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Mexico City, Mexico

Date: 07-10-2001

Just a brief report on a peeler place in Mexico City. I was there in April 2001.

First off, as a note to the previous report, the story I got on the closings of the previous clubs was that there was a guy who owned about a third of the strip clubs in Mexico City. Apparently, he had an electrical fire in one of the clubs and the bouncers, fearing that the patrons would not pay their tabs, would not let people leave. As a result, there were some deaths. The police immediately closed all of his clubs and he went into exile (word has it that he left the country and had surgery to hide his identity).

Anyway, back to the report. As a result of this, the prices in Mexico City have gone up significantly and the quality has dropped from what I hear. The place I went to, with my Mexican colleague, was called The Cadilac. It is located near the corner of Circuito Interior and Mississippi.

The cover charge was a little hazy (maybe 200 pesos). The girls rated anywhere from 6-8's with a couple of 9's. Most of them spoke very little english, and my spanish is bad so it was nice that I had a local with me. Most everything was sop as per the previous posts. Lap dances were 200 pesos, and if you bought 5 you got to go back to the privado room, but I didn't go so I can't report.

One thing to be aware of is everybody wants a tip and the sales pressure is higher than a used car dealer. I just refused to give most of the people tips, and it had very little effect on my visit as far as I could see. I would actually probably guess that tipping would have an adverse effect, as once they saw you tip, everybody would be right there.

The one other thing I noticed was that there was a group of guys across from me who bought a bottle of Cognac, and this seemed to give them unlimited access to the girls. However when the bill came, the guys were digging deeply to pay it.

Sorry for so few details, but I didn't know this forum would be up and running again. I am going back in a few weeks, and will keep better records for a better report.

Happy Hobbying!

Date: 06-13-01

Hi, noticed that the Mexico City info is quite outdated, so here comes a general update as of June 2001:

The Mexican police made a crackdown on “table dance places”, e.g. strip clubs all over Mexico City earlier this year. Lots and lots of clubs in the Zona Rosa district were closed (and remain closed when this is written). A few remain open, though, and more are opening again as time goes by. When entering the place, the usher will sometimes want a tip for showing you to your table. Give him only a tip if you think the table is good (by the stage/dance floor when the place is crowded), don’t ever give them a tip just for showing you a table… A beer in any of these places will cost you approximately 45 pesos (around U$ 4.50). A drink with domestic liquor will cost you the same. Usually these drinks are *REALLY* strong, so take care. There have been reports of adulterated liquor so if possible, ask for the beer to be opened at your table or the drinks to be served directly from the bottle in front of you. Sometimes the prices don’t include sales tax (15%) so ask or check the drinks list, so that you don’t end up paying a lot more than you expected (which almost always happens). Almost immediately you will be joined by one or more girls wanting you to buy her/them drinks. A drink for a girl will cost you anywhere between 80 ($8) pesos and 130 ($13) pesos, depending on the place and the drink. Usually, these drinks contain little or no alcohol and the girls drink them really quick. If you think it’s a good way to spend your money, go ahead. I think it’s quite meaningless. If you know some Spanish, you can usually keep a girl with you (without buying the expensive drinks) just by being nice to her and saying that you might want to buy a lapdance from them later on. Maybe not the most honest way to make conversation, but charging 130 ($13)pesos for a small glass of soda is not that honest either…

A lapdance (“un baile”) will set you back somewhere in the region of 150-180 pesos (15-18 bucks) and will generally get you really frustrated. The girl will lead you by the hand to a dark corner of the strip club and strip off all or almost all her clothes (depending on her mood) and rub herself against you. If you have white or light colored pants, they will most certainly get dirty or stained… Buying 5 lapdance tickets will give you the right to a “privado”. This is a small room or a booth where the girl will dance (and maybe more) for you during around 15 minutes. Before buying a privado, tell the girl exactly what you want from these 15 minutes. If the place isn’t crowded, the girl will do anything to sell you the “privado” so chances are good you will be able to do her or at least get some head. But, as I said, you have to make it clear for her what you want to do with her, and she has to accept. Usually, the girls keep their promises. Especially if you are nice to them. Mexican men are seldom nice to these girls, so a nice “gringo” might go a long way. When entering the “privado” or exiting it, a tip is usually given to the big guy watching the doors – if you got what you wanted. This is also important: in the case that you have “done” the girl, give the guy 100 pesos or more. Why? Mexican laws prohibit sexual acts in public places (a strip club is a public place) and if you get caught, you’ll for sure end up in jail one night or have to pay a hefty bribe – or both. This guy watching the door will get you out in no time if police should happen to enter the place. In case you don’t give him a tip, he might give you away. Also, it is possible to give them some money before entering the “privado” so that he’ll let you stay there longer than the 15 minutes (that always seem to pass to quick).

Calle Sullivan (on the north side of Reforma, close to Insurgentes) is still the best bet to see (and buy) streetwalkers. Quality is not that good, prices are, however, low. Expect to pay around 200-300 pesos (20-30 dollars) for a quickie at one of the many closeby hotels. The hotels will charge you around 150 pesos for the stay. Condoms are given to the girls by the people at the hotels.

