTW don't bother replying for the name of the joint as I don't want to get them busted.
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 00:36:20 -0600 Subject: Minneapolis update (Please delete my name when it is published.) After my nightmare at polynesian tamaras I decided to give a couple other ones a try. I learned that comfortable means naked and if your not going to get naked immediately, don't bother showing up. Here we go with a couple reviews. A woman who's ad in the forum states "Sensuous Sexy Sara" located next to the civic center in St. Paul was the first experience after tamara's. I called and she said it was $100 for the half hour $150 for the hour. She sounded older and I got kind of excited because that had been a fantasy of mine. I arranged for an appointment and showed up at her apartment a few minutes early. She is the only girl, it's her apartment so things were cool except for her brother who she sent away to get something to drink. (Who knows the story behind that.) Anyway She is not the most beautyful woman in the world but at the same time appealing. She's about 5'4 brown hair maybe 110lbs. She was dressed nice and asked wether I wanted the half hour or hour, I said half and gave her $100 She told me to get naked and had me lay down on the floor in the living room on a make shift bed. She then proceeded to give a A1 massage (feet included) which is rare these days. She then let me eat her pussy and asked me what position I would like to do it in. We did it doggy style and this is the best part. She seemed like she actually took some pleasure in what she did. Grabbing my hands and placing them on her breasts etc. She would reach between my lets and do some things with my balls that make her lack of looks no problemo. At $100 for full service and a good conversation etc she is great. I noticed her ad wasn't in the new Forum but I know she's still working. Next was Felicia also alone in her apartment. Her ad in the forum advertises a whirlpool and adult videos. I'm warning you choose another. She was nice enough and did it doggy style but she is dumb and talks incessently about these old men she did earlier in the afternoon. BTW as far as looks go she's about a 4 and for $120 you can find others just as nice and not so weird. She is all business but I don't think i'll stay for the adult videos. (She has like 87 tapes or something like that.)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 17:08:07 -0500 (EST) Subject: Minneapolis Just wanted to add to your Minneapolis/St. Paul section, as I am a local who has visited several places in the area. First a few important notes: In Minneapolis/St. Paul, if you are going to a place for the first time, the girl of your choice will probably not let you do anything until you lick her pussy as a show of good faith that you are not a cop. Some places are "total cost", which means you pay the price they ask for and you get full service for no extra tipping. Some places will have a menu of massage options when you walk in ranging from $30 to $70. It doesn't really matter which one you choose since you will have to pay extra once you get in the room with the girl and tell her what you really want. How much extra depends on what you paid in the first place up front. The following reviews are of incall places only. I haven't really experimented with outcall much since I had one bad experience that cost me $300 a couple years ago and haven't decided to try it again yet. However, there is a new outcall place that advertises "Only the best girls from top clubs" called Perfect 10. They show "actual pictures" of knockout blondes in their ad. It looks interesting, and if anyone has tried it out please let us know how it went. Night Lights - In the warehouse district in Minneapolis (341-2XXX). This place seems to be the most talked about on the WSG, but I'm not sure what all the excitement is about. When I first visited this place a few years ago, I had my choice of several good looking women with nice bodies. I would have rated a few of them at a 7 or 8. In the last year or two, however, this place has gone downhill in a big way. I stop by once every month or two just to see if things have improved, but rarely do I see anything above a 5. I usually end up leaving with my money still on me. The last couple times I have partaken of their services, I have received service ranging from friendly and willing, albeit a bit hurried (Vanessa, who now goes by another name that I don't recall) to don't-talk-to-me-and-lets-get-this-over-with (some brunette whose name I don't remember, nor do I want to). It should be noted that I am a young, good looking guy who tries to be friendly to the professional help, so