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Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 10:31:29 UTC

i've been there.
i did some research on church-accultured orphans.  several of my
informants were prostitutes.  they told me that the prostitute
population in recent years has shifted away from the usual mainland
chinese-imported/kiddnapped girls (12-16) to the importation of young
thai women.  some as young as 14.  the entire system is sick.
gamblers come from hong kong, japan and the mainland to spend their
money and then take advantage of the girls; most of whom are in Macau

Subject: Prostitute in Macau Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 02:19:42 UTC I have been to Macau about one year ago when I was off during business s trip to Hong Kong. I stayed in Hotel Lisboa only one night. Many prostitutes were walking in the lobby outside of casino and trying to get the clients, but the y could not speak English and they were all Chinese. As I was not interested in them, I played baccara. I went to some night club to enjoy drinking at night, but it was an escort club. The manager could speak English. He advised me that I could take a girl to the hotel if I could find a China girl from Mainland China or Vietnam who attracted me and I could find young charming girl and take her to the hotel by payment HKD 1500 in all, at first HKD 300 to the club and HKD 1200 to the girl. I think it was a very reasonable price and she was not so tricky as in Hong Kong.
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 15:33:43 -0700 Subject: [ASP] Macau massage parlour I went to Macau in June 1997, tried Daring Massage Parlour near the Jet foil port. Yes, it was quite hard to find it. I will post the direction here for first time visitors. 1. After clearing immigration and custom, go upstairs without exiting the building. 2. Exit the building and take the footbridge until the very end. As you approach the end of the footbridge, you will see a blue sign which says "Sairing Sauna" or something like that. It wasn't "Daring" anyway. 3. Take the escalator to the ground level, and you will see a big casino building on your right. 4. Face the casino. There are three entrances: Right, center, and left. The centeral entrance will take you to the Casino. 5. Take the right entrance. There will be an elevator on your right. Take the elevator to the third level. That's it. You are there! I was greeted by a rather unfriendly man. He said "which number?" On my left, there were about 30-40 beautiful Thai professionals. It was one of the most beautiful scene I have seen in my life. All of them had very light skin and none of them looked like Thai at all. The quality of the women seemed very high. It was a tough decision. Unlike other reports, I was told it was HK$1300 for the service. (Special price for foreigners???) I only had HK$1500, which made me worry that I might not have enough money for extra services. I did not want to argue with the man, especially these places are run by people who are connected with underground activities. (I heard there were four gang related murders in Macau recently.) The girl I picked was #127. She spoke very good English and we were able to communicate without any difficulty. As she started massaging me, she asked me if I could come twice. She said the HK$1300 I paid at front desk would let me come only once. If I wanted twice, I would have to tip her. I told her I wasn't sure if I could do twice and I would let her know after I receive the first service. She started with blowjob (condom worn) and then put herself on top of me. The move was very professional. I decided not to get the second one as I needed money to get back to Hong Kong. As a whole, it was satisfactory.
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 16:16:35 -0400 Subject: Macau I have enjoyed the information in the WSG and am pleased to be able to return some of the favor. Feel free to edit as you see fit. In March of 1997 I was in Hong Kong and having read all the info on the area available here decided to take the ferry trip to Macau. I left about 7pm and took the high speed ferry - about 45 minutes ride. (Note: you must tell them as the time if you buy a round trip ticket (cheaper) what time you will return - think about this before and besure to allow yourself enough time - if you go to Darling you will need 2 hrs between arrival and departure to be safe). I did not have a car there nor time to explore the city center and hotels so I headed straight for Darling. It is exactly where previous posts described. One thing I would add is that once you enter the bank of glass doors under the Darling sign (there are several other signs too - lots of neon) you will not see another sign for Darling - you walk down the hall and the first bank of elevators on your right you will take to the 3rd floor. I think that in the elevator there is an indication that Darling is on this floor - in any event - when the door opens you are right there. It is a very spartan lobby/bar. There is a partition on your left that you walk behind - no one really greeted me - I just followed the two guys ahead of me. There were about 50 or so girls seated on progressively elevated steps. The overall quality was fair to good. There were no knockout 10's or even 9's - except one. The rest we of various sizes and shapes - all early 20's good skin and clean looking - all wear the same little wrap around dresses with numbers. You pick your number and tell the guy at the desk. I chose the "9" - a very petite very pretty angelic face girl of about 25. She was definitlely the most "aggressive" behind the window - while all the others sat demurely looking just off to the side as I shopped - this one kept trying to get my attention to pick her (not always a good sign but she was clearly the best choice appearance wise). At the front desk I was charged 1500HK for the room, drink and one "full service". This was not real clear at the time but I figured at that price I was getting more than the drink and the room. As such it didn't lend itself to much negotiating - out in the lobby and all. My girl came out through one door to the left of