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Milano, Italy

Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 19:54:46 UTC

In Milan buy "secondamano" and go to the last pages of the paper were
it's possible to find hundreds of ads under the title "accompagnatrice"
or "massaggiatrice". Most local newspapers also have such ads around

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 06:29:53 +0200 (MET DST) Subject: Prostitution in Milan-Italy, some information 16 june 1997 Hi sex-lovers, this is an update about prostitution in Milan, and it's really interesting! I'm sorry for my English, but I'm still learning! I live in Milan, that's why I know very well the situation. I experimented with more than 100 girls in these two last years. First, the prices: If you pick up a girl by car, prices go from a minimum of 15.000 # (about ten dollars) up to 200.000 # (about 120 dollars) It depends on the service you want and on the girl. The lowest price is for a simple blow (or hand) job in your car with a black african girl (usually from Nigeria). Some of them are fat and ugly (but really big-breasted), some are really beautyful. You can find them especially in Viale Liguria (south of the city) and near Piazzale Loreto and Piazzale Siena, in the northern part. With these girls you can have a full service (in your car) for 25-30.000 # (15-18 $). Some can go in an hotel, but It's more expensive: 50.000# (30$) for the full service and about 30.000 # (18$) for the room. However many don't have documents, so you can't go in a hotel. You can ask them to come with you to your home: if they trust you they can accept: 150.000 # (90$) for two hours in your bed. Black girls are usually very good, especially for fucking, and if you pay a little tip, not in a hurry. They're aged from 16 to 30, even if they always declare to be more than 18 years old, because in Italy prostitution is illegal (customers can be imprisoned) if the girl is less than 18. In this streets: Viale Cassala (south-west near Viale Liguria), Piazzale Brescia, Viale Murrillo, Piazzale Lotto, Viale de Gasperi, Viale Monte Ceneri (all in the north-western part of the city) Viale Jenner, Viale Lombardia, Viale Romagna (all in the northern part) Piazzale Lodi , Viale Umbria (all in the southern part) you can find about 300 hundred girls every night from sunset to sunshine. They come form eastern Europe: Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Hongary, Russia, Poland, Bosnia, Ukraina... You pick up them by car (if you don't have, rent one) and you pay from 30.000 # (18$) for a blow-job in you car, to 50.000 # (30$) for a full service (always in your car) up to 80-100.000 (50-60$,plus 18$ for the room) to go in an hotel. Some want 50.000 (30$) more to fuck completly naked. These girls are normally very pretty, (some beautyful) and very young. They're aged usually 18-23. But there are some aged 14-18: these very young girls (for the Italian law) are minors, going with them is a crime, be careful. Usually they don't have documents. The Police controls, but not frequently, so You have to be really unlucky to be caught with these "illegal" very young girls. With some of them you can stay all the evening and the night long, but you'll pay up to 1.000.000 # (600$). But, if you have this kind of money, try: you can spend a fantastic night with a real good-looking young girl (some looks like models), fucking her for many hours after a romantic evening in a restaurant. Many of them speak foreign languages and have a good culture too. Prices are similar in all these streets, and pretty and young girls are not more expesive than the others. In Via Monterosa (Western-central part of Milan, near the Fiera) you find high-level girls: they only work in hotel: prices from 100.000 # (60$) in hotel to 2.000.000 # (900$) for one night. Some are italian, most from South America and Poland. In Via Cenisio (Nort-west, near the Monumental Cemetery) Viale Zara (north) and Via Novara (a big route which goes from the suburbs of Milan, near the stadium, to the city of Novara) you can find hundreds of "girls with cocks", some completely operated. Prices from 50.000 # (30$) up to 200.000 (120$). They usually work only in your car. Don't trust them if they ask you to go to their apartments. Pay attention to your wallet! Finally, in Milan Condom is always a must, for Blow-jobs too. Only "girls with cock" make exceptions. Bye, from your girl-lover. Have a nice trip to Milan.