it's rare that I receive this poor attitude from sex workers. Anyways, you can check this place out on the off chance that you will see something you like, and the price is right at $120 for full service, but don't count on anything memorable. Massage by Chrissy - (337-0XXX) Formerly known as Touch of Class, this place is more on the beaten path of dowtown Minneapolis, just off Washington Ave. I went there a couple months ago and for $150 got a very nice massage, blow job and exceptional sex from a very nice, friendly woman named Pammy. While I would rate her looks a 6, her personality made up for it and given that I was her last customer of the day, she was in no hurry to get me out of there and told me so. This place is located in a renovated warehouse, and the facilities are the nicest I have seen anywhere. My massage included a hot towel rap and an actual real massage table, and the rooms are nicely furnished with pleasant music wafting through the air. It really was a class place. Unfortunately, this pleasant experience was followed by a bad one after the name changed to Massage by Chrissy. I called "Chrissy" and was given an appointment time of 4:45. At 4:45 I was told to come back in 20 minutes because she was "running behind" on her session. When I came back again, I was told that "something happened" and "it's not a good time right now", so I left having wasted my time and patience. One can only speculate what happened, but I'm not yet willing to give Chrissy another chance. Spa Delux - In south Minneapolis on Chicago Ave (827-6XXX). I was given my choice of two ladies, one pretty and one not. This place is not in a very good neighborhood, but the facilities are adequate and I had a nice time with a woman named Stacy. She was thirtysomething with a very pretty face and exceptionally large breasts. While she had a few extra pounds on her, it wasn't enough to bother me and I had a very nice time. Unhurried massage, suck and fuck for $150, and Stacy was a very friendly and conversational woman, which is important to me. She seemed to enjoy herself (or at least bothered to fake it). I might go back. Classy Lady - (331-9XXX) The ad for this place in The Metropolitan Forum proclaims "Cover Girl of Leg Action" and "Penthouse Quality Massage". It is located in a skyrise apartment complex next to the Mississippi River, and definately could be labeled a penthouse given the spectacular view from the apartment. However, I was given my choice of one girl, who I seriously doubt was the cover girl of Leg Action. She was a reasonably pretty blonde (5'5", 130 lbs) in a sexy black teddy, and for $140 I got the massage of my life. She spent at least an hour massaging every every square inch of my body, including fingers and toes. She was very chatty (almost to the point of not allowing me to relax), and seemed to be friendly enough. When we got down to business, however, she denied my request to have sex and proceeded to warn me against the risks of sex with strangers in the 90s. I was a bit taken aback, but she then proceeded to give me a nice hand job while I sucked on her nipples a little bit, and all in all it was a pleasant experience. $140 for a massage and hand job was not really what I was looking for, but maybe some of the other girls offer full service? Someone else can let us know... Cosmos - On Rice Street in St. Paul. This place is a good value if nothing else. You can have sex for $90 (at least last year you could), which is the cheapest I've ever heard of in this town. The one time I was there I chose a young, thin, fairly pretty mollotto (sp?) girl. She seemed to have a bit of an attitude, but once I called her on it she got a little nicer. I think she was just very young (18?) and the attitude was a front for insecurity. Anways, the rooms were sparse and old, but the girl had a nice thin body and I enjoyed fucking her. What do you expect for $90? Maybe I'll go back some day. Yoshiko's Sauna - Located on Washington Ave. in downtown Minneapolis. I would recommend avoiding this place. For $70 you will be given your choice of three very ugly women (nothing above a 4), who will throw buckets of warm water on you, then give you a very short massage and expect you to give them the same, plus more money if you want anything else to happen. Not worth the time or money. These are only a few of the places that are advertised in the Metro Forum (which can be found for free at Sex World - adult bookstore extraordinaire on the corner of Washington Ave and 2nd Ave N. in downtown Minneapolis). I have yet to find a place that is really great (i.e. beautiful woman, pleasant atmosphere, no hurry for a reasonable price), but I am still searching and hoping, as we all are.
