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Miami, Florida

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC

     Miami has shut down all the massage parlors so the classier girls have
gone to escort services and the less classy are on the street.  Try Route 1
between about 80th and 50th Streets.  In 1991, at 68th and Route 1 I got a
great blow job in a dark parking lot from a really nice looking blonde for

Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 02:51:15 UTC The hookers are not what they used to be. Aids has killed off or scared off most of them. The ones you see look for the most part diseased although you still see some beginners who are good looking. Half and Half (blow job /fuck) runs $35 - 50. If you use a hooker, use protection since over 50% have aids and I would say l00% have or had some STD such as herpes, warts, clap, syph. There are several red light districts. Miami - N.W. 79th Street from NW27 Ave to US 1 and then from NW 95 Street and US 1 (Biscayne Blvd) to Flagler. You will see street walkers there. They are generally the girls that look sleazy and have eye to eye contact with the motorists. They look for customers and they carry no purses. Suck and Fuck is $35 - $50. Hotel is another $10. There used to be scattered whore houses but they are no more. One of the best experiences is when I went to the one near the Take one Lounge. I went in an saw a cute blond by the name of Pamela. She had just come in from Bahamas. She was working the casinos there. We went to her room and negotiated the price. We stripped down and she had a great hard body with ski sloped tits and a cute blond bush. She deep throated me for several minutes and when I felt I was about to cum I broke it off and started to fuck her. Since the sexual tension was broken, I was able to fuck her for about 15 min. No rubber was used since those were safer times. Cost was $35. When I was through, in walked this cute black chick dressed in a white teddy. She reached down and grabbed my cock and squeezed it. I got hard again. Pamela said she liked white meat. The black chick (Star) said she would like to fuck me. I said I was broke but if she was serious she would take me and fuck me. She pulled on my hard cock and led me to her room, Pamela in tow. She then asked for $35.00 . Pamela said I could have two for $50. Star had daggers in her eyes so I declined. Star called my bluff. I paid, and got a great blow job. I told her I wanted her ass for dessert. She got on all fours and showed me her cute ass and tight butt hole. I eased it in and butt fucked her across the bed and cummed in her ass. Heather was a cute blond on 79 street who would deep throat you for $20.00 and then after you came, would butt fuck you for $40. She was 5"2" about 105 lbs and gorgeous. She had long blond hair and cute small tits. She would usually wear a mini skirt and would take you to her place. Miami Beach - Along Collins Ave from 54 Street to South Beach. You can get a good blow job for $20. Coral Gables. Along S.W. 8th Street from le Jeune to Palmetto. Alot of cheap motels with the girls to service them. Suck and Fuck is $50.00. Hotel $20.00. Homestead - Along US 1 below Cutler Ridge
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2097 07:13:36 -0400 Miami, FL Plenty of street action on Biscayne or 2nd Ave. around 24th.
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 17:50:55 -0500 Subject: Update on Miami, FL I recently spent a couple of days in Miami and checked out the street scene with my WSG info in hand. Here's what I found out. N.W. 79th AREA Eeeowwww! This area is SCARY. I only visited it during the afternoon due to time constraints, but with what I saw I did not want to go back. If you like ugly, aggressive, drug addicted hookers, then this is the place for you. I made two passes on N.W. 79th and was approached three times by very desperate women. This was not the kind of desperate I wanted to involve myself with. S.W. 8th AREA This area has promise. I made several passes during the afternoon and saw one "maybe" streetwalker who soon disappeared. In the evening the activity level increased. I made several passes around Midnight and saw 3 or 4 girls, one of which appeared acceptable to me. I probably should have checked this out earlier, but I spent most of my evening in Miami Beach. HOMESTEAD AREA Did not try. OKECHOBEE RD AREA (HWY 27) This is supposed to be an OK area, but again, I was unable to try it. MIAMI BEACH I spent most of the evening in Miami Beach. If you have not been to South Beach lately the changes that have taken place there are amazing. The shops, the restaurants, the people, the CHICKS. Ahh yes, the chicks. I really need to go back to South Beach and spend more time. Basically, start at the southern end of South Beach and drive north on Collins Ave. When you get