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Memphis, Tennessee

Date: 6-17-2001

Pure Passion, All Nude, In Memphis, Tenn.

It Is The Black Booty Upscale Place.

Again The Next I Got From Jordans Listing Of Black Strip Clubs And It Is Good Information:

Location: It Is Right On Brooks Road Which Is Off Of Airways Road Right By The West End Of The Airport.

Brooks Runs West From Airways, And Is About 2 Miles Up The Road From Airways, On Brooks, Just Keep Looking To Your Left. Stay In The Left Lane.

The Club: Admission Is $10, And You Will Be Patted Down. So, Use Common Sense. The Place Is More Of An Upscale Black Club, But It Needs A Lot More Work To Really Be An Upsclale Black Club. It Looks A Little Worn Over. Still, It Is A Nice Club.

The Ladies:

You Will See All Shapes And Sizes, And A Little More Classy/Stylist Woman. Looks Are From 7-9, I Saw No 10íS, But 2 Came Very Close. A Couple Of The Fine Ladies Had Real Attitude Problems, Especially A Fine Light-Skin Sista, With A Long Ponie Tail. She Even Had A Bad Attitude, While Lap Dancing . Avoid Her At All Cost Ö. At All Cost. When You Go To The Club Ask For, " Juicy, Tasty, And Honey Ö. They Will Do You Right !!! The Rest Of The Dancer Are Kind And Fair, And It Is Mutual Respect, So Give Your Respect First.

The Dance:

It Will Cost You About $10, Which Is Right At Your Table, Or Area. They Have 2 Stages Top & Bottom. A Private Dance Is $20, And, "It Is Not Worth It". Save Your Money !!! You Can Get The Same Thing For A Simple Table Dance, And You DoníT Have To Walk To The Vip Area. A Lot Of Ladies Hang Out, Near The Vip Area, Trying To Take Each Others Man. It Is About The Money. I Did Not See A Fight Or Argument, But A Lot Of Stiff Competition. Ladies Show You Everything On The Stage, For Dollars, And You Get A Compete Review Up Close.

Big Pimpin :

Almost All The Ladies Are Willing To Make Arrangement To See You Are The Club Closes. The Cost Is From $75(As A Regular Customer) To $100-125, For Everything You Want. Make Sure You Ask First, And Be Specific. Ask For Juicy(***), Tasty(***), And Honey(**), Are Very Fair, And Will Keep Their Word. Juicy Is The Best Value, Is A Tall Thick Light-Skin Fox In A Blonde Wig (Juicy Dump The Wig), Taste Is The Sexz Fox With A Thick Very Shapely Body With No Kids, And Perfect Round Melon Size Breast, With Lovely Smooth Soft Brown Skin, And Honey Is More A Shy Thin Sexz Fox.

All Most All The Ladies Schedule Contact After Closing. Make Plans Early, And If You Leave Before They Do, Then Get Their Phone Number, Because You Are Competing With Other BrothaíS Doin Some Big Pimpin Too. DoníT Go Money Crazy For You Will Drive Up The Price, And Then You CaníT Afford The Ladies Yourself. Stick With $75, And Only Go Higher Than That If The Dancer, Will Give Up More Goodies, And Give You A Whole Hour Even After You Hit It. It Is Yourrrrr Mmmmoney Ö. Be Tough With It !!!!


If You DoníT Know Or Were Wondering, You Can Not Get Laid In The Club. I Am Not Saying It Does Not Happen, But I Did Not See It In Th Vip Area, And I Ask Most Of The Dancers And They Said No, Not In The Club. They Will Even Meet You In The Car, During Their Breaks, So BrothaíS With Vans Are In Luck.

DoníT Beg:

Of Course DoníT You Beg For Anything, Because You Know Better. Enough Said For That Ö. Right !!!!

DoníT Let The Ladies Beg You For Tips & Money. As Soon As They Start Begging Be Polite And Just Dismiss Them. I Hate It When The Women Start Begging You For Money. That Pisses Me Off More Than Anyhing Else. And DoníT Let Them Tie You Up, And Keep Other Dancers Away. Be Careful Of This, For She Will Try To Drain You Dry, And Then Leave Once That Happens. Be Smart, And Use Great Common Sense.


You Can Buy Beer For $4, With A $1 Tip For The Waitress, Or Bartender. Mixed Drinks Are Still Reasonable. No Ladies Drink That I Heard About, Which You Should Never Buy. If Any Lady Does Ask You About Buying Her A Drink Say No, And Move On. She Can Buy Her Own.


