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Madras, India

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 17:27:39 UTC

	I didn't find any information about Madras, India.. hence this one

	This city looks much more conservative than other Indian
cities but prostitution though illegal is going in full swing.

	you can find girls after 6 pm at the cathedral road stretch
(from Taj Corommandel till the beach).. they are usually cheap (5$ -
30 $ ??).. I've heard of brothels operating from family like joints in
many places like Vadapalani, Kodambakkan, Saligraman, TNagar, and
Annanagar areas. Some of these girls claim that they are small time
actresses. The rates vary upon the kind of girl you're lookin
for..(20$ - 100$)

	Apart from these some of the hotel bell boys are pimps in
disguise and they can fetch you girls.. I've even heard one can get a
clean beautiful college/working girls for 100 - 200 $ at some of the

Apart from these, there are many other pickup points

Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 11:41:11 +0800 Madras - India No street freelance. All is strictly controlled by papa-sans. I have heard of villas in the outskirts, accomodating beautiful girls. Expensive spots ( 100,-$ and more) But you need a local friend to take you there. Hotel visits or escorts not available. More down to earth, ask a tricycle driver. He may take you to a dark house with a very grim looking papa san. Pay him something between 10,-..30,-$ and you can fuck a girl - sometimes pretty, but mostly average and 30 years ++. Room clean, but very simple. No water. So protect yourself. Not really a place to go. But if you are in dire needs, anything will do.
Subject: WSG - India - Madras Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 07:45:39 PDT Hello readers, I am going to add a couple of pointers for Madras, India, having lived there for many many years... 1. Madras is more conservative than cities like Bombay, Delhi or Bangalore, hence... you need to seek your contacts out. Patience is the key! 2. There are many types of working girls out there, depends on what you are looking for: a) TV's (Transvestites / called Hijras) are predominant on the stretch of road called Nungumbakkam High Road (now I think it is MG Road)thatis from Sterling road bus stop all the way to rajaji sali to the beach. These wo(men) walk the streets literally. They will be dressed in either a saree or a salwar kameez. A couple of them you will really mistake to be an actual woman but majority are terrible... Age will range from late 20's to early 50's!! The TV's walk from one bus stop to another and you might need a mode of transportation to "pick" them up. You can take them to the Marina Beach where under the cover of darkness, at the side of a boat you can be sucked off...they would ask Rs. 50-100 (around $ 1.75 to $4). The bus stops on that stretch of road you can keep your eyes open are Taj Coromandel Hotel, St. Theresa's church (near the KONICA color lab), and the bus stop adjuscent to the US consulate (opp. Woodlands Hotel). The last one is conveniant because near the bus stop itself there is a dark area and you would finish your job there. There is a cross eyed beauty there too. As long as you can keep a pillow on her face...the rest of her is excelent.. Justhang around near the bus stop and they will come to you and look at you and move closer if you indicate anything to them. b) Then there are actual woman on that same street. These are mainly working woman in the sence they work in one of the offices/shops and after 6.00 PM they venture out for some money. They usually will be at the bustands at Taj, Konica, Woodlands, Stella Maris and so on. The major bus stops. How will you differentiate them from the others.?? It is difficult... Just wait at the back of the crowd of people and observe.. if you see a woman showing undue interest in passing motor cycles and cars and also not seeming to enter any bus which comes by, you can narrow it i said you need patience... the going rate for these woman for a fuck it is Rs. 400 ($12 approx). You would have to take them to your hotel room dicreately. you can also arrange to have them take off one day from their regular job and they will arrange a place if you want that. It will cost more. c) An unusual place where I found quality girls is in bathrooms at various hotels/bars. That is the 3 star ones. Like Woodlands (drive in), Harrisons Bar and so on. How the bathrooms.?? Just go in there to take a leak but go with a piece of paper and pen. You will see telephone numbers with names scawled around. i was lucky with some of them. One of them did not even charge, she wanted to be taken to a bar , bought drinks and dinner. that was it. d) Hang around near local discotheques.. if you see a girl or two alking aimlessly around, drop a hint or two.. look at them, smile and so on and they would come to you. All said, sex is cheap. But you need to work for it. Al the best!

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