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Mazatlan, Mexico

Date: 06-10-01

Just returned from Mazatlan in February 2001 and thought you might like an update on the action.

I stayed in a nice resort hotel, and it was my first time. On the main drag, there are a couple of strip joints that are good - but a little high priced compared to other options. I had a good time in these main places just buying drinks, watching the strip action, and getting comfortable. If you show a little interest, the girls will come to your table and then ask you to buy a drink and then a private dance. Price for the private dance is about $15 and it is good. In a semi-private booth, the girl will get topless, some will get naked, you are expected to touch them, some will reach in your pants to touch and rub you. Very good unless you need more. Pretty, young, pretty probably about 7-9 range. When you go for the private dance, the waiting area can be crowded and the girls are very casual about being naked, with their customer. Enjoyed it a lot and saw more girls that I wanted to get with. Mostly natural, young and pretty. Probably spent about $100 for a fun evening.

Next night, I asked the taxi driver about a better place. I speak fairly good espanol so it was easy because they speak pretty good English too. So he recommended "El Caballito" in la zona. I later realized that "la zona" meant - "the red zone". I was alone and not sure that I would be safe. He must have realized my reluctance and volunteered to wait for me if I paid him $20. I figured it's a foreign country, red zone, many strange hombres - so maybe it's worth $20. What a place!! Almost all were local Mexicans and the girls were varied from 4/5 to 9's. The show is a typical strip show but the girls will come to your table and dance on the table for a long dance. then in the middle of the dance, she jumps off the table into your lap (facing you topless or naked) and keeps moving while you rub and touch. All for about $5.00. They were offended if you only sat there and they would put your hand on their tits - etc. My taxi driver was a fun guy and he came in with me. I bought him beers and even bought him a table dance from a girl he really liked. There also was a private room off the main showroom that you could pay $20 and get three long private dances. I decided to go try it with this beautiful, very thin - but huge titted "Gabriela". When I went in the room, there was a double bed!! She let me touch, rub, fondle, you name it but she kept her g-string on. OK, I still enjoyed it. A lot! Later I did it again with "Erica" and as we were touching, I put her hand on me. She proceeded to remove my pants and give me a hand job while rubbing her chin on my balls!!! Too much! More than I expected but couldn't resist. I gave her a $10 tip. I'm not really into the whole fucking thing - but got my fill of beautiful young gals and beautiful bodies.

Also, if you just want a whore house, they are very accessible. One taxi driver took me to a dark house and we went in. Three gals - not attractive but ready for action. $20. I wasn't interested - but maybe some of you are.

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996

During a trip to Mazatlan I was delighted by the hooker experienced enjoyed by myself and one of my travelling buddies.

On the first night we were driven off to the "Zona Roja" ( red zone ). This is about what you would expect....a group of strip joints packed together in an area that was about a 20-minute cab ride from the hotel beach area. There were several tittie bars ( can't remember their names), but the first one we walked into was a surprise, since one of the dancers was on stage with a customer. The customer had his pants down around his ankles and the dancer was busy giving him a hand job. Apparently he was having erection problems because a minute later another dancer was on stage helping the first dancer. That went on for a few minutes ( still no hard-on ), and the customer non-chalantly got up, pulled-up his pants and sat down at his seat along the stage. This is something you won't see in the US.

We went across the street to the next bar. This one had a large orchestra and something of a stage show. There was one or two dances, but clearly the stage show was meant to be the entertainment. In both bars, there were probably 40-50 women hanging around. There were only a few I would call 7's or better. Mostly they were the typical, rounded, short Mexican women. My buddy found one he liked and went to the "back" hotel. He paid $40 to the girl and either $10 or $20 for the room. It was anything goes ( did'nt ask about anal), and he came away a happy customer.

We left the Zona and headed back to the hotel. I stayed in the cab, and dropped my buddies off. The hotel bellman had given me the name of a whorehouse called Dora's. The cab driver knew right where it was, and off we went. It was a fairly good sized house deep in a residential area. We parked out front and he waited. When you enter Dora's, you are standing in the kitchen. She is waiting for you and very quickly her stable assembles for a Nevada whorehouse type line-up. I picked a young flower, and was momentarily confused as she gathered up her purse and coat. I didn't initially realize we were going back to my hotel. We rode to the El Cid and without any hassle whatever rode the elevator to my room.

