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Michigan City, Indiana

Michigan City, In Osaka Spa

3 visits each more delightful than the former visit

First visit allowed straight fuck at 40 + 80. very sexy girl, money well spent.

Fecond visit rear entry at 40 + 100 . again money well spent.

Third visit was out of this world, not to brag about my sexual prowess, but as to how i am presently engaged to a spa worker and room with another (leave nothing to the imagination), whoa, what a night!!, this girl is a knockout. I paid full freight and it was well worth it, at 200 for the full effect, i was more than amply pleased. I have not had occasion to return, but will once my fiancee has returned to the work force. Go back to work , soon, so that I may enjoy the fruits of your coworkers, from the money you have earned. what a beautiful relationship! This girl and I did it every way imaginable and then some. i , once again made a Pro come.

Date: Sun, 7 Jul 1996 Subject: Michigan City, Indiana

I was in Michigan City today, hoping to have some fun at one of the 5 oriental massage parlors. Unfortunately they have all been shut down. The phone # at OSAKA is still working (a recording), but the others have been disconected. If I get some time I will ask around the local adult shops or nearby chinese restaurants if there is still action to be had.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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