Insurgentes Sur avenue is a good place for streetwalkers as well. If you’re into transvestites and transsexuals this might be the best place in Mexico City. I have no information as to the prices of transgendered prostitutes, but I suspect they will be 30-40% higher than normal streetwalkers. Lots of hotels nearby as well. Insurgentes is also home to quite a few strip clubs.

If you are really budget conscious, try the “Centro Historico” (old downtown), along Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas. Not really recommendable for foreigners, but girls are *REALLY* cheap there. You can get a girl (rating between 2-5 on a scale) for as low as 60 pesos (6 bucks!), but be advised: These girls are usually very young and thus inexperienced. I do also believe that quite a few of these girls might be infected with different STDs or even HIV.

How about brothels? There are quite a few of these, none (of which I know) were closed by police. Prices depend on the place and the girl, but count on forking out between 600 ($60) and 4500 ($450) for a girl there. There a few very exclusive brothels where the girls are models, artists and aspiring actresses. Obviously, these places are the expensive ones.

I avoid naming places, since the names change quickly, as well as the girls working the places. Ask a taxi driver to take you around, they are almost always really up to date with the nightlife and the good places (they get a kickback when taking you to a strip joint, so many times they won't charge you for the trip). Mexico City is great fun if you’re looking for a night out, and if you just take it easy you will get a lot for your money’s worth. If you’re interested in more information, you are welcome to contact me at and I will try to answer your questions.

Hasta luego!

The scene in Mexico City is located in the Zona Rosa, the center of which is the triangle bounded by Paseo de la Reforma, Av. Insurgentes Centro and Av. Chapultepec. Take the metro to Insurgentes and you are right there.

There are several bars and strip clubs in the area, all of which feature prostitution of some sort. Note that prostitution is legal in Mexico (in certain areas, of which la Zona Rosa is one).

Let me start with a major rip-off: It's the club at Liverpool 165. They advertise heavily and cater mostly to estados unidensos. It's a 50 pesos cover charge, and a coke costs 44 pesos. I was there on a Saturday night at about 9 pm and saw 4 girls, none of which stripping, just sitting in a corner. Avoid this place.

The 'Dragon de Oro' at the intersection of Londres and Insurgentes is a great strip club. No cover, one coke = 25 pesos, every third dance fully nude, about 15 girls, alcohol served. But the best are the nude full contact lap dances for 50 pesos (fondle her everywhere, suck on her nipples etc). It's also quite interesting to just watch the lap dances going on all around you. Many of the girls walk around semi nude and the atmosphere is quite relaxed. 2 girls approached me and offered one night of sex with the two of them for 400 US$. While negotiating, they touched me at all the right places. Sex takes place in a hotel one block down the street.

A similar club is at the intersection of Insurgentes and Paseo de la Reforma. Apparently it doesn't have a name but it's easy to find with its huge blinking blue lights. There's another strip joint next door which is not as good. Conditions are the same as in the Dragon although the atmosphere there seems to be a little raunchier while the girls here are somewhat prettier. If you buy a lap dance for 50 pesos, the girl will get 30; if you buy her a drink for 45, she gets 10.

The bar 'Vas' at Londres and Insurgentes doesn't feature stripping, just girls who sit with you if you buy them a drink for 40 pesos (a coke for yourself is 18) and who are willing to accompany you to the cuartos upstairs. There were 7 girls, all reasonably pretty. One of them offered me 'full satisfaction, more than one hour' for 800 pesos. When I hesitated, she fondled me a bit and went down to 500. That was still too expensive for me and so I left.

Summary: not as cheap as one would expect, but the strip clubs are certainly better than anything I've seen in the US.


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 1995

I was propositioned by two hookers in Zona Rosa. $50 U.S. for each one. When I explained I wasn't interested, they dropped to 500 pesos (which is about $80 or so). I still wasn't interested so they took off. I don't know at what price the deal could have been consummated.

Subject: mexico city prostitution Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996

you can find prostitutes on Marina Nacional Street at night and there are plenty to choose from, the rate is about 25- TO 70 US$.

On Insurgentes you can find quality strip clubs and a lot of prostitutes, including male prostitutes. On el Universal newspaper there is a large section of esscort classifieds, also on Tiempo Libre magazine.

Subject: street prostitution in Mexico City Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996

I have been to Mexico City this year and can tell you that one street that I know of is a street called "Sullivan" that runs into Reforma near Insurgentes. I drove by there. Generally the quality of women was not very high (there were one or two cute ones, though). I saw much better at the strip clubs. As for the price on the street , one cab driver told me not to pay more than N$350 or N$400 (N$7.3 = $1). He said that their prices were more act oriented, i.e., at the agreed upon price you got 50/50 once or whatever you had worked out. The girls from the clubs are much more expensive but generally time is not a problem (some mentioned 3 or 4 hours would be fine).