Once there, she stripped. She was probably 19 or 20, fairly pretty and very shapely. Beautiful natural tits and a well trimmed pussy. The sex was uninspired. I never pass up the chance to eat a young lovely and either I give terrible head or she didn't know enough to fake it. Clearly, Dora needs to do a little coaching with her so that she could at least show some slight body movement while I was down on her. Anyway, it was a full sex deal. Price : $50.

The following night we were out partying in a couple of dance bars, ogling dozens of young college girls that were there for spring break. Since I'm in my late thirties, my chances were slim for a coed, but just the sight of their young loveliness had me ready for more of Dora's girls. This time I called Dora, who speaks great English and asked her to send a new girl. She offered to drive the girl over to the hotel. I was instructed to meet her downstairs, about a half block from the hotel lobby. Like clock work, Dora arrived and I paid the $50 directly to Dora.

We went up to my room ( again, no hassle). This girl was not quite as pretty. She was about the same age, however, and had a nifty body. Unlike the night before, this one had a personality and could actually speak some english. She was disapppointed I had no party beverages in the room, and unfortunately, room sevice was closed. Lesson learned: have some cerveza and tequilla available. This one had a full-lipped mouth that she put to good work. She was very aggressively french-kissing me, and I must say, it made all the difference in the world. She either was, or made it seem, that she was enjoying her work. In a few minutes the condom went on and we fucked in multiple positions. When I complained that the condom had to go, she stradled me ( with the condom gone) and was about to put me inside of her. I was pretty drunk but I knew better. She understood and quickly went to work on my cock with her full mouth. This was probably the best blow job I've ever had.

I'll be back to Mazatlan sometime soon. A few travel things: a 3-night pkg including air and hotel was $440 from Los Angeles. This included a transfer to and from the airport to the hotel ( El Cid, a so-called mega resort , typical Mexican hotel....what they call 5- star would be at best 2 1/2 here). The food and drinks are cheap, even at the hotel. A seafood dinner for 6 of us, with many margaritas consumed, was $65, tip included. Taxis are everywhere, since nothing seems within walking distance. To go from anywhere to anywhere was a max of 20 peso's, about $3 USD.

I had never used a Mexican whore before, and after many years of paying a US hooker hundreds of dollars, this price to quality ratio had me most impressed. Hope your readers find this useful.

Date: June & November 1996 Subject: Mazatlan

Well just got back from Mazatlan for the second time this year. I am going to cover both trips in detail. There are a plethora of lonely hearts clubs in this fabulous Mexican city, and finding a pretty chica is not very hard. In fact the state of Sinaloa has even more beautiful women than the state of Jalisco, where Puerto Vallarta is located.

June 23, 1996 - Deciding on the night's activities, I ran into a van driver named Victor Ojeda(Scooby Doo). He told me to try out Gandhi's, instead of the El Dragon Rojo. I went to check out the show, and saw 4 very beautiful dancers. I was frustrated though there were only 4 girls available and ended up at the Dragon anyhow. I ended fucking a older puta with the name of Gloria. I should have waited for the rest of the pack to make their appearance. Cost was 200 pesos.

June 24, 1996 - This night I went to Gandhi's again with the intent that the fuck the night before was not going to be repeated. I asked the waiter about one of the dancers and he told me she wanted $300.00 U.S. I told the waiter "too expensive" and the waiter pointed out another dancer to me. This girl's name was Paloma and she agreed to 500 pesos. WOW! I was treated to a hot time in the cabana area which was the most immaculate room I ever had seen in a Mexican whorehouse. Paloma was very pretty and had that "nasty look" in her face. I just found out after my November vacation from the owner of Gandhi's that Paloma got married 3 months ago and is the process of getting a divorce and returning to Gandhi's to dance(and fuck). Her husband must have been a real cabron. In fact I think I saw him arguing with Paloma after we had our sexcapades. Hopefully Paloma will be back to dance sometime after the first of the year. She sure knew how to use her nifty body on the dance floor as well as the bedroom. I also got her panties as a souveneir after she danced for me.

