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Madrid, Spain

Date: Thu, 4 May 1995

Check out El Pais. The relax column. Yup, thats what its called "relax". *EVERYTHING* is listed there from call services, brothels, men, women, girls, boys, pregnant,...

Also around ground zero, there are some alternative areas, especially at night.

Btw, i'm talking about madrid here. other places i'm not quite sure about.

Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996

In Madrid there's a good offer of voyeuristic places (peep shows), and you can get young nice couples to fuck for you alone (behind a glass panel). Try the two main sex centers on the calle Atocha for that. At the Acuarela pub on the Paseo de la Chopera you can find wild swinging and trios. Men admitted alone except on Sundays.

Date: Sun, 24 Mar 1996

Prices range enormously. Avoid street fuckers, they are normally drug addicted and you might take a girl with a nice face and then see her naked body full of injection marks. It is advisable to go to a brothel. A very nice (but expensive) one is Pigalle at calle Sor Angela de la Cruz, very near the Plaza de Cuzco. Prices there are about 35000 (270 US dollars), but service is great, no hurry, jakuzzi together, clean rooms, porno videos... whatever you want. They have quite young girls there, and you can have two girls for a little supplement (but the second one is chosen by them, and she's normally not the cutest one). Of course there are much cheaper brothels which still provide a decent standard of comfortability and cleanness. Also avoid the "barra americana" bars where they will charge you enormous sums for every drink before you can have a chance to even touch the girl. At most porno shows you also get a girl to sit with you: that's the typical trap. Reject them, enjoy the show and then go to a brothel or address directly the girl you want in the place and ask her how much. Something good about Madrid is the high standard of porno shows and big, luxury sex shops. There are mainly two areas: calle Atocha where you find Hollywood and Mundo Fantastico, and the small streets behind the big Telefonica company building at the Gran Via avenue (this latest area can be a little dangerous by late night, and please avoid the street whores around the sex shops in this latest area as well: you can fuck them for 20 dollars but...!)

Subject: Spain - Madrid - Update Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996

Legal situation is unknown, but prostitution is accepted and daily papers have several pages with classified ads with explicit offers.

Street hookers are at Calle Capitan Haya near Hotel Melia. Most are on drugs and should be avoided.

There are several bars at Castellana avenue, dAngelo and Rotterdam are the most well known, and have good reputation. However, neither offer any cheap deals. A drink cost you about 10 dollars, a dame 200.

At Calle Martires de Alcala 5, (Close to Calle Princesa) there is a Spa called Princesa, were you can find sex day and night for about 200 dollars. The place has an indoor pool. Phone 548 26 37. Sometimes you can find ladies talking some english here.

Another place of interest is Medea Sauna Bar phone 556 05 51, address: Calle General Peron 30. This is also a kind of whorehouse offering its services both day and night.

Girls offering sexual services in Madrid at the places I have mentioned are wonderful but...well a little expensive. But normally you get very high quality for money in Madrid.

Good luck!

Subject: News from Madrid Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996

First at all, thanks once more for the maintenance of this very helpful site, it is the best way to be inform about what is going on in the city you are going to visit. I would like to give you some more tips about Madrid in Spain. I used to live here one year and I think I have a good idea about sex possibilities in this city, and believe me, there are a lot of possibilities !

If you would like to find good looking girls in Madrid you have three possibilities:

1) The bars and saunas (have a look in the previous articles which can be found in this chapter). By the way the area where mostly bars and saunas are is called Cuatro Caminos, (c/de Orense, c/del Capitan Haya, etc...)

Some more advise: Go behind the TELEFONICA building located on the calle Gran Via, in the centre (around c/de la Ballesta). You can find bars with plenty of girls from South America (mostly from Colombia). You will pay 1.000 Ptas to enter (included one drink), 6000 Ptas for 1/2 hour service or 12.000 Ptas for one hour service. Generally you get head without condom and you can change positions as much as you like. The service is friendly if you speak Spanish. The girls do not speak other language than Spanish.