Subject: strat prostitutes in mexico Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996

Well you were asking where in Mexico City there are street prostitutes. This scene goes on in the street called Sulivan. It practically is at the junction of Reforma and Insurjentes. Other places where it takes place is on Insurjentes itself going south from Reforma. Here you can find a lot of prostitutes in the side streets and on insurjentes though here you have to be careful because mostly they are transvestites or operated men.

Subject: more pros in mexico Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996

I see prostitutes in LA MERCED in street about 40.00 pesos and garibaldi the show "BURLESQUE" is 45.00 pesos, you can touch the girls, the age is 18-30 and this is the lowest cost.

Subject: Prostitution FAQ - Mexico - Mexico City. Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996

Hello. First of all let me congratulate you on a wonderful job. The task of gathering, editing and posting all this information deserves a hearty handshake. Keep up the good work!

Let's get down to business:

The Mexico City section needs a little bit of updating:

1) There are quite a few places where you can find street prostitutes in Mexico City, the two most popular are Sullivan Street, relatively near the infamous Zona Rosa. Except on Mondays, you can find at least 10 or 15 girls along the right side of the avenue. They bill about 200 pesos for 20 minutes, for 100-150 pesos more you can spend an hour. Most are relatively young, not particularly pretty, however. The hotel is not that great, and service isn't really very good.

The other place is a street near Nuevo Leon and Insurgentes. About 15 girls Prices are similar to the first place. Mostly same standards. Starts earlier though, about 9:00 PM you can find some action.

There are a couple of places that deserve mention: Durango street where it meets Insurgentes - About 10-12 workers, some of them worth looking at. Prices start at about 200 pesos for about 1 hour or more and almost everything you can think of.

Another corner of Insurgentes a few streets down, in the block where the Woolworth is - about 4-6 workers. Prices start at about 300 pesos. Some real lookers here from time to time.

Panuco street, between Rio Tiber and Rio Rhin, just a few blocks away from Zona Rosa. 5-7 workers. Prices start around 250-300.

These last 3 places are entirely populated by preoperative transsexuals so watch out. In fact most streetwalkers over Insurgentes proper are almost invariably transexuals or transvestites. The second place holds 2-3 post- operative transexuals, and believe me you wouldn`t know it until too late. They would qualify for very pretty women under almost any other circumstance.

2) Regarding strip clubs and such places, la Zona Rosa, and Insurgentes Av. between Reforma and Viaducto (a rather long piece of street) are the places to go. I guess at least about 20-25 places ranging from the sleazy to the ultra-exclusive can be found. I have no information on prices, unfortunately but expect to pay at least 50-75% more than what is stated on the previous issue of the FAQ.

3) Escort services can also be found in Mexico City to suit every taste. The best way to find them is in a magazine called Tiempo Libre that can be bought openly in most magazine stands. Look at the last pages, in the classified ads under MASSAGES. Mexican edition of USA Today, also carries some of these ads. Again, prices and quality of the services is unavailable but apparently a great variety exists, expect the best to be quite pricey.

Subject: Uno noche en la Zona Rosa Date: Wed, 05 Jun 1996

Mexico City, Mexico - I'd heard rumors of outrageousness in Mexican clubs, so I did my 'net homework and generously donated a few hours of my time to ASSC research.

Executive Summary: The stripping is awful. Chia pet maintenance is badly neglected. BUT, your ET (entertainment threshold) is likely to be raised. A lot. The line between strip club and brothel is blurry or non-existant. TUSCL, Grimace and Paranoia are mostly out of date. The city is incredibly smoggy and traffic is bad, as is the citizen's driving.

Tip: Change money at your hotel, at the airport, or anywhere *other* than the club. Pesos were 7.40/US$ at the airport, 7.25/$, and 5/$ at Bar Vas. Read on.

Uno Noche en la Zona Rosa

Typical club: Three-song sets by bored, unmotivated (stage tipping simply isn't done) "dancers"; who basically stay clothed until the middle of the third song. As a matter of personal taste, I appreciate grooming. At least *some* grooming. Most of the ladies had been slacking on chia pet maintenance since, well, puberty.

The Zona Rosa, which coincidentally *happened* to start across the street from my hotel, is a semi-triangular area roughly bordered by Paseo de la Reforma, Insurgantes and Chapultapec. Quite a few clubs, not all of which are easily recognizable as such. There are lots of touts on the street, kind of like Vegas but *much* more persistent.

Stop #1 - Play Girls, near the intersection of Reforma & Insurgantes: Couldn't believe this one. A little room, about 1/4 the size of CP, with a little runway stage about the size of a bathtub. Only three girls working, none dancing. At the back of the little room is a door leading to a hall, which leads to a few tiny rooms where, according to the touts, anything is available for a price. The place sucked. One beer. I'm gone.

