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Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 22:25:15 UTC


General Advice

I like to pick up prostitutes off the street.  The sex isn't
always that great but there's someting nasty about it that I like.
I've tried escort services, but they've provided some of my worst
experiences and are 5-10 times the price of an average street
encounter.  Most of the girls I've met on the street have been
regular people who just need some extra money.  Many of them
have regular daytime jobs.  A few have been junkies, but I tend
to avoid them for obvious reasons.

Street prostitution in Massachusetts is in a bad way.  In all
locations, police are cracking down severely, harrassing the girls
and their prospective customers and trampling on everyone's
constitutional rights.  The number and quality of girls walking the
streets have declined substantially.  Mostly, the police efforts
have helped the pimps, who have an ever increasing presence in the
business, because they can walk the streets without fear.

In this diminished market, looking for the girl you want can take
a long time.  What can you do to protect yourself from the police
in your search for a good time?

1) Watch the police cruising patterns.

   Typically, the police will cruise where they've had the most
complaints from residents.  The girls will respond by moving into
areas the police frequent less.  By avoiding areas with the highest
police presence, you not only increase your chances of finding a
girl, but you also lessen the chance of being harrassed yourself.
Finally, you're allowing the traffic to shrink in the areas with
the most complaints, which will lessen the pressure on everyone.
   There are also specific times to stay off the streets, like
when a new police shift comes on.  There will be a lot of police
cruising around for about 30 mintes after a shift change and the
girls typically retreat.  When you see a sudden burst of police
presence, it is best to leave the area for a half hour and come
back, when things are quieter.

2) Be aware of the number of times the police notice your car.

   When you are circling an area cruising for girls, the police will
eventually notice what you're doing.  They will usually put up
with it for a while, and then, after you've made what you're doing
completely obvious by sticking around, they will react in one of the
following ways (in increasing order of likeliness):
A) Make no obvious response, but record your license plate and/or
   keep a closer watch on you.
B) Start tailgating/following you to make it painfully obvious they
   want you to leave the area.
C) Pull you over and harrass you.
   I've had all three of these things happen to me.  Since I'm not
married, I don't care if they record my license plate, but being
aggressively driven out of the area is nerve wracking, and being
pulled over and harrassed for cruising is terrible.  I've never
had them search my car, but one time it came close because they
thought I was cruising to buy drugs.  Although I have nothing to
hide in my car, since I never do drugs, that doesn't mean some
police that are tired of chasing Johns around the block won't put
something there.  If you see the police notice your car more than
a couple of times, LEAVE THE AREA.  Drive to another town to look
or just give up for the evening.

3) NEVER negotiate with the girl on the street.

   The main way you can tell an undercover "policetitute" is that she
will try to negotiate from the curb, while leaning into your car.
Why?  Because all the other police are hiding in that area listening
to you and waiting to pounce.  You can protect yourself reasonbly
well by having the girl get in the car before negotiating anything.
If the terms are not acceptable, she'll just ask you to drop her
off somewhere nearby and you can look for someone else.
   There aren't many undercover girls in Massachusetts.  Most of
the efforts center on the girls; Johns are nabbed picking up girls
or pulled over when a policeman sees a known prostitute in his car.
This has never happened to me because I stay aware of where the
police are, and don't stop unless I'm reasonably sure that none
are nearby.  I stop with the window partially open, and then when
the girl walks up and looks at me, I say, "Going out?"  The girl
will almost always get into the car and wait for me to drive away.
It's much safer for both of us that way, since police will have
much less chance of witnessing the pickup.  The few times that girls
have negotiated on the street, they've done all the talking, so
there's no risk of them being a policetitute, but even then that's
only been a few words (H: "whatcha lookin' for?", M: "head",
H: "$25?", M: "OK".)  Anything more than that means DRIVE AWAY.
You don't need to take the chance.
   When you get her in the car, ask if she's a police officer,
and ask to touch her or see some flesh.  She'll comply readily
and then you can be pretty sure she's the real thing.