There Is Not Much Good Safe Parking, For A Crowded Night, So Be Careful Not To Double Park, Or Be Double Parked On. Park Is The Well Lit Areas.

When A Brotha Is Think About Booty, He May Forget About Safe Parking.

If You Need More Information Email Me At:


Date: None

Memphis, Tn is full of prostitution in tity-bars, escort services, and parlors! Why don't you have anything on Memphis? I'm very curious as to the scene that goes on here.

Subject: Prostitution: Memphis, TN Date: 8 Nov 1996

Finally decided to stop complaining about not seeing any information on areas of interest to me and thought I'd become part of the solution. POST WHAT YOU KNOW PEOPLE.

The Memphis area is very much alive and happening: strip clubs, adult bookstores/arcades, streetwalkers, massage parlors and escort services. The information listed below is limited by memory - I wasn't aware I'd be recording this for prosperity at the time.

STRIP CLUBS I've had success aranging after hours dates at two of the clubs in Memphis - The King of Clubs and Tiffineys. Not all girls are willing of course, and I've recieved many more refusals than positive responses. The success I've had is with the average looking girls - they aren't tipped as much and appear to need the money more. My approach is to buy a lap dance and ask at some point during if they do outside work after hours. If the answer is yes I work out a suitable time andgive my hotel and number to them. In both establishments the cost has benn $150 for up to one hour for full service.

ADULT BOOKSTORES/ARCADES I've never been to the store on E. Brooks Road that I haven't been propositioned by one of the girls that work the fantasy booths. When approached to see if I would like "intimate time in a booth" (re. peek show) I've responded no I just stoped by for a few minutes before checking into my hotel for the evening. At leat 5 times I've been asked if I would like company later. Hven't taken any of them up on the offer (not my type) but I did negoiate a $100 full service price with one before declining.

STREETWALKERS I've had success all times of day and night on both E. Brooks Rd. and Summer Ave. Rates seem to be standard: $20/head, $40/full service, and $50 for both (you get off twice). Most girls have their on room - where they haven't, Ive been able to negoiate a two timer for the price of securing them a $30 room for the night. The best I've seen out there is a five however.

ESCORT SERVICES Sorry, guys. Can't remember the name of the one I used but I wish I did. The lady was a young (21), beautiful, blue-eyed blonde and this just simply couldn't have been standard service. It started with a hand job, poceeded to intercourse and finished with a no condom tit fuck - all for the standard service fee of $150 for one hour! With this kind of luck I should have been playing the lottery instead of getting laid.

MASSAGE PARLORS Memphis is simply a bonanza. I've used five different ones and it's been very straight forward in each of them. There is a standard massage fee based on the amount of time you want (15,30,45, or 60 minutes) but cupons in the sports section of the local newspaper help lower this charge. You get a choice of ladies (if ther're not cute at the one you're, at try another) and you're led to a small massage room. Upon entering I've always been asked if it was just a massage I wanted. My response: "How much is full service"? The response has always been $150. I don't really like to bargin so a tactic I like to use is say I've only got $120 and pull it out in a roll and simply hand it to them. I've never had one hand it back yet. What you get for your money beyond straight sex can vary from girl to girl. I recommend trying first, then apologizing if you've offended her. I've seen a range of play from no finger touching of pussy to a five finger fister. The massage parlors are probably the best deal going in Memphis for availability vs. amount. Enjoy.


Unless you're into straight voyerism avoid these. You touch you. She doesn't. And you don't touch her. They are usually quite pretty, so if it's your deal, enjoy.

Subject: Memphis, TN Update Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997

This was my first time back to Memphis since the "trouble" they had with the local strip bars. The girl I knew at Platinum Plus, that use to arrange after-hours dates, isn't there anymore. The place seems a little tamer too. After being disappointed by the other titty bars as well, I decided to head over to some of the adult bookstores on East Brooks Road.

And at 1AM I decided to cruise East Brooks Road. It was about 20 degrees out, so I didn't expect to see much streetlife. But I hadn't been on the road for more than 5 minutes when I was approached by a red car with two women in it, honking at me.

After making contact, I then followed them to an empty parking-lot. The driver then told me the going rates, see above. I opted for both of them back at my place. They agreed and followed me back to my hotel room.

The red-head, Brooke, was incredible. She was extremely well endowed. I was inside her first and for a woman of her profession, she was very tight.

She was definitely worth every penny I paid. Next was the brunette, the driver. She said she didn't want me to release her name. If Brooke was incredible, this brunette was simply phenomenal. Equally as well endowed as Brooke. And I can't even begin to explain the things this woman can do with her mouth. She would have been worth the price of both. I'm definitely going to become a repeat customer.