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 1997 10:43:52 -0600 Subject: Minneapolis Information I moved to the Minneapolis area just a few months ago and really had no idea what I would be in for concerning the Minneapolis massage scene. Not really knowing what publications were available, I started out by looking at what was listed in the Minneapolis Yello Pages (only five or six actually showed an address). I then came upon the Forum - it showed basically the same places, although perhaps a couple of more. I went to Night Lights first. The poster who stated that this place is not easy to find is quite correct! The fact that Minneapolis has numbered streets going both directions, along with almost every street having "north,east, south and west" did not help. I finally found it in the north downtown warehouse district. They did a good job of putting it in a "out of the way" location, perhaps wanting to stay away from schools and other businesses. I entered the main door (bright pink, you can't miss it!) and began walking up a flight of stairs and noticed that a camera was aimed at me from the top. Not a good touch in my opioin. As soon as I got to the top, a lady opened the door and invited me in. Being from an area where there are nothing but Asian parlours and little or no choice as to who the girl is you get, I was shocked! Sitting in a room right in front of me were five ladies, all dressed to kill, some better looking than others. The "manager" who let me in introduced me to each lady and asked if one in particular interested me. I mentioned one lady and she got up and came over to me. The manager then asked if I had been there before and I stated that I had not as I was new to the area. SHe said that the fee was $120 total, no tipping. At that point I figured that it was a great price for fuull service, or else just a straight massage and a rip-off. The young lady I picked took me to a rather decent room, pretty clean and comfortable. She asked me to "get comfortable" and left. I stripped and layed on the bed, face down. I was shocked that I had not been asked for the $120! The young lady then came back and started giving me just a decent massage for about 2 or 3 minutes, then asked me to massage her. She rolled over and lifted her dress, with an obvious invite to kiss her "other" lips. The moment I did so, she stopped me and stated that that was the key to all massage parlours in the Twin Cities. SHe then took my $120 and came right back. She proceded to be me a very good blow job, followed by a pretty decent fuck, doggie stlye. A real negative was that she was clearly very hurried and wanted to get back out in the line-up. I went back to Night Light about two weeks later, same experience, different lady. Same price and very hurried. I doubt that I will be back. By the way, I have been told that Night Light has a domination room now if anyone is into spanking and such. I STRUCK GOLD FROM THAT POINT.... A couple of weeks later I went to East Lake Health Club and Lake Street. When entering you are in a very small room with a door any tiny window. The window opened and a beautiful young lady asked me if I would like to come in and satated that it was $50 to come in. I gave her $50, and she closed the window and opened the door at once. There really was not time for me to worry about the fact that she took my fifty and ran. When I came in she introduced herself as "Vanessa" (I do not know if this is the same Vanessa that others wrote as having worked at Night Lights). Vanessa took me to a small room, actually a bit smaller thatn I would like. The beds are only about 5 1/2 to 6 feet long and I am over 6 feet tall. Vanessa asked me if I would like to take a shower, I told her I did. I disrobed and she walked me to shower area. I was impressed with how clean the area was! I took a quick shower and returned to my room and layed on the bed waiting for her to return. A few minutes later she entered and began giving me a very good sensual massage. Then, just like at NL, she asked me if I would massage her and she rolled over. I raised her skirt, lowered her very sexy panites and "gave her the sign". She then asked what I would like and I stated I wanted full service and handed her the $80 I had under the pillow. She gladly took it and gave me "full service". I have been back to see Vanessa several times since and it just gets better every time! I can honestly state that it is incredible how she is everything I have hoped for from a massage joint. She is very good looking, young, personality plus and VERY eager to go out of her way to please! I also like the fact that this place does nothing to hurry you along. Each of my sessions have been 60 to 90 minutes, just in the room, not counting before and after shower and even a sauna if one likes. After each "session" Vanessa always lays down next to me and we just chat. She will also continue giving a very good massage. Vanessa recently told me that all the ladies at East Lake Health Club take their time, that the owner demands it. He supposedly has told all the girls that they are to take their time and make the customer feel welcome, special and want to return. I normally spend $130 to $150 at ELHC ($50 + $80/$100). This is $10 to $30 more than NL, but a world of differnce! To have a much longer, better session, with great personality and to be with someone who shows a true interest in pleasing someone, well worth the extra ten and MUCH more. If you "visit" Vanessa, treat her well and she will treat you well. She does not like being with guys that have been drinking and are jerks, therefore prefers not to work the night shift after 7pm or so. I'd also like to mention that Vanessa is the only lady I have been with at ELHC, but have seen several others, both in the halls and in the shower area and can definaately say that the ladies at ELHC are FAR better looking than those I saw at NL. NOTE: Being new to the Twin Cities, I am not aware of what police activiity is like, but have been told more than once that the police do not bother the incall massage places these days, that their main priority is to get the girls off the street... Can anyone confirm this? Please share other Minneapolis establishments.
Subject: hawaiian paradise Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 12:22:03 -0500 Just wanted to say that i met tamara in minnesota and she's good. she's mainly seeing regulars right now but if you're lucky enough to get in you are indeed truly blessed. it's $150.00 for full service but, her full service is worth twice that. Some guy late last year went to her and had a bad experience(refer to november posting i believe) she explained that everything he said and did was exactly what a cop would. when a prostitute says get comfortable, get naked. Anyhow if you're in Minneapolis look her up in the paper. p.s. she wasn't too thrilled about being written up here ;}
Subject: night lights Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 12:26:29 -0500 stay away from night lights the hookers are zero's. ugliest creatures on the planet and not friendly at all. once again ugly. oh, and hard to find. if you go you'll be pissed, i was.
