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Probably in Macau you can find many sexual attractions, but I
will refer only about what I know best: the Thai massage
parlours.  You perhaps have read about Bangkok in the WSG.  You
perhaps blame the destiny because you have no chances to go
there, but maybe you have chances to spend some time in Hong
Kong or Macau.

So, this is my suggestion: go to one of the famous Thai massage
parlours that are located in Macau.  It has been estimated that
more than 1000 Thai girls work in this entertainment activity
in Macau.  But we are not in Bangkok: almost the only way to
contact them is to go to a massage parlour in early afternoon,
ask for a girl of the first turn (from 12 to 8pm) and then maybe invite
her to spend the rest of the night with you (not for free).
Now, I try to describe the experience I had (several times) in
those places, but I don't know if it is worth to repeat what I
found later in the Bangkok section.

Anyway: you enter in one of those places, for example the
Darling, located in the Jai-Alai hotel Casino (that is not an
hotel), walking distance from the ferry terminal (from there,
you take the elevated walkway, walk for 5 minutes and go down
at the first corner when you see a Mc Donald more-or-less under
you).  Look around and you see the Jai-Alai  building, full of
attracting lights.  Looking at the entrance of the casino, on
the right you will see the lighted sign of Darling.  Go on,
take the lift and stop at the 3rd floor (I describe all of
this because it was difficult for me the first time).
You'll be in a dark lobby.  A manager will introduce you to the
left side of the room: take a breath cause if you arrive in the
right moment you'll see on of the most spectacular sightseeing
of your life, better than the Grand Canyon: about 50-80 fresh
girls from Thailand will sit in front of you, waiting for you
to call one of them (or more).  You are now like a kid in a toy
shop.  Try to chose, you will be never convinced to have taken
the right one.  Then pay to the front desk the basic fare for
the room and massage.

Fares per hour are: HK$ 268 for normal room (small bed); 298
for VIP room, drink included (recommended); 375 for suite (not
tested).  Personally, I think that 1 hour is not enough: I
suggest to ask for 1.5 or 2 hours from the beginning.  This is
only the price for the room and the massage.
The wonderful girl will take you to the room.  Here you will
see a bed and a tub.  The Superior or VIP rooms are much
better, but the treatment is the same anyway.
The girl will open the taps of the tub and kindly ask you if
you like to have a full service (what is a full service is very
clear).  One time I asked if anybody answers no, if it is
'allowed' to have only the massage.  She answered that all
people ask for full service.  That is expensive: be prepared to
agree from 1500 to 2000 HK$ or Patacas.  Better start from 1000
and go up slowly, but never bargain too hard or you will lose
the enjoyment.  In this time, you can also ask for special
performance.  The only thing they usually don't like is ass-
fucking.  For this, better ask for help to the manager before
choosing the girl.

Once agreed, she will start to take your clothes off, slowly.
You can do the same with her, but often she will be shy and
hide herself with the bath towel.  You will have a bath, she
will soap each inch of your body using her body, breasts and
pussy especially.  Are you still on the earth? She will rinse
and dry you, then you will lay down on the bed and she will
massage your body with baby-oil, using her body.  That will be
simply wonderful.  Another rinse and now it's time for sex
(this of course can also happen before, both in tub and during
massage).  She will start with a blow job, then wear the condom
and continue with a great fuck.

The remaining time (if you don't want to repeat the above) will
be dedicated to a perfect, real Thai massage: the ideal thing
after the performance.  Smile often when you see her beautiful
face, and never will be like a pay-sex.

After this treatment you feel another.

Subject: Macau Info Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 14:17:51 UTC Your guide needs some Macau info. so here goes... On a recent Blackjack trip to Macau with a workmate we took a break and sat down in a hotel cafe for a midnight snack. While we were eating, a couple of reasonable looking mainland chinese hookers kept passing our table. I approached one and asked how much. She tells me HK$300.00 and shows me a room key for the hotel. Cool !! Reasonable looking, cheap and she's got her own room. I'm in!. She takes me up to her room and immeadiately strips. The rest is history. It was fun and very good value for this part of the world. The Hotel is called The Grand and it's a run down 3 star ??. It's well away from the bigger casinos and is on the corner of Avenida de Almeida Ribero (the main drag) and Rua Visconde de Arcos. Just hang out in the cafe and the hookers will find you. They don't speak any english, unfortunately, but show three fingers and that should do the trick. I was so happy to find a reasonable whorehouse in Macau that I went back a second and third time. The second time I walked around the block and found another hotel (can't remember the name) whoose lobby was filled with girls. Take your pick! The price was the same and it was just as much fun. The third time was good as well but when I came out the were police everywhere. They didn't hassle me but I'm not sure what they were doing - possibly collecting their cut ??? ELSEWHERE IN MACAU : I've been to a disco called the Mondial in the Hotel Mondial. It was OK but drinks ran at HK$50.00 each, even more expensive than Hong Kong. There's plenty of girls working here and they all want at least HK$1000.00. And you need your own room! Theres lots of Russian and Chinese Hookers hanging out in the Lobby of the Lisboa Hotel. I haven't bothered asking prices because I know they'll be steep! Will post more info as my research continues!