Stop #2 - Crazy Bodies, next door to the above: This place is more of an actual club, with a large elevated stage, tables on the floor, and booths around the walls. About eight girls working, two cute, the rest best viewed through thick beer goggles. "Table Dances" are available for 60 pesos (about $9), but they're far from Americano table dances: They're both topless AND nude; i.e., she's nude, you're topless. (She'll take your shirt off!) These dances, which take place in a not-too-dark corner, attract more gawking than the stage dancing. Might not be your cup of tea if you don't have an exhibitionist streak. I do, so I did. Diana was the only one doing table dances, and she had 'em lined up and waiting. (La Edie de la Zona Rosa.) Enthusiastic and fun, but she understood very little English, and spoke even less. That, combined with my mangled Spanish, led to some fascinating attempts at conversation, most of which left looks of utter bewilderment on her face. It was fun anyway. Once I pointed to her lips, and she responded by biting my finger and giving me a sly smile.

Stop #3 - Bar Elegance, somewhere just off Insurgantes below Reforma. Decent club, but boring. It was the only club that night that was actually full of customers, so I left in search of a more attentive environment.

Stop #4 - Bar Vas, right next door to above: Positively a dive, but with serious potential for fun. About six or seven girls, most sub-balsa, except two, one of whom looked enough like Sayla's pictures to make me do a double-take. (No, it wasn't her, but...!) The other beauty was the one on stage when I walked in, a strangely familier sight: An attractive, rather petite girl, about 5'3", with short black hair, shaved up the back, with black fingernail polish, hanging upsidedown from the pole by just her legs. Am I seeing this? Jade de la Zona Rosa, sans piercings? No, not by a long shot, but the similarities were a bit much. I later learned her name - Arlita.

While Arlita was on stage, the bar guy approached and asked what I'd like to drink. If you answer with something other than "beer" in a Mexican club, expect a conversation something like this (I'd already had three by now):

Bar Guy: "Que quieres beber?" [What do you want to drink?]

me: "Coke."

Bar Guy: "Que?"

me: "Coke."

Bar Guy: "Coke?"

me: "Si, Coca Cola."

Bar Guy: "Coca Cola?"

me: "Si."

Bar Guy: "Soda?"

me: "Si."

Bar Guy: <as if I didn't know what I was asking for> "Well, okay..."

For that much trouble I should have just had another beer.

Anyway, Arlita is still dancing, rather well actually, on the slightly elevated stage, which is surrounded by yellow and green balloons. Interesting. One of the scary dancers, whom I'll refer to affectionately as The Vulture, made her attack:

Vulture: <really fast Spanish words>

me: "Que?" [What?]

Vulture: <more really fast Spanish words + rubbing my shoulders + breathing in my ear>

me: "Sorry. No comprendo." [I don't understand.]

Vulture: "Ahh, lickie mi p*ssy?" [Wanna go upstairs?]

me: <wide-eyed stare>

Vulture: "Si! Tu comprendes!" [You understand!]

me: "No." [No.]

Vulture: <grabbing my jewelry> "F*ckie-F*ckie? Comprendes!"

me: "Si, comprendo, pero no." [Yes, I understand, but no thank you miss. You're a frog.]

Vulture: "Ooh, porque no?" [Why not?]

me: "No. Gracias, pero no." [Go away, froggie. You're a nightmare.]

Vulture: <doing her very best stripper shit> "Ooh, por favor. Necicito (sp?)" [Please, I need it!]

me: "No. Por favor, no mas! Yo no quiero." [I wouldn't even let Doug do you.]

When this scene finally ended, the Vulture went off and sulked. I just looked down at my drink and shivered a little and made a gag face, which I didn't think anyone would notice. Arlita, who just got off stage, was sitting with her cousin, another dancer; both noticed me and cracked up with laughter. I just smiled at them and laughed at the situation, and waved Arlita over to my table. She spoke English fairly well, but was somewhat distant at first. Over the course of a couple of drinks and about an hour and a half of entertaining conversation (zero pressure, the place was dead), she gradually became very friendly and affectionate, and eventually asked if I would like a table dance. Two for sixty pesos. "Sure!" She left and took a shower, then came back, fresh and beautiful.

Picture the most enthusiastic Mons dance you've ever fantasized about, plus MB, plus CP, intensified by a factor of 10. In the course of four dances ($27), the once-distant Arlita became passionately (and convincingly) aroused, even grabbing me by the hair and kissing me so hard I ended up with a fat, blue lip. No details, but I get the idea that almost nothing is disallowed during the "dances." This is Mexico. Tampa isn't.

We walked back to "our" table, and she snuggled up to me and purred, "I want to go upstairs with you." Earlier she had told me that she didn't offer *that* service (she volunteered it; I didn't ask). In a remarkable display of self-control, I politely declined. (Never BTDT; gotta draw the line somewhere.) "Next time?" she asked.

About 3:00 am I walked back to my hotel, exhaused, enjoying the warm rain, just a little curious about what a "next time" would be like.

Subject: Mexico City Date: 20 Jan 1997

January 1997 update on Mexico City. I did my homework before I went to Mexico City (through this Web Channel which was very helpful), and I would like to add some additional information to the previous articles. I obtained a copy of Tiempo Libre as suggested in previous articles (which was very helpful); however, it in Spanish! You need more than "survival" Spanish to maneuver in Mexico City; not as much English as I expected. However, the ads in Tiemp Libre suggest a wide-open town. It appears that any and everything is available for a price: you can get a woman, a young-boy, or a sheep (depending upon how much you want to spend). Action in Mexico City starts very late, approx. 9 PM on sabado (Saturday) and unfortunately the streets are not safe after dark. During the day you see lots of guards armed with shotguns and automatic weapons (always in pairs), and a few private security guards with dogs (mean looking motherfuckers). If the guards are there to keep elephants away, they are doing an excellent job (didn't see any elephants), but I suspect the guards are there for other reasons. I was cautioned to make good use of cabs, which I did.

