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Milwaukee, Wisconson

Date: 07-14-2001

On the S side of National by 34th I picked up Samantha, a slim, white lady. She navigated as I drove to a secluded spot for some very soothing, therapeutic $25 suck-n-spit, which she was really into. I could have negotiated her down to $20, but she was worth the extra. She tells me she's between 25th & 35th on National from 3:30 - 6pm. Recommended.

In Milwaukee, C'est La Vie is known as a "boy bar". Gay activists picked the place in about 1990, because evidently homosexual prostitution isn't "politically correct"". It encourages gays to remain in the closet or something.

I wish you would have more sections on gay prostitutes and streetwalkers.

Subject: Re: Looking for Brothels in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Area! Date: 29 Apr 1996

There is nothing there!!!!

Yep! There are a lot of undercover operations going on National Ave. I knew a guy who worked near a window and he would see 20-30 guys busted in a day. Some of the undercover cops look good, no needle marks on the arms, dont have the "weathered" look. Your best bet is to pick up a girl at one of the many fine bars milwaukee has to offer.

Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 Subject: Milwaukee Adult service listings

Please do not list my email information or name.

The Milwaukee local paper called the Shepherd Express has listings under adult services, some of these listings advertise massage and other exotic sexual fantasy's to be fulfilled. Do not I repeat do not use these services most are a rip-off. The way it works is you call the number and the girl will give you a brief description of herself (if asked) she will then tell you the price of the service which is typically around $160. The girl will then give you an address to go to and a time frame when to arrive. My experience the location was on the south west side of Milwaukee on Mitchell St. Upon arrival the money is asked for up front and was asked to 'get conformable' she mumbled something about making sure I'm not the police, the atmosphere is paranoid at best. The girl then left the room I got undressed and laid out on a questionable looking bed. When she returned the riot act was explained to me, no touching her no touching me no sex and etc. She danced and did a very poor strip act she looked at best average. As she continued to dance she insisted that I masturbate other wise the show would not last very long. I found this to be very disappointing and distracting I got up and told her that this was not going to work for me and I started to get dressed, she offered no refund partial or full and none was given when asked for. If you want full service in call or massage you are going to have to travel out of the state of Wisconsin to get anything reasonable.

Very depressed ex-traveler.

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 Subject: MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN

The best place to pick up a hooker in on National Avenue between 19th and 35th street. Hotest activity is around 21st. Quality is bad. Watch out for stings. A cop is usually a better looking gal, usually wearing sun glasses, and will not give you "the wave" and run to your car. She will just walk around, looking around, taking drags on her cigarette. A real hooker is more street worn and ragged.

Greenfield Ave between 16th and 27th street and one block either side of Greenfield will produce a few hookers. Rough neighborhood so be careful.

An apartment building at 31st an Pierce has them working out front. Mostly hispanic gals. I've been crusing for a long time now and only found one really good looking one. Plus she was very nice too.

If you pick one up, get her the hell out of there and go to one of the cheap hotels on south 27th street south of the by pass. You can get a nice room for about $20 and its clean and safe.

Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 Subject: Milwaukee

I just had a great experience in Cudahy, on Milwaukee's south side. I was driving down Packard Ave on a Sunday moring. I saw a beautiful lady standing on the street corner and she wasn't waiting for a bus. I did a couple of drive bys and she got in the car. She was a little buzzed but ohhh so pretty. Perfect body and no flaws. We stopped for a condom and went to my favorite place to have a good time --- the Suburban Motel on 27th and I-894. We took a shower together. She was simply stunning -- 32 yrs, perky tits, 5-3, 110 lbs, long brown hair, nice complection, triangle bush, and a perfectly shaved cunt. Absolutely the best blow job ever. She set a new standard. Long story short she was an amature who needed some quick $$$. I was at the right place at the right time. Packard Ave will definately be on cruise route for now on.

Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 Subject: Milwaukee

Milwaukee has at least one good massage parlor now in operation. Spa 100 is on south 108th street (left side as you go south). For $60 you get sauna time, an "assisted" shower and a pretty good massage. For a nominal tip (the amount is at your discretion), you are manually released. It's a pretty nice place, well decorated with funky Asian music audible throughout.

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