2) The ads in the local newspaper, El Pais under the relax section. You need to speak Spanish because mostly girls are from South America. I have to say that you can find very, very beautiful girls for 15.000 Ptas per hour for full service. You have first to call and the girl will give you her address or she will come to your hotel (don't worry about doorman at the hotel, there is no trouble here !).

3) The streets if you have a car. You can find relatively good looking girls (once more mostly from South America) in the following sites (I have no idea about prices): - Parque "Casa del Campo" near the Zoo and Attraction Park - Around Parque del Oeste

and I am sure in a lot of other places, people from Madrid should give us some tips !!

Enjoy your stay in Madrid.

Subject: Submission Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997

Spain - Madrid (12/96)

Found an Incall to come to my hotel - Elena at Seleccion (579-4195). She's a petite, olive skinned brunette about 25. One very big plus about all the girls in Spain are they will kiss and let you go down on them. This set me back PTA20,000 (US$1 = PTA125). This was a mite expensive, but worth it. Get one of the daily papers and look in the "Relax" section for ads for escorts - there are lots of them.

Subject: Madrid Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997

I went to Madrid with info from your guide. Pigalle seemed to have put its prices up drastically, but Medea nearby was very good. One girl there spoke good English. But my favourite girl I found in a sauna-massage place whose name I unfortunately can't remember, except that it was about 100 yards up a street leading north into the seedy area from the main street, on the right, and with a lot of blue in the sign. I went every day during my stay to the same girl, a Venezuelan called Vanessa. No more to report, since my philosophy is "if it ain't broke don't fix it".....

Date: 30 Dec 1997


D'Angelo (address Francisco Gervas) and Pigmallion (address Lopez de Hoyos) are two very good places with perfect and expensive women. You can enter free and have a drink for about 1500 pts while you have a look at them and start dreaming with these cinema-star quality girls.

Subject: Review Madrid, Spain (D'Angelos/Rottendam) Date: 1997/12/31

Thanks ASPers for all the info on Madrid, the info was invaluable. I spent a few days in Madrid for vacation/fun. I visited 2 bars on Calle de Castellana called D'Angelos/Rotterdam, 3 bars on c/de la Ballesta (don't remember their names), and 1 sauna called Princesa. Also, I went to 2 sex shops in Atocha called Hollywood and Fantastico.

Some background, I speak very little espanol (un poco). At first, I made attempts to contact independents (Mary - risingsun) and brothels but my spanish wasn't up to par. Even some of the ads that said english spoken, communicating was dificult. So, I have no experiences to report from ads in El Pais/Guia del Ocio or Most of my time was spent in bars/clubs. Below from Best to Worst.

D'Angelos & Rotterdam:

By far the best looking woman work at these two places. Located on Castellana near Plaza de Cuzco, you will find plenty of 8+ and some 10's.

One slight problem, you will pay premium dollars for these beauties. Rotterdam charges 30.000 pesetas (~200USD) for 1 hour on premises and 40.000(~270) pesetas for 2 hours at your place. Lady drinks are 5.000 pesetas. I spent a couple hours talking with the ladies here but did not try anyone. D'Angelos charges 30.000 pesetas for 1-2 hours (I think it depends on the lady) at your place; no on-premises accommodations. I met a beautiful woman from here. She was definitely worth the money. Both places, I would highly recommend.


Women are OK looking ranging from 5-7. 3 girls were available when I was there. I chose a Brazilan woman who had a nice body and big breasts. A session here costs 15.000 pesetas for massage/blow and 25.000 pesetas for everything. Lady drinks are again 5.000 pesetas. I decided on the massage/blow which turned out to excellent. Overall, the experience was very good but for the money you will pay here, I would recommend going to D'Angelos or Rotterdam.