4) Be careful where you go.

   Some of the girls are more willing to take chances than others.
I'm always picky about where I'll stop for my 5 minutes of fun.
I usually let the girls suggest places, but if it doesn't look
secluded or safe enough I'll ask for somewhere else.  Getting
caught while getting head, or even worse screwing, would be real
bad news.  It's never happened to me -- don't let it happen to you.

5) Don't accidentally stop and harass a girl who isn't working.

   Believe it or not, there are actually girls who walk alone
at night through the same areas frequented by prostitutes.
I don't know why they do it -- but you definitely don't want to
stop and try to pick them up!  There are many indicators that a
girl is working.  Though none are 100% reliable, they help a lot,
especially when you're looking for prostitutes in a new area:
A) She waves, winks, or makes some other very obvious sign.
   Watch out for this, though, since with the crackdown most girls
   don't do it anymore.  Some girls pretend they are hitchhiking
   and stick their thumb out.  That's one of my favorite signs.
B) She's dressed provocatively.
C) She makes eye contact with you, or even stares.
D) She walks one way, and then later is walking in the opposite
   direction (showing no particular destination).
E) She's "on the payphone" for a long time.  This tactic is to
   give passing police a legitimate reason for her being there.
If a girl fits any of the above signs, but you still aren't
sure, then a good way to tell is to pass her by a couple of times,
which lets her know that you're definitely cruising, then stop
a few car lengths up from where she is and pretend you're adjusting
your radio or something.  Leave the window half open.  If she's
working, she'll very likely approach you at that point.  If she
doesn't, DON'T STARE at her.  Just wait a little while, finish
up what you were pretending to do, then drive away and ignore her.
Otherwise you risk scaring someone who will report you to the police.

6) Drive carefully.

   The police tend to patrol these areas heavily, so although it
seems that you can run that light when no one is coming the other
way, your chance of getting caught is quite high (believe me, I've
seen so many people pulled over suddenly!)  You also have to watch
for other people cruising who are drunk or tired but are still out
looking for girls.  They run lights and do other crazy things.
I've had one drunk rear end my car and lots of other close calls,
so be careful.
   Residents are pretty annoyed with the extra night traffic that
prostitution adds to their area.  People who drive loudly, play
their radios at loud volumes with the window open, etc. are inviting
harsher police crackdowns.

Now some tips on handling the ladies.

1) NEVER negotiate with pimps.

   Chances are you'll just be throwing away your money, or even worse
endangering yourself.  Pimps (or alleged pimps who are just going to
rip you off) are very dangerous people.  Even if they are legitimate
they are exploiting the girls and giving them none of the money.  They
tend to carry and/or deal drugs too, so if you are caught talking with
them you might be in a great deal of trouble.  Picking up a prostitute
is a minor offense; though they might publish your name and picture in
the newspaper, that's a lot less harsh than a long jail sentence.

2) NEVER give the money until right before the act.

   Every time I've given money beforehand, I've been ripped off.
The theme varies; there's always some easy to believe reason why
they need the money before you stop.  These rip off artists are very
good at what they do and will seem very trustworthy.  Then at a traffic
light they'll jump out of the car and run.  What are you left with as
options?  Pursuing them would be extremely dangerous for obvious
reasons, and even if you caught them, what could you do without putting
yourself at serious risk?  I've adopted a strong rule -- no money until
we're ready for the act.  After adopting that with a zero exception
policy, I've never been ripped off.

3) Beware of running errands.

   Sometimes the girl will ask you to give her a ride to pick
up something on her way back.  Beware of this, because she's
usually asking you to take her to buy drugs.  The cops watch
the drug houses most intently and you'll not only be maximizing
your chances of getting caught, but also you might be implicated
in her possession charge if you do get caught.  As I said before,
the penalties for drugs are extremely harsh.  If in doubt, simply
ask: "Are you going to get drugs?  I don't want to have drugs in
the car."  Most girls will simply reply "OK" and ask to be dropped
off somewhere else.
   If the girl wants to go to a convenience store for a drink or
cigarettes, on the other hand, by all means take her there.
She's got it tough enough walking around all night.

