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Manchester, New Hampshire

Subject: [ASP] Manchester NH observations

        Manchester NH - Some observations by Godfroi de Boullion

There haven't been too many posts regarding the scene in New Hampshire;
none, in fact. So I will throw my hat into the ring and offerup some
observations/experiences for whatever they are worth.

First, the relative paucity of information regarding this regionin this
NG might lead some to believe that there's no action to be had.To dispel
this potential myth, I can say that it is there if you are willing to
look hard for it and are not too discerning (more on this later).
There aren't any local publications like the Boston Phoenix to aid in
the search, and as far as the yellow pages are concerned, none of escort
or massage establishment listings stay valid for long. That pretty
much leaves the barflies and street walkers.

        Once upon a time, about five years ago, there was a bar on
Pine St. called Judy's, and this is where all the pros hung out. On any
given night of the week, you'd see a minimum of maybe 6 or 8 girls
sitting at the bar or at some of the tables around the pool table. Even
so, I don't think in 3 years time I ever saw anyone at or above a 7 in
the looks department. But, if you've got enough beers in you, anyone can
look like Michelle Pfieffer.

        The working girls were generally pretty open about what they
offered; as long as you were a semi-regular and they saw you drinking a
beer every now and then, they'd relax and put away their cop radar. At
that time, you  could get a blowjob for $20 and probably a fuck for $40.
Sadly, Judy's lost their liquor license several years ago due to the
illegal coin-op video poker machines they were paying out on
(and NOT the girls, oddly enough).

        And so, with the closing of Judy's we turn our attentions to the
two remaining bars in the immediate area, two blocks away on Lake St.,
known as Flo's Bar and Mikes Pub and Grub. Both do a healthy amount of
business and they do their level best to keep trouble to a minimum.
As to the hooker content, well......

        Weekend nights, you'll find tons of women at both bars. People
usually spend equal amounts of time during an evening at both places.
The first impression you get as you walk into Flo's is that it's just
another skanky neighborhood dive and on a certain level, you'd be right.
But again, the sheer traffic of women is pretty high. I have to say that
most are not working girls, but the non-professionals seem to be
amenable to being friendly if you don't come off like an asshole. Drafts
are 50 cents. The average looks are in the 5 - 8 range, with the working
girls tending towards the 5 end of the scale. A lot of the hookers are
just foul-mouthed crack whores, and are instantly identifiable, but a
precious few are not bad. All in all, it's the only game in town, and
therefore the best that can be had.

        Mike's is a much cleaner and better lit place than Flo's with
drafts at 50 cents. As stated before, what you see at Flo's you'll
eventually see at Mike's and vice versa. Mike's Pub tolerates ZERO
bullshit with regards to fights and drugs, so relative personal safety
is good, and it's an O.K. place to hang.

Now for some general info on the area.

Police presence:
        Very high, although they seem to be more concerned with the DWIs
and the druggies than anything else. They patrol in cruisers, on foot,
and on bikes.

Hooker scams:
        I'd have to say low to medium risk. One personal experience led
to my being ripped off of the cash I paid the girl by her irate
"husband" threatening to kill me with a baseball bat if I didn't beat
cheeks. I suppose that if he really was her husband, he probably would
have done me in without the opportunity for me to leave. I was lucky in
that I only lost $20. This was about 4 years ago, and I haven't seen
either the girl or the hubby around since then. This of course doesn't
mean that it still happen. Forewarned is forearmed.

Usual routine of girls:
        Makes eye contact with you, and comes over to talk. The
conversation invariably starts with her saying "What are you up to?" to
which my answer is usually "not much". As you can see, it runs out of
steam pretty quickly. If you buy them a beer, you can get them to loosen
up a bit more, and maybe you can loosen up a little, too. It also helps
if you dance with them (Flo's is the only one with a dancefloor,though).
She usually opens up the bartering for goods with something like "Do you
want to party?" if yes, then you're off to the races. One thing, though;
most of the girls don't have places of their own nearby or if they do,
they won't want to use them. They'll opt instead for your car parked on
a side road about 3 - 4 miles away from the police intensive zones.
Be warned, that although I've never had a problem with any intrusions by
the law or nosy neighbors, don't rule it out. If the girls all use the
same general locale, the cops have gotta know about it. Sooner or later,
the law of averages will catch up to you.

        Still in the $20 - $30 range for oral   $50 - $75 for a fuck
I've never seen anal services offered, and was always refused when
asked for.

        Right across the street from where Judy's used to be is a big
parking lot that is patrolled regularly. The meters are free after
6:00PM, and its well lit. Flo's and Mike's are down two blocks from
there, and up onto Lake St. I've never had a problem with my car being
tampered with.

        The girls are predominantly white, with a few Hispanic ladies
and a few black ladies as well. Many many fat chicks too, though, with
more than a few approaching critical mass.

        Streetwalkers are virtually non-existant. You'll occasionally
see one or two lurking on one of the many connecting streets between
Pine St.and Union St. The frequency of them appearing is somewhere
around 1 or 2nights a month.

        So there you have it. Forgive me if I've stated the obvious to
anyone who knows the area already. As stated before, there was a
relative heyday some time ago, with the current scene not too conducive
to finding a "personal fulfillment specialist" for the evening. It's
available, but scarce. This is the only area I know of, however. I
haven't tried Nashua or Concord yet.


Godfroi de Boullion

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