Subject: Macau info Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 06:12:33 UTC there have been little stuff about Macau in the World Sex Guide, so here is my two cents worth. First, the transportation. From HK, do not take the TurboCat ferry. It is awfully slow. It takes them on the average 1.5 hours to get to Macau. Take the jetfoil company instead, you'll be there in 45 minutes. Cost depends, on the average HK$130. Hotel in Macau is cheap, you can find decent ones for about US$50 (HK$360) right on the HK-Macau ferry terminal. There are travel agents there. When you get to Macau, you have to pass through immigration. Remember, Macau is Portuguese territory, it is not British like HK. After that, exit the terminal, and you can find hotel shuttle buses waiting outside. These are free of charge. But they usually wait till the bus is half full or full. If you can't wait to discover the fun side, then take a cab to your hotel. Macau is a small place, cab fare should be about HK$10-15, almost equal to the flag down rate in HK. There are some places you can go to. One is Darling, or any of the Thai style massage parlors. Darling is quite well known, so you know they won't screw you up or rip you off. In an earlier post, it is mentioned how to get to Darling. After you get off the elevator, you turn left and select your girl. There are about 40 girls in the showroom, all Thai, and very nice. Pick one, and pay your bill at the counter. I paid HK$293 for entrance, used my Mastercard. After that, she will take you to the room. Note that if you feel like using the washroom, use it before you go to the room, because there is no toilet in your room. Once you get there, she will prepare the tub for you. You can take off your clothes. After all is done, you sink in the tub, and she will wash you. After about 2 minutes, she'll ask if you want extra service. Of course, you do! This will cost somewhere from HK$800-1000, depends on your haggling ability. HK$200 is not a lot of money. If she looks worth it (which mine was), don't haggle, as it will result in better service (not always 100% true, but most of the time, that is the case). She will then take off her clothes and join you in the tub for some shampoo massage. This will last for about 10 minutes, then she washes you off and dries you off then go to bed. What happens is what you paid for. After that, she will give you a very good dry massage. At least mine was good. Very good that I almost fell asleep. After the massage, she asked if I wanted one more. I didn't want to pay extra, so I said no. Mind you, Macau's proximity to HK makes its sex industry very materialistic, unlike Thailand. So don't expect to get anything for free. Each and every extra, you have to pay for it. She said she could come to my hotel after hours (3 am), but wanted HK$3000! Forget it! After that, i had dinner at the nearby McDonalds, and went to the Casino Lisboa. The cab driver was very friendly and he said he could get me girls (Chinese, Brazilian, Russian) real cheap. He gave me his number and asked me to call him. I kept the number. At the casino, I played the slot machine and won about HK$600! All the while, lots of girls approached me. The ones from mainland chine cost about HK$300 only, and they have a room upstairs. Russians will want HK$2000 and up. Mind you,these are quickies. The Chinese will try to get you off in 15 minutes. The Russians, about 30 minutes. Finding the price equal to HK, I decided to pass. When I got back to my hotel, I called the cab driver. He said he can get me a Russian to come to my room for HK$1300. Fine! She showed up and we had a great time! I found out that she also works the casinos, but when they have not found a client yet, they accept calls like this from cab drivers. Of the HK$1300, she said she gets HK$500. That is why she prefers the casinos, where she gets to keep the HK$2000. I did not try the nightclubs as I was in Macau for only one night. Hope this helps everyone. Comments, replies or more tips can be forwarded to "" Cheers, The Ass Lover
Subject: [ASP] Macau Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 18:25:11 GMT Here is my guide to Macau. Hope you find it useful. Let me just preface this by saying that I've lived in Hong Kong for more than two years and made at least a dozen trips to Macau. Hopefully I can supply some additional information for the FAQ. I'll start with some general stuff first: Basic facts: Macau is a Portugeuse colony consisting of a peninsula and 2 islands. It goes back to China on December 20, 1999. The population is under half a million, mostly Chinese. Cantonese is the most common language, with Portugeuse and English all around as well. Unit of currency is the Pataca, or M$. HK currency is freely used here as well, exchange rate is the same (within a couple of pennies). I recommend this trip for everyone because Macau has a totally different atmosphere from HK. Great Portugeuse and Macanese food (go to Fernando's at Hac Sa Beach on Coloane Island, the best!), very cheap shopping