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McAllen, Texas

Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 18:08:42 UTC

Whilst in McAllen, Texas, recently, I found myself desiring some
companionship and relief.  The Yellow Pages were of no help, so I
checked the local newspaper.  Two numbers for escort services were
listed.  I called the first (I don't remember the name or the number)
and spoke to a woman named Lauren.  She quoted an agency fee of $135,
with any and all services dependent upon the tip AFTER that.  She said
she had six women to choose from, three white and three Hispanic.  I
was to select one of the two ethnic groups, and the agency would send
out the best-looking one available.  The agency fee sounded a bit
high, especially not knowing what the tip requirements might be, so I
thanked Lauren, hung up and called the next one.

If you call 210-519-0087 and enter 7 at the prompt, you'll hear a
woman's voice describing three available women: a busty blonde, a
brunette Anglo who's described as a former cheerleader at a university
in Dallas, and a Hispanic.  The quoted price is $80 for a lingerie
show, with more available depending on what you negotiate with the
model.  Intrigued, I requested the Anglo ex-cheerleader from the
person I eventually talked to.

I'm not sure I got what I asked for.  Vanessa, the girl who showed up
at my door, was a 19- to-21-year-old, obviously Hispanic woman.  She
was a bit heavier than I would have liked and certainly didn't appear
to be cheerleader material.  But she had a pretty face, and that
counted for something.  I asked her what was available, and she said,
Anything you want.  I stripped while she changed in the bathroom.
When she came out, clad in a green teddy, she came over to the bed
immediately, stretched out with her head between my legs and began
giving me a rubberless blowjob.  She was obviously not too experienced
at what she was doing, but she willingly complied with my requests to
alter her technique.  I'm pretty choosy about where I decide to dip my
wick, and I wasn't really interested in having intercourse with
Vanessa, so a bj was fine with me.  (She told me afterwards that she
doesn't have intercourse with her customers.  Hey, I only report it.)
Between the position changes and the conversation (she's a pre-nursing
student and a waitress at a local restaurant), I made it through the
whole hour before deciding it was time to come.  I got off the bed and
stood up while she remained on the bed, sucking and stroking.
Although she spit it onto the bed promptly, she did let me come in her
mouth, which was a pretty awesome feeling (it's been a no-no with my
previous partners).

Maybe because of her inexperience, we didn't negotiate anything before
the session started, so I gave her $80 (I meant to tip $20, but the
fifth bill remained in my pocket accidentally) and said good night.

All in all, an enjoyable experience for less than I'd expected, even
if Vanessa failed to meet the expectations I'd set when I heard her

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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