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Maryland Massage

Here is some more information on Oriental Massage Parlor in Maryland. All prices are $40/half hour and $60/hour.

*Lily's Spa : on RT 1 in Laurel. On average day, there are 3-4 staffes working there. The ages of the staffes are all 28+, and the rate is 5-7. The massage is fairly good, they crack your joints, walk on your back. At the end of the session, usually the hand job is free. Last time, for $20 dollars, I got a nude hand job with 69 style while I was eating pussy. Full service is possible, but depends on who you have, 75% of them will only give you hand job, unless you are a repeated customer.

*Rainbow Spa : on RT 1 1/4 mile north of RT 32. The staffes are younger in Rainbow than in Lily, the rating is from 6-8. Hand job is $40, oral is $60 and half-half is $100. Most girls are into full service, but no anal. The procedure is you go in there, greeted by an old lady and take your money. She will lead you to a room, ask you to get undress. Then 5 minutes later, your lady came in, and take you to the table shower and sauna. After she dried you, take you back to the room, then left for a few minutes. If you are a repeated customer and you want something special, this is the time to do it. Put the money on the small table and they know what to do (or for a new customer, follow the lead after the massage). Usually she dimmed the light first, asked you to take her cloth off. Then you lay down, she will start by using her breast and her lip to work on your back. Some of them will lick your ass. Then start to blow you, if you like you can always eat her. Sometimes you can cum twice. Last time I was there, I stayed about 1 hour and half, had cum twice for total of $160.

*Dream Garden: in Wheaton. They tend to have different business names(Classic Therapy). The place is nicer, the girls are pretty young, I had one about 25, rate of 8. It is a little pricy, $120 for the full service, but the girls are nice.

I will have more info coming up about "Star Therapy" and "Model's Inc".

Happy hunting.

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