Subject: Trip report - Milan, Italy Date: 15 Jul 1997 13:25:41 -0700 I had a recent trip to Milan and wanted to sample the local scene. I bought a copy of Secondamano and flipped through 4 pages of advertisements. They were all in Italian which I do not understand. I tired calling a few number listed in the paper, but they where all answered by answering machines with Italian messages. I found an ad for Roberta in the Secondamso which an address I could locate on my hotel map. It was 1 metro stop from the Central Station. I pushed the buzzer on Roberta's mailbox and was let it. I was met by an woman in her 40's that spoke no English. She went to get here friend who spoke English and told me a session would be 200,000 Lira ($120). When I said that was a little steep, she said that the 200K was for her (the nice young one) and 100K for Roberta (the woman that greeted me). My budget was not great so I chose Roberta for $60. After I gave her the money we both stripped on hoped on the bed. Roberta gave me an okay blow job with a condom. After about 10 minutes she could have made me come, but asked if I wanted to fuck. Before mounting her, I offered to lick her pussy, but she refused. So we assume the missionary position and I came in about 10 minutes. Overall the experience was fair. I felt rushed and not speaking the same language made it hard to be creative.
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 MILANO There is a wide variety inside Italy of services, nationality and prices. The nationality affect a lot the quality and prices. Nationality, Age, Look, Quality of services: Note: the looks of the girl are linked to her nationality not to her race or skin colour: for some countries Italy is the preferred destination ("first choice" for Albanian, Polish...), for some other a second or third best (African, Asian, Hungarian). WOMEN - Italian from 20 up (till very old women in the business since ever): normally the most expensive, not very nice, say from 4 to 7 the youngest (0-4 are available amongst the oldest ones). The 8 to 10 whore-minded girls aim to get lifetime husbands rather than one night customer. Quality varies a lot, normally average. Be kind with them and their service will improve dramatically, but they are unlikely to have a romance with you. - South American are by far the best and in general they try to make the customer happy. If you recognize a Spanish or Portuguese accent, try. They range from 20 to 40 and from 5 to 9. They can speak quite good Italian and sometimes English. Their colour varies from pale white to dark black. All of them have their "marido" (literally, husband but is just a fix partner) and therefore dislike to spend all night with the customer. They will seriously look at you only if you show serious intention. They cannot live without a "marido" and therefore, before to leave one, they want to have another ready. You can find from Brzil, Peru', Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. - The Africans are much cheaper but often they just "open the legs" with no participation at all. Most of them are 18-30 and in the 4 to 7, but you can find 8's and 9's are hidden in the crowd. Often their tits are not firm and in some cases (not every time) their pussy has an disagreable smell of rubber. Explicitely ask them to wash before to start. Few speak some French or English. They try to learn some Italian but the communication with them is always difficult. They are of all possible shades of black. Most of them want to come back to their country, other would like to find a partner, but their lifestyle hurt many Europeans and they rather target Africans or Arabs. - Polish: few years ago very common, now quite rare (Italy became popular when Woitjla became Pope, but since then their economy improved a lot and the fashion of the Western world is declining). Age 25-40 from 4 to 7 (the most attractive and the teens go to Germany). Kind and offering good services. Never left unsatisfied by one of them. - Slavians are still cheap but the worst qualities. Age range: from 15 (warning: age of consent is 18!) to 25, come mainly from Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania. Albanians speak good Italian, the other nothing. They do not like what they do and just try to make it fast. If you are just a bit kind they will start with questions like: are you married? Have a girlfriend? Which job... most of them came to Italy to find a rich husband (for their standard) to get the citizenship or at least the permission to stay legally there. - Asian: bad news, nearly none. The few working here are most wanted and have prices well above the average. There are many chinese but they are "housewifes". Do not disturb them. - Others: few European from every nation, no Arab women TRANSVESTITES - Italian : few, normally worse then their South American colleagues, say, 3 to 6, few 7. Normally they work in their flats. Age from 25 to 40. Active or Passive. Service average or worse. They are the author for many (criminal) raids against the South American. - South American : from few ones to many and again few. It depends on the mood of the Police which often take them in raid (full buses of them) to check documents