if you know how to negotiate, and some good sightseeing. There's the annual Grand Prix, annual bull fights (if that's your kind of thing), a music festival, fireworks, dragon boat races. It's great. Getting there: Macau is one hour from Hong Kong by high speed hovercraft. There are two companies running these and you can choose the Jetfoil or the Turbocat. Price difference is minimal and trip difference is about five minutes (despite the mis-information in another post). I think economy class on the Turbocat is a bit more comfortable so I usually go with that. Price varies depending upon day of the week and time of day, average is about HK$150. If you're in a rush, you can go by helicopter, about 20 minutes, at only 4 times the price of the jetfoil. Remember, you'll need your passport. Gambling: Macau is of course famous for legalized casinos. The atmosphere here is very different from Atlantic City or Las Vegas, as are the rules and the games played. There are slots, blackjack, baccarat, and a number of Chinese gambling games. Dealers tip themselves out of your winnings without asking. Just shut up and accept it, that's my advice. It's the way things are done here. Walk around, watch what goes on, you'll soon pick up the drift of things. Crime: Lots of publicity over the triad-related killings in '97 have meant that the number of people travelling from HK to Macau has dropped by more than 20%. There have been 15 triad killings in the first six months of this year. A lot of people I know in HK are now scared to go to Macau. But I'm originally from NYC, where we have 15 killings per week (or so it sometimes seemed). Go. Have fun. But mind your own business, don't make wisecracks to strangers, avoid eye contact, etc. and you should have a fine time. Jai Alai Casino Building: Closest to the ferry terminal. You can whet your appetite at Show Palace. This is a glitzy strip joint featuring all western women, full nudity. Admission price is M$250. You're expected to tip the dancers if you're sitting by the stage, tip M$10 at a time. The women take the tips between their breasts -- don't be shy about putting the money between your teeth instead of in your hand, if that's your kind of thing. Private rooms with table dances are available at high cost. Stll at Jai Alai: Tai Pan Sauna. My favorite sauna in this part of the world, because it's big and clean and the girls (mostly from mainland China) are wonderful. "Extras" come if you ask for 2 or more sessions -- a "single" will just get you a regular massage, but it's quite well done. Ask for the manager, Victor, who speaks fluent English. He'll do a good job of setting you up. Massage and handjob will cost around M$770, the works around M$1500. Still at Jai Alai: Darling Sauna, on the 3rd floor, advertises itself as "Thai Massage." It's what my friends call a fishbowl place. You walk in, there are about 50 girls (Thai and Filipino) sitting behind a big pane of glass. Pick the number of the one you like and negotiate as best you can with the manager. It's pretty much just a brothel. You get a private room with a bath and a bed and you're expected to ask for the works. Cost is around M$1500, if memory serves. (For my bachelor party, 12 friends came to Macau with me and we visited all three of the above places. Everyone had a great time. But Tai Pan is my favorite, no question about it.) Jai Alai also has the China City Night Club, but I've avoided these kinds of places as they tend to be horrendously expensive. Lisboa Hotel/Casino: The largest casino in town is the center of the action. Mainland Chinese prostitutes stroll through the corridors in the basement and around the peripheral area of the casino itself. They're young, pretty, and most of them seem to have had bust jobs. They speak Mandarin, I've yet to see one who spoke any English. Asking price is usually around M$1,000 for half an hour, probably negotiable. Russian hookers are here in droves as well, they mostly operate out of the Lisboa's coffee shop. Skip the nude revue there, the "Crazy Paris" show, which is very un-erotic and just a waste of time and money, Fortuna Hotel: Sign outside of here advertises best table dances in town, haven't had a chance to check it out. Just down the street from the hotel you'll see an alleyway with a dozen or two hookers hanging out looking for "work." Other: Follow the main road, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, to the other end. This used to be the official red light district years ago. It's darker, much more Chinese on this side. Outside and in the streets behind Casino Kam Pek you'll see lots of street walkers. Now look north, to the right, just before the end of the avenue. In the side streets, you'll see literally dozens of hookers standing around. Haven't had a chance to check this out yet. The women still look quite nice and I suspect this is where the true "bargains" can be found, if you care to take your chances. Also lots of saunas and "love hotels" in the smaller streets around here. Well, that's about it for now.