4) If the girl asks for an unusual amount, negotiate.

   Some girls will size you up and decide that you can pay more
than the usual fee.  I've provided general guidelines below.
I don't mind if they tack on an extra $5 or so, but some of them
can go much too high (like $50 for a BJ, for example).  Most of
the time, they know this is too much and will come down if you
negotiate.  One time, a girl refused to come down, so I dropped
her off again.  Later in the night, when she was more desperate
for business, she capitulated for my price.  What you're willing
to pay really depends on how badly you want it, how hot the girl
looks, how many other girls are out that night, how many other Johns
are out, and finally how late it is.  If a girl wants to do her last
job of the night so she can go home, she's more willing to bargain.

5) If you like the girl, try to become a "regular".

   Most girls will be willing to give you some more information about
how to find them (like when they'll be around and where) after your
first time.  After the second time, they'll be even more comfortable,
and may even give you their home phone or beeper numbers.  This saves
you a lot of trouble -- you can just arrange a meeting and avoid the
risky cruising part altogether.  Most girls give better service (and
even better prices) to regular customers.  In some cases they'll even
take you home so you can have sex in a bed -- for the same price!
I had one girl who I saw for months who worked a few miles from my
apartment.  I'd pick her up and take her home for some fun.  One time
she stayed for three hours of talking, drinking, and fooling around,
all for the usual $40.  Unfortunately, the girls tend to disappear
after a while, so you're left trying to find someone new.
   The best part is that you get to know the girl, and to realize
that you are providing some of her support; in some cases, it can
be emotional or even physical support as well as financial!  I've
helped girls out of jams, driven some around to bail friends out of
jail, provided a listening ear; whatever I could do for them within
reason.  I like working girls and think what they do is a good thing
for society.

6) Have the necessary supplies.

   In Massachusetts, if a girl is stopped and searched and is found
to have condoms, she will automatically be charged with common
streetwalking (an unconstitutional charge if ever there was one).
Common streetwalking isn't actually a prostitution charge since no
sex for money is involved.  It is just a way of skirting those pesky
rules of justice to have something to use against the streetwalkers.
Since they can't carry condoms, they will either skip using them (a
BAD idea) or make you stop at a local convenience store to get them.
If you don't want to do this, then get them in advance.  It is also
a good idea to have some kleenex to clean up afterward.


