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Subject: Massachusetts

 M.- Oct.'96

      After several unsuccessful attempts to contact Brandy, a girl I had
met recenyly and had REALLY liked, I called S.. I had done business with
her before with mixed results. I like the fact that I have S.'s private
number, that she answers the phone right away, and we can usually set
something up very quickly.
      I expressed my displeasure at having made a date with M. only to be
switched to Katie at the last second without my permission. S. apologized
and told me M. was available right away and that I could spend an hour at
a discounted price. Instead, I negotiated 90 minutes for $175.
      I am greeted at the door by M.. She is tall(5'8"), average looking
and her face is framed by beautiful, long, blonde hair. We go upstairs in
this luxury apartment and talk to S. for a while. S. apologizes again and
gets me a drink. We three sit and chat for about 40 minutes, then, M. and
I head downstairs to the bedroom. This is the one with mirrored walls.
      M. leaves for a moment and returns dressed, by my request, in bra,
panties, heels, stockings, and garters, all in black. I am very interested
to see if this girl will react to me in the same manner as the previous
two girls. Sure enough, at the same point, M. turns around and French
kisses me! It's uncanny. It's like they all graduated from the school of
      M.'s French kissing was a tad weird. She had a method of sticking
her tongue halfway out and locking her lips around it. It made the act
seem perfunctory, somehow. If you're going to do it, then it must be done
with abandon.
      M. has small b-cup breasts with nice nipples. She is smart, a good
conversationalist, and we engaged in extended foreplay while talking. M.
sheathed my member and gave me head for a while. I then removed her
panties and turned her over on all fours. It was a sexy pose in that
outfit. I was behind her and rubbing my cock in the crack of her ass, back
and forth, when I came in the condom. WHOOPS! Oh well, this was going to
be, what they call in Nevada, a two-cum party.
      I talked about M.'s hair earlier and it merits another mention. Her
hair was a dark blonde and perfectly straight. It was VERY silky to the
touch and it was what I would imagine spun gold would feel like. Just
beautiful. Hair a man could get lost in.
      We went on as before with M. eventually giving me head, this time
without the condom. When I informed M. that the "moment" had arrived, like
Katie before her, she never batted an eye and took my full load into her
mouth and drained me. M. gave me a nice massage to finish off. All in all
a nice experience.
      I told S. about the Web and the WSG. S. says they have all they can
handle without it. They are understandably publicity shy as Boston is the
home of the Puritans. You will be treated well here. One could do a lot
worse. There are a couple of hints , in previous posts about S., on how to
spot their ad that has run in the Phoenix the last few years. There is
also some mention of foot fetish.

On a scale of 1-10 this experience was an 8


 Venus- Nov.'96

      I had a return engagement with Venus(Brandy) after being stood up by
her a month before. It's a three hour round trip for me, so, it was a big
pain for no reward. Despite my irritation, I decided to give her the
benefit of the doubt and was able to contact her again after another
      Venus apologized and related a story about being carjacked and
assaulted and was in the hospital when I went to her house. I saw the
bruises and believed her. She said she had only started working again when
I called.
      Venus showed me a very GOOD time. She was either trying to make up
for the last visit, or, she enjoys my company.(hopefully) YMMV. Again, it
was a FUN time. A lot of laughs as well as physical highs. She was wearing
a white teddy that glowed under a newly installed black light in her
4-poster canopy bed. Very sexy.
      We exchanged stories of unususal sexual sites. Mine was about having
sex on top of the Endicott Rock Monument,at Weirs Beach, on Lake
Winnepausakee, in Laconia, NH. She topped me with one about doing it on
the hood of a car, buck naked, with her boyfriend, in broad daylight, in
the breakdown lane of Interstate Route 495, one of the busiest roads in
all of Massachusetts.
      We ended, after extended time, with me asking her to indulge a
fantasy I had about her. I wanted to cum on her magnificent tits. She
readily agreed. She removed my condom, slid under me and started stroking
me, above her boobs. Her aim was a little off and it became more of a
pearl necklace. Wicked and satisfying!
      Venus, unlike most working girls is not publicuity shy and she was
interested in what I had to tell her about the Web and WSG. She even runs
an actual photo of herself from time to time in the Boston Phoenix and
it's Website "". If you should ever get to meet this goddess
Please mention you read Condumb's report.

 On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 10+! Again!


Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 00:23:00 -0500 (EST) Subject: Massachusetts The pickings are slim in Mass. but the Old English is not the only game in town. Their is a place called the Cambridge Health Club. They have a big black bouncer named Clyde. It costs about $150-200 with tips but you get full service. Unlike Old English it is always a sure thing.
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 01:52:48 -0800 Subject: Boston area update I'm 40 something and have lived in Boston all my are a few comments about the current scene Massage parlor---I stop by Olde English in Cambridge every once and awhile and have had a great seesion each time I've been there...the last time I was there (December) I was with a lovely redish blonde girl by the name of Nancy (I think) hard and tanned she was great we had straight, oral, and 69 all for an extra $100 on top of the massage fee..if you are first timer don't expect much but after that things should loosen up Escort services--I won't do incalls anymore too many bad experiences and situations--but outcalls are still pretty good (I use the Phoenix and go for the newer ads...ALSO DON'T BE AFRAID TO PRESS THE ISSUE OF TRUTH IN ADVERTISING I've turned girls away at the door who havn't been "as advertised".......Also a new twist to this scence some girls (usually not pros) are using some the local chat lines 550-3733, 550-5555, etc to sell there services--they will get on the line seeking generous gentlemen and then after a couple of messages back and forth you connect live and set up a time and place--I met on great 19 year old this way and it was fairly cheap too ($60 for a half hour)

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