Near Telefonica (c/de Ballasta)

Women here in general are older and bigger than the places above. Most range in 3-5 and a few 6's. I went to 3 bars before I found a woman who was a 6. The big advantage of these bars is their price. To get in, you pay 1.000 pesetas this includes one drink, 1/2 hour with a girl is 6.000 pesetas, and 1 hour is 12.0000 pesetas. Most bars have rooms on the premises. Service was good and friendly. If you are on a budget, this is a fair choice.

Sex Shops:

Went to two shops: Hollywood and Fantastic. Both have some very attractive looking women and good shows. I saw a few live shows. Some of the dancer indicated that more was possible (hand/blow) in private booths but I found that hard to believe so I decided against trying. If anyone has any experiences with these beauties, let me know. Thanks.

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998

In 1992, I was badly cheated by the Club called Princesa (c/ martires de Alcala, Madrid, Spain). They did not give me my Visa receipt (and due to the normal excitement of the situation, I forgot to ask about it) .The next day I called the place and they told me they did not have the receipt. I called my bank and found they had manipulated the ticket by putting a "2" in front of the other figures, charging my account for pts 230,000 (USD 2,000 at that time) instead of pts 30,000. After 6 months of struggle with the bank, I had to finally accept the charge. In fact, I had no proof that the ticket had been manipulated.

I think you should advise people of the "mafia" behavors of this particular club.

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 Subject: Madrid

On a recent Business trip to Madrid, and after checking out the WSG pages I thought I would share my experience with you.

Firstly I visited the sex bars on the Gran Via, but was quite disspointed as not many girls were working and the show (entrance 1000pts) consisted of a parade of girls dancing topless behind the bar.

I then tried the area behind the Telefonica Tower - This is much better.

Firstly I tried some of the bars there, and most of them had 2/3 girls working but again none were very appealing.

They were from different origins, Russia, Bulgaria, and Rumania mostly and the average prices were 2000pts to buy them a drink and 10-15000pts for 1/2 hour Sex.

I declines these, and after a talk with a local taxi driver I was reccommended to the Chelsea 11 club (near telephonica building).

On Entry 5000pts with 2 free drinks i was shown downstairs, and as I entered the main reception I was impressed as there were 15-20 girls of all ages from 17 (I later found out) to around 30.

There you are not harrassed but, are left to relax by the Bar and watch either the girls stripping in turn or the porno videos playing.

If you catch the eye of a girl she will come and sit and chat, and ask you to buy her a drink (5000pts), however this is not compularary.

I hose a gorgous blonde around 25, with body 9, face 8, skills 10 overall rated 9/10. We chatted for awhile then she escorted me to the Show area where a live sex show starts at around 1.00am, we watched this for a while and I ended up buying her 2 drinks, but was well worth it as after you buy a drink they become more friendly and allow petting and full french kissing.

She then asked if I would like to go somewhere private and the price was 250000pts for 1 hour. By this time it was nearly 3.00am and we had been acting like love sick kids in the club, petting and kissing so was well ready for SEX.

I was shown into this small rooom with a large bed, at which point she wasted no time in undressing me and herself.

She began with an excellent BJ (without condom) and after 5 mins we swapped around and I went down on her.

Eventually had sex in all kinds of positions with no rush, or question of only one position.

After the deed was done again there was no rush and we cuddled for a while and I eventaully left at 4.30am so i actually had around 1-1/2 hrs.

Therefore although expensive, well worth a visit.

Date: 20 Jun 1998

Madrid, Spain. This info may be dated now, but houses tend to remain stable--one place listed in the newspapers columns on Calle Delicias, was nice. Apparently run by a Mexican woman, Latin American girls, generally half a dozen or so per shift. You enter and prices are explained (spanish only, I think). You're taken to a small bedroom, offered a drink, and introduced one by one to the women, some bordering on gorgeous and some quite unappealing (unusual range for one place). I've always found at least a couple 7 or 8s, early 20s, who are sweet and seem to enjoy their work. Note: oral without condom and anal are available, but not from all the girls. Half and half, cum twice, not hurried, for around $50 US. Oral available for around half that.

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