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 12:33:01 -0400 Subject: Minneapolis, MN I wanted to add a recent experience and rating to the Lake Street Spa in Minneapolis, MN. It has been called numerous things by past posters, ie...East Lake Health Club, East Lake Sa, Lake Street Health Club. Anyway, whatever the name it lives up to highet recommendations. I did have the opportunity to meet Vanessa and can attest to the fact that she seems to be everything that everyone has posted about her. However, I also want to endorse a fine young lady named Paige. She is approximately 28-30 yrs old. Her measurements are somewhere around 34C-28-34. Dark wll tanned skin, beautiful eyes, and medium length black/brown hair. She gives a fabulous massage and is very lively and talkative with a great personality. My time with her was superb. After a back massage for cloe to 30 minutes she asked me to roll over and massaged my front. She was extremely unhurried and not at all concerned with the time. Again after quite some time she asked if I would like to massage her. Being more thn happy to oblige she rolled over, and I pulled her panties aside and gave her the "signal." After doing this and making her comfortable she said that felt very good and asked me to keep going for a few minutes. She then asked what I would like to do. I said "full service" and she said it is $100. That plus the $50 cover charge put me at $150 total. She said that usually is for a straight lay, but she liked the way I ate her pussy and asked if I would like to do that some more. So we moved into 69 for close to 10 minutes. She nearly made me blow my wad two or three times, but she would ease up when I was getting close to cumming. She then rolled over and eased her wet pussy down onto my throbbing cock. Se would have gladly ridden me for an hour, but unfortunately her loving thrusts and moans we too much for me after only 5 or 6 minutes. She cleaned me up very nicely and gave me a kiss before we left the room. I very highly recommend Lake Street Spa and Paige especially. I do recommend that you call ahead and ask who is working. If you don't recognize any of the names (usually 3 girls are on at a time) ask for descriptions and who is working the next shift. Whatever you do, be nic to the girls, they work very hard and treat us very well, we do not wantto lose this place as a service to the local Minnesotans and traveling business people like myself. If you get Paige please let her know you heard about her over the internet on this page. Happy Hunting!
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 06:12:22 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Info on escort services in Minnesota I just wanted to let you guys know about some of my experience with escort services, since everything posted has been primarily about a "sauna". I have used quite a few different services, but the one I like is A Companion. You can find the number in the yellow pages under escorts. They mainly cater to upper class, but if you have $150-&up in cash to spend and are descent, they will definately give you your money's worth!!!!!!!!!!! The girls I've seen are beautiful, but I would recommend Jessica. She was kind-of forward on the phone, but is great in person (and in bed!) I have seen her a number of times. It is full service and outcall only (they come to you). I always have some fears about this, but with this place, they are so respectful, and classy, that I have felt very comfortable with them.
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 08:55:59 +0000 Subject: scam in Minneapolis-St Paul Stay away from the incall/outcall business advertised in *The Metropolitan Forum* with the ad that says "Attention Guys!" followed by details about the services they offer. Their phone number is 520-4092. Avoid them at all costs. I called them up and was told the address to go to and that I could choose between two girls, Tory (black and 38DD) and Nicole (white 36D). Tory was described as slim to medium build. Sounded nice so I went. I showed up and Tory was just plan fat and ugly. It looked like her 38DD's were hanging around her belly although I never asked her to disrobe. Couldn't bear the thought of it. I gave my $125 and asked to see Nicole. Ten minutes later I was told that Nicole was with a customer and that I should come back in an hour. Tory refused to give me my money back. I left at 12:30 am. At 1:30 am when I came back to the house it was locked up and they were gone. When I called the number the next day to get my money back they said that I had had a session with Tory and left half-way through it --- the fact is that neither of us ever disrobed and no session ever got started --- and wouldn't refund my money. In essence, I paid $125 to sit in a chair for ten minutes. I strongly urge everybody who reads this to avoid this place at all costs.
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 21:33:32 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Minneapolis Recently went to ELHC on recommendation from writer's, but it recently was closed due to a fire
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 21:14:41 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Minneapolis I just wanted to update some readers on the local scene - I went by the East Lake Health Club recently and found that it was closed - don't know for how long. I have visited NiteLites twice recently and was twice informed that there weren't any ladies available at the time. Still quoted the cost of $120 for an one hour session, and the hours of 8 AM to 4 AM. The location is not as hard to find as was described in earlier reviews. They have a parking lot that is shared with another business, which is convenient and close. When I have something to review for you, I'll write again.