It goes without saying that everything we did was safe. The brunette, I found out, is one of a few brunettes who works East Brooks Road. So she shouldn't be that hard to find. Brooke, on the other hand, is going to be moving to DC soon, so check out the City Paper when in Washington DC. I'll keep everyone updated with my escapades as they happen. I'm off to Little Rock, AR next.

Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 13:52:10 -0600 Subject: (no subject)

Just an addition to your section on massage in Memphis, Tenn.: There is a place there called "Sensations" that is really great! I've been there many times,and have never been unpleasantly surprised. Plan on paying around $100 above the hourly rate for full service, and the girls range from 5 to 9 in appearance. I don't know if she's still there, but a girl who called herself "Dallas" was nothing short of incredible, especially if you like fantastic breasts. I'll try to stay in touch about other establishments in Memphis as I find time and money to sample them.

Subject: Re: (ASP)Memphis, TN Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 14:24:39 -0600

Titty bars. Get a local paper for coupons for free admission (Saves you $5.00 at night and $3.00 in the day>> worth the price of the paper)

A couple on Brooks road. Very seedy part of town filled with gang violence, drugs, prostitution and of course titty bars. If you are flying in you will be glad to know it is less than 10 minutes from the airport. If you get a rental car you will be taken to Democrat road . Go west on Democrat under the overpass to Airways blvd. Take a left on Airways and go down about 2 streets and you are at Brooks. Take a right on Brooks and you are where the action is.

First one you come to is Pure Passion. If you are not a Brother then you better avoid this place. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

Next King of Clubs. $5.00 Cover $4.25 Drinks (Two Min) About half and half Black and White. Not too bad. Still a little scary. I have had a few pretty good lap dances for $20 for two songs. A whole lot of mutual contact and cock grinding.

Last one is Babes. $5.00 Cover $4.25 Drinks. Probably the best one in the bunch. A really good lap dance can be had for $20 for 2 songs. There is one in particular that I get a dance with everytime I see her. She is Very tall and voluptuous. I forgot her stage name but you really can't miss her. Really nice big and round ass that she likes to rub on your cock, Really nice tits (About d cup) Not too big, but really nice (And REAL) She loves to have her long 3/4 inch nipples sucked and rubs her tits in your face constantly. If you don't grab those monsters then she will grab your hands and clutch them on her tits. She sometimes raises my shirt so we are chest to chest and then she dry humps my hard cock. I have never failed to Cum with her. Definately worth $20!!! She likes to kiss your ear and moan in it, I really almost feel like I had sex and feel drained when she is done. I had never cum before with any other dancer but I think that is what she tries to do.

If you see Brooks and are too scared to stop keep going till you get to I-55 (Towards Memphis) and go north to I-240 east (Towards Nashville) Take Mt. Moriah Exit (South and first exit) on the left is Platinum Plus. Bright Purple neon.. Can't miss it.

Platinum Plus $5.00 Cover $4.25 Drinks $20 to $25 Lapdances. Very Very pretty girls. Great lapdances. A little more expensive than the Brooks counterparts but A GREAT deal more classy. My favorite place other than Babes. No memorable chicks, just generally good service.

Next stop Tiffanies Go south on Mt. Moriah the next light veer off the the right at Mendenhall (You can't miss the turn there is a glimmering Billboard at the intersection for Tiffanies) 3 lights later you are at Winchester , Get in the right lane and go THROUGH Winchester just past the Burger King and take THE FIRST right after the BK. There you are...

Tiffanies $5.00 cover $5.00 drinks and dances are too high for me. $25.00 for NO CONTACT "Lapdances" and $50 for the upstairs dances. Probably the best looking girls in any titty bar in Memphis but that is all you are going to do .... look! BEWARE!! Their idea of a 2 for 1 dance is 2 songs played halfway through spliced together.

As for the other titty bars

Gold Club Summer at I-240 Pretty nice girls from what I understand but in the last two years there has been no less than 2 deaths from gunshots in their parking lot. It is right next to a brightly light dildo world er Fantasy world adult toy shop. Can't miss it. Take the Summer Exit right after the Nashville exit and take another right on Summer.

Valentines Lamar at Getwell (Close to Winchester) Not recommended. Low grade dancers (While most titty bars have a few that is all they have in this place)

Queen of Hearts Another Brothers only club on lamb Place left off of Democrat (East bound from the Rental car places and airport) Dark parking lot with brothers hanging out in the lot. NOT my cup of tea! _________________________________________________________________________

Massage Parlors

One west of Tchulahoma on Winchester called Sensuous Massage. $20.00 house fee $60.00 hand job $100 Blow Job $160 for the works I am sure that the prices are negotiable Not really a great deal only one or two girls working no great choices.

