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Mexicali, Mexico

Date: 07-03-2001

I have some information for the city of Mexicali, Mexico. I used to go there on business but I have not been there since 1999.

I have never seen street walkers. Mexicali isn't as ghetto as Tijuana. It is very hot. People are really nice, made some good friends. Some really good looking women around here--the ordinary locals, not just the girls working in the sex industry. Not like Tijuana, where I didn't see any good looking girls outside a strip club or whorehouse. Great tacos. Didn't like the Chinese food, though it got raves from others. Apparently there are a lot of chinese immigrants here from the railroad days, but I don't recall ever seeing them outside the restaurants. There are a number of different places I went to.

First, the strip clubs. There are a number of strip clubs close to the border crossing. There is at least one (called Aquarius) further down on Lopez Mateos avenue. For $10 you can get a lap dance in the back. I did this only once. It was easier cuz my co-worker spoke spanish. This is not necessary as I am sure anyone can get the point across that they would like to indulge in a lap dance. Some of the girls are gorgeous. Most are average. The lap dance lasts the length of a song. I selected a hot (only 7-8 face but a 9-10 body) bleached blonde girl and she let me suck her tits and rub her crotch and ass through her hot pants. I asked her how much to go to my hotel, she said $200. My friend and I could not talk her down. I think her boyfriend or some kind a regular was in the bar too. Big dude, looked like a rancher. I have been quoted similar prices elsewhere. I did not pay $200 even though I was tempted, cuz some of those girls are HOT. So if it you got the cash, some (but not all) of the girls are willing. From then on, I mostly went to the strip clubs only to drink, watch the strippers do their dancing, and hang out with my co-workers. For sex, I first went to a place called Samurai's, co-located in a hotel called Bahia. Previous posts give the directions. It is close to a large mall. Occasionally you will find a good looking (8 or so) girl. $40 + $10 room for 1/2 hour. I do not like to go to these places. While some of the girls are good looking, I want to have a girl 3-4 hours, if not all night. Good if you just need to relieve yourself, quick and easy. For longer sessions, I like to go to a place I had not seen on WSG site.

Harrah's (or Harra's) Bar, located (if memory serves) at the intersection of Benito Juarez and Lopez Matteos, which is a roundabout. From the outside, it looks like kind of an ordinary bar, maybe a bit bigger than most, in a kind of small strip mall. Uniformed security checks you at the door. Inside, it is dark, with music (mostly Bandas; apparently very popular in Mexicali) blaring from the jukebox and some guys dancing with the house girls. Boothes along the walls, small tables in the middle, and the small (10x10) dance floor. Mostly locals. In fact, the only time I saw other gringos was when I brought co-workers a few times. I'm told that a lot of them are ranchers and farmers, of the more affluent sort, though I couldn't tell one way or another. The girls range from 3-7, no more. I've seen one girl with really beautiful tits, a really nice figure, maybe an 8, but I couldn't get her to go to the hotel with me. Maybe not all the girls are working all the time. Or they have some standard that I do not meet. Couldn't figure it out. Almost all the girls could stand to lose a few pounds, especially around the hip and ass. Most are a little soft around the belly. Most have kids. Apparently, they are ostensibly waitresses cuz they had "uniforms" and if they weren't sitting or dancing with customers, they were behind the bar or serving drinks. Some of them were sitting ON the bar, waiting for customers. Their "uniform" usually consisted of a short, black, tight dress. During the holiday season, they had short, tight, santa claus dresses. Cute touch. The bar deserves mention. Behind thar were mirrors angled up, so you could see up the girls' skirts. Another cute touch. I got along OK with my limited spanish skills. No one approached me the first time, so I had to make the first approach and proposition. Definitely not aggressive here. Going rate is $100 + $20 to the bar for losing a waitress. Sometimes I paid the $100 to the bar, other times I paid it to the girl at the hotel room, which you provide. By the way, it is OK (apparently) to bring a girl to your room at the Araiza Inn and the Crowne Plaza, but not the Lucerne. I don't know about the other hotels. I have gone to this bar several times. If you wait til a girl gets off work (I think 10pm and 2am) you don't have to pay the bar the $20. Spanish for "What time do you get off work: Ah kay oar-a ter-mean-us deh trab-a-har?" I once got a girl at about 9pm, finished at 11pm, and she wanted to go back to the bar to work some more. Most of the time, they would stay much longer. I got to be familiar enough with a couple of girls so that they would stay until the morning, which was nice. We would go to my hotel and I could take it slow with them. Slowly undress them, massage each other. I sucked their pussies, they sucked my dick (my regulars would do all this without condoms) and we fucked, usually with a condom. One girl, Emilia (I rate her a 6; late 30's; nice tits; I could really pound her pussy with my dick all night), who I saw the most, would fuck me without a condom and was willing to do anal without a condom.