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 04:20:12 +0800 Dear Sir, I thought the following info. will be real good to guys (especially foreigners) wanting a real good time in Macau. But PLEASE PLEASE do not put my name out as there are a lot of, not necessary illegal info. but will certainly get me in deep shit with the underworld gangsters which run the sex industry. as a matter of fact, they run the 'policia' too. Why did I choose Macau instead of Hong Kong is because girls are bloody expensive in Hong Kong and the service even to a local is absolutely shit. As ever, you pay and they finish you off. Things are a whole lot different in Macau, I know that these things are material but at least the girls who work in Macau know that they have to work hard for their money. There are so many of them around. Also the fact that I will say 99% of the girls will work less than 1 year in Macau so they are very fresh, try a different one each time! So here are some pretty impractical but interesting info. on these working girls. They are from all parts of China (I mean the Chinese ones) and if you prefer really soft and light skin girls, ask for one that is from the Northern parts of China, eg. from 'her yee bing', which is right next to Mongolia. They are really very unfortunale in that they come from China where the rich and powerful have everything while the poor earn fuck all. These girls are mainly here because they want to earn some dough for themselves or their parents. Typically they have to pay the Chinese authorities HK$10000 to HK$30000 just for a 7 days visitors pass to get to Macau. Pay another extra fee to get hooked up with someone at the Night Clubs just to be able to work there. Pay their respective 'mamas', ie., the girls that show them to the night club customers HK$200-300 each day to show them around and HK$500-1000 each time day go out for a full service session. Be charitable and generous as alot of these girls are really very sincere and nice. They don't speak any English but if you want to go to bed with them, the term to say is, 'wor shang kang ni joo ai'. If you want to complement them, say 'ni jaing di si yi gor fay sang pel leung di ni yan'. Let's get to the good stuff. Alot have been said by WSG on the Thai massage palors in Macau so I will skip these over. But price wise, I will seriously consider the Night Clubs in Macau. Why did I say that. just like your reports on 'Darling', price for the whole lot will be around HK$2000 inclusive of tipping the girls, so if you can really afford that for some good sex, you get the same going to Night Clubs. The trick is to go between 4pm till 11pm. Buy an all inclusive ticket from the various Night Club offices located at the Hong Kong ferry terminal. This will cost you around HK$500 to HK$800 before you leave for Macau and may include a return hydrofoil ticket. This coupon will include one drink, the night club fare for one hour sitting and choosing the girl you fancy as well as the room fare for 2 hours. If you want lots of choice then preferably go 'tea time' ie., 4pm tp 7pm on a weekday when guys like me got to work in Hongkers. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are real busy after 7pm at these night clubs, think of it as demand and supply. But generally more girls go to work, lets say over 100 girls per night club. Avoid sundays because they are fuck tired and just can't be bothered to go to work. They typically go out about 3-4 times the day. Ie., tea dance 4pm to 10 pm twice, 10 pm to 12pm night dance and 12pm till 3 or 4pm late night dance. 'Dance' refers to the Chinese way of going to a night club and picking up someone. Of course, if they can go out 3-4 times a day, they must be hot property. As I have mentioned earlier, their stay pass only lasts for a week, they are mainly illegaly resident and work in Macau. So don't bother being romantic or that sort of stuff in taking them out of the hotel, as they get expelled to China and get fined, lashed and jailed, hopefully nothing further. If you do like to have the girl for the whole night, that will be more expensive and in such case forget about buying the all in one coupon. Typical prices will be HK$2500 from 4pm onwards, HK$1800 from 9pm onwards or HK$1100 from 1am onwards till the next afternoon when they work again. This is off course payable to the night club. Tipping the girl is minimum HK$1000 to HK$1500 for an hour and half while staying overnight is $2000 to $3000. Don't forget that as much as half of this she doesn't keep herself. You can fuck which ever way you like, once, twice or more if you can take it but forget anal as these girls are so inexperienced and shy for that. Use a condom for your own precaution as they are lowly educated and especially about sex and STD. I have had girls from as young as 16 to as old as 29, older than 24 don't bother coz' there's plenty to choose from (knowing what time to go, of course'. Typically the younger ones are real great, firm tits and butts plus I like teaching