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Mersin, Turkey


Place is deader that most graveyards in the world. Most Turks will
know how to get hold of prostitutes though. We had one at a hotel that
received a US $ 100 bill, excused herself to take a shit, then did a
runner. Beleive me, she didn't even flush the toilet, and her log was
massive. I missed a real good anal session.

Attention!!!!! If you read this and you do not believe me. Please take
the time to check with anyone you know in Mersin or Adanna (close
town). On highway E24, heading to Antalya, after the Gondol Hotel,
turn right before the mini-electricity station, follow the dirt road
until you get a taxi stand (or ask for KaraKhana).

There is this place called "KARA KHANA" in Mersin. This is a Turkish
government run facility with females. They are put in here if they are
defaulted on debt.  They get given a choice between spending time in
prison, or renting their miserable bodies out.

You are not allowed in unless you have your passport. Do not take
cameras or mobile phones. It has 20 ft. high walls with barb wire, and
metal gates aroung it. It is basically three streets (a block) that is
fenced off. Turkish police actually control access. The windows are
all barred in steel. They look much worse than what you imagine.

The women range in age from 16 to 90. The cost for a blow job is US $
10.  Full penetration is US $ 20-30. Your choice which hole you
plug. Some of the 90 year olds are seriously sad looking. We are
talking playing soccer with your own tits here.

I am told there are places like this in Istanbul. Do not know where they are.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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