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Melbourne, Australia

A bit of an update on the sex trade in Melbourne, Australia:

Brothels are mostly legal down here - in Melbourne the choices
are varied ... The "Daily Planet" (recently floated on the
stockmarket) is around A$200 per hour.  The girls are top quality
and the arrangement is bar-type.  This appeals to
the uglier loser-type individuals who need such surroundings to
emulate a normal bar where they can talk to these exceptionally
attractive females and then make a "pick up" at the end of the
night.  It doesn't seem to cross their minds that the girls
wouldn't be seen dead with them after hours (!).  Moving down
market, there is the "Pink Palace" in South Melbourne where
the rates are about A$180 per hour (about $US130).  If you
want the sleazier, no condom oral jobbies, it costs about A$140
per hour in the North Melbourne area.  The girls in the variety
of brothels are generally pissed (that's Aussie for drunk) or
shooting & flying ... bad idea, stay up-market.

The concept behind legalizing was that prostitution is the oldest
industry in the world, which many societies have made vain attempts
to dismantle throughout the ages - ALL of which have been
unsuccessful.  A militarist dictator fuckwit bleating
about moral values is a guarantee that any decrees will be
ignored (take note Singapore readers!) so the local government
in Victoria (Melbourne is the capital of Victoria) decided that
since you couldn't stop it, you might as well tax it.  This has
brought the industry out of the drug and underworld control, and
has resulted in safer sex, less exploitation and lower costs
for everyone (including society).

Cheers all!

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 07:45:45 UTC Melbourne has a plethora of legal brothels and they range from very good (Daily Planet) to sleazy (no names) but overall it is a very healthy = scene ie government regulations specify that condoms must ALWAYS be used when sex takes place plus working girls are required to have medical certificates to prove they have a clean bill of health every two weeks (at least this is the case at the Daily Planet) Cheers
Subject: Melb. Australia. Pro`s in Melb. vary from the ugly and very horny to the beautiful and very fridgid. The cheapest way of getting all french w/o a condom is to hit the streets of St Kilda area. Usually on Inkerman st. you will find a 5-7 chic that will suck w/o for $40 aus. . As for getting laid, the best way is to visit one of Melbourne`s 40 different brothels ( which is the safest ) and you will get it with lady of your choice for aprox. $ 80. Keep away from escort agencies, they usually send a 2-5 chic for twice the above amount. truly Melb. local.
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 22:48:29 -0800 A note regarding prostitution in Melbourne, Australia. Street walking is illegal both for the girl and the customer. However it is tolerated in a small area of the inner suburb of St Kilda, to be specific on and in the streets off the block bounded by Barkly, Inkerman and Carlisle streets and St Kilda Rd, also on Grey St and in the carparks behind Acland St. Prices are very negotiable, from A$30.00 up. However note the girls are normally on the street because they are either too young, old or drugged to work in a legal brothel. There are some exceptions. About 60 legal brothels exist. They are dotted all over the greater Melbourne area. There is no red light district as such. The brothels are nomally stand alone buildings situated in the middle of an industrial area. Prices don't vary a lot. What tends to happen is that the lower class ones start off with shorter minimum periods. For instance, 15 minutes with massage, oral and sex for $55 at a "cheaper" establishment in the working class suburb of Oakleigh, to $100 for 30 minutes of the same in the upper class suburb of Brighton. Anything you may want is usually available for extra if you ask. The quality of girls is usually better looking in the longer stay houses, but not always. When entering a legal brothel, it is usual to be introduced one by one to the available girls. If none please, you may leave. Exceptions are the high class establishments Top of the Town and Daily Planet. At these establishments you pay half, then go into a large lounge. You may spend as much time there as you like chatting to the girls. The second half of the fee is paid direct to the girl of your choice. If you leave without choosing a girl, you loose your "deposit". On the other hand it must be said that both these establishments have large numbers of attractive women to choose from. There are illegal brothels also, but I don't know anything about rates. Escort agents are also legal if licenced, and many advertise "sexual services available". Rates range from $130 to $200 per hour, and may vary according to how far away you are. Half hour rates are available, but are usually only $20 - $30 less than the full hour rate.
Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 22:50:33 +1100 Subject: Cool brothel in Melbourne I want to inform you about a place where I frequently go to that has been left out of the Melbourne section of your site. I have been going to Cromwell Heights for a while now. It is in Collingwood, at 66 Cromwell Street, and is an excellent place that has some gorgeous women. it is at the top end of the market, like the Daily Planet, but is not set up like a bar where you mingle with the girls, instead they come out one by one and introduce themselves. I see a woman there named Genevieve who is about 22 years old, (although I've never asked). She is a goegeous blonde with a great set of tits and a wonderful curvy arse. Unlike a lot of the high-class girls she is not stuck up and seems to enjoy everything that I do to her, she does basically everything that I have asked her to do including anal and an excellent school-girl fantasy, although she always uses condoms even for oral ... but that is just a fact of life with the expensive girls in Victoria. I would recommend her to anyone! Also I have seen Bridgette who is a little older, I think in her early 30s, but an absolutely wild fuck! She proves that experience is often better than youth as she certainly knows what to do. Both these girls also work together and do a fuckin really hot bi act, but it is pretty expensive. So there you go! If you want to include this in your site feel free!
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 05:58:07 +1000 Melbourne You want brothels ? In Melbourne you got them. Big plush legal joints stuffed full of gorgeous women. The biggest and most famous is the Daily Planet. Have a drink, chat to the girls, make your choice and go up to a big, quality room to bang her brains out. A$130 last time I checked. Some of the others go a bit more down market. No 4 Yarra road was pretty bad. Don't mess around - head straight to the best place in town - the daily planet. They take credit cards, (call themselves the "Elsternwick Bistro")but those of you wroughting your expenses take note: if you use Amex and your company uses their "cardpower" product, they will be able to generate a report that this expense is not attributable to any activities associated with a restaurant. You have been warned. Personally I don't particularly go for the brothel type environment. I am much more keen to get a girl in your room. Look in yellow pages. My favourite is Paramour - Jasmine is great. Avoid "the Graduates". The best ever find and one of the most beautiful, classy and talented girls is called Christy (professional name Coco). She goes through an agency but does work on the side where she stays much longer. 0411 XXX828. She is a tall African lady who will treat you so nice you'll never want to leave her. I was paying her $150 an hour. Tell her you heard about her on the internet - that the Bushtucker man sent you.
Subject: [ASP] Sydney & Melbourne brothel report Date: 20 May 1997 05:00:20 -0400 In Melbourne, I found the best ads were in PEOPLE magazine. Prices seemed similar to Sydney. Unfortunately, I had to leave town before checking out anyplace.