Usually I don't do any of this stuff without a condom, but I did give in one time. Couldn't do anal though, cuz I was too soft. She liked or at least tolerated anal. Rim job, finger fucked her ass a couple of times, as well as the aborted Greek that I just mentioned. I got the feeling that she didn't get too many customers. Maybe that was why. I got the impression that most these girls didn't service a lot of johns. I figure many didn't get even one john a night. Maybe it was cuz it was a local's bar and the girls sex job was truly just a way to make some extra cash, rather than being their main activity. That said, only a couple of girls wouldn't go with me. I like this place a lot cuz you can take them to your room for a long time. I got to be familiar with the place and with some of the girls. Even though most of the girls are overweight and not too attractive, you can still find some nice ones. Instead of the blare of rap and electronica that you get from the strip club, you get a blare of Banda music. And you're surrounded by locals. And the girls don't hound you. Sometimes I would just go there for drinks and to dance with the girls and to look up their skirts. I got into it; comfy local bar/whorehouse.

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Mexicali is about 15 miles south of El Centro, California. If you are travelling on I-8 EC is about 1 hour 40 minutes from San Diego, 50 minutes from Yuma. The pussy in Mexicali is quite good. Many of the pros truly like their profession - they like to do the wild thing. Mexicali does not have the quantity of women as Tijuana. However, Mexicali is safer and while there are no guarantees in life you can walk around at all hours and no get mugged or your car broken into. There are bars just across the border crossing [go straight, a slight veer to the left after crossing]. For the red zone [zona roja] turn left after crossing and go about 5 blocks then turn right.

STREET PRICES: Expect to pay $20 for straight sex, no foreplay, the lady does not kiss little elvis. Quality differs. I generally stay away from the women on the street. Look for them standing outside a hotel.

There are three good places to go:

Bahia Bar San Diego aka Motel Las Dunas aka San Diego Bar El Establo

Bahia: The best known however quality and quantity of women has gone down. Going rate is $40, girls first quote $50 hoping for you to bite. Stick to you guns and only offer $40, I have never been refused. Room rates (upstairs) varies from $10-13. On most nites there are only about 5-7 women. Beer or a soda is 18 pesos (about $2.50), a ripe off for a pony bottle. Get tanked up in the Zona Roja first. Bahia has a good day shift for those desiring a good quickie, I generally go after 7 p.m.

Bar San Diego aka Motel Las Dunas aka San Diego Bar: Probably the best overall whore house in Mexicali. After crossing stay straight (slight veer to left after crossing) and follow the sign AEROPUERTO. BSD is about 4 miles down then 4 blocks to the right. Rates are $40 + 13 and there are 15-20 vixens to serve your needs starting after 6:30 p.m.. El Establo: Good after hours bar. Women number 10-15. Price is $50 + $27, high for a room. Women number about 10. Drinks are cheaper than the Bahia. Directions: Turn right after the border crossing. Proceed to Laslo Cardenas (Walmart on the Right) and turn left. Look for a large coca cola bottling plant and many a U-turn. El Establo is about 150 yards on the right. Many women hang outside the bar so drive through and check the goods outside first.

It is relatively safe to drive in Mexicali. One day insurance is $7, for the last 10 years I have driven an older vehicle just in case. I have never had any problems. One driving tip - it illegal to make u-turns in Mexico irrspective on the size i.e. wide street or time of day. If stopped by the policia it is customary to fold a $20 around your license. Don't argue just do it, it saves much hassle and there is no record, points on your license, increased insurance rates, etc. For those with expensive vehicles, park in Calexico. Cab fares are inexpensive $3-5. A second border crossing has been open for about 1 year, however, it closes at 10 p.m.

Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 01:09:00 -0700 Subject: mexicali

I typed in Mexicali and this is one of the things I got! I have to say that I got a chuckle out of it! As for the San Diego Bar/Las Dunas, it will be easier to find knowing that is is located on a street named Rio Culiacan in the neighborhood Colonia Pro Hogar...just in case anyone is interested. On the subject of anal sex, if you ask a Mexican prostitute for "estilio Greco", all you'll get is a blank stare.They don't associate Greeks and anal sex like we do. I offer this advice based on my experiences while actually living in Mexicali for almost a year.

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