them how to 'do it', hahaha..... Teaching them how to blow just really turns me on. Try the 'ice fire blow', they will alternately suck you with ice water and hot water, that really tickles. If you want them to come after you have had 'it' your way, Chinese girls like you on top. Oh my God, I have had more pleasurable sex here than anywhere in the world. Coz' I like the inexperienced and tight ones! Only pay after you have done it and if you don't like it pay just $1000. The night clubs to go to are the Savoy, the Tonnochy, the clube de Macau and club Mo Mo. These are the four top ones with over 100 girls each to choose from. New girls arrive all the time and enjoy different each time no matter how good you think you have had. Forget the cheapies hanging around coffee shops and casinos as I have heard that some have even done 20 times a day! As I prefer to get the girl happy and wet as I come. Sorry folks, I want to keep my appetite for the best. Finally, not trying to advertise but I will always go to a restaurant called the 'Maxims' in Sai Wan as they serve fucking good chicken African style and fucking humongous prawns, just like a Westerners' dick, more than a foot long! Bon apetite in food and of course in sex.
Subject: Situation in Macau Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 22:48:09 +0900 Following is my report of Macau situation in Macau on December 1997. Darling was excellent, as posted before. System has changed. You have to pay HK$1300 at reception at first. It include room fee, drink fee, and "Special service fee", for one hour. I suggest you visit there around 13:00, since it opens 12:00 or some thus you can get "first turn girl". Most of girls are from Thai, but some are from Mainland China. Those from China are in the house after 20:00, and not so young comparing with Thai. There is a Branch of Darling, called "Darling 2", at Avenida Ouvidor de Arriaga No.89, Phone # 211919. It is cheaper. HK$980 for same service as Darling 1, and extension fee is only HK$100 per 30 minutes, though costs HK$600 at Darling 1. At Darling 2, the number of girls are not enough, say, 5 to 8 usually. And quality of them is not so good, but attitudes for customer is very good. For my opinion, if you have enough money, you had better visit Darling 1. I heard from my friend that Thai style massage parlor just next to Hotel Mondeal is also nice, but I have never tried. There are some girls at Hotel Lisboa shopping arched. All of them are from mainland, very beautiful, and have their room on Lisboa. It cost HK$800 for quick fuck. very few can understand English.
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 17:23:13 +0800 Subject: fun in Macau As you know, I live in Hong Kong and had an interesting experience in Macau recently. Here it is; please publish if you like: ------------------- The square block just behind the Grand Hotel, near the intersection of Avenida de Almeida Ribero and Rua Visconde Paco de Arcos (near the waterfront and Floating Casino) has the greatest concentration of streetwalkers I have seen outside of South Pattaya in Thailand. There are all types and ages, but they seem to be uniformly mainland Chinese. Even during daylight hours there are quite a few but after dark it resembles a battalion from the People's Load Liberation Army. Let me tell you what happened to me on a balmy April evening. After a day of business stuff I wandered in front of the Grand Hotel and spotted about half a dozen young things chewing sunflower seeds and spitting the shells all over the sidewalk. I stuck out my hand for a few seeds and was asked "Massage?" by one within about 30 seconds. She says 400 (Macanese patacas or Hong Kong dollars; makes no difference) and indicates her friend, says: "one-two-one." So I go off to the East Asia Hotel, one block behind, with these two girls in tow. What the heck, huh? Along the way, one of the *many* other girls says: "one...two...THREE?" and points to herself. Uh, no. I'm already one over the limit. Up to their room and they are asking for money right away; these girls may come from a Communist country but they weren't accompanying me for the welfare of the masses. I hand over 400 and the one I was "talking" to (English is not of much use to these girls) indicates that her friend wants *another* 400. This wasn't spelled out on the street. I hold out the remainder of the bills I had brought with me, about $280, and say: "this is all." They're not going for it, they want the 800. I offer 400 to one, then the other: they want the 800. I leave, as they were too mercenary about the whole thing. They were mighty cute though. Back out through the lobby (the desk clerks blink) and directly across the street, which is about two meters wide, is a scooter with four working girls sitting on it. I start eating *their* sunflower seeds and chatting them up. A pleasant one, towards the end of the scooter, says: "OK, 400." Fine. We are back in the lobby like a flash and the desk clerks blink rapidly. Up to her room and she points to