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Marseille, France

Date: 2 Feb 1997 13:04:18 -0500


1)The Opera district - around the opera house
Next to the Vieux Port and the bottom of the Cannebiere
- During the day from about 12 noon on: a few older women
- At night, from about 10 pm on: variety, young and older, anywhere from 10
to 20 on a given night. Standing around the street in front of the Opera
House and on a few side streets around it. Prices: 200 francs for a straight
suck and fuck. They leave their top on, but will take it off for 100 francs
more. They will ask you if you want this. "tu veux que j'enleve le haut ?"
They may also ask you if you want them to suck you before they fuck you: "tu
veux que je te suce ?" just say "oui !" You might also come across some who
will offer to do it without a condom, but that's your business if you want
to take chances. Anyway, in French that's "avec preservatif ou sans ?"

BEWARE of the small bars around the opera house which often have quite
attractive women standing in the doorway, inviting you to come in. These
bars are called "Bars Americains", and the girls are there only to get you
in and make you buy drinks for yourself and them at very high prices. You
might get something out of it in the end but very, very expensively.

2) Rue Curiol - at the top of the Cannebiere.
- Day and night, from about 12 noon on. All types and ages. The bottom half
of the street is straight, but the top half are transvestites.

3) Rue Thubaneau - off of the Cours Belsunce, off the Cannebiere.
- Day and night. Black and Arab. Mostly fat and ugly.

4) Place Jean Jaures, also called "La Plaine", at the top and other end of
the rue Curiol.
- After dark, from about 10 pm on. All types standing around the square and
on a few side streets. This is in your car business. Cruise around and stop
next to one who pleases you. Blow jobs for 100 francs and a suck and fuck
for 200 francs. She'll generally announce the going rates for her services:
"c'est cent francs la pipe et deux cents francs l'amour" (it's 100 francs
for a blow job and 200 francs to fuck).

5) Boulevard Michelet and the second part of the Avenue du Prado (when it
heads in another direction after the stadium).
- After dark. Drive by car service. 100 francs for a blow job and 200 francs
to fuck. Just cruise up and down these streets until you meet someone who
strikes your fancy, she'll then hop in and direct you to some out of the way
spot (usually about 200 yards from where you picked her up) to get down to

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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