Date: 24-OCT-97 Reuters reports that the St. Paul Police Dept puts photos of streetwalkers and johns on the internet at Right now they have 6 men and 6 women. Since they also give name, hometown, age, weight and place of arrest, it's a cool tool to check out the scene and contact hookers up there. In their own words: "This section will be updated weekly, or as needed, for as long as this information remains a useful tool to the people of Saint Paul." Thanks guys! Could you please make it even more useful to the people of Saint Paul and include updated price information? By the way, is anyone interested in starting an online photo archive of vice cops and undercover police whores? According to the article, Frogtown seems to be the place to go for street action.
Subject: [ASP] Minneapolis/St Paul Reports Date: 1997/12/23 I've been visiting various in-call joints around the Minneapolis and St Paul area, its about time I contributed.... I'm not listing any phone numbers, get a copy of the Forum at any adult bookstore, try the Broadway downtown Mpls at 9th and Hennipen. All measurements, height, weight and so on are my best guess so don't hold me to it. Night Lights -- Located in the warehouse district just off of downtown Minneapolis $120 for full service with anywhere from 3 to 6 girls on duty at any given time. This place has steadily gone downhill! There used to be at least one or two good ones on duty, these days you are lucky to get one that's not a dog. Service is usually hurried, and this after a wait in your room for as long as 20 minutes. Best bet is Candy, about 33, strawberry blonde, 5-4, 120, around 36C-26-36.... good but not great and won't let you touch her pussy. She used to be great, now just so-so. Tamara's -- Tamara has been reviewed in detail before, but she no longer sees anyone personally since she got married. Too bad, she really knew how to please a guy. Now she has her own in-call, the location moves every few months, usually in an apartment building or small house, but has been at a hotel suite in the past. Full service for $150, Tamara must instruct all her girls to spend time getting to know the guy, not just wham-bam-thankyoumam. Most of the girls are young, 19 - 22, with a few older gals too. One quirk, if the girl is young, Tamara will tell you she's 18 every time! -Chloe - my favorite, 5-10, 140, 20,(solidly built but well porportioned), blonde, blue, shaved or neatly trimmed at 37C-25-36. She's a great time in the rack, willing to try any position. -Taylor - 5-6, 110, 19, brown, brown, 34B-22-34. Not there too often, but worth waiting for. She is truely the college coed type, great sense of humor, excellent muscle control. ;) -Kimiko -- 5-0, 95, 28 (says she's 22) 34A-22-32 - an asian delight! also a favorite of mine. About the tightest I've ever had, and a true hardbody. A bit particular about being clean, not that its a bad thing though. -Brenda -- 5-8, 110, 32, 35A/B-23-34. New from Night Lights... Kind of rough around the edges but an atheletic fuck. Haven't seen her at the unhurried atmosphere of Tamara's, it might be worth it. -Tina -- 5-6 140, 30, 36D-30-38... the heaviest I've seen at Tamara's, I saw her once when Chloe was taking too long with an appt. Mistake - my only bad visit to T's. Good head but hurried, not too much in the brains department either. Mink -- I saw a gal named Summer, 5-5, 160 at a local hotel. Oral only for $170, said full service was at least another $50. Don't go there, I specifically asked for young and slender.... Too bad about East Lake Health Club getting shut down, some of my favorites were there. Sandra, 20, 5-0 105 all around great, Amy was the best head I ever had, Brooke was the built like a brick shithouse girl next door. I saw Sandra at Tamara's once but she hasn't been back. Vanessa has a pager service for her and Lisa (the best muscle control ever!), but I'm not into either of them.
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 01:08:51 EST Subject: Uptopia East Health Club on Lake Street in Minneapolis I just wanted to give an update on the Utopia East Health Club on Lake Street in Minneapolis. I went there a few weeks ago, and, as far as I can tell, it is no longer full service. I had been there a few times before, and had gotten full service, but this time, the doors to the rooms had been removed, so each room was open to the main area. For the massage, they covered you completely with a towel, and masaged you through the towel. I was, to say the least, quite disappointed. I don't know why they are doing this. I do know that a while back several massage parlors in Saint Paul were shut down, so perhaps the heat is on them in Minneapolis. I don't know if this is temporary until the heat is off or not. Also, the nearby Royal Knights Sauna appears to be closed. I would suppose that this is from the same heat that was put on other spas. If anyone else has more information, I would be glad to hear it.
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 18:39:44 -0500 Subject: Re: Update on Minneapolis, MN >The East Lake Health club in Minneapolis, MN USA has closed. I'm not >sure if it closed it's doors, or was closed down. I suspect the latter >given the market. The owner died.

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