June 27, 1996 - I was going to go to Dos Gordo's this night, but as fate had it as I was traveling the dirt road in a cab to the club, a pulmonia with a pretty girl passed by. I immediately told the cab driver to "follow that pulmonia". Well I did not end up at Dos Gordos but the Red Dragon again. As soon as I stepped in, I was acosted by Gloria again, and I told her no dinero. I walked outside when 4 more Americans came in and they told me that they were from the USS Vincennes. We grabbed a table and I bought the first round of Pacifico's when a dancer named Carla walked up to me and spoke spanish. I did not understand all she was saying, so she started speaking english. I asked her where she was from, and it turns out she was a US citizen of Venezuelian descent. As the night rolled on, the guys at the table were getting their action with my advice, on who was good and who was bad. It turns out all the gorda's were asking the Navy boys back to their rooms. I told them to hold out or they will miss a good time when the pretty ones come out. Finally the girl who I saw on the pulmonia came out and I told the dancer named Carla I wanted that one. She replied the "fat one on the right". I said "no the one built like a brick shithouse on the left". The girl immediately joined me at my table and Carla acted as our interpretor, for my Espanol is muy poquito. We agreed on 250 pesos and went to her room and fucked in multiple positions. We were going at it so hot and heavy that the bed collapsed. This girl's name was Corina. She could have been a double for Melissa from MTVs Real World in Miami. In fact she had the same personality like her.

Let me continue because I thought I had met the girl of my dreams this night. After we had fucked the first time, I was buying her drinks as fast she could drink them. She kept telling me Te Quiero(I love You). When I speaking to the dancer I told her to ask Corina if she wanted to join me in Puerto Vallarta for a week. Corina told Carla that she would go anywhere with me. So Carla went ahead to do her dance routine, and Corina kept going OYE(hey) and speaking spanish I did not understand.I was so drunk I told the waiter to find Carla. Immediately Corina thought I had the hots for Carla, and called me a pendajo and ignored me. When Carla finally returned to the table, I told her to explain to Corina that it was her and not Carla I liked. But not more than 5 minutes after things were supposedly straightened out, Corina asked me again "Do you still like Carla?". I tell you I don't need this shit. But we fucked again and I invited Corina back to my hotel. She agreed and we left in a pulmonia to go back to Los Sabalos, for I was getting sick to my stomach from mixing Pacificos and Coca-Cola. Somewhere down the road, Corina wanted to stop and get to something to eat, she was also making fun of our driver calling him fat in spanish. When the driver returned, she told the driver to drop her off at her house. She gave me her phone number, and told me to call her on Friday. I was so pissed off at this girl for not coming back to my hotel room that I did not even bother to call her. I explained to her that the Aeromexico ticket office was across the street from my hotel, and I could have bought her ticket the next day. I mean we fucked two times that night at 250 pesos a pop. That did not include all the drinks, flowers, and a stuffed animal I bought her. Even if we fucked at the hotel what would it matter, but for my drinking so much I was pretty tapped out so there was no way I would have sex again that night.

November 24, 1996 - My return to Mazatlan I went to the Red Dragon. I was hoping that Corina did not show up this night, because she may have still been pissed off that I did not call her back. I ended up with a girl named Sunami or whatever the fuck her name was. I did not choose this girl she chose me. I think it is better for me to do the choosing for enjoy the sex much better. To make this story short the sex was very uninspired.

November 26, 1996 - This night I was going to Dos Gordos. It was a 20 pesos cover to get in the club. This was not bad for I was treated to some of the most beautiful women I have seen in Mazatlan. I had my eye on a number of girls, when a Jalisco girl from Guadalara 0named Maya came and sat on my lap. She was doing a lap dance on me and making me very hard. I bought her a drink, which was 25 pesos. As the night proceeded on the next drink(s) cost me 55 pesos. I have seen this in the past in Vallarta when El Cadillac was the only house in the La Zona Roja. In fact Dos Gordos is owned by an american biker type. His girls charge more than any other house in Mazatlan. The club and the bathrooms being clean, does not excuse the fact that he charges twice as much as the Red Dragon, or jacks up the drink prices for the ladies as the night goes on. I fucked Maya this night, and even though she was wild - she could have practiced better personal hygiene and taken a shower. She smelled liked she had just taken a shit. Word of advice to all fellow Americans out there. Do not visit Dos Gordos if you don't have a company expense account. The night will cost you at least $200.00 U.S. You will have a better time at El Dragon Rojo. One other thing I must point out Sunami saw me coming out of Dos Gordos and was quite jealous that I was in another whorehouse other than she worked.

