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Manaus, Brazil

Subject: Manaus, Brazil

Child prostitution in Manaus, Brazil

March 97: The Newspaper "O Globo" just started a major campaign against
child prostitution in Manaus.

They wrote some very well researched articles, several newspaper pages
long.  They try to get authorities to act against the abuse of children.
As usual, no one asked the children if they want to be protected by police
raiding their bars and harrassing them or their Johns.  As usual, there is
hardly any mentioning that the girls need some alternative income and life

Most girls have been sexually abused at home, many are hooked to smoking
drugs. They will either return home and get abused or roam the streed
penniless eating at garbage dumps.

Due to relentless pressure the Brazilian government promised to act against
child prostitution all over the Northern region of the country.  The local
authorities could care less, the police chiefs are among the customers.
Police is said to be totally corrupt.

The bars are called Disneylands of sex, because they have toys for the
girls, some names of bars: Holanda, Bigode, Canarinho, Emocoes, Natureza.

The rates are $5 - $10 for an hour.

There is a general large scale campaign against child prostitution in
Brazil, with a nationwide toll free number "disque denuncia" to tell
authorities about these cases.

The police is investigating a few Johns who were cited with full names and
large fotographs in the first article.  A few days into the campaign most
of the bars have closed or at least are preventing the entry of minors.
Thus the 12-16 year old girls now are offering themselves right on the
streets, in front of the Prefeitura, the city government, on Praca Dom
Pedro II.

On March 28, 50 police arrested all the girls they could find, closed a few
hotels where minors were found, and arrested all men they found accompanied
by a minor.  They said that in future they will continue repressing child

Interestingly, for their raid they picked a day with heavy rains, and thus
most of the hotels and the streets were empty.

July 97:
There are some underage girls at the praca da matriz, afternoons and
evenings, they probably are hookers.  They are addicted to sniffing glue.
Not recommended to get involved, you might  be mugged by the girls or by
their glue sniffing male teenage street tough friends, or get set up by
police (= you have to pay a fortune to not be indicted for child sex).

Between the Praca da Matriz and Praca Dom Pedro II, there are a few bars
that were cited in the article.  For example Holanda.  Blaring music, low
class customers, ugly old wasted prostitutes, I am sure it is cheap, I did
not even bother to ask the price.  Forget it.

Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 05:08:36 -0700 Subject: Manaus, state of Amazonia, Brazil Unlike most other cities in Brazil, it is useless to look for a section about massagistas or termas in the local newspaper. Seems the mayor prohibited these ads. You have to resort to taxi drivers. Or see the following hints. 1 US$ = R$ 1.12 Skorpions Drinks, Tel 232 8813, rua Mundurucus 52, Centro, Manaus. Convenient central location. R$ 10 - 20 for a 2-song strip, for real action you pay a total of R$ 50-80 to do it in the house, or $20 to the house to take her out. She usually wants another R$50 (R$20-R$100). Decent to excellent looking nice girls. If you are lucky you find an amateur, girls frequently bring a curious girlfriend along. Seems the rates are negotiable, or depend on the girl. I have seen a girl ask for 50 (10 for the house, 10 for the hotel room upstairs, 30 for the girl) .. Definitely worth your visit! A drink costs R$ 1 or 2 Melry girls (used to be called Scort Girls): Rua Monte Castelo 30, Japinho, 237 5637. opposite to Gas station (posto) Vieira. A few very pretty girls. Strip R$ 10-20. 1 1/2 hours in the room R$ 100. Take out R$50 plus girl's fee of probably 50. Best: get her phone and meet her during daytime for R$50. Of course, maybe she does not keep her appointment ... Good place for prostitutes on the street: after 8 pm Praca Sao Sebastiao, near the Teatro Amazonas. Always a few girls, some very attractive, lots of amateurs, R$ 50.-, if you are lucky you haggle them down to 35 or 40. Due to police action, they may shift in place. Ask your friendly taxi driver, who also is a good help to recognize street kids before they mug you. Nearby is the Boite Jet Set, a Strip Bar. And in a strip bar there is not only strip, this is not the USA. You like the stripper, you take her out. You have to pay to get a strip show, or wait for the free large scale show at 1 am or 3 am. Note: all bars are closed on Sundays, most close on Mondays, too. Also nearby: Praca do Congresso, there are several High Schools, the girls are quite open to flirting. It is fun and good for your ego. These are not prostitues, your chances for quick sex are not too good. Praca da Saudade: 7-10 pm you find lots of girls, again, no prostitutes. Sunshine, R. Monsenhor Coutinho 768, phone 232 3503, open about 1 -11 pm. Girls do not seem to be very pretty. Jet Set: nice strip bar, free strip shows at 1 and 3 am. R$10 minimum to get you in and a free drink, some very nice and pretty girls. Beware of the unfriendly manager lady. R$10 to get in, if you sit at a table they might charge you another 10 or 20 minimum consumption. R$ 30 (about US$27) to take a girl out, plus the girl's fee, R $50 to R$ 100. Kilds, a Strip Joint. Near Posto Sacy, Rua Belem (street has changed name but everyone still knows it by the name Rua Belem). High class, you may check it out for free for 5 minutes. R$25 to get in, 30 to take a girl out, probably R$ 100 and up for the girl; private strip show R$ 20, free strip shows, bring your bathing suit, they even have an indoor pool. JB Rua Leonardo Marche Strip Bar. Mainly older girls, on the weekend there may be younger prettier ones. a bit more for her to sleep over and leave early in the morning. If you do not haggle about time, the girl might want to dash off as soon as you come once. Most girls kiss; blow job usually with condom, some can be convinced to blow you without. More hints: don't miss a one day excursion to the Amazon Jungle, on a river boat. You see "encontro das aguas", the meeting of the black Rio Negro and the greyish Rio Solimoes. Piranha fishing, alligator and dolphin sightings are also on the must-do list for this excursion. Ponta Negra, a river beach, half an hour by city bus. Seems that most of the time it is not polluted. Also said to be a good pickup place to meet native girls (not hookers). Somewhere around there is a working girl pickup bar. Taxi drivers are usually willing to give discounts, some let you hire them for a few hours to take you to several places and wait for you. If you are under 50 and white, or even better, blond and blue eyed, try flirting with any girl from 16 years up, in the street, near high schools, sales girls, etc., you usually get at least a friendly response and a nice chat. They are even quite open to flirting and sexual innuendo, but actually getting them to bed is not easy. Manaus is a bit provincial, parents and general morality are a maior obstacle. Unfortunately, even high school grads speak basically zero English, in spite of many years of English classes in school. Watch your wallet, be careful not to be mugged by street kids. Crime seems not to be the heavy duty gunpoint type you find in Rio or Sao Paulo.
Date: September 1997 Subject: Manaus Nice hotel: Hotel Dona Joana, Rua dos Andradas 553, Centro 233 7553 R$20 simple aircon room or 27 with TV and fridge. Very tolerant, you hear no complaint or surcharge even if you bring two girls at the same time. They do not rent rooms by the hour, customers who want to stay for a few hours pay the full 24 hour rate. Thus they avoid the sleaze and high turnover, most customers are business travellers or tourists. Internet provider:, for $5 an hour you can use their computer terminal, if you are lucky

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