to the numbered streets in the high 30s and low 40s, turn around and do it again. If you are a healthy American male you will go gaga at what you see walking up and down the street at the southern end of South Beach. There is hot pussy everywhere. If you are feeling bold you might want to give some of it a try and maybe save yourself some money. Unfortunately little, if any, of it at this end of town is for sale. I did see one very attractive, very sleazily dressed woman walking by herself with the flow of traffic. So far so good. However, she was not making eye contact with anyone. I turned around to get a second look and she was gone without a trace. The problem is in this area that alot of the women are dressed in such a way that they would pass for hookers on the streets of Manhattan or other major cities. This end of South Beach is a major tourist draw, so you also have that to contend with. My feeling is that the hookers have vacated this area and moved north on the Beach. While it is difficult to confirm this in one visit, this did seem to be the case when I visited (Sept. 97). I started cruising about 9:00 PM which was probably a little early, but I did enjoy taking in the sites. However, it took until about 10:30-11:00 until I found something promising. Once you get out of the congested south South Beach, it turns into a hotel/condo district that basically lasts all the way north as far as you can go. I saw nothing of interest past the 30s. About 10:30 I saw a blonde that looked very hot from the car, crossing the street near a hotel. I slowed and we made eye contact as I passed, and she slowed somewhat. She looked to be about an 8. The street splits in this area so I had to go up up a little farther and make two lefts to head back south. By the time I got there, she was gone without a trace. Based on my experience, she was almost certainly a working girl. Moral of the story: If you see something that looks promising, GO FOR IT RIGHT AWAY! About 11:00 I saw "Judy". Judy is a Cuban girl that wears obvious hooker clothes and circles around a block in the 30s (mid I think) on Collins and the other major street just to the west of Collins. From the car she looked damn hot, and I could see right away that she had a nice body. We negotiated briefly, $120 was the price as I recall, and we headed back to her "apartment" which was just right around the corner. She was very pleasant, easy to talk to and had a nice attitude. She was not in any hurry. Her looks turned out to be average and her best asset was her body. She said she worked out and I believe it. Her age was probably late 20s/early 30s. I did not ask. She was open to just about anything I was (didn't try greek) and generally seemed to enjoy her work. She gave a decent blow job with a condom and also was a good lay. She was very business-minded, but as I said she was pleasant and was enjoyable to be with in a sisterly sort of way. I spent about an hour with her and gave her a nice massage, as she did me, and we talked for 10-15 minutes after doing the deed. Was she the best girl I ever had? No. Would I go back? Yeah, probably. But I would first try and see if there was something better on Collins, because my intuition tells me that there is.
Subject: Re: ASP Review Miami- Enchante Date: 1998/02/06 Anyone seeking upscale escort services in Miami should try Enchante (spelling?). I've used them many times and even made friends with one of the girls. They are very discreet and security oriented (airline ticket, drivers license, drop your pants 1st, etc.) Expensive at $350 / hr, $750 for dinner special. It's the best I ever had, the ladies running the place do a great job with helping you with reservations, dinner arrangements etc.
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 09:25:26 EST Subject: Miami GTR Studios, on Hallendale Beach Blvd between SR7 and I95. This place is billed as a modeling studio and I payed a visit there last week. After paying $50. for a modeling session I got to pick between 3 girls all were 6 to 7 on looks. The one I picked looked spanish but turned out to be from Greece, She was verd pushy and kept reminding me that me hour was running up. After trying to find out what was available she hinted for me to get comfortable in a dark little room on an uncomfortable chair. She removed her cloths and just took different poses for me. Only let me rub her breasts and that was all! I stripped and tried to get her to give me a hand job but she said she was not allowed to touch me at all. I had left her $50 on the table to start off with and clearly let her know it was just to start things off. Well I got nowhere. For $100 I got to jerk off looking at a naked girl- sucks! There was not even water or tissues to clean up with! This was a waste of time.

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