November 28,1996 - Ta Da Return to the dragon. I was going to choose a girl tonite and make sure she was the one I wanted. Sunami (call her sushi if you may) acosted me again And I told her to leave me alone. She then called me a culero(buttfucker), And I called her a hija de puta. My friend the waiter from Gandhi's was now working the Red Dragon, and I asked him to get this pretty little chiquita's name. Her name was Claudia and joined me at my table. I cannot say more than enough good things about the Red Dragon. They treat you like a most valued customer. Claudia was a real good fuck and even though she did not give head, she knew how to play with my cojones (balls). We fucked with her on top first, then in the missionary position, and finally in the doggie style. I asked if she wanted to fuck the next night, but she did not show up to work. Anyhow some dumb fuck Canadians brought their viruses down from the great white north, and as of this writing, I am still trying to shake this head cold. So I am glad I did not pass this cold on to any other of the lovely ladies.

If you need a guide in Mazatlan to show you all these places, I recommend Mr. Victor Ojeda-Gutierrez(Scooby Doo). He has that nickname because he has a picture of Scooby-Doo painted on his van. He hangs out on Rodolfo T Loaiza near the Los Sabalos and Hotel Playa Mazatlan. Without him I may have missed some of the best chicas I have been with in my life. Tell Him El Tiburon sent you. I will be in Mazatlan again next June or July and will get to review some more Casa's that I did not get to visit on this trip.

El Tiburon De Loco

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 Subject: Mazatlan, Mexico

Let me update a few notes concerning an establishment by the name of Dora's and offering a profile on a very interesting location just outside the center of old mazatlan.

I am an american who lives in mazatlan. I have become a little jaded with the flash and pushiness of both the Red Dragon and Dos Gordos. Dora's was a wonderful place for several months; however Wendy has left, and being the star attraction, the place has grown a little quiet. On my last visit there were only two girls there, Elana and Toni.

I much prefer a quiet little place by the name of "Chayo". It is located near Avenida Zaragosa, a quiet neighborhood about one mile east of the Cathederal Basilica. It has been in business for more than twenty years. The owner maintains a very low profile, her name is Maria Dominica. She prides herself in having the very prettiest, youngest, and cleanest girls in the city. All of the taxi drivers know how to get there. Upon arrival, you will see a gated residence, the front door always being open in the evening. Standing on the sidewalk you can see into the dining area where a few senoritas will be seated. Just yell, "hello" and they will all assemble at the front gate. All will be in the 18 - 22 year bracket. You will never see old or fat girls at this place, and they dress very nice. You will not be admitted into the building. From the sidewalk you can observe and chat with any or all of the young beauties. If you do not speak spanish, no problem. If you take a taxi, and are fortunate enough to have a driver with some knowledge of English, he will gladly stick around for a few minutes and help translate (give him a buck). The girls will know why you are there, and it is amazing how much communication can take place with body language, facial expression and the like. There will be no boss standing around, just you and at least 5 but no more than 8 pretty girls. Chat for awhile, and once you make your selection, the others will disappear. Last year, I recruited the assistance of a bilingual young lady to help me put together 30 or so phrases and word clusters that are essential for private time with a spanish-speaking sex partner. If anyone would like a free copy of the text file, send me and e-mail message Now you will be alone with the lady of your choice. Still speaking through the gate, she will explain the non-negotiable charges. For thirty minutes you will pay 200 pesos ($25). For one hour and 30 minutes you will pay 400 pesos ($50). There will be no attempt later to gain more cash from you. This is the total charge. These are young, healthy, pretty, and impeccably clean girls. They deserve their asking price. If you try to negotiate a cheaper fare, they will simply become defensive, and you have lost an opportunity for a wonderful evening. The girl will ask for the money to be handed through the gate. Don't worry, this is a well-respected establishment. You will not get ripped off. The girl disappears for one minute, and when she returns, you will walk together a short block to a small hotel which is the exclusive domain of the girls who work at Chayo. Very secure, small, a little old, but clean. Here you must pay 30 pesos for the room (less than $4 american). The rooms have locks on the doors, two beds, a lamp, and a bathroom with a shower. The bedding is clean and the towels are dry.