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 14:25:47 This is basically a review of a few brothels I've visited in Melbourne, Australia. Prices are generally around $100 for 30 minutes and $140-$180 for 1 hours. Prices vary due to different establishments not due to the 'quality' of the girl. Unlike the USA there is NO bargaining and no such thing as different priced girls from the same establishment. Also tipping is virtually unheard of but if you enjoyed your stay why not. All sessions include oral and sex. VERY important to ask if you can cum twice in a 30min session BEFORE it starts. It's not hard to guess the response if you ask afterwards. With 1 hours I'm not sure .. maybe you'll want to ask if you can come 3 times :) Generally the higher range establishments don't all you multiple cums in a 30min session. CONDOMS are essential for EVERYTHING !!!! Top of the Town --------------- On Flinders St near corner of King. Melbourne CBD. Procedure : Pay 1/2 at door before seeing any girls. Get coupon enter the meeting area. Other 1/2 goes to girls. Extras such as fantasies and vibrators range from $30+. One of the few places where greek (anal) is listed under fantasies but as with all the other fantasies you MUST check with girl beforehand that they are willing to engage in them. Only 1 cum for 30 min session. Establishment : On of the top 2 establishments in Melbourne (the other being the Daily Planet). Very classy and nice. Free bar and very large area with around 20-30 girls scattered around. Free to talk to the girls and mingle till you meet the girl you are interested in. You will see other customers and if you are adverse to this you may want to consider other places. Both the clients and customers are well dressed .. very often filled with suites and ties. Girls : generally very good. They were all at least 7-8's. 20-30 girls around. My Experience : Honey hair and early 20's. Absolute babe.(9/10) Defiantly model material. However I learned here that just because she is a babe doesn't mean she will be good in bed. Wouldn't ride on top due to "back ache". Refused to kiss. Only permitted to cum once. Very poor experience and she asked me if I was going to come after only 10 minutes. Overall an extremely poor attitude. 4/10 Overall : Nice establishment with pretty girls. It seems that I picked one with a bad attitude. Would like to hear if anyone has met any nice girls here. Daily Planet ------------ Horne St. Suburb : Elstenwick. Virtually every taxi driver will know where it is. Very very close (20-30 m.) to Elstenwick train station. Procedure : Basically same as Top of the Town. Pay half at the door. No greek option on the menu Establishment : The other top establishment in Melbourne. Very nice decor with a more modern look than the classic look of Top of the Town. Large split level meeting area with pool tables, arcade games, free bar etc. Once again this may not be the place if privacy is a large issue but they do have a private meeting area but in my experience it's not worth the hassle as half the girls can't bother to meet you. Much better to walk around and talk to them first. Girls : generally very good. Slightly lower general standard than Top of the Town as a few older ladies. Everything above a 6 though. Around 20 girls around but usually many more that are busy. Experience 1 : 25 year old red head with short hair, a very skinny body and small breast. (Overall around 7.5/10) However nice face and I loved what she was wearing. Got a 45 minute session so I could come twice. One of my most memorable sessions ever. Really nice girl and surprise surprise she started kissing me full on with tongue. This is the only time I've experienced this and there was no extra cost for French or anything. Lots of cuddling and kissing throughout the session. She was into Buddhism or something. Sorry I can't remember her name. Another surpass was during out session I asked where I could use my fingers, I think she misunderstood me and put my finger into her while my other part was in her too :O ... that was an usual experience. On the subject of fingering it is generally a no-no in most places. Overall 9/10 Experience 2 (Tigan) : Body 7.5/10 - Very buxom bleach blond around mid 20's with great tits, curvy body and nice face, however not model material. Only turn off was that her hair felt like straw probably due to excessive bleaching so it was a minor turn off. Quite pleasant to be with but strictly by the 'rules'. No kissing/fingering etc. Also since I only got a 30 min it was only 1 cum. Overall score of (7/10) Experience 3 (Kylie) : Body 7/10 - skinny mosey blond with small breast ... when we went upstairs looked much older like around early-mid 30's. However nice legs. Can't really remember much as it was another by the book experience (oral/sex/1 cum/no kissing etc). Went on a early Sunday night and there were only 5 girls. Quite a terrible selection really for such a big establishment. Apparently another 5 or so were going to come soon but I was in a hurry. (6.5/10) Overall : Nice establishment. Top of the Town is slightly better in my opinion in relation to quality of girls. Worth a visit. Especially if you are into the hour session that occur in rooms with giant spa's etc. Bambra Studio's --------------- Location : check web site Procedure :Note they only open from 10am-10pm which are very unusual hours. First see the girls and decide whether you want to stay. No meeting area so quite private. The Madam calls them up individually for you to quickly meet. Establishment : Middle class establishment in the suburbs. Usually