Another two on Brooks westbound past the I-55 overpass and past Elvis Presley BLVD. On the left there is a little area of 2 Massage joints same prices as above. More selection of women .... none too great.

If this is what you are looking for then I would suggest taking a road trip to Nashville to Cleos or a few other places listed in the World Sex guide to Prostitution. Memphis is overpriced compared to what you get in my opinion in this area. (When it can be had 2 hours drive, cheaper and more importantly higher quality) _________________________________________________________________________

Lingere Shops >>> Forget them.

If you want to jack off in front of a woman standing in her underwear 5 feet from you then do it in your hotel room.


Peep show rooms>>>> Not Recommended

One located at the east end of Brooks (Across Airways) If you like to have perverts waiting outside your door offering you blows and such, walking through cum stained floors, and watching a movie that you could rent in the privacy of your hotel room... have at it. They are all like that and really nasty. (I think the law made them remove the doors to the stalls but I doubt if that stops anything.)


Last but not least Prostitution.....

Brooks road. You can find them walking and driving around almost anytime of day. Some are real lookers most are crackheads.

$20 to $40 for a blow in your car $60 to $100 for intercourse

There are stings from time to time so be sure to grab some snatch and or tit BEFORE you talk about sex or money!!!!!( I am talking hand to skin not on the clothes!!) She may want to grab your cock as insurance for herself.

You will probably be asked to drive behind a building or a hotel parking lot or behind a bunch of trucks parked there. Keep your eyes open and don't get caught.`

I heard of some Prostitution on Summer (I would imagine close to the Gold Club) But did not see any activity. If someone knows about this stuff please help fill in the blanks.


Some advise on Memphis....

Touching dancers or her touching you is illegal here . Performing lewd acts ie cock grinding , is illegal here. Some clubs allow this (Look the other way) and some do not. Policies change back and forth from time to time. I always drink my first beer and sit around and look at what types of dances are being had. I never walk in and get a dance from a girl I don't know because you may just piss away your money on a girl that wishes to stay 5 feet away while your buddy right next to you is about to blow his load on a girl that you wish you had.. Negotiate a firm price before she starts. If she says $30 then try $20 and settle for $25. Make sure it is for the number of songs you want ie 2 for 1. If a song is halfway through ask her nicely to sit in your lap and talk and she can start with the next song. Most of the Clubs on Brooks allow mutual touching , sucking of nipples grabbing of the ass , just make sure you know before you pay!


BE CAREFULL here in Memphis. Sure, you may come from a big town, but there few places in Memphis even close to being described as "Crime Free"

Rent a so-so car if you plan on going prostitute hunting or titty bar hopping. I don't care if the company is paying for it! Rent a cheap car!!!! There is a lot of carjacking and auto theft here (We are right next to Mississippi and Arkansas which makes for quick getaways) You really don't need the extra attention anyhow.

Carry as little cash as possible. Carry enough so you won't have to use the ATM but don't carry $1000 either. The only relatively safe ATMS are in Grocery stores. At all means DO NOT use any at Mapco gas stations or outside of banks. REAL BIG NO NO !!!!! Don't flash what you have. I keep all my extra stash in one pocket and my $1.00s in my shirt pocket (For tipping) and my money I intend to spend in my other pocket. (Small bills on the outside!!!!)

Do not wear a tie a titty bar. First of all you won't look important, you will look like a sap. The girls will be on you like white on rice. You will have less negotiating power if you look like a business man. I don't mean come in wearing sweats either. Dress nice and use proper hygene and you will do fine.

Keep a low profile and look around in any parking lot you park in. If there are 2 Caprices with shiney rims full of brothers right next to your parking spot, then maybe you should leave and maybe come back later.

In other words use your common sense.

Hope this helps you and if any of you folks from Memphis has any clairifications and or additions by all means please add. Memphis has a whole lot of action with no one posting! Memphis has some of the darn PRETTIEST women working in titty bars and the best cock grinding around. I have been to about at least 10 different cities and Memphis does rank pretty high.

Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Memphis TN Date: 29 Jun 1997

my experience is that late-nite outside the platinum plus girls will approach you in the parking lot i usually stay in the holiday inn on mt moriah(right next door to PP) and i have always (in the last 12 mos.)been approached on the way to the hotel

good luck

Subject: [ASP] Memphis Report Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997

Hello again. Accept my apologies for the delinquency of this report. This report will lead you to what ever you seek. The information in this report is combined from two recent trips (mid-May and early July). As always I'll only provide contact info to those who are ASP users, not abusers (i.e. to those that provide info and not to those who merely leach ). This report should provide enough info so that even the leaches can discover thier own rewards. Look at it like this... you'll still have a bit of the thrill of the chase this way. I will remind you that if my spelling or grammer offends thee, I don't care. Also, and of most importance, use protection - For your sake, the girls and the next guy or girl. DEATH SUCKS.

Definition; Nasty and Nastiest = Great and Greatest. Streets = Pros Lap = rock polisher or drive up and down street

STRIP CLUBS I know I'm going to stray off topic for a bit but you'll see why. IMHO that Memphis has the best strip-clubs in the country. They may not have the shows found in SF but the quality and quantity of ladies make up for this. Although the two beautiful young blonds who were doing a two girl dance complete with oral and fingers was not bad. The best SC in Memphis is Platinum Plus with Tiffanys a close second. If you dont know, Memphis clubs have nude dancing and have Lap dances which are full mutual contact. During the lap the girl is supposed to keep bottems on all time but most will at least give you a few nice peeks and some will let you touch thier smoothy. Platinum Plus has the best atmosphere, layout, staff, and any where between 60 - 80 fine phillies on a Friday and Saturday night. 25 - 35 on any other night and 10-15 on any dayshift. If your in town, go there. But only bring what you can sensably spend, it can go quick. Other clubs worth mentioning are Babes, King of Clubs, and Gentlemens Club. But none come close to PP. As an added bonus Elvis appears briefly at midnight every friday. Man those rhinestones hurt. FYI Pure Passion is a black club Went in there once, by mistake and the metal detector at door should have been a big clue, actually had a good time for being the only white person out of about 30 people. But, not my cup of tea.

This is my fifth year coming to Memphis (two or three per year) and I have always received a prop from at least one of the dancers at at least one of the above clubs. (at at?) I never took any offers before as I was'nt comfortable with the idea. This year was different and am I glad. Went to a club on a Sunday night, about 10 girls mostly 5-7's with two 7-8's. I was tired from travel so I just relaxed with a drink, watched the stage, and turned down the requests for Lap dances. Was'nt too excited about my prospects and was about to get a Lap from one of the girls when a new one arrived. Petite, long blond hair, brown eyes, 5'2", tight body, smallish breasts, and no tatoos, dressed in black plastic vest, thigh high boots with garter and black fishnets. Appeared to be in early twenties. She came over to me sat down and we talked for a while. She asked me how nasty the dances were here. Hmmm. I replied it depends on the girl. Some are a lot more liberial than others. She went on stage, nice trim, and afterwards I got my lap from her. Very exhilerating. Near the end of the second song an offer was made. She came to my hotel the next afternoon. She dressed in a cute summer outfit. Almost started a little girl fantasy. Well actually now it has. Sick, Sick, Sick.

She was to spend an hour but our time turned into three and a half for the price of one. She was an incredible kisser, loved giving and receiving oral. She sucked and licked and explored another naughty bit for a half hour before she indicated that her mouth was getting sore. Wow, most cant go ten minutes without complaining. This girl was passionate, loving, fun and willing to do anything. I kind of felt that I was with a friend as opposed to a pro or a good actress. Yeah, I should be so lucky to have a friend like her. Afterwards I walked her to her car, we hugged and kissed goodbye. She was going to work and asked if she could come back later - "no charge" - no shit. I know most of you'll think I'm an idiot for declining but I had an early flight the next morning so it was not to be.

On my last trip I experianced another entertainer from a different club. 5'3" brunette, slightly on the heavy side, maybe 10 lbs over, but still very attractive. In dancer garb she kind of looked like Mortisha of Adams Family. Used to dance at Mons Venus in Tampa. Overall a pleasant time but no where near the previous experiance.

Had one other dancer but enough about me. What about you?

So now you ask "How do I get me some"? We'll ...

1. Slower nights and days are better than a busy Friday or Saturday night. The girls are not making much at the club and would rather have some fun while earning a living. So Sundays and early week seem to be the best bet. I suppose if your bold enough you can ask. Something to the effect of "Please don't be offended by this but do you ever work outside of club?" Most of the girls in Memphis are willing to spend at least some time chatting with you so you can kind of feel her out before you ask. Oh, they are usually pressed up real tight against you or in your lap and in your arms during this chat so you could also FEEL her out before asking. While conversing with the lady keep your ears peeled for any thing she says that may suggest that she is willing to do more than dance. Some are very subtle, some are very obvious and some will wait for you to ask. I'm sure the girls are prop'd alot, so they're use to it and you havent asked for anything illegal. I have yet to be slapped. I'm a little worried about that because I just might like it.