her mouth in the universal "I'm gonna give you a blowjob, buddy" gesture, which is fine with me. I strip off and hop in the shower, next thing I know, she's practically in there with me, butt-naked, scrubbing my butthole. This is unusual, but I am having a lot of fun: she's pleasant, attractive, and has supercute tits, and she speaks a bit of Japanese which helps the communication process (I guess Japanese guys also know about this part of town). I am washing away the dust of the day and things are very nice indeed. Over to the bed and she's sticking her tongue between my toes and sucking on them, licking my nipples, my balls, moving thing I know she's rimming my supertidy asshole with her muscular little tongue. People, I didn't even *ask* her to do this; it was her idea! Maybe it's a Chinese thing, or maybe her specialty, I have no idea. But it was a first for me with a working girl, and it felt wonderful. Then the doorbell rings. BZZZZT!! I am not much prone to panic, as it seldom helps matters. Besides, what's the problem? I'm in a hotel room with some Commie hooker's tongue halfway up my anus, fully intending to compensate the lass for her time and effort. No problem. At any rate, it was neither the local constabulary (who seem to take no notice whatsoever of the blatant profucking going on, although you can bet they get their cut), nor the brace of youthful tarts demanding tribute, but a local eatery delivering the young lady's evening meal. The transaction completed, it was back to the carnal, as a condom was slipped on for the blowjob (I bring my own, though the girls always carry them also). I lay back and let the expert get to work, stopping every so often to rinse her mouth out with a mouthful of water from a nearby glass, spitting into the trash can. The Chinese are good at spitting. This one was also good at blowing. The TV carried on with a supernatural Chinese soap opera: people in flowing robes hurling green energy bolts at each other. I was relaxed and enjoying myself immensely. I noticed there were two glasses of water on the table. And she filled her mouth with water from the OTHER ONE and sluiced it over my hard cock and it was BOILING HOT. She glommed her overheated mouth on it and I came in a sudden rush, totally hot in more ways than one. It was supreme. But it was also "GAME OVER" and I was a bit disappointed as this was an excellent scene. However, business is business. I reached for my shirt. Wouldya believe it, she indicates that I should just chill out and relax. She grabs some cutlery and a plate and runs into the bathroom to rinse it off, then starts divvying up the meal. It seems imperative that I hang out and share it. Time enough until the jetfoil back to Hong Kong. I kick back. It's a piece of chicken on a bed of yellow curried rice, but when I take a bite, it's like eight times hotter than any curried rice I've ever had and it feels as though my throat exploded. I do like it hot, but...she laughs, pulls out a bottle of red chili oil and starts dumping that on there. But the chili oil is about out and she uncaps a jar of evil-looking lumpy black hot sauce and starts loading that on there! One of my few Cantonese phrases translates to: "You gotta be fucking kidding," so I use it. This meets with much hilarity: the stunning harlot sitting cross-legged, absolutely stark naked except for a ponytail band, sharing a belly laugh with a trick while consuming chili =FCber alles styropod Macanese takeout. The chicken was really good, but I didn't eat much as it was her dinner, after all. She started gnawing the cartilage out of the chicken joints, CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH; this girl can do anything. I reflected that minutes earlier, my dick was in that same mouth along with a little bit of latex and a lot of hot water. She's flashing me a big grin every once in a while. Mealtime ends and we snuggle up and watch the soap. I would just hang out there except I do have a jetfoil to catch. So I watch the soap, stroke her smooth skin, and start stroking something else with the other hand, which soon gets as hard as a link on a drawbridge chain. Must have been the chili peppers. I'm lying there completely relaxed, completely stiff. And the soap ends and I decide not to bother with another condom, another PRODUCTION, the water has cooled off anyway...I just grab her hand and wrap it around my cock and she knows what to do. I wanted to come with her jerking me off while staring at her sweet face and fondling her tits, and it's my party tonight. Tidy up, dress, give her 500 Hong Kong dollars as good service always deserves a tip and a thank you, thank her, give her a kiss and head down the elevator. Bye bye as she perches back on the scooter and as I round the corner heading for the bus stop I spot the chiseling teenagers and give em a big smile. But they don't smile back. Freelancers: always a question mark. But in Macau, in early April, I got an exclamation point.

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