On my last visit to Chayo, I chose a magnificent young girl of 21 years. Her name is Bianca. Long jet black hair, about 5 foot six, 110 pounds, very polite, very warm, and a hot young body. The only rules are no kissing on the mouth, and no sex without a condom. This includes oral sex. I spent a little more than an hour with Bianca, getting to know her a bit, and stroking her incredibly soft and supple body. She was very talented in all respects, and certainly earned her $50. If I had desired the same treatment, but in more of a hurried pace, I could have enjoyed her company for $25.

I will be visiting Dos Gordos and the Red Dragon later this month and will post an update for both.

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 Subject: Mazatlan Fun & Games by el Tiburon

Mexico-where most men are men, and latina women think sexual harassment is a joke, left amongst their Americana female counterparts. El Tiburon here to give you the latest details on my just completed two week sex trip to Mazatlan Mexico. Actually when I go deep into the heart of Mexico, It is a real vacation. I leave the totally sexual stuff to my monthly Ensenada trips. One thing I have noticed, is that the price for pussy gets cheaper every year I go to Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta. And yes I got the pleasure to visit two new places that I promised you I would review. My opinion of them is not very good. This is most likely because because I have been spoiled by going to Anthony's in Ensenada.

One place I do not recommend you go to is El Famoso. It is next to Dos Gordo's. I was warned by my friend Scooby-Doo that what hangs out in there is maricons(faggots dressed as women). I learned first hand by buying one of them a drink. I questioned "it" what was that shadow on "its" upper lip. After not getting a straight answer, I went outside and asked the doorman if that was a guy. He replied yes. As soon as that happened, I raced across the street as fast as my feet could carry me to the Red Dragon. I then ran into an old standby who 2 nights before charged me 200 pesos($26.00 USD). She raised the price 50 pesos to 250($32.00 USD). After this night I decided to not give this girl anymore of my hard earned cash. I had a picture taken of us at the table, and when the photographer brought the photo back, she was staring into space. I let her keep it, and decided next time that her services were no longer needed for "BIG WILLY".

The other place is in the Zona Dorada(Golden Zone). It is called El Palmar. There are 2 or 3 really good looking "working girls" here, but it is mostly for viewing strippers doing their thing on stage. Prices for the good looking ladies start at 400 pesos($52.00 USD). This is only the price for the girl. If you take the lady or ladies out you pay a 50 pesos bar fine plus you got to rent a motel room 60 pesos plus 30 pesos taxi fare(round trip). One of the girls who I forgot her name looks like Gloria Estefan. She may be more then 400 pesos. One bad thing I noticed in the El Palmar(not related to the Villa Del Palmar property in Puerto Vallarta) that when it rains the whole club turns into a alberca(swimming pool). The lady I chose pleased me so much, I had sex with her 4 nights in a row. She also wants to come visit me here in the U.S.A.(In time I will let her). I don't trust any foreign women after what my ex-girlfriend in Cancun pulled on me some years ago.

For you guys who like the dry fuck scene you can go to El Palmar, the dancers are decent, but I saw better at La Roca and Gandhis. I got a real laugh this year, because the owner of Gandhis is now a female(last year he was a male). There was plenty of happening action at La Roca. It is on the main beach strip near the lighthouse. The girls will do lap dances at all these 3 places. One place I thought was top notch was the Royal Prestige. It is on the main beach strip in the old part of Mazatlan. The girls will tease you by simulating sex( not a real lap dance). I understand though that there is back rooms where you can get a private dance(did not ask on the cost, was tapped out for the night). These girls are gorgeous compared to some of the working girls in La Zona Roja(red zone). Any taxi driver knows where these places are(hell he's probably getting a commission for taking you to them).