2. Also watch the Laps and try not to be too obvious about it. Look for the girls that seem to be giving the nastiest dances and / or girls that spend a lot of time giving Laps. If you find one that interests you, revert to item 1.

3. If items 1 and 2 don't work, get some lap dances from girls who you think might provide. As Vice hassles the clubs from time to time the girls can be very cautious. The dancers say that vice are not supposed to get laps but only observe for illegal activity. Hence, don't be too obvious in item 2. While this will end up costing you more in the long run it can provide the best results as the girl will feel more comfortable and not think your a cop.

STREET ACTION The place to look for white females and some black females is on East Brooks Road between Airways Blvd and Elvis Presley Blvd. On weekdays after 5:00pm and on weekend days after about 12:00 noon. Quantity increases as day or evening progresses until midnight then falls off again. Of course, Friday and Saturday has highest quantity.

I must say that of the few places I've been in US that Memphis has some of the finest/cleanest streets (um not roads). Some of the girls use thier cars and most walk. All I want to say here is look for late model sports and imports. When you see one or two nice looking ones, make eye contact and , if they are working they will signal you to follow them to an off street (um road) lot or road. They will ask if you want some company and proceed from there. Except for 2 of the 8 or so I saw walking, the best times and finest girls work from cars. Chelsy - petite blond, pretty face, 5' 3", 22. Chanel - Buxom blonde, again very pretty, 5'4", 23. Spent an hour with each very very nice. more info if you want it. Trish - tall and slender, cute with small but perfectly shaped breasts, says she is 23 but looks like she is 18. I did see one very shapely young lady with sandy/blond hair but was not able to reach her in time. I noticed about 6 or 7 others walking but they did not appeal to me. I spent time with two girls who I do not recommend Stephanie and Haily. Steph was my most interesting experiance to date unfortunately not sexually. She appears very attractive at night. She has a very nice build, about 5'4" with long brown hair and big blue eyes. Nice tan. Mid twenties. I saw her near Mapco station and waited for her to walk by. I asked if she needed a ride to which she replied "no". She said something else but I could not hear her. I took another lap (um drive) and saw her again on other side of street across from Ramada. I thought I'd ask once more. She replied " No, I dont get into cars but I'm at Motel ** up street - room ***, meet me there". So I went and waited. I noticed a few other cars driving around in lot looking at her room. about ten minutes later she arrived, but one of the other guys driving around lot got her attention before I could. They went into room and I almost left but decided to wait. It was kind of ammusing, to sit there and time the event. 21 minutes and he is leaving. Now either he has little control or she is not so good. Hmmm, what to do. As I pondered this he came over to my car and said she is ready. I did not know what to do, and I probably should have left. I said O.K. He told me that she was cheaper than most girls in area, and clean, but also a little loopy and not too much fun. O.K. - thanks. I waited till he left in his car and then decided to go in. We talked a bit, and she orderred some delivered food. She gave her first and last name and address to restaurant. A bit later I called her by her first name and she was shocked that I knew what it was. well, the guy said she was loopy. Although once quite attractive she has a lot of scars on her once fine body, multiple stab wounds, broken bones, a gun shot wound. Too bad. At least her face was still quite nice. Again I say treat the girls nice. You'll both have a better time and life. they've most likely had a pretty shitty one already. I decided on just a bj. She hand signaled 30. Sans condom. She did a good job though I've had better. During the act a knock came at the door. Shit, busted. I quickly grabbed my shorts and went into bathroom. She looked out window and not recognizing the person told him to go away. She then called the motel desk and told them that some guy was at door and asked them to make sure he left. We got back to it and five minutes later there was another knock. This time it was security. I'd had enough, paid and left.

Went to the clubs and later, around 3:00am found Trish. Highly recommended.

The next night found Haily on side street near Hardees. Thin, long auburn hair, average face, 5' 4". SS tatoos which were hidden by clothing were a real turn off, late 20's early 30's, small saggy breasts, Absolutely no fun. Not recommended. Besides she took my Cross Pen.

Full Serve Rts are 60 - 100. Some of the girls will suggest a hotel about 3 minutes up Elvis Presly, you buy the room which is cheap. The management knows why your there, who the girls are and they look out for them. The girls probably bring in most of thier revenue so they don't mind.

For black ladies look about 7 -10 miles north of Brooks on Elvis Presley. EP name changes to something else at this point.

