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Manchester, United Kingdom

Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 00:35:04 UTC

I can recommend the area a round Chorlton Street bus station and Canal
road or very young girls(13-18) They will come and ask if you are
'looking for business'

Subject: Manchester, UK Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 15:27:23 UTC Manchester now seems to be the heart of the "massage parlour" scene in the UK. In the local evening paper (Manchester Evening News) there are daily advertisements for over 30 establishments in the city centre and surrounding districts. As competition is so fierce, many places are now advertising "fixed price specials" and similar special offers. The average "fixed price special" price is GBP35-40 (US$50-60) for a half hour massage, and including full sex. Girls in the parlours are generally aged between 18 and 28, and usually quite good looking. Most parlours are in relatively safe areas, offering discreet parking, and there is little chance of being mugged. More reports about specific establishments, girls and other customers experiences would be welcomed.
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 19:30:58 -0400 (EDT) Subject: world sex guide In Manchester, England's third largest city, the guide mentions the chorlton street bus station at the downtown area - referred to there as the town center- the other main area is Whalley Range- this is a residential area-try Withington St and Whalley Road. Young white girls, age 20 or so, 20 to 40 dollars.
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 11:30:59 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Manchester, Uk - information The Manchester Evening News features about 30 'Health Clubs' in its entertainment section with prices ranging from #30 to #60 per girl though most also offer two girl specials ranging from #60 to #80. I have rung them all to get an overview and also researched their locations. A number also offer special services such as dungeons, use of toys, etc. The dungeon price seems to add about #10 to the ordinary fee. Most are easy to get to and the majority are easy to access discreetly. I had bad experience at Silks in Oldham where I had to wait for three-quarters of an hour because none of the girls had turned up. The receptionist was very sexy but on her period so she couldn't step in. When I finally got service in pleasant little room with a porn video, the girl who was half-Brazilian (they said) was grumpy, snapped at me when I attempted to kiss or touch her. In the end, I plumped for Salon 24. A square brick building surrounded by a fence in a small industrial area of town about a minute's walk from the Nynex centre or Victoria Station. There seems to be a limited amount of street sex available about two streets further. I arrived at opening time (11 am) and so there was only one girl in. The customer care was excellent throughout and I was asked if this was alright or did I want to wait till others arrived to have a greater choice. I paid #40 and was introduced to Dominique, who took me upstairs. My subsequent experiences in other places make me favour this arrangement; I think it best to get the whole payment out of the way so you don't subsequently have to interrupt things with negotiating. Dominique was a short woman with black hair, pale complexion and a small smiling face. She had a perfect little body, athletic, firm but soft with beautiful breasts. She wore a short white skirt, g-string and tied-top. She was friendly and chatted to relax me. This was after all only my second experience and the Silks one had not been good. The room was very pleasant. Dimly lit for atmosphere with a wall-mounted video playing porn; it included a large mirror and a huge mattress bed raised about the floor on a plinth about four feet. The mattress could accommodate ten people comfortably. In dim light, I undressed while Dominique chatted. On her back she had a large tiger tattoo and some other swirling creature. I would have turned my nose up at a woman with tattoos if she had been offered but now I was with the real thing it was a turn on and really gave her a distinctive style. She massaged my back with gentle tickles along my sides and bottom. I turned over and she slipped off her top. On her shoulder there was a Scorpio tattoo and her left nipple was pierced with a black and silver ring. She lowered her breasts onto my face and began massaging my penis. I was quickly aroused and this went on until orgasm. Surprisingly as I finished she gave me a tender, moist kiss on the lips. I had always accepted the myth that prostitutes didn't kiss. On the way out she showed me the dungeon telling me that one needed to be careful for many of the girls didn't really know what domination involved and tended to degenerate into beating up the helpless client. She favoured tying and teasing. I promised myself to come back for that. I left with a grin to the young madam in jeans. The second time I went to Salon 24 I was offered a wait for a 'petite Asian' who was currently occupied or Zoe, by a middle aged woman in a silly short leather skirt and nearly transparent blouse. Zoe stuck her head around the door. She was tall, of indeterminate figure, dressing in high black boots, grey stockings, and some sort of black lacy thing. She wasn't really to my taste but I was in a hurry. She would be fine I said. We went up to the big room again. She got me a glass of water while I undressed. Nerves had parched me. The video was erotically entertaining. She talked for some time, relaxing me with a back massage which took a very pleasant turn when she stripped off to just her stockings and used her body to massage me, sliding her breasts between my legs. Frankly once her clothes were off her figure wasn't bad, especially her firm thighs. She played with me, engaged in oral sex for a wide but didn't seem very directed after that and I was happy to let it continue to orgasm without pushing for anything more complicated. She was friendly enough, but failed to make eye contact as we parted; the personal touches of Dominique were