will only have around 5 girls on duty. Girls :Generally quite pretty ranging around 7-8. Haven't met any 'could-be' models yet. Unlike most establishments Brambra allows kissing/cuddling/69 and 2 cums in 30 minutes but it's always best to confirm this first. Have a web-site at Experience : Early-Mid 20's German girl. Quite curvy and nice breast. (8/10) The kissing was strictly closed lips but she had a nice shaved pussy. Was feeling quite broke that day so only had a 20 min session and that only allowed 1 cum. She was ok but I felt she wasn't happy I had such a short booking. Wasn't allowed to finger which is something I'm quite fond of. Didn't try to go down of her as a bit worried for health reasons. Overall (7/10) Overall : Quite a nice place due to ability to 'do more' than other establishments. Must try to visit again but the hours are terrible. Oriental Haven -------------- Located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Using the above link you should be able to check this brothels web site. Don't be fooled. It's really quite terrible. Very ugly establishment and when I went only 1 girl available. She was 35-40 and extremely ugly. It was a see first then pay later establishment. Needless to say I left. Manhattan Terrace ----------------- North of CBD on 554 Swanston St. Procedure : See first pay later. Private meeting room or very basic and bright (fluorescent white light) meeting area. Establishment : Low-Middle class establishment. Miles away from Top of the Town. Quite barren and tacky. Also relatively small. Girls : Around 5 girls on duty. Girls ranged from 4-7. Nothing special at all. Mix of asian and white. I asked the Madam as she said it was ok to cum twice in 30 minutes. Session cost $100. Unusually different girls had different prices. Another girl was $120. The difference is that the $100 girls I think are imports from o/s and on some sort of contract where the house get 75%. Experience : Meeve ?? (Can't exactly remember the name) Blond girl from Poland. Barely spoke a word of English. Very curvy and quite chubby but defiantly not fat. Droopy breast but nice and soft to play with. Looked much better in her long black evening dress. Could not help but notice few black small bruises over her ... possibly drugs ?? Probably a (6/10). No kissing but to my pleasant surpass I was allowed to finger her. Managed to get 3 fingers in and she didn't mind. Had a very good time fingering her. Oral was ok and she looked straight into my eyes but nothing special. Sex in missionary wasn't great due to her being very loose. Doggy style was much better. She had a nice temperament that made up for her very average looks. Found out unlike normal girls in Australia that get 50% or around $50 she was only getting $25 for 30mins due to being on a contract for 1 year. Felt kinda bad for her and she was the first girl I gave a tip to. If I had more money I would have given her $20 but settled on a $10. She was very surpassed and gave me a small hug. You may be wondering why I didn't tip the other 'good' girls but until reading the World Sex Guide I had no idea people did it at all. Must be getting to influenced by the American attitude. Overall a 7.5/10 Experience 2 : Umm my first visit to a brothel was here. Decided on asian phillipino girl called Cindy. Very hot body and around 25. Probably a 8. Didn't ask much cause I was new to the game and only allowed 1 cum. Straight by the book experience. however had quite a nice chat with her. Probably a 7/10 overall. Overall : If you are into attractive girls give this place a miss. However in light of my experiences it's worth a try. Especially if you like to finger girls. The Duchess of Duke St --------------------- 7-9 Duke St, Abbotsford Procedure : See first pay later. Madam calls girls to reception area where u meet them. Defiantly mention 2 cums in a 30min and she will likely oblige you. Establishment : Middle class establishment. Quite nice rooms if you like mirrors. Medium size establishment with around 10 girls on duty. Girls : I am a fan of asian women and this place was a nice discovery. 9 of the 10 girls were asian but mainly all phillipino and dark skin. Only 1 fair chinese but she was main-land chinese and as a result comparatively 'big-sized' but normal in terms of caucasian standards. All girls around 6+. Experience : Mia (7.5/10). I picked a small dark skinned Filipino girl who was very cute. While short she had a nice curved body. No kissing or fingers but had a nice time anyway. A bit of a surprise was her licking my testicles and near my anus. I didn't ask for oral without a condom to my regret. Quite energetic and after oral she road me very nicely. Also did missionary and variations with her legs all tucked up which was also very nice. Quite surprised she wouldn't do doggy as she said she was too small. She was such a nice girl I really didn't mind too much. Quite unusual as after sex the first time she got a tower and covered up while chatting. However I've heard Filipinos are quite shy so I didn't mind. Thankfully she took it off before the second round ;) Overall a 8/10. Overall : If you like asians visit this place. Quite a nice selection of girls. Conclusion ---------- Hope u found this guide useful. Fell free to mail me ( if you wish to discuss any aspects of my report. I especially opened up this account for privacy reasons and suggest you take advantage of a similar service if u desire privacy. I'm still looking for a sexy fair-skin asian girl and would appreciate any recommendations. Also if anyone has had oral w/o condom I'd be interested in hearing where.
