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Subject: Re: Malaysia

Found your good site on the net despite local censorship. Living more
than 5 years here and can give you some infos on


Legal situation: "Khalwat" is a serious offence by staying with a muslim
girl in the same room by closed door. This is already proove enough.
Hotel raids can happen once a while and may put you in deep shit.

A friend of mine was caught with his girl in his appartement at 4:00 in
the morning and got immediately deported out of the country, loosing his
working visa. (police tip off, because the former boy friend was jealous)

However these are single cases. Play on a low scale and you can enjoy life
a lot.

Appearance : You can find three main races, Malay (muslim), Indian and
Chinese. Whereas the Malays are in general the most pretty ones and very
obedient in every means - due to their traditional education. Indians and
Chinese can sometimes become business oriented. Indians can have big
boobs and quite hairy, Chinese are often flat like a runway and little
pussy hair. And furthermore most of the chinese girls are looking for the
big spenders. Don't forget that many Chinese chaps are making good money
in this country and are willing to spent it.

Places to meet them:

1)Kuala Lumpur - Klang Valley

Decent pick up spots are most Pubs and Discos,(Brannigan's, Big Willy,
Modestos, The Jump..) provided you come in a group and are prepared to
"show off". You will recognize easily SPG's (sarong party girls). But to
lay them may take some time and "little" gifts. O.K. for someone staying

Tin Mine (at KL Hilton) is an upmarket spot for hookers. Expect to pay
US$ 150,-for an hour. Beware of transvestites. Some of them are real

Lorong Haji Taib in Chow Kit area is packed with little brothels and
third class girls - mainly Indian. Careful : many of the girls there are
boys and work as pick pockets as second profession. Service in a run down
room 10..20 US$

Bukit Bintang: There is a big night market for food behind the cinemas,
which comes alive after 9:00. In side lanes pimps will call on you.
Sometimes beautiful Malay girls giving reasonable service. Prices going
up. At the moment appox US$ 40,- incl room. Sometimes the pimp allows you
to "take away" specially in morning hours. Can be a good deal for boring
weekends. In the same area you can find street workers. At the end of BB,
left hand side a small lane with mini brothels. Normally friendly service
but seldom nice girls. 15,-US$.

Escorts, dominated by Chinese pimps. They will bring the girl to the
room. Don't expect the beautiful ones - they will not serve foreigners.
You get the second choice, mostly Chinese, sometimes Russian - on
holidays or Filippinas on "dancing contracts". Rush-rush service.
100,-US$ up.


In Old Town look for Carlsberg or Ancor signs "Hotel dan Bar". After 9:00
in the evening the bar is a pick up point for rooms upstairs. In general
friendly service. No rip off. If you are luky you can find a new
beautiful, mainly Malay girl. Otherwise so so. 15..25 US$ short time.

Out of town : drive up to Bukit Kayu Hitam at the Thai border (1 hour
drive) and park your car before the border. Just walk across, get your
passport chopped, and you are in a big brothel. In all the side roads
direct behind the border in this shanty town you can find "coffe shops"
where papa san is introducing his collection of young Thai girls from
northern provinces. Pay 400 Bht for 1 hour, good service, but very simple
room. Have two services and head back to Penang, as border closes 10:00
Malaysian time (9:00 Thai time)

Last resort in the whole country: look for the Hash Hose Harriers. There
are mixed runs almost every day, and some of the really nice girls are
FUM's (frequently used members).

Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 10:40:36 +0800 Subject: Malaysia: Bits and pieces This is an update to earlier posts: Police crackdowns in KL succeded in closing down some establishments: Jln Haji Taib area is dead! Not even a single brothel survived. Only some transvestites are loitering around. Forget it, as they are only good in pick-pocketing. Tin Mine Disco was closed. Reopened recently, but serving a different upmarket yuppie clientel. Recently 2 chinese pimps got jailed for a month, only because they had two girls sitting in their cars (to transport on an outcall). How this will change the "escort" scene is yet unclear. It's becoming more difficult -but still not impossible- to have a quick shot in Malaysia!
Subject: [ASP] Malaysian experience Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 17:28:32 PST For those of you who happen to be visiting Malaysia, try the Crystal Crown Hotel n Petaling Jaya, off the federal highway (Ask any cab driver). Go up to the 5th floor to the Crown executive fitness centre. Fitness and Health centres seem to be the euphemisms preferred in Malaysia for places that provide sex as a sideline. this is however, only a rule of thumb. On my last visit, the captain recommended a masseuse called Pauline, a slim, tall and leggy chinese beauty. She was friendly, with passable english skills (for a chinese!). After allaying my initial embarassment by encouraging me with a nice smile and a "Don't worry, open everything!" she proceeded to give my back a soothing rub, but i suspect her skills lay more in other areas than massage itself. This was soon confirmed when she asked me if I wanted "any other service?" To my questioning as to what else was available, the prompt reply was "body massage, blowjob, hand and make love". I chose the make love of course. She then proceeded to reveal all her beauty. No kidding. She is beautiful. Then the words "Lie down, enjoy!" What came next (before i did) was 30 minutes of enthusiastic sex, with an academy award orgasmic performance by Pauline. She pumped me energetically, before I offered to change positions, which she accepted gratefully. I did her from the front, and doggy, before blowing my load from the front. The only disappointment in an otherwise perfect encounter is that she does not allow you to kiss her on the lips. Anything else goes...she is a real gem! Be gentle, and the lady will do a lot for you. I paid her the regulation RM 90 for the massage, and the asking RM 150 for the special. At prevailing US dollar rates, it was an excellent bargain. I left her with a promise to come back for more, on which I fully intend to keep....

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