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Meriden, Connecticut

Subject: Meriden, CT USA

Meriden, CT

Tubs For Two, East Main Street

This place has been there for about ten years.  The place advertises hot
tubs with female attendants.  Don't be fooled, every room has a hot
tub, but it is a full service in-call brothel.  I paid $50 for a 45
minute session.  You get you choice of girl.  There were 4 white girls
working that range from 5 to 9.  I picked the 9.  She escorts you to
a room.  The rooms have bed, jacuzzi tub, and a attached bathroom with
shower.  You strip and take a shower while she waits someplace else.
The session started out with a brief erotic massage.  That was pretty
nice and I wish it lasted longer.  Then she asks you what you like to
do.  They are pretty careful, I had to tell you exactly what I wanted
and how much I wanted to spend.  She kept motioning no until I got to
$120 for full service.  After I paid her she stripped down and we
began by nude hugging and rubbing our bodies together.  We fucked in
several positions and she let me set the pace, so I didn't come right
away.  Finally, she put another condom over the first and we 69'ed
until I came.  She actually even let me eat her pussy (probably not
a good idea on my part).  The session was acutally very erotic and
she would scream things like "lick my pussy", and even masterbated
herself for a while.  Sorry, I don't remeber her name. There is another
full service spa down the street called "Garden of Edan", the setup is
about the same.

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 00:11:57 -0800 Subject: Meriden, CT Report Stopped by Garden of Eden (Main St, Meriden, CT). The only "hostess" available was older than my grandmother. They showed me the photo of another woman that would be available in 1/2 hour. She looked my 200 pound sister, so I opted to say "have a nice day" and leave. Down the street at Tubs for Two (Main St, Meriden, CT), there where three girls available. Two were in the twenties and the other was in her forties and all made an effort to look attractive. I choose the the shapely younger blond, Samatha, and paid the $50 house charge. As reported before all rooms have bed, shower, bathroom, as jacuzzi tub. The girls do not take a bath with you, so the tub is just a marketing scheme. Samantha asked for the gratudity up front, so I gave you $100 before my shower. I had paid $120 previously for full service here. I got a short back rub and excellent "girlfriend sex". She let me kiss her and eat her pussy before we had straight sex in multiple positions. She rubbed here tits all over me and made an outstanding effort of enjoying herself, myself and her work. I would recommed Samantha to anyone in the central connecticut area.

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