I hear that one other place to look is on Summer Ave. I have no experiance there.

One word of caution, be carefull after midnight. the girls said that the second shift beat cops were ok (not vice though). The third shift cops are not cool. thats why a lot of girls are gone after midnight. I was pulled over around 1:00am for asking a girl, who turned out to be legit, if she wanted a ride. She was on phone at gas station and a cop saw me stop and briefly talk to her. As I was pulling out of lot he pulled up and stared me down without saying anything. I drove off and within a minute he pulled me over. Having carefully studied the Jayhawk report in WSG. I was very polite, admitted to nothing other than " I asked the girl if she needed help or a ride as this was a bad nieghborhood and it is late" He did, at first, ask me why I solicited the girl at the gas station. He then said that asking a girl for a ride constitutes solicitation and if I were not from out of state I'd be going to jail. He asked what I was doing in area to which I replied " I was at clubs and am looking for a place to eat" Clubs and my hotel were on same road so it sounded good. He was kind enough to suggest two nearby restaurants and told me he did not want to see me making laps in area again. I said O.K. and he let me go. (Thankyou sir, May I have another).

Also, Brooks road is not the best area. I'd say it is on par with the Stewart and Cleavland street area in Atlanta. Use common sense

Well I'm out of Cigs so thats about it. I am going to Seattle and NYC for first time soon and really would appreciate some recommendations though both areas seem to be fairly active on this news group. Kudos to them. Take care stay safe, and dont be a leach. C'mon, be a good American, exercise your right to free speech.

Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997

I just recently visited Memphis. Street action is alive and kicking. When in town on business stay on Brooks Road near the Airport and Graceland. The low price chains like Ramada, Days Inn, and Motel 6 are there.

Hookers are walking all over the place. Don't even bother with going to a strip club, massage parlor, or calling an escort service. There are plently of quality ladies on the street and also driving around in cars. All the ones I saw in cars were driving white sporty one. They were better quality gals. But I found plenty of young, cute, yet white trashy ladies right in the Ramada parking lot. I had one come up to my room and I got some real nice incall blow job service for $30. There are plenty of those low class motels nearby on Brooks, 3rd St., and Elvis Presley Blvd, and hookers have lots of rooms rented there. I've been to a lots of cities but Memphis has some of the best street action I have ever seen.

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 22:55:17 -0500 Subject: Memphis

Memphis has quite a few massage parlors. Most hourly rates range from $20 to $30 for half an hour, or $30-60 for a full hour. Most of the massage parlors advertise in the local paper's sport section.

I usually go to Mid-Town Mini Spa on Madison. There is rear parking and a rear entrance. There is almost always a good selection of several girls. Occasional skanks, but most are fair to pretty good looking. Handjobs are usually $40-80, blowjobs around $100, and full service is $100-150.

Last time a choose a nice looking girl named Leigh. Paid $250 for a blow and a fuck. Had a nice body and was very attentive. Would see again.

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997

after checking world sex guide info on memphis, went to babes on brooks ave. on a monday night. not many customers. girls range from 2-7. finally settled on black chic, tina, for $20 lap dance. was excellent, got huge hard on. tina sez she could have taken care of it if i had spent $40 for 2 dances. and i believed her. lots of touching and full body contact not normally seen in tit bars. side note- encountered first driving hooker on brooks ave. while checking out scene after first arriving at memphis airport. chic looked good, pulled up next to me and honked. was early and i declined.

your travelling researcher

Date: 1998/01/09

went to memphis not too long ago, and while there i visited mid-town mini spa they had an add in the paper i think it was 40 or 50 for an hour w/coupon. there were three girls to choose from and i chose amanda she is very new to this buisness and it was a turn on to me she is maybe 20 , 5' 6" 125lbs small breasts

but it was girlfriend type sex the tip was 150 but i could have easily talked her down and get this i didn't have exact change and after we finished she went and got me change . midtown is just east of downtown on madison

Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998

just came back from memphis friday. while there visited a place called variety's at 5XXX knight arnold. every girl there was at least a 8 or 9. all were young and very pretty. cost was around $130 for everything. the place was nice and clean inside unlike any other place available in memphis.

Date: 1998/03/09

I was in Memphis on 3/4/98. I stayed at the Motel 6 on Brooks Rd. At about 6:30 pm at a red light a little red sports car pulled up beside me and a really sharp looking blonde honked her horn to get my attention, then motioned for me to follow her, but I declined because I was on my way to Babes Showclub. I had heard about the driving hookers, but really didn't believe it till I saw it with my own eyes. After clubing all night at 3am I was headed back to my motel room when I passed a thin lady dressed in black with jet black hair walking under the I-55 over pass on Brooks Rd. I went back and pulled over in the middle turning lane and waited. She came up and got into the car and we went through the normal are you a cop routine and went back to my room. Got a killer blow job with condom for 40 bucks. She said her name was Stephanie. She was about a 3, 4 at the most. She had a room at the Howard Johnson on Brooks. Didn't see anything else out, it was raining. No body was out on Summer Ave.

