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Matamoros, Mexico

Date: 07-14-2001

I just returned from Matamoros after finding that Reynosa is not very handy if you don't want to spend a lot of money on cabs. There are no hotels near the border of Reynosa and McAllen is the US low rider capital where they dont like gringos.

Anyway I decided to take a chance on Matamoros as you can get a hotel at the Ramada for about 45.00 a night and walk across the border. I am a large blonde haired american gringo but I lived in Mexico for 5 years and I speak fluent spanish so I figured with this I could find some action. I walked around for a bit and then found a cab driver. He started talking to me in his fair english and then I answered him in perfect spanish. His eyes got big and I had me a friend for the night. I told him I wanted a girl but not a street girl or puto. ( lots of transvestites in Mexico). He told me no problem. He took me to a so so hotel and introduced me to a knockout Mexican girl from Tapachula. She told me 40.00 for sex plus I paid 6.00 for the room. This girl was hot ,very loud and really loved her job. She kissed on the mouth and it was like sex with a girl you are in love with. She was in no hurry and after we were done we took a shower and she sucked my dick for about another 15 minutes. I got off 3 times with her in under an hour if that tells you how hot she was. After this Andres my cab driver took me to a strip club called "Paradise". It had some fine Mexican women and they all wanted to play but I was done for the evening.

As for Matamoros it is the place if you don't want a bunch of loud redneck gringos. Find a cab driver and tell him what you want and they will take care of you. I have lots of experience with Mexican whores and the girl I met here was near the top of the list. The cab driver was named "Andres". He is near the bridge so ask for him and tell him you are a friend of Capitan and maybe he will take you to my sweetheart from Tapachula, Chiapas. If you are interested I have a lot of info on other Mexican towns so e mail and I will pass what I know.

Subject: Matamoros

Matamoros, Mexico, just near Padre Island and outside of Brownsville, Texas, doesn't have a boy's town. Unfortunately, that didn't stop me from attempting to find some company for the evening. I took a cab to where the cab driver said some ladies could be found. There were maybe five women on the street. All of them were ugly- either old, fat, or both. Being in a bad condition of drunk and horney, I played devil's advocate and choose one. $30 and a bad screw later, I was on my way home. Including the $20 cab fare, I spent $50 for a bad experience. Stay away from Matamoros if you're looking for hispanic carnal entertainment. Other border towns are much better.

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