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Maine General Information

Apparently, there's not much full service available in Portland, but
Lewiston, 30 minutes to the North allows for full body massages with
hand release. Several massage parlours there offer just that.

Subject: [ASP] Maine information Date: 31 Dec 1996 21:38:01 GMT Depending on what you are looking for, check both the local papers in Lewiston and Portland. The personals sections have an ever-changing variety of incall/outcall places. Don't bother with the yellow pages, as some will suggest. The ads are usually outdated. There's nothing to speak of in Bangor, Augusta, or Waterville. Lewiston has the most prostitution in the state, imo. There are a number of massage places (check the paper for who's currently in business). "The Ultimate Health Club" on Lisbon Street (just off the turnpike) offers full service, depending on who you get for a masseuse. In July the state passed a law making "hand release" illegal, and it's made all the places a bit anxious about doing anything. What you want is still available, but expect a lot of scrutiny. Don't expect more than a 5-6 in looks. The steetwalkers in Lewiston hang out on Lisbon Street near Oak, Ash, and Pine. Some are on the street, but they are mostly hanging out in the small bars (often called private clubs, but they are open to the public) on Lisbon near Ash. You'll see them as thet are obvious and assertive. Just walk in, smile and nod, and someone will follow you out. If you find a 4 or 5, you have just found the prettiest girl on Lisbon Street. Portland only has a few streetwalkers left, mostly on the lower end of Mellen Street. If you find an attractive one, expect that she is an undercover officer. Also be wary of the anti-cruising signs, as this city law is occassionally enforced. The massage place on Broadway in South Portland (again, the local paper) used to have decent, but not great, girls but it was hand release only. I don't know the deal with them since the new July law. The others you will see in the paper are a crap shoot, as they haven't been around long and will probably not be around in six months. All you have left is Kittery. At the Maine end of the older Route 1 bypass bridge, there is the Danish Health Club. Usually girls from Boston, they are typically slightly better looking and often better at what they do than their Lewiston colleagues. The also charge much more - you can expect both full service and Boston prices. That's all I have rght now. If anyone has anything else to contribute, let me know and I'll include it.
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 19:23:18 -0500 (EST) Subject: Danish Health Club Kittery ME USA I was recently ripped off at the Danish Health Club by a young woman who called herself Mariah. She is of Hispanic/Native American descent, about 5' 4", was brunette for our first session and blonde when she ripped me off. I like golden showers, and we had a -very- nice session the first time I was with her. She said she charged $300.00 for GS (w/sex after), but agreed to do it for what I have always paid there: $200.00. She asked for the money in advance. As it turned out, the session was so good I tipped her the extra $100.00. The second time I paid $300.00 in advance, given how good the last session had been. She then disappeared for twenty minutes. When I expressed displeasure at this she got very nasty, and then told me that the $300.00 would only cover the GS: this time sex would be additional. I told her this was more than I would spend, and said I would tip her for her time, but wanted my $300.00 back. She refused to return the money. Of course, given the situation there was nothing I could do. I did report the situation to the woman at the door, but I did not want to be involved with a scene (Mariah was there at the door). I was out $370.00, including the deluxe room fee. ($70.00 gets you an hour in a room with a tub.) I have had several unpleasant experiences at the Danish, but never been ripped off before. I won't be back.
Subject: Re: [ASP] info wanted Kittery Maine Date: 1997/06/16 I've been to the club in Kittery a couple times. Let me start by saying that I didn't go there looking for "full service." Actually, I went because I was stressed out and wanted a massage, but I didn't want to have to make an appointment for several days later. Yes, I'm naive. Sue me. If the lady was good looking and pleasant and we could work something out, then great. But the fact of the matter is, I can rub my own dick. It's my back I can't reach. That said, my opinion is that the Danish Health club is kind of a mixed bag. The facilities are nice and clean. Locker room is very clean, shower is required, and a whirlpool is available. From the locker room you enter the lounge where all the ladies are sitting around watching a big-screen TV in one-piece bathing suits and panty hose. You go in and try to act suave wrapped in nothing but a towel. They do the thing with the ticket that you hand to the girl, which I find hard to do