better. On my third visit, I was passed my novice nerves. By coincidence both Dominique and Zoe were on duty. Zoe looked rougher than before, her teeth seemed to have gone brown. Dominique was wearing a leopard skin printed bikini top and long matching skirt. She made perfunctory conversation clearly not remembering me from the first time some months earlier. I had come with a wicked plan which was to make love to her and then go on to my mistress's flat who would have to work deliciously hard without knowing why. I sensed Dominique was little impressed with the plan. She attempted to stimulate me for a short time but maybe due to the distraction of my own malice I was not rising to the occasion. She rolled over and invited me to masturbate her while she rubbed her clitoris with a stubby green soft rubber vibrator. We kissed and sucked, her skin was softly oiled and scented. After maybe twenty minutes of concerted effort on both our parts she gave all the signs of coming. I found this difficult to believe but she assured me that she came when she was enjoying herself. Probably bollocks, but what the hell, she is the professional. Then with a little bit of patience on her part and some self stimulation I achieved erection and she mounted me and applied herself to a very pleasantly orgasm for me. My only complaint about Salon 24 is the lack of unperfumed soaps in the showers - this can be risky if you are returning afterward to a wife or lover. My only other experience in Manchester is at the Georgian in central Oldham - again when I was a novice. Like Salon 24 this is 5 star McCoy rated. I went in the terrace shop (its windows are blued out and barred). The inner porch was a rich red. Inside it was like a small house. No-one met me so I went into the first room at the bottom of the stairs - generally this side of customer care was poor at Georgian. The receptionist was an old-ish suave woman with orange tan and artificial red hair. On a large luxurious leather sofa there were two women: one blond, wearing tight satin jungle camoflage trousers and a leather jacket, and the other dark, pale skinned and wearing a wet-look black harness that clung to her breasts and pelvis. It turned out that the blond was only visiting so I said that 'Paula' would be nice. The receptionist took my #45 and guided me up to the room. This consisted of a bed, a mirrored wall, a bidet and a glass box shower that took up the entire wallspace opposite the door. I undressed and began watching a video. Paula arrived after about five minutes. She asked what I liked and I told her that I was shy and that she should take the lead. It turned out that this was only her second day. This was problematic. Her massage technique was good but missed the link between relaxing and arousing. I took the lead by telling her what I liked but this seemed to throw her. Her oral technique also was good, but the change to sex was clumsy and embarassed. I couldn't feel anything when she started thrusting, an action that only seemed to throw the bed into a disconcerting squeaking frenzy. So I stopped it and asked her to finish the job by hand. This she did very efficiently. I showered, she got dressed with some embarassment and left me. I suppose we all have to learn.
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 22:40:08 +0800 Subject: ASP: Manchester Had a moderately interesting experience in the heart of Manchester City. A newly re-opened club called the Cosmopolitan. Full Service for about GBP60. I tipped, but there was no pressure. Girls sat outside so you could choose, and its comes with a pretty mediocre massage. My only suspicion is that they may tape the whole thing, since there is a pretty seriously wierd looking mirror in there.
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 14:28:45 +0100 Subject: Red-light Manchester Let me start with Manchester, if you go down Minstrel Street at the back of china town there are a few girls, some are in their teens and some will not see twenty-one again! Prices start at about twenty pounds for a hand job and finished in a blowjob. I had this and was asked if I wanted full sex in the same price not bad a? I went to the red-light area about four p.m. in the winter so it was getting dark, this would give me cover and let me see if there was any thing a miss. You have to look out for police and one or two nutty types, my first time was the best, After finding the street on a map which was on the side of a bus stop, this come in handy. I walked down the street, I could not see any one, but on my way back a girl asked me if I wanted business. I said ok lets go on which I had very good blowjob and hand job and she let me play with her and with no rubber to boot. The cost twenty-pound well spent, the next it time I was ripped off for sixty pounds so take note. The white chapel scene, well lots of stocking on show some good looking girls on show most in their twenties. I had full sex in a car with a blowjob and good going over her tits all for forty pounds. The police are there in numbers and a mosque is closes by so look out for the ragheads they don't like curb crawlers, but them who are skilled can get round this. I would like to know if there is any strip clubs steal going in the north west, in Manchester, Liverpool and do any one know of any girls working in Chester etc.
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 19:36:46 +0100 Subject: Manchester Hi Friends My favourite is the Galaxy in Elmsmere Road Burnage quite near Kingsway South Manchester park by Westminster Bank in the main road for security and discretion. It is upstairs from a small pet shop in a side street and looks very scruffy but is the friendliest place I have ever been to. Few of the lasses are young, few would grace page 3, but page 3 lacks character totally, these ladies love their work, love their regular clients, and are full of fun. There are always 2 and a receptionist so three is possible, 40 pounds is the all in price, 65 for 2! they are sexy and full of eros! Just not young and since I am a greybeard of mid 50's that is fine by me.

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