First, I would like to clarify the "what" and "where" of la Zona Rosa. It is not like the "pink" district in Zurich or the "red light" district in Amsterdam, rather it is a respectable shopping area in Mexico City. The area that we are interested in borders la Zona Rosa, South of "Reforma" and East of "Insurgentes". Mexico City streets are not laid-out on a rectangular grid, so it's very easy to get turned around (lost) especially after a few cervezas (beers). A good way to find the majority of the clubs is to go to the intersection on "Hamburgo and Napoles" and follow the bright lights (usually blue). By the way, there are several mentions of "Sullivan" Street in previous articles. This is a very hard street to find, because streets in Mexico City are not well marked. Sullivan Street is North of Reforma (2 short blocks, less than 100 yards) and West of Insurgentes. It intersects Insurgentes, but there is no street sign on Insurgentes. Sullivan Street borders a park or plaza which provides a good place for putas (hookers) to assemble.

Down to the good stuff. I went to a bar on the corner of "Hamburgo and Napoles" (blues lights, no visible name of the bar) around the corner from the Isis Bar. They had several senoritas here ranging from 6's to 8's. I selected an 8 (Kathi), who was very pretty, 21 years old, and had a fantastic body and a great smile. We engaged in conversation (my broken Spanish and her broken English; muy poco English), I bought her a couple of drinks then we went upstairs for our "private" dance (350 pesos). The private dance consist of her nude and me topless. There was no sex, it was really just a great "dry-fuck" where you could suck nipples, grab ass, and french kiss. The dance lasts for 3-songs but I climaxed on the second song so she sucked my tits and played with my balls through the third song, very enjoyable. As I left the room, I was surprised to see that the "mama san" was right outside the door; I guess in case I got out-of-line with the puta bonita (and she was very beautiful). Sex was available for 1500 Pesos for one-hour. Also, in all the strip clubs, keep in mind that you are running a tab, do NOT pay when you are served! Otherwise payment is considered a propina (tip), and you need a written recibo (receipt) before your can get past the huge bouncer guarding the front door. Also, don't forget a propina (10 Pesos) for that asshole.

I also went to the Manhattan Club (corner of Napoles and Londres). Here the quality of senoritas is much higher: 9's and 10's. I turned down an "11" that was one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen: 21 years old, fantastic body, beautiful face. Unfortunately no hablo English, zip-point-nothing. She wanted $200 (US) for the night, but to pass the time between fucks you need to hablo un poco (a little) to develop some chemistry for the next round. Further, we had to go to her hotel and the language barrier plus the unknown at her hotel really bothered me. I asked her if sex was "con-condom" or "sin-condom" (with/without condom) and she pretended not understand. Then I cut to the chase, and asked her "Creme in tu boca"? (Come in your mouth?) She still pretended not to understand, so I thought that this had all the ear markings of trouble and dumped her.

I settled for an "8" that seemed to really like me (at least she made me think so). She was a petite and polite senorita (not a cock-grabbing puta) who really turned- me-on - must have been some kind of chemistry between us (1500 Pesos worth). At any rate, she fucked my brains out until 5 AM (approx. 6 hours worth of quality sex). She sucked without a condom (took the load in her boca) and probably would have fucked without a condom, if I had insisted - but I'm not that brave. She woke me up every hour by gently sucking on my dick till it was hard, then she mounted me (with condom) and proceeded to fuck my brains out. Truly one of the best fucks of my life.

I also went to the Luxor Bar on the corner of Hamburgo and Havre. This was the only bar that I found with some early action (in la tarde). The girls were of lesser quality (5's and 7's) and there was the typical cock-grabbing puta who was really a pest. She french kissed me, stuck her tits in mouth (boca), then pulled up her dress and showed me her pussy. She sounds like the "vulture" mentioned in a previous article, because her "chia-pet maintenance" was also definitely lacking. She claimed that she would fuck and suck for 140 Pesos, but again - no English, and I wasn't about to leave the bar with a haughty-ass bitch like that. Although, I would have loved to dump a load in her mouth - just for general principles.

All in all, Mexico City is not my cup of tea. I prefer the Amsterdam scene where you can get quality action any time of day or night. In Amsterdam you can joke-around with the putas and try to negotiate price without worrying about your personal safety. The worse thing that happens - if you really piss them off, is they throw shoes and shit down the alley after you.

Adios for now!

Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997

Mexico City 12/96

Mexico City is not a bargain, as Tijuana is. Prices are comparable to the US. However, when I went, the Peso had recently been devalued, and inflation (which always follows) takes a while to push the prices back up. When I was there, USD$1 = MXN$8.