and send home the illegal immigrants (most of them). They are nearly all streetwalkers. Their age goes from 20 to 40, but their beauty depends more on their plastic surgery than on the age. Anywhere from 4 to 8+. Some Brazilian are stunning - 9 or 10 - and even after having spoken with them you still wonder if they are male or female. The best service is given by Brazilian, they are nearly a warranty. Many of them really show pleasure in their job. They assume you want to be active; if you want to be passive ask upfront, not all of them are capable of an erection. If this is not what you are looking for, ask every time "uomo o donna?": do not rely on your experience! MEN I am not interested in them but I have heard of several Italians, Arab and Romenian and some South American ones. For some of them the main job is the "marido" of whores or Trans and they spend only few hours trying to get one or two personal jobs. HOW TO FIND THEM, HOW MUCH TO PAY Cost is related to where you find them and how they look like. So assume that the lower bracket of the range apply to the lower bracket of the look and viceversa. Price in Italian Lire, today 1 US$=1700 ITL, 1 DEM = 970 ITL, 1 FF = 290 ITL PAGINE GIALLE (Yellow pages) Not a common tool in Italy (too expensive for a freelance, promoting prostitution is illegal) DAILY/WEEKLY NEWSPAPER: Look on "Corriere della Sera" in the classified ads or on the Free Ad "Secondamano". Look for Astrologia, Chiromanzia, Salute e Massaggi. 50 to 100 ads in each of them, sometime more on the second. They will give you a number: when no prefix is given, it is in a flat. Most of them will expect you to go there, so be ready to note, hours, address and name on the bell-phone (citofono). Often you get an answer-machine asking for your number. The girl might be working or might have not yet started. Price range from 70.000 (rare, needs hard bargaining) to 100-150.000 (typical), to 200.000 (pay it only for real knockouts). They will offer you a blow job (normally with condom) and an intercourse (with condom) allowing for some change of standard positions (missionary, doggy style, on the side, on you). For strange things or anal sex you have to pay more. Anal sex (called "culo"=ass, if you say "Greek"=Greco no one will understand) is often refused regardless of price, be sure she accepts it before to telephone. When you enter the flat if you do not like them just step out: if you have not touched the "goods", they could allow you to just leave. If they pretend something stay firm. They have no right, despite all the law that they could try to mention you. And their "friend" policeman does not exist, as well as they will not launch against you their dog. If you like them make clear to them again what you want and the price. They will ask to be paid before. Tips are asked but not expected (they just try). Once you have paid them no extra costs arise. Many of them are Italian but there are several one from all countries. Their name, usually fake, used to show their origin (French names mean French or African, Portuguese names mean Brazilian, Spanish other Latin American, English names often African or Slavian, Russian names mean Slavians...) If you find a mobile-phone (prefixes: 0330, 0335, 0336, 0337, 0338, 0348, 0360...), it could be both someone working in her flat or coming to your place. In this case ask age, body sizes, height, weight... They are all freelancers, no warranty on the physical aspect. You could face big delusion. In this case, they will be reluctant to renounce. Minimum you have to pay them at least a "taxi", say 100.000. For an hour, you can pay anything between 150.000 (African) to 200.000-300.000 (typical from all other nationalities) to 400.000 (model-like). Full night go to rocket high prices, normally not worth: from 300.000 (African) to 500.000-700.000 (other) , 1000.000-1500.000 (model like or "OK-,-I-just-tried-it-to-see-your-reaction"). Start with asking the price for an hour, then the one for the night. If you start with full night, they assume you are too rich to leave money in your pocket. In all cases: - female first name + female (fake) profession's noun (MassaggiatRICE, Chiromante, AstrologA, AccompagnatRICE, ModellA, PadronA, DominatRICE, SchivA...) usually mean Woman - female first name + male (fake) profession's noun (MassaggiatORE, AstrologO, AccompagnatORE, ModellO, PadronE, DominatORE, SchiavO...) usually mean Transvestite - male first name + male (fake) profession's noun (MassaggiatORE, AstrologO, AccompagnatORE, ModellO, PadronE, DominatORE, SchiavO...) usually mean Man If you do not understand, try to phone and ask: you will find 75-80% of Woman, 15-20% of Trans, 2-5% Men) You find in all categories also S/M (sado: Dominatrice, Padrona, maso: Schiava). I am not interested but I am being told that normal is a soft one: cuir, iron rings, special lingerie but nothing really hurting (nobody wants problems with Hospital...). ESCORT AGENCY You can find in the newspaper (Accompagnatrici) or from "friends". Two possibilities: it is a 1 model agency, go to the previous section. It is a Maitress with many "models". If sex is involved it is illegal. So they will be very careful. Maybe asking you a number to call you later. Very expensive. Used by Businessman with very high requirement range 1.000.000-5.000.000 according, time, age and special requests. I think it is overpriced because it is illegal and therefore risky business. SWINGERS There is a place were many go. Close to the Sempione Park, where there is the "Biennale". There is a night mobile bar and a small street on the right. Follow it and there are several swingers waiting for other couples. 