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 01:29:02 -0400 (EDT) Melbourne, Australia We went to the Daily Planet described on this web site. It is a very fun place, like a bar where you can go and hang out, drink, play pool, talk with your friends, ogle the many beautiful girls, and then take a girl upstairs and get laid. What a country! One bit of advice - go late. I don't know if this is a typical experience, but we showed up about 9:30 and there were very few girls to chose from. Either they were already with customers or they hadn't shown up yet, I don't know. After we got back down around 11:30 from our adventures, there were many more beautiful women to chose from. As much fun as we had, we couldn't help thinking about the ones that got away.
Subject: Melbourne Australia - Street Workers in Fitzroy Date: Sat, 20 Sep 97 12:56:58 PDT I have only recently become aware that in addition to the street scene in St Kilda, their is a small scene also in Fitzroy. Over the last couple of weeks I have seen up to three women at a time working on the street next to the commision flats in Gertrude St, between Brunswick and Napier St. Unfortunately the girls are not their on a reliable basis. You can sometimes go several days without seeing one. They are quote often there during the afternoon and evening. I have stayed with 4 different girls and have found that the prices range from $30-$50 for oral & sex. The girls are much less 'professional' than the workers on the street in StKilda, and as such are much more friendly. The police do not seem to pay much attention to the action and the girls say they have no real trouble. This contrasts with the recent sting actions by the St Kilda police. The girls are usually residents of the flats and some are even prepared to take you home with them for the service. Otherwise they will service you in your car. The most common 'woman' to see on the street here is Ingrid. 'She' is a post of transexual and looks to be in her 60's. She works most regularly and can be seen at various times during the day. My most recent experience here was with a girl called Maree. She gave me a 1/2 hour oral & sex service in her flat for only $30. Prices seem to vary with the way in which you approach the girl. If you drive up in a nice car or look well off then you will be asked for more. All of the girls I have stayed ith insisted on condoms. I also understand that there are street workers also in Footscray and Broadmeadows, I would appreciate it if someone could post information on this.
Subject: WSG: Melbourne, Australis. Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 16:53:11 PST please omit my email address and details. Melbourne, Australia. Basically, brothels are legal down here in Victoria. This has improved safety standards, as ladies have to be examined regularly and condoms are mandatory. You can find ads for brothels and escorts in magazines such as 'People' and 'Picture' (You'll find these in most newsagents). Also look through the Yellow Pages under "Escorts" and "Adult Services/ Products". Review of "Butterflys": 11 King St. Blackburn. Victoria Phone: 9878 0085 1/2 Hour : $90 1 Hour : $150 AUD $1 AUD = 0.7 US (nov 1997) Butterflys is about 20 minutes drive from Melbourne. It is a small house in an industrial area so, there isn't much traffic around at night. Each room has a shower, heater/airconditioner. When you get there, park at the back of the house and then ring the bell on the back door. The madam will let you in and escort you to a room. She will then send the ladies in one at a time. You can talk to them and ask question about what they do (eg anal etc). The madam returns and asks for your selection. If none of the girls appeal to you feel free to leave. I was there on a Wednesday night at about 11.00 pm and had a choice of three girls. I presume there were other girls working but they must have been <occupied> in other rooms. When you have chosen, the madam will ask how long you would like to spend with the girl. I choose 1 hour; $150. I can't remember the name of the girl I selected, but she was english, brunette, about 5 foot 6, and about 70 kgs. She was plump but had really large natural breasts. You are told to shower, and the girl of your choice is sent in. With the hour I was able to cum twice before the knock on the door (signalling your time is up). I was able to fondle ber breasts and her pussy during my stay. Some girls won't let you touch anything below their belly-button. She gave great head, but she was rather loose; probably being due to the fact that she is about 30. Butterflys, is one of the cheaper legal brothels in Melbourne and thus, the quality of girls is not as good as others. (The better quality establishments will charge up to $200 for an hour) But if you are in the area and you need a root, it's alright. The premises is neat, pleasant and discrete. And the madam and ladies are all fairly polite. Otherwise, you can check out Bambra Studio in Caulfield.