Where: In a corridor formed by parallel Washington St. and Harrison Ave. Harrison in particular, all the way from () to (). There are a few other places but they are a lot less safe. Prices: BJ $30-$50 Fuck $50-$100 Notes: The best looking girls you'll find on the street are in Boston, but they are also the most expensive. The cops are the most tolerant there, as well (though some are still pretty nasty). I've never been harrassed cruising in Boston, even for several hours at a time. I've had mixed experiences, and tend to stay out of Boston because it's not really the best value for the money, but it's probably the most fun to "window shop", as some of the outfits the girls wear (G-strings, costumes, fancy dresses, you name it) can be really fun to watch. Some of the girls are very aggressive and will come right up to your car even when you make no eye contact, particularly the heavier girls or the black girls. What you really have to watch out for in Boston are the TVs (transvestites). Unless you don't mind getting cheap head from a guy dressed up like a girl. Insist on checking! Last time I was there (8/96) I saw 12 different girls in about 90 minutes, 9 white and 3 black. Most were in short skirts or tight short shorts. One was in a formal dress. Several were talking to their pimps at one point or another :-(
FRAMINGHAM Where: Intersection of route 135 and route 126 and surrounding streets for about a half mile radius of the intersection. Prices: BJ $20-$30 Fuck $40-$50 Notes: Not too active anymore; heavy police activity has chased most of them away, and many nights you won't even see any. When they are around, they won't give you much of a sign that they are working, so it is really tough. Police are very aggressive there. I recommend avoiding Framingham. WORCESTER Where: Along a 3 mile stretch of Main Street, starting around the Telegram and Gazette building downtown, all the way to where Main Street hits route 12. Sometimes on the adjoining streets, particularly in the Ionic Street to Queen Street section. Prices: BJ $25-$35 Fuck $40-$60 Notes: There is heavy police activity in Worcester, but the girls are still out there. They range in quality. I've had some interesting experiences. They tend to be quite scared nowadays of police and are charging more. About half are junkies. There is usually a good variety of girls if you're willing to drive around for a while.
LOWELL Where: In a large radius from downtown. In particular, Middlesex and Branch streets, Broadway and adjoining streets (especially the bridges), Appleton St., Summer St., Gorham St. Prices: BJ 20-30 Fuck 40-50 Notes: Lowell has declined significantly, but there are still a good variety of girls there. This is the only place I've found girls willing to do anal. Some of my best times have been there, but there are a lot of junkies around, so be careful. LAWRENCE Where: Intersection of routes 28 and 113 and surrounding streets. Prices: BJ 25-35 Fuck 40-50 Notes: Haven't been there for a few months. Checked it out originally as a place to "cool off" while the heat was on in Lowell. Girls are mostly hispanic, some are pretty. FITCHBURG Where: In the downtown area, among all those one way streets. Prices: ??? Notes: I've seen an occasional streetwalker in Fitchburg but have never picked one up. They've always looked like junkies, and a little dangerous too. I recommend avoiding Fitchburg.
LYNN Where: In the downtown area: intersection of Broad and Silsbee, Central St, Union starting at Chestnut, Essex St., down to Washington St. Sometimes in the surrounding streets. Prices: BJ 20-30 Fuck 40-50 Notes: This area is still reasonably active in spite of the police. Last time I checked this area out (8/96) I saw 7 different girls (5 white, 2 black) in the space of 90 minutes.
BROCKTON Where: Along route 123, other places Prices: BJ $25-$35 Fuck $40-$60 Notes: The police activity is high, but the girls are working anyway.
Where: Various places Prices: ??? Notes: Last time I was in Fall River (8/95) there were several streetwalkers in various places. Look along major roads leading to and from downtown. Never picked any up though.
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 01:52:48 -0800 Subject: Boston area update Street Scene (BOSTON PROPER) The Combat Zone (theater district) is still alive and well as is the south end (just south of the theater district) and Chinatown is still active on certain nights when the stings are not in force--Bernie's (in Chinatown) is still the best bar to pick up hookers although some nights its pretty dead and the girls in here can range from a 5 to a 9 (DORCHESTER) Dorchester avenue form Columbia road to just past Fields Corner...this area is always hit or miss and active earlier when the bars are still seems to be split evenly between black and white and pretty cheap (I've never had anyone from here just prices) ages run pretty young (watch out!!!) (CHELSEA) Broadway in Chelsea from the square to route 16 can be pretty active during warmer weather..saw a great looking asian but she got picked up before I could get to her...last summer hooked up with a pretty blonde named Lisa (in her late 20s) she had her own car and we got together a number of times..prices here seem to be in the $20-50 range depending on the services....Chelsea square is hit or miss because of the presence of the police and beware a lot the girls down here are not girls (East Boston) Meridian street late at night especially near and on the bridge going over to Chelsea (if they are on the bridge and thumbing for a ride then chance are they are working) (Cambridge) I've been told that the Mass ave area around Central Sqaure late at night is active but I havn't checked it out yet (Lynn) Previous postings have listed the Union St area as active and I agree as well as other parts of the downtown area (streets vary) once again its a hit or miss situation (one night I counted at least 8 different girls in a one hour period) girls vary in age and looks but the prices are reasonable

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