90% or more are for couple + couple rather than Couple+man. It is just a meeting point not a club. A club is available in the south suburb. Look also in "Secondamano" under: "Relazioni Personali: Amicizia". Suggestion: phone upfront to ask for hours and accessibility to single men. NIGHT CLUB You know Bangkok's clubs? Well forget it. Completely different (=WORSE). There are a few clubs that offer strip tease and entraineuses, but as the exploitment of prostitution is illegal, you do not get - at least officially - nothing more than a couple of chats. You should also avoid to touch her too much because it is not welcome. But price are highest (easily from 200.000 to 1.000.000 for some wine or champagne and chats). Some girl accept to go out with the customers but most do not want it. Italians see it as a rip off for the typically rich & stupid foreigner (the stereotype of some Japanese, German, American tycoons, with no offense for the people from those countries). To avoid. STREETWALKER Here the variety is huge. I have never seen so much and so good street action like in Milano. I will try to give a map. Mind that each area has its cyclical high and low depending on how much the resident of that area protest with Police for the night traffic and how easy is for the foreigners who populate that street to enter in Italy. Both vary a lot. In most cases you need a car. There is currently a price war amongst the Rent-a-car and a weekend (48 hrs, 300 km tax & ins incl) is just 99.000 lire. Lock the door before start discussing and open max. 2/3 of the window. Most of the girls are quite nice, but few are aggressive in their proposals and try to open your car's door and seat. They do it to secure the customer because then it becomes more difficult for you to go to look for another hooker. Romolo / Via Liguria / Viale Toscana : mainly Africans from everywhere (Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast...) of all possible shades. Few pretty ones. Low prices (they start for 50.000 but you can get down to 30.000-40.000 for blow job + intercourse, they come to your place 1 hour including trip for 80.000-150.000) but poorest service. Typical, "OK, I am here as you have paid but I won't try to do it pleasant for you nor me". If you have luck, you can find good deal. You may arrange a double agreement like 30.000 for the car, if you like it further 100.000/1 hour or 200.000/night at my home. The risk is that she will fall "asleep" at your home, but you test a bit the girl. Via Ortles and crossing streets / mid Via Ripamonti : this area is a mystery. I have found the best choice in some period and a total desolation in other periods. In the first case a wave of young and kind Brazilian, some of them stunning, in the second one old South Americans and several Albanian or Africans. Still a place to look at before to go elsewhere. It is an industrial area ideal for "service in the car". Same price as in other places. Look at the last crossing of Via Ortles before Via Ripamonti. If you find a young Brazilian / Japanese girl "Jessica", small good bottom. Cute rather than beautiful, but she gives the best service in the town. Superlative! Another excellent choice: (from Ortles go to Ripamonti, turn left, then second crossing turn right and look on the right of the street). She is Brazilian, black, tall, slim, hot hot hot. They are worth every amount; if you spot them, go straight for a full night. Best action: 22:00 - 24:00 weekdays, 23:00-01:00 weekend. Viale Lombardia / Via Lulli / Viale Porpora / Viale Abruzzi / Piazzale Piola and crossing streets: a mix of everything. Many Africans, some South American, increasing number of Albanian from "dogs" to "OK". Many of them propose you the Hotel 70.000-100.000 plus 20.000-30.000 for the room. Here it can last till late, with an increasing number of darker skin as the dawn approaches. Other accept car or special proposal. Go here if you look for anal sex, in the variety of choice some girls will agree. Here I have found some very passionate girls (once again, most of them Brazilian). A good area if you have the car, but some whore work closest to her "hotel" in Via Lulli (normally not the youngest one, but the one in the business since a while). If you have no car a good place to go. Via Cenisio: mainly transvestite. Sometimes you can find transexual (operated) or rare women. They go with you in hidden car park (blow job + anal sex: 50.000 is the average within a 40.000-70.000 range) or accept to go in an Hotel 100.000-150.000 + 20.000-30.000 for room, same service but more comfortable. Normally they accept a night for 200.000-300.000 + what they think to get from the remaining working hours. So, if you go early is expensive, if you go at 2:00-3:00 AM, 300.000 