Subject: tott., Melbourne Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 20:32:53 PST I had experienced the sex industry in Melbourne, particularly with the setting at Top of The Town (TOTT) which has a very classy and professional environment. Current charges are AUD$120 for 1/2hr, $160 for 45min and $200 for 1hr. You pay half at the counter, and the other half to the lady inside the room. Extended time is allowed during the period whenever one decided to, and the rate is the same (one just needs to be "thick skin" a little with a towel when meeting the managing lady on the door to pay for the extended time). Management is top of the class and accept all cards (credit, eftpos...) or cash. Escorting is available(same rate), but you pay for the hotel room. This is located in the city at Flinders St. close to the well- known Kings St. which is full of table-top dancing pubs (my personal judgement was that going for sex is much more fun and money-worthy than going for these pubs for a good evening past-time). As reported by others, this premise has a friendly bar-like atmoshpere with drinks (on the house), video and snooker games provided to help perspective clients to chat and choose their favourite ladies. The first-time comers are always led to be introduced to the ladies.The opening hour is 10am to 5am, with a smaller number of ladies(6) working in the early hours to almost full house (>20) after around 9pm. The supply is definitely more than the demand at late nite hours. Naturally, the girls will do their best to attract/please you. These ladies are sexily/well dressed and very beautiful, and come in all sizes and (hair)colors. They're about 19-35 y.o., mostly Aussies, and New Zealanders, and sometimes a rare Asian. The ladies are very happy to serve you if you are a generous and gentle man. Money is the reason they work here and so, it is diamond to them. So, be generous with money. From my experience, some ladies do enjoy and look forward to having fun with good clients. Showers are taken (alone) before and after. Soft light music and oldies are played in the room. One could ask for a room with a spa and MTV too. Some tips of getting the ultimate treatment from these ladies: (1) Always ask for specials. The standard rate normally covers for virginal (I hadn't been limited to the number of times I could cum in the 45min and 1hr packages, though. But I must say that I'm no superman neither) and oral sex (always with a condom on). Typically, the ladies will treat you not as tender if you don't ask for any special. These specials are normally kissing ($30), exploring the "downunder" ($20), vibrator ($20), or massage (sometimes this is thrown in for free together with the other specials). My advice: ask for any two specials above and pay $50(the extra as tips to her) and that will surely make your nite with her a memorable one -- don't be too stingy, your money will definitely be well spent. One normally asks and pays for these specials inside the room. (2) Avoid too immature ladies. They may have a youthful look, but very very bad in bed with rough handling of your precious thing! It's hard to tell the mature ones apart, but typically the gentle ones and older ones (>=22) are the ones to go for. (3) Always see the same lady for a second time preferably on the next day. Some ladies may be so unlucky the other nite that you were the only client she had and so, she would remember you and be more tender and dearer to you the second time around. I believe in the theory that man and woman could get intimate only if there is a past history between them. So, this guideline is certainly well founded and pratically, it hadn't let me down. (4) Equity. This title may sound rigid and formal, but it does apply in nature. Whatever she does to you, try to return the same (the touching, kissing, hugging, massage) and she will like you no matter what and who you are, and double up her effort to please you. (5) Finally, be open with her and have a good exchange of thoughts between the two of you, and also show her the gentle side of you. Most ladies like to smoke after sex, and that hadn't bothered me (non-smoker I am). An added feature to the sex industry in Melbourne is that all the ladies are medically checked monthly for any STDs and condom use is strictly observed (required by the laws). Therefore, it is a peace of mind to enjoy your time with your favorite lady. I was studying in Melbourne as an oversea student and these experiences were the results of my last few weeks of erotic holiday in this country for the last time. It was no doubt the best holiday I have ever had! If you're rich enough and stick to my advice above, you will agree with me too.