As most hotels located on the beach like Los Sabalos, Playa Mazatlan, Costa de Oro, you may have a hard time taking "your date" back to your room. I stayed at the Marina El Cid this year, and asked the desk clerk if I pickupped a date at a bar or disco could I invite her back to my room. He said no. If you want a sure place(s) were there will be no hassle, try the Azteca Inn, Los Gaviotas, and Torres Tropicana(all located on Av.Rodolfo T. Loazia in the golden zone). I wonder how the security is at the El Cid(El Moro and El Castillo towers). One guy who posted here said there was no problem getting his date in. I heard differently, in fact I and another staying at the Marina El Cid were stopped by security entering the towers to go to the restaurant for breakfast, and when we showed our keys, were granted entrance to the resort. For the people who are on a budget vacation, stay at the 3 places I mentioned that are in the golden zone. The will cost you between 120-160 pesos a night.This is based on off season rates. The tourist season will be higher.(DEC thru APRIL)

Good Restaurants - This is kinda of hard in Mazatlan(especially if you like lobster because most of it is frozen not fresh). But I did enjoy Ernie Tomatoes & The Shrimp Factory. Ernie Tomatoes had a great filet mignon at $8.00 USD. The Shrimp factory has fresh shrimp at $10.00 USD. I did have the pleasure of taking one of my dates to El Taco Loco, and that cost me less than $3.00 USD to eat at (21 pesos). I think Cow Town across from Los Sabalos Hotel has a great breakfast for $3.50 USD, but the service sometimes stinks. All the restaurants(except El Taco Loco) are located on Rodolfo T. Loaiza in the golden zone.

My first visit to Mazatlan was in 1991 and I stayed at El Quiote Inn. I refer to it as the Donkey Shit Inn, for I was quite displeased with the room they gave me. The one thing I noticed is that the cross street from the hotel was named Av.Tiburon. When I saw it this year is was renamed Av. El Tiburon. Coincidence? or does Mazatlan's city officials read the WSG. Oh well I hope any of you planning on visiting this beautiful city enjoy yourselves as much as I did this year. I may not be able to visit here again until October 1998. Please post any updated info on the Casa de Chayo, and Casa de Dora if it merits any posting. Also I did not mention any of the ladies names this time. You guys are going to have throw the dice, and press your luck from now on. I would like to keep some on these ladies as friends next time I visit. So I do not want to piss them off. Then I get big discount on return visits.


El Tiburon de Loco(los piranhas)

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 Subject: Mazatlan Update

I'd like to remain anonymous, but have some information from a recent (Oct 1997) trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. After reviewing other information from ASP on this port city across the Sea of Cortez from Cabo San Lucas, I decided to go down for a week and alternate between doing nothing, and checking out the hooker scene. First, NOTHING happens in Mazatlan as far as the hooker bars, or the brothels, until about 10pm (at least at this time of year). I am a day person and virtually none of the establishments mentioned in the Mazatlan section of the World Sex Guide operate during the day. However, I did find one place with the help of a local taxi driver named Enrice ("En-ree-kay", however this is spelled). He speaks very good english and hangs out at the Marina El Cid at the north end of the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) where all the tourist hotels are. There is a massage "parlor" (a small apartment where the girls apparently live and work) called NAYELY. It is close to the main hotel area and had four girls working when I went in about 2pm on a weekday. The phone number is 81-01-16 (Note: you won't find phone numbers for places like this in the hotel phone books - the number for Dora's, a place mentioned in other reports posted on this site, is 84-49-02). At Nayely's there were four girls available. Two were a little on the heavy side, and not that great looking; one was a thin brunette that couldn't have been more than 20 but looked more like 16, and the one I chose named Carla who was petite, early 30's, seemed happy with a smile on her face, and a nice set of tits poking out the top of her shirt. We went into a small room with a twin bed, and a (necessary) fan mounted on the ceiling and pointing towards the bed. The price was 300 pesos (about $40) for an hour of "massage and sexo." The "massage" consisted of Carla squeezing lotion from a bottle and rubbing it onto me from neck to ankles. Then the fun began. I asked about "por la boca" (oral sex) and she said "por propina" (for a tip). This meant another 100 pesos (only $12) and she did a decent bareback blowjob with an excellent few minutes of ball sucking. After this we screwed for about 30 minutes in any position I wanted, and then had a shower. All in all it was a great deal, and if you're in Mazatlan and want some daytime action this is one place to definitely check out.