As noted in the WSG, most of the action centers in the Zona Rosa (Metro: Insurgentes). Most of the action is the strip (called Men's) clubs on Genova, Hamburgo and Londres. Better ones are the Caribbean, the New York and the Raven. It's typically N$30 for a beer, and N$100 for a full nude, full contact lap dance. The babes will pull down your trousers and ride you till you spew. I did 3 dances at the Caribbean and even got my unit licked (but not sucked). On the street, I was quoted USD$500 for incall (no thanks). I didn't try the streetwalker scene on Sullivan because it looked too unsafe. There are also the ads in the Yellow Pages, which I didn't try. In all, pretty disappointing - but I think I have only my poor language skills to blame.

Subject: Mexico City Date: 9 May 1997

Hello, I'm reporting on Mexico City

Apparently all the reports on this site are from US guys, and maybe that explains how poorly informed they are. First of all, rates reported sound too high. Second: Zona Rosa is not the only nor maybe the best zone, as it is for tourists. There are several places that are better than any mentioned here. I will mention two, one of them in the Zona Rosa: 1) The Club Royal, in Genova street, just two blocks from Reforma: very elegant, with very good cuisine (you can eat and drink while enjoying a topless dance), very expensive and only with "11" girls. Costumers are mainly bank and embassy employees (you will find a lot of Japaneses) and girls rates are around 300-500 U.S. dollars. 2) Bar Jema, in Insurgentes, ten blocks or so south the Zona Rosa limits: no table dance nor show, just a bar with a lot of really pretty girls. There I found the prettiest girl I have seen in my life. Cheaper than Club Royal.

Date: 5 Jun 1997

Had an opportunity to check-out the Manhattan Club in Mexico City last Monday night. Off night but place was loaded with many 4's and 5's. Difficult to shake-off these less than average sirens. Even if you don't buy them a drink or table dance, they will remain at your table forever.

Matron continually circulates the room selling table dance tickets for 100 pesos (7.9 pesos to the dollar). Table dances totally nude with much friction but not worth the price IMHO. You can go to a private room with the babe of your choice for twenty minutes for the asking price of 500 pesos. Did not indulge.

Met a beautiful lady named Gina (mother Italian, father Mexican). She did her appointed round on-stage as a nude dancer. Sat down at my table after her set fully dis-robed. If I did not have a 9:00 AM appointment the next morning, I would have investigated the 500 pesos private room session with her.

Will report again after next trip.

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 Subject: Report from Mexico City

--------------------------------- Report from Mexico City June 1997

First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to those dedicated individuals who went before me, and who have invested much time and many pesos in the conduct of their research. My experience was at the Manhattan Club, where I went on two nights. My experiences are reported below.

First some administrative details. The club is one block away from where a previous contributer reported. It is on the corner of Napoles and Liverpool (not at Londres). Also, as mentioned in previous posts, the city is pretty unsafe after dark. I would definitely recommend taking taxis around town at night. Finally, many of the clubs have people out front and within a block or so, handing out "invitations" to the clubs. A very informative taxi driver told me that you are better off not using these, and to just walk in. He told me that if you use one, the club will charge you higher drink prices, and give a commission to the person who gave you the "invitation" (I'm always amazed at how taxi drivers and bartenders always know all this stuff). I didn't see any of these hawkers at the Manhattan Club.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. I arrived at Manhattan at around 9:30 pm on a Tuesday night. I would guess that there were around 20 ladies. As one trailblazer mentioned, the quality of the women was pretty good. The third "dancer" up was a solid 10, long dark hair, medium knockage, model-quality face. Two songs fully clothed, the third topless. I was disappointed that she didn't slip out of her clingy skirt; most of the women take it all off on the third song. When she finished dancing, she sat at a table on the side with another lady, and didn't hustle the customers like most of the other women. Like the one who came and sat down next to me - pretty face, long dark hair, also medium bust - about a 9. Her name was Ambera.

So, Ambera sat down, smiled, and then grabbed my dick. Life is good! Conversation wass difficult, since I speak very little Spanish, and Ambera spoke little English. But she had this very long tongue, which she wiggled like a snake, and she removed one boob from her top, and licked the nipple. I'm hooked! I bought her a drink (68 pesos; beers for me are 32 pesos). She is 23, from Puerta Vallerta.

There are two or three women who go around and sell table dances for the other girls. If you have a lady sitting with you, wou can expect one of these "sales- ladies" to come by every couple of minutes. Now there are two types of table dances. For 100 pesos, you stay at your table, the girl gets topless, and it lasts for one song. For 500 pesos, you go in a little room in the back for 15 minutes, and the lady is nude. This is the "dry-hump" variety that was described in a previous entry. I figured that would be a good place to start.

So we went to the back area of the club, past a real big, mean mofo standing guard at the door, and go into this little room about 5 x 10 feet. It has a window looking out onto the main part of the club (and this was really the only light source in the room) and a chair. I sat down, shirt off, and Ambera stripped down and started riding me, kissing me, sucking my nipples, and sticking her tits in my face. I decided that I wanted a bit more than that, and when I pointed to my dick and her mouth, she said "quinientos" (500). I said yes, and within about 30 seconds the table-dance salesgirl was in the room with a smile on her face and took my second installment of 500 pesos.