Subject: [ASP] Review Paramour Melbourne, Australia Date: 1998/01/06 Hi All, I was in Melbourne a while back and called Paramout Escort Agency which is listed in the Yellow Pages. The lady who picked up the phone was extremely nice and asked what type of girl I wanted. She had only one girl with those characteristics and she said that I would not be disappointed. The rate was $175 Australian dollars. About an hour later Camrone showed up and she was an absolute gorgeous woman. She was very accomodating, very friendly and gave an un-rushed full service (no anal). At the end of the hour she got a phone call telling her it that the hour was up. If you are in the area, I recommend that you contact his escort service. Incidentally, prostitution is legal in Melbourne if you call through an escort agency which made me feel quite comfortable. Definitely a repeat visit in the future.
Subject: [ASP] Current Victorian Legal Situation & Safe Sex Tips Date: 1998/01/30 Seems there's a bit of confusion here. The sex industry in Melbourne (Victoria) is legal, so long as the Prostitution Service Providing Business is licensed to be providing that business. Theres currently over 100 legal escort and brothel businesses operating in Victoria, mainly in or around Melbourne. It's also legal for workers to register as 'Exempt Escorts' or as 'Exempt Brothel Workers'. In these situations up to two workers can work together on the same registration. Everyone should be aware, in Victoria, it's a crime to be on the premises of an unlicensed brothel. Street work is also currently against the law in Victoria. This aspect of sex work is illegal throughout the state, yet is a historical and ongoing feature of the St Kilda area. The offence of street working (ie 'soliciting' or 'loitering with intent to solicit') is exagerated if the worker is found in the vacinity of a church, place of worship, a school, or where children gather, etc. It's also an offence to solicit a street-based worker, and another offence is the hasselling, intimidating, insulting or threatening of street-based sex industry workers. Seems theres quite a bit of interest in oral without a condom. Hope everyone realises that there is now recorded instances of HIV transmission during unprotected oral sex. This research didn't even mention issues like Herpees, Ghonereah, Genital Warts, and so on. -All of these are transmissible through unprotected oral sex, and of course through unprotected sex of any description. In Victoria sex industry workers are legally obliged to have an STD checkup once every month, hoever this does not mean the worker is STD clear. Firstly, the certificate does not state the outcome of the examination, it only states that the person has undergone that examination. Secondly, many STD's, including HIV, have 'window periods'. This means that you can become exposed and infected with a virus yet it not become detectable in your system for some time. The HIV/AIDS virus is one such example. Thus, it is an extremely foolish thing to do to rely on a medical certificate - whatever it might say - Don't want to put a damper on things, but it is important that when you're out there going for it, you only pay once and not for the rest of your lives. So, get out there and enjoy yourself. There's heaps of services to choose from, and it's well known that Melbourne girls are amonst the worlds best!!! Cheers!
