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Middlesbrough, United Kingdom


Street Prostitutes use the St Hilda's area, the main streets being North Rd,
Bridge St, Station St, and the all the streets in the area Lloyd St,
Washington St, Stockton St, North Rd. This is mainly an industrial area.
Prices are from #15 to whatever they think they can get away with! Usual
cautions apply, some rip-offs and a police presence who will pull kerk
crawlers (One would hope that they would concentrate on "real" crimes but
probably not the opertunity for "bungs"), so all in all not very welcoming.
In spite of this quite busy. Action starts around 6-30pm each evening

There are quite a few private houses offering sex services in Middlesbrough,
one place to find ads is the national daily "The Sport"
I have listed some below which I know are OK and one which isn't. I have
included phone numbers but no other address details, as the phone numbers
are already in the public domain through the ads.

01642 222666

Pleasent private house about 1.5 miles from city centre, reasonable prices.
Current girl, who has been there for quite some time is "as described" and
gets busy so not always available.

01642 253491

Indian girl slightly older than advertised (aren't they often) but good
looking and overall OK.

01642 253794

Half West Indian girl in her 20's, Nice personality, House is a bit shabby,
but thats not her fault (it's rented), but it's clean. My favorite.

Finally one girl who describes herself as "Lucy a stunning 25 yo blonde"
over the phone, well she's not she's 40-50+ (I didn't get close enough to be
more accurate) and horrible!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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