Ambera got on her knees and starts sucking. I was sitting on the chair with my pants around my knees. She was giving me a pretty mediocre blow job, without rubber. After a while we switched, she sat down, I stood. When she felt my hydraulics getting ready to unload, she didn't want to suck any more so switched to using her hand. I really wanted to unload in her face, but since she was doing the pumping, she was also doing the aiming, and she made sure she kept it pointed down. So I settled for decorating her tits.

On the way out I talked to the table-dance girl (who spoke English). I found out that for 1,400 pesos, you can have the girl for the night. I pay my tab, and just about everybody there was lined up for their propina, (tip) including the table-dance salesgirl, who wanted her 10%.

Saturday night, and I was back at the Manhattan Club. This time I got frisked at the door by the doorman, who was searching for weapons. I had one (a big black switchblade), so I handed it to him, and told him to keep it until I leave. He gave me a receipt.

It's about 10 pm. and the place was pretty busy. There were lots of women, lots of very pretty women. After a while, I hooked up with Lia, 20 years old, blond hair, very pretty face (9 to 9.5), and big floppy, delicious tits, wearing a string-thing that left nothing to the imagination. When I remarked at her boobs, she took them out from the string thing that was only about an inch wide at the boobs and sort of presented them to me. So I grabbed them - no plastic! Again I was hooked. My friend the table-dance girl came over and told me that since it was early, Lia had to do at least one more table dance (for 500 pesos) before she could leave. I wanted to make sure that Lia would give me what I wanted before I dropped that many pesos.

So I said "Quesiera mamadas (I like blowjobs), queres mamer? (do you like to suck?)". She smiled and said "si". I asked if I could cum in her boca, and she said no. I asked in I could cum on her cara (face) and she said no, and pointed to her tits. I said that I would give her "mas pesos", and she wrote down "2,000 (Lia) y 400 salida", meaning she wanted 2K and needed to give the club 400 pesos for not having done enough table dances. That's about $300, but, what the fuck. Paid up, left (got my blade back at the door), and took a taxi to my hotel.

In my room, we got down to business. This girl was good! She gave me an excellent blowjow, and made it look like she really liked it. I had a king size bed with four pillows, and after a while I stacked them up and Lia layed on her back with her back and head elevated. When it was time to shoot my load, I pulled out of her mouth and emptied it out all over her face and hair. She looked up at me, smiled, and said, "are you crazy?" I said "si", with a pretty big smile on my face as well.

After a brief towel-time-out, she started pulling on my dick again. Fortunately, it didn't take too long to recharge my batteries, so we started a multi-position fuck-a-thon, with condom, starting cowgirl, then missionary (in honor of all Cortez and all those Spaniards who plundered the land in the name of Christ) and ending up doggie style.

After that, she again started pulling on my dick, but now I knew that it would be a while before I would be ready for round three. Lia acted upset that I didn't have a perpetual hard-on, and took a quick shower, got dressed, and started to leave. It was clear that she figured that it was still early enough to get back to the club and make more money. I thought about arguing with her, after all, I had paid for the whole night. But I didn't, because, first of all, you can never win an argument with a whore, after all, they have to act nice. If they turn bitchy, you might as well let them go. Also, I had to get up pretty early to get to the airport, so the idea of letting her go and getting some sleep was pretty appealing at that point.

All in all, I got my pesos worth, both nights. I'd go back, but might also try a bordello that I found. It is El Caballo de Hierro, on Londres near Florencia. If I ever make it there I'll file a report.

Date: September 1997

The government of the Cuauhtemoc district signed an agreement with prostitute's representatives. It is about the main street prostitution area which is "La Merced". Male prostitutes and transvestites are barred altogether, others can work from noon to 6am, in lingerie and see-through clothing after 10pm. There's an estimated 3,000 prostitutes working in La Merced.

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 Subject: Mexico City Report

For those thinking of travelling to Mexico City: 1) Take someone along who speaks Spanish, or else you risk getting ripped off. 2) Avoid the Zona Rosa, or else you risk getting ripped off. If you do the above two things, you will have a great time because there are a lot of good looking women who will be yours for little money. Exchange rate of 7 1/2 pesos to 1 dollar.

Street Prostitution. Main areas include Sullivan street, and La Merced Barrio. However, I noticed streetwalkers all over the city, on intersections that were hard to get the names for. Best time is after 8 pm. Drive down some of the main roads, because the places mentioned above are not safe (muggings and police harrassment). Note that prostitutes will be very up front about prices and will deliver full service, but police harrassment will happen on the streets simply to get some dollars out of you. Streetwalker Prices are very low, and you will be able to negotiate. YOu will know when you've hit the lowest price when the streetwalker walks away. Another word of warning, the more elaborate the makeup and outfit of the street walker, the more likely that they will be a transvestite.

