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Medan, Indonesia

Medan - Indonesia

This little town in northern Sumatra can be quite exciting once you have
a stopover from Europe to Bali or as an entrance point to Indonesia.

For a good time, don't stay at middle class hotels. The muslim management
will create problems once you show up with a chick. Better use either the
very cheap motels (10,-$) or the better Hotels like Danau Toba (60,-$)

There are some "Karaoke dan Massage" parlors, mainly catering to
local chinese, who want to sing a-long with a blow job. Expensive and low
quality service.

You better go to "pasar malam" = night market near the bus terminal
after 7:00 pm, but not later than 10:00 pm. Many girls are loitering
around and will approach you. But all of the onlooking boys will have
their laugh as well by commenting your negotiations, lacking knowlwedge
in english. Don't talk about money. Just take the chick you like along to
your room, be friendly and you will get anything you like. Next morning
you may give her 50.000,- Rupiah (20,-$) and she will be happy.

Another spot - more educated girls - you will find in some discos. Go to
"Kiri Kiri Disco" next to Danau Toba Hotel. It is easy to make contacts.
everybody is friendly. But some of the girls don't want to accompany
foreigners. So don't push too much. Just try another one. Here 80.000,-
up to 150.000,- Rupiah (60,-$) will do for the whole night.

If you are lucky and find a good english speaking girl, ask her to come
along to Lake Toba, a famous tourist spot 3 hours by bus, spent two days
and head back to Medan.

If you can't find any match, perhaps you go to Hotel Mawar, Jln Sai
Wampu. This is a place where many girls from the province looking for a
job, are staying. Most of them go on the strip at night with their
friends. So here you are at the source.  And the best of all -- no pimps,
freelancers only.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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