without feeling like a shmuck. A few of the girls in the room were friendly and offered to get a drink, but they were the chubby ones. I, of course, tried to hand my ticket to one of the cute skinny ones and was treated a little less cordially by them. One time I went, "Fatal Attraction" was on the TV and the girl was totally irritated I was going to take her away from the finale. Ha! I can't remember the name of the first girl I saw, but she was short and cute with long blond hair and kind of a wide butt. She gave a decent massage with lotion, but not very deep. She made a couple weak attempts at being "seductive" and asked me if there was anything else I wanted. I just turned over onto my stomach again and asked her to rub my back some more. She just wasn't doing anything for me. I gave her a $25 tip--I don't know if this is insulting if all I wanted was a massage. The second girl was named Ashley, and she was a total turnon to look at (5'2", 95 lbs, curly brown long hair, kind of an Italian/Latina mix, tongue stud), but was totally lacking in mood-setting. I don't know, maybe I'm asking too much. She didn't even bother with a massage, she just patted some powder on my back. I asked her to rub some lotion on my back and she said there wasn't any warmed up any more (it was close to closing, which is a too-early 9:00). She asked if there was anything else I wanted (this is about 5 minutes into the session) and I decided I'd better go for whatever I could get that felt good at this point. I asked for a hand job, and she asked me how much I thought I should pay for it. I told her $35 and she just looked at me and pointed up in the air. So I, lying on my back buck naked, get to play Price is Right with Ashley over a hand job. She finally smiled and nodded when I hit $70, at which point I said let's just forget the hand job and why don't you just rub my back softly for a while. So we ended up talking about the business for a while and why exactly was I here and all. I told her I worked hard, got paid little, and just needed to relieve some stress. She told me I was in the wrong place if that's all I was looking for. Then she offered to "help me out" for the $35, and started dry-stroking me. By this time I was so turned off that I didn't even want her to finish. (But I did give her the $35). I must have been in a really bad mood, because she really was a fox. I've thought about going back and finding out what it would take to get her out of that bathing suit and give me a work-over with her tongue-piercing. I really don't know if she would be better if there was more time, or the customer were a little less sullen. But she is very cute. Anyway, this ended up a little long-winded. Here's the capsule-review: Clean place, with friendly 5-6s and 7-9's with an attitude. At least a BJ is almost definitely available from all. If anyone else has more input about Danish in Kittery, or where to get a good hard sensual massage with extras in the Boston area, please post!
Subject: update on Maine sex I live in the area and have soem knowledge of the situation. The Ultimate Health Club has been bought (by one of the former employies)and is now called (I think) the northeast health club. I know of at least one totaly unfruitful visit to the new establishment. Also, be careful of the adds in the personals. They just recently used one for a police sting operation and thoughly humiliated about 40 local residents. Why can't some people leave others alone? Oh well. One quick question. How did you come by your info on Lisbon St. and the small bars. (not inacurate as far as I know, just wondering.) As for a very good place in Lewiston, Relaxalon on Lisbon St. is at least holding on to the old standards from before the new laws. Look in the personals for phone number. Thanks. I hope this helps you update your page for Maine, as there is damn little info on Maine for any subject let alone sex.
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 20:34:34 -0400 Subject: Update on prostitution in Maine Some things have changed and everybody should be aware of it. The former paradise of prostitution, Lewiston Maine, is getting pretty tough. The famous "Ultimate Health Club" has been closed and I have been told by an insider that the cops were opening fake massage parlors in order to bust people. Most of the massage places in town are gone. You still find a streetwalker here and there in the downtown Lisbon Street area and the streets nearby. You just have to drive around and keep looking but don't expect anything above a 5. A good place to go is in Augusta, Maine. The place there is called Fantasy Connection and the phone number can be found in the local phone book or through information. Prices are pretty stiff there (around $ 120 for a lay) but some of the girls are real cute and it is worth it then. In order to get the service you want you have to completely undress until you even ask for anything, the girls are pretty smart and they seem to like to stay in business.

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