are often accepted, 400.000 are welcome, 500.000 for the best looking. Coming from the "Monumental Cemetery": when the street turn on the right and in a parking on the left, Brazilian who work showing their tool, mainly targeting to "passive" customers, then on both side and on the street on right (Via Messina) other Brazilian who "take it" (active customer, passive trans), some very good looking; when Via Cenisio crosses Diocleziano Square, Peruvian on the left and mixed on the right, then Colombian and Ecuadorian till next square, Argentinian versus the end (Piazza Firenze). They are half naked in the summer (with the typical g-string "trikini"), and they normally show you the bottom. So look also at their face and tits before to decide. In the winter they are practically naked but covered by a fur that they partially open when a customer stops to discuss. Action start late, say from 23:00, reach the best after midnight and start declining from 3:00. Sometimes they spread till Corso Sempione. There is available a club where you can find some transvestites after midnight (Zip). There is a smallest "dark room" but you will not like it. Seedy. Amongst Piazza Firenze and Piazzale Lotto there is a long street (forgot the name, but look for a Citroen dealer) with many whores from Africa and Eastern Europe. Here I found amongst the best deals. Often young (sometimes too young: see introduction), pretty looking and same price than in the other area. Few accept to came at your place (sometimes is fear, sometimes is a tout who thinks shorts are more remunerative). Best action 22:00 - 02:00. Piazzale Stuparich / Via Salmoiraghi / Via Ippodromo / Piazzale Lotto / Via Monterosa / Piazzale Zavattari / Piazzale Brescia / Via Murillo: quite a lot of action, but when there are no sport events with "regular" crowd and police patrol disturbing the girls (in the area there are two Sport Centres). A lot of variety: Slavian (Lotto / Palalido), Transvestite (Ippodromo), mixed (Salmoiraghi), Albanian (Zavattari), Italian (Brescia). Standard prices: 50.000 in the car (blow job + straight, 20 minutes), 70.000 (foreigner hooker) to 100.000 (Italian one) + room (20.000-30.000) for an Hotel, 200.000-300.000 (more in the early hours) for the rest of the night. Car nearly indispensable (exception: Via Monterosa has a couple of hotels at walking distance). Via Axum (between Piazzale Zavattari and mid Via Novara): some South American, some South African. Not a great place but here often transit "new arrivals" before to find a better location. Unexperienced one may ask for much less or much more than the ongoing average. Via Novara: It is a long street starting from a central area to the end of the city. You want to go far away, after the "Parco di Trenno". During the daylight hours you find fewest trans (from the centre: on the right) and some Albanian girls (close to the Ring). When the dark arrives the area become more and more populated. At the beginning there are some transvestite and some whores, in the center and end part only trans. They are the second choice (first choice working in Via Cenisio) but amongst them there are some very feminine. Many of them also give an excellent service with passion and no rush. Others are a bit more money intensive. All from South America. Most accept 50.000 in the car, the 4-5 can accept 30.000 or 40.000 as the afternoon's Albanian if you insist. You go in a lateral street or dark parking and you have a blow job and an intercourse in the car. A minimum of change of position is allowed, but the limit is the car's space. Only dfFew accept to go to a hotel (too far, if you want this go to Via Cenisio). Some accept a whole night if well paid. Go here if you are looking for a short with a Trans in the car. Car indispensable. Action till 2:00 - 3:00 Piazza Trento and in a couple of streets north of it: 15 to 20 boys, from 18 to 30, mixed nationality Bastioni di Porta Venezia: some men (I do not know more, not interested) A last note: here the story "girl-mother with 2-3 hungry children waiting at home, left by the partner" is not common. Too few children are born in Italy (lowest birth rate of the world, nowadays): it looks too "strange". It is rather "a poor family with a lot of debt blackmailed by debtors"... The reason of the parents' debt range from famine (African), to war or civil disorder (Albanian, ex-Yugoslavia, Romania), to Mafia (South Italian), through a wide range of creative pityful stories. If you get to know some of them better the real reasons are: money, more money, a lot of money, money with no work, I do not like to work but I want money and amongst Trans the most common is money for the plastic surgery and hormons. They earn more than an average employed manager or shop owner, much more than a blue collar or a domestic worker. Their profession implies no effort to study, no further formation, few working hour, lots of vacation, some benefits (free dinner, small gift...). Working 4-6 hours per day per six days they get from 1.500.000 to 3.000.000 (few can get to 6.000.000 or more) per week. Like a blue collar in a month. Many get free vacation from a happy customer.

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