Massage Parlors These operate normally during the day. Look in The Universal and Tiempo Libre under Massages. Each of these papers cost 5 pesos. A lot of the ads will list and address and a price of 200 pesos. That's 27 bucks for a massage, oral sex, and penetration for 30-40 minutes. The places had some great looking girls (7-8's), too. The reason prices are so cheap is that these girls speak little english and the minimum daily wage is 30 pesos. If you speak any Spanish, you can have a lot of great sex for very little. This is how these places work. You will be met at the door by a bouncer (tip him as you leave). You will be led to a room where the girls will come out in a lineup and introduce themselves. Choose your girl, pay her 200 pesos in your room, she'll go outside to drop off the money, and you're set to go. Condoms are the rule of the house. I recommend using them, because these girls have had boyfriends who are so macho they refuse to wear condoms.

Escort Services If you are in a hotel, which can be had in Mexico City for $30 dollars a night, (Again, if you speak Spanish, you can find a great room for $30 dollars.) the escort services in the above newspapers can be had for $600 to $1000 pesos. These girls are generally 7's and up. They will stay for 1 1/2 hours and will not trick you into paying more. Prostitution is accepted and not attacked by vice squads. You will get what you pay for.

Night Clubs. South of the Zona Rosa area are night clubs that cater to prostitution. Every woman in the club will be available for the night. Just drive from the Zona Rosa south down Insurgentes, and you will see them. Try a place called Bar Jemma. Free cover, 5 dollar drinks for you, 8 dollar drinks for the ladies. Expensive, you say? Yes, but the girls don't rush you for a thirty minute screw. There will be 20-30 women on a friday/saturday night. You can take them out dancing, partying, feel free to play all night with them. They'll grab you and let you fondle them while you tour the town. The lowest they will sleep with you is about $1500 pesos. They have to pay 400 pesos to leave the bar. THe bar will change dollars, and take your credit card, but they will charge you a hefty fee for the service. I picked out two women (who claimed to be sisters) for $3000 pesos. They danced with me, ate dinner, talked for a couple hours. I screwed both in an upscale prostitution hotel (clean room, free porn movies, mirrored wall and ceiling) that cost $30 bucks. The bar has its own set of private drivers that won't mug you. The drivers cost $20 for a few hours, $40 for half the night, etc. Because I spoke good Spanish, have lived in Mexico and know the subtleties of their town, the girls asked for my address in the U.S. One of the girls called me the next day and offered to spend the night with me for free so she could say "adios"!! Unfortunately, I had a flight back to the U.S. She obviously wanted a ticket out of the dismal poverty of Mexico.

Cheap, great sex can be had, and the expensive sex can be more fun than it is in the U.S. Again, Spanish will get you far.

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997


El Dragon de Oro (Londres at Insurgentes).

Some of the ugliest women I've seen in my life. I wasn't even half thru my beer bottle when I asked for the bill. No cover, 30N$ for a beer, 80N$ for a lap dance (not even if they would give *me* the money).

Jet Set Club Located on Copenague off Genova (Zona Rosa). 6's and 7's mostly, a couple of 8's. No cover, beer 40N$. Every third dance is full nude. No pressure atmosphere. Some girls offer sex. Worth a visit.

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 Subject: Mexico City (11/97)

I visited most of the clubs and street girl areas mentioned above and have a few comments.

1. The street girls tend to be 1-5 rated. They are only looking for quickies.

2. The club girls, some are 9-10 and beautiful on stage. They come to your table and encourage you to buy drinks- often in pairs to double your bar bill. Be careful, you can be encouraged to drop $ 100-200 very quickly. They will sit at the table in minimum dress (often swim suits) and fondle you while you fondle them. This tends to make you forget that they are consuming a drink every 10 minutes.

Once you have fallen in love and spend the big bucks to buy them out and go to a room, their personality changes and they strip down- give you a condom- and lay on the bed with no enthusiasm. You can find yourself with a beautiful woman who essentially says "here is the target, get it over".

"All Night" may be an agreement, but it is not carried out. She will leave in an hour or so.

They are out for the money, once they have the money, they don't provide any enjoyment other than the warm hole. You can't even get any conversation (I speak Spanish) that is encouraging.

The girls actually got me more "turned on" in the club than in the room.

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998

Mexico - Mexico City

Sullivan Street is nice but girls are not, they range from 4s to 7s... instead they are very cheap, they will charge you 400 pesos ($US 50) and they will escort you to a cheap hotel nearby. Best places to go are the Mens Club and the Club Royal - you'll find lots of 10s there, and prices range from US$100 to US$2000 for all-night action. You'll also have to pay entrance and to pay a fee to take a girl out. Other interesting places to go are: Bar ISIS (you'll find 19 year old college students there, some of them very very pretty and kind of cheap - US$150), Bar Vas (old-fashioned, but still interesting), and Scorpios (massage/whorehouse with international talent). There are lot's of "hidden" places that only cab drivers or residents know about - there is one club called "Condesa Palace" in the Colonia Roma where you'll get a 10-rated service... but not all cab drivers know about this - still they may recommend others... remember that mexican cab drivers are very very very friendly - even more if some tip is involved.

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