A couple more comments. After taking a taxi to the red zone in Mazatlan I went into Dos Gordos, a hooker bar mentioned in posts to this site. It was a 30 peso cover ($4) and I was searched on the way in. It was only 9pm and I was the only customer there. I had a beer and watched a repeating porn flick scene on the TVs, but realizing I was WAY too early I walked across the street to the Red Dragon. A MUCH better place, even though it was still too early for any girls to be available. There was no cover charge, and no search, and the place was just much more desirable than Dos Gordos. About 10pm I decided to go to Chayo, another place mentioned in reports to this site. After reading the prior report abour Chayo, I was prepared for a good time with a pretty girl. But when I arrived (about 10:30pm) there was only ONE girl available. You stand on the sidewalk and someone comes out to confirm that you are there for a girl. This one girl came to the gate and, being dark, I had to make the best assessment I could. She didn't look that bad, or that good, but it was getting late for me and I was horny as a rhino so I decided to give it a go. She wanted 200 pesos ($25) for 30 minutes, and if I wanted more time I could pay another 200 pesos. We walked around the corner to this really dump of a hotel and she took her clothes off. Her name was something like Juanita, and she was about late 20's I'd guess. She obviously had an acne problem as a teenager, and was not at ALL attractive. She had a really flabby belly with what looked like a C-section scar, and had probably never done a lick of exercise her entire life. I got about 5 minutes of a (mostly teeth) blowjob, and doggy-styled her for the rest of the 30 minutes and barely was able to get my rocks off. I don't know what happened to Chayo between the (only) post on this site and my visit, but if it hadn't been so cheap I'd rather have watched the World Series game that was on that night. I never tried Dora's, so can't comment. I believe that if you can adjust your schedule to start the night about 11pm the best thing to do is hit Red Dragon. But NAYELY was OK for a daytime quicky and I'd recommend them as well. Hope this helps a fellow horndog or two.

Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998

I was there the week of march 01 ,1998. i read the early reports and had to respond. the early reports to me were way off(sorry) . i went to red dragon and was so disappointed that i left in a hurry. the girls were a 3 maybe a 4. the place was dirty and smelly. i managed to look at the rooms they were even worse. dos grodos was the same way. if i'm going pay for it i want clean and class, neither of the fore mentioned places came close. if you want some action in mazatlan try the "Royal Prestige" located on the main drag and all cab drivers know where it is. the girls that work there are clean and classy it is a strip joint that is also a front for prositution. for less than 100 us dollars you can bring a lady to your hotel , its true that hotels don't mind as long as you are quiet about it. the girls that you bring back won't be the dancers but from outside the club just mention to one of the waiters what you want and it will be arranged. nothing going to the club saves money for you. these girls are real 7-8's. if you find a dancer that you really like thats between you and the dancer without the club knowing quiet about it while at the club private dances are 130 peso (about 15 us dollars) they bring you in to a small room and give you a lap dance . tip the time keeper 50 peso ( 6 dollars) for extra time extra tipping is not nessary for the dancer and you will still be pleased but if you want to tip extra the girl will not turn it down and will so her gratitude. hope this helps you guys out there. i've been to royal 5 times that past 2 years and never been disappointed or felt ripped off and never felt threatened at the club.

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 Subject: Mazatlan Mexico

All info on Mazatlan Mexico is totally and honestly correct in every way.. Mazatlan is the best and most inexpensive piece of ass you could ever think of... I would suggest going to Dos Gordos or La-Chia or Dragon Rojo... Don't pay over 200 -- 300 pesos plus room (usally 20 -- 40 pesos).. But gentleman if you are looking for the best "bang for your buck" Mazatlan is the place for you.... I will update in mid august after our 4th annual MF Cuz tour.

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