Subject: Melbourne Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 23:57:11 PST Following are brief reviews of the legal brothels I have visited in Melbourne : Equal best Cromwell Heights - Discreet location in semi industrial area on fringe of CBD. - Prices : $120 fro 30min, $160 for 45min, $200 for 60 min...No upfront payment - Meet girls individually - Generally has the finest selection in Melbourne. Only once have I left because of a lack of talent on offer. Much missed is the fantastic, sesnsual, soft, open mouth kising Bianca. The girls are sensual and soft. - Safe Sex - condoms used for oral too 234 - Not too discreet on a side street of a busy main rd in Richmond, an inner suburb. - Prices : As above, Payment up- front - lounge set up, price includes a personal strip - On recent night I visited there were 3 ladies in the lounge. I was 30 plus but not too hardened. THe other 2 were a stunning black girl with beads, slim with incredible breasts, spent a great 45 min with her. The other was a stunning eaurasian who I hope to spend some time with soon. Atmosphere the same as above - Safe sex - same as above Others Top of the Town -Situated in CBD, reasonably discreet - lounge set up - Prices : same as above - A disappointment. Has been undergoing ownership changes but the quality of the girls is low compared to above. Are very keen on extras for massages etc which are just part of the service at above. -Safe sex same as above The Boardroom of Melbourne - South Melbourne , fringe CBD near new casino/entertainmnet complex - lounge or individual - Prices : same as above - Again a disappointment. The facility itself is incredible, huge rooms, full walk in showers, large spas, fitted out just like a 5 star hotel. However it would appear that they are having trouble getting the girls to match the class of the facilities. Have been 3 times and have been disappointed each time. Atmosphere is same as Top of the Town.
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 12:00:55 +0100 Melbourne, Australia: Club 77: Direct line to the brothel from downtown sex shops. I went for the works.. jacuzzi and sex... with Kirsty (I was given a choice of 4 girls). Lovely young girl who gives it her all. Great conversationalist. If you visit, remember me to her as the pom who told her the penguin joke. Well worth the money.(250 dollars, I think... not sure)
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 22:41:04 +1000 Subject: re prostitution in melbourne document just wishing to contribute to the document on prostitution in melbourne. i thought i'd add my two cents worth (please dont include my email address): I've been to three brothels in my life, the first two were in my local area. The first being The Nook in Bayswater where i have been twice. The first women i was with cost $160 for the hour was blonde, good looks, probably 6-7 with great tits and nice body. For my first brothel experience see was great but her limitations were that she wouldnt ride on top, kiss or let you touch her below. The second visit was with a women slightly over weight but my attraction was with the fact see gave head with no condom. Her tits were quite disapointing, as was the rest of her body but she gave good head, rode on top and was fun to be with. The second brothel i went to was in Mitcham, i forget its name but the price was the same as the Nook for a one hour visit. The women i choose looked attractive when introduced but was incredibly disapointing without her cloths on. Her tits were same and very saggy and she was very loose. My recommendation is keep away from this place. The last place i visited was called Cromwell Heights ( This establishment is more upper class and more expensive. The cost was $200 for the hour, but you will find the dearer price means better women. I only had two gives to choose from, which upon being told this was dissapointed as it was a Saturday night. The first women introduced was quite attractive with a nice body, probably a 7 1/2, but the second was an absolute babe named Paris. See was about a 9 1/2 with great tits, great face and body. See was even better naked. She was great to talk to, enthusiastic, you could finger her, and fuck her any way you wanted. I would without doubt be visiting her and this place again, believe me the extra cash is worth it. If i could recommend one place it would be Cromwell. The two girls i met were better than any met at the other places visited.
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 09:26:59 +1000 Subject: Update on Melbourne Dear Atta, I writing to give you some update on Melbourne prostitution. Before I start, I just want to give warning to all peolpe out there. DON'T GO TO BROTHEL ON SUNDAY!!! There is no girl working on Sunday, specially from 3pm - 7pm Well, we all know about Daily Planet, but there is a new place called The Boardroom (check your yellowpages). This place is as good as Daily Planet, even better I might say, coz you don't have to pay first to get to see all the girls, you can go to the lounge, see if there is something that turn you on, and pay. Weeknight is a good choice to visit this place. They even provide guys for girls. Same price as Daily Planet and any other luxury brothel. Locate near the melbourne Crown Casino. The Harem International is also worth checking out, although the girls are not 10/10 but the service are excellent. If you are staying in the city and don't have much time. There is a brothel in the city called Top Of the Town in Flinders Street. Well, that's it for now. I'm going to do my research and give you a futher update.

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