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998

Being from Detroit, which is a very price competitive market, I was happy to find that the Outcall Massage agencies listed in the yellow pages in Memphis Tennessee were consistently providing full service to my hotel for $100. This was in March of 1997 and the girls were somewhat on the low end of the 10 point system ... probably in the 4 to 6 range, but the service was complete and most fulfilling. The $100 is for "up to 30 minutes" (after you come, she goes).

All agencies I called were amazingly clear on the phone about what I should expect (not blatant, but I had no question in my mind).

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998

This is regarding Memphis...i have been to a few of the titty bars here, and now that my friend lives 10mins from there, i will be visiting often...cant remember the exact date the first time i was there (sometime in late 97) but this is what happened...we started off going to Tiffany's, nice place and gorgeous woman, but it was so packed we could hardly we decided to find another place, we pulled up into the Menz Club, not knowing it was a black soon as we sat down the girls were all over us, but they kept asking if we were the "fuzz"...but noone was giving us any dirty looks, so we decided to stay (we also had to fork over 8 bones a peice to get in) but i had a very memorable time here...they, for the most part were black women but there was a few other nationalities...but these girls had no garters on for the tips, they would spread their pussy open and let you get a real good plunge while you put the dollar in there...i then got a table dance from a very sexy black girl, she was really hot, but she lead me to the back and proceded to grind on me to the music, and she let me do what i wanted too...i was fingering her pussy and her asshole the whole time, and she came all over my hand, then of course i came all over my pants (hehe) but all in all, i had a great, getting to last month (May 98) we were gonna go to Tiffany's again, but i reminded my friend of our last time there, so we decided to go to Platinum Plus, and what a wonderful choice we made...we went in and payed the 5.00 cover and bought the 2 drink min, i think they ran about 2.50 a piece, it was a busy night...we had to stand up because all of the seats were taken, but we were right by the main stage so it was was amatuer night the night we were there, so the girls were just coming on stage for the contest, not very many lookers in this contest, but the fucking hottass women that did work there definitely made up for soon as the contest was over, these 2 girls walked up on stage and the DJ was telling us the more money we threw, the wilder they got, so i threw my share expecting to see a cheesy little lesbo act, no my friends, they had each others legs spread so wide open, and eating so much pussy that i thought i was gonna cum on myself right there...then i spotted my little nugget, this girl was average looking, but i was in lust with her, had to have a table dance with i tipped her well during her left stage show, which in return she spread her pussy open for me, and stuck a finger inside her pussy, then in my mouth...i definitely was getting a table now, she caup to me as soon as she was done and thanked me for the tips, and asked if i wanted a very hot table dance (2 for 1...40.00 i think), and i said sure...she brought me by the hand to the back room (very dark) and sat me down on a couch, then sat on my lap till the next song came on, grinding her pussy from the backside on my already hard cock, then the song came on, and her clothes came off, except her bottoms, but that didnt stop her from showing me the pac-con...i wasnt sure if i could touch at all, but i figured that out quick when she threw her right leg over my shoulder and put her spread open pussy over my mouth (got a few licks in before she spun around) and it seemed that she didnt mind at all, cause she did it again a few seconds later, this time she was wetter than hell....thats when i almost nutted on myself, then the second song came on and she really surprised me...she unzipped my pants and started to stroke my cock, she was being very descreet about it, then she squatted over me and began to rub my cock betwwen her lips (pussy, that is) she even stuck my cock in her about a 1/4 of the way in...needless to say, i was ready to cum, so i told her i was fixing to cum and she cupped her hand around the head so it wouldnt make a mess...this girl was the best pay sex i have ever had, so i tipped her a hundred, and it was well worth it...shit the black guy on the couch next to me was fucking two black girls, one was riding him, d the other was sitting on his face...this club kicks ass, and i will be back, OFTEN!!!! I can't remember the girl's name (i get really nervous when i get table dances), but she was the cutest girl (to me) there...she was about 5'6...115lbs...brownish/reddish shoulder length hair...and small, but really nice if you are in PP, make sure you look out for her, you will NOT be dissapointed....if any one has more info on where i can get some straight sex, fairly reasonably priced, please post

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