the partition and led me through a door to the right. In that door was a long hall of other doors and she took me into one. Tile floor - TV showing Gone with the Wind (?????), a single bed with sheets and an elevated Jacuzzi. As soon as we entered she told me she had a girlfriend that she wanted to join us - for $500 more - what the hell, I was going to ask myself so I agreed. Her friend was not very attractive and about 15 lbs overweight, a little chubby, but in the end it was the best decision I made all night. The first girl (both Thai they said but I wouldn't know for sure - definitely not mainland Chinese) lets call her Sue - it sounded something like that - undressed me then disrobed herself - wow!!!! incredible tight little body - perfect in every way - small pert breasts with very tiny dark brown nipples - very closely trimmed and one of those "perky" upturned asses - very tight and everything in the perfect place when she bent over - later on that one. Neither spoke more than a few words of English but it became clear that the second girl - Mary (I don't know!!!) would be the one to bath me. At this point it all became quite "professional" - Mary got me in the Jacuzzi while Sue poured the beer and prepared the bed and layed out the condoms. Mary did rub herself all over me but not in the "sensual" way described in earlier postings - she even began this fake sighing and moaning reminiscent of a cheap X video. I laughed at her and teased her about the sighing - doing it back even more melodramatically - she took it in good humor. She did get quite payful with her fingers and teased my asshole quite abit. It was then time to get down to business so we both got out of the water and dried off - she dried me off - again in a very professional/business like manner. Sue then asked me if I wanted to "fuck" just one girl or both - if both it would be another 500HK - otherwise I would pick the one i would go all the way with and the other would play along. I decided to take both and not negotiate - $ for me was not an issue and it was clear that they were pleased that I said yes and didn't haggle price. I am sure I could have gotten it lowered. I layed on my back while Sue moved her small tight body over my chest and lowered her breast to my mouth - Mary stroked me until I was hard - she then put on a condom - industrial strength kind and used her mouth and used her acting class moans again, soon though she turned around facing away from me - straddled my legs and lowered herself on to me - placing her hands on the bed between my legs for leverage she furiously rode me until orgasm. Another bath then back to the bed - at that time I asked Sue if I could "taste" her - she was not comfortable with that but said that Mary loved it. Mary quickly agreed - went back to the bath just to be sure she was extra clean and we returned to the bed. Maey was completely shaven and immediately straddled my face - grinding herself onto my mouth and showing me how she wanted me to squeeze her breasts - quite roughly. Sue was giving the other end attention in the same way Mary had earlier. After some time like this I asked Sue to climb on facing me which she did. Now she overacted a bit - because I am not that big - average - but it was an incredible sight seeing my cock enter this tiny tight package - I did feel exceptionally well hung at that time. I had to have her from behind though with that picture perfect ass so I had her get on her hands and knees - Mary kneeled behind me and rubbed herself all over my back. I was in heaven at this point but not able to finish off yet. They both layed me on my back after a while and went to work orally - when it was clear that that wasn't going to do it - they removed the condom and used their hands - as I got close I told Sue to get on her back - another incredible sight and she was very "enthusiastic". In all I was in there over an hour and it was clear I could have stayed longer - advantage of not haggling. As I left I passed this 10+++ girl who couldn't have been much over 17 or 18 - where did she come from??? I will have to explore this next trip. In talking with some colleagues from HK (local nationals), this is something that is not uncommon and in fact expected for businessmen - I had heard this but didn't think the family men I knew were among them - over a wonderful dinner they told that next time I should take them with me and they would show me another club in the city center where the girls are younger and prettier and much less expensive. If I ever find out I will tell you about it. Walked to the ferry and made my 12:30 departure in plenty of time.
Subject: [ASP] Macau Update 12/97 Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 20:44:37 PST Darling Sauna has changed to an inclusive pricing of M$1,300. Tipping is not expected but I think would be happily accepted. Additional girl would cost you either M$500 or M$1,000, depending on the level of participation you'd like. There is another sauna with very similar set up but a short taxi trip from the ferry termianl. I can't remember the name but the package pricing is M$999. Emperor Sauna seems to have mostly Chinese girls. The managers there set up a girl and you don't get to see or choose the girl. It is a very different setup and atmostphere than Darling (mostly Thai girls) but you would definitely need a local host or guide to get the full benefits there. The works is about M$1,500. Fortuna Hotel is close to Emperor. Their "table dance" is very similar to upscale gentlemen clubs in the States. Entrance fee is a bit stiff, IMO. The night I was there, it was all imported dancers from Canada. There were quite a few walkers in a close by alley the evening I was there. Did not investigate setup or pricing. Business seems to be off quite a bit between the crime situation and the stock market situation in Hong Kong. I think you could get some very nice attention and service wherever you go. I did not try the nightclub scene but was told that it would be more expensive, may be around M$3,000 for a three-hour nightclub/hotel session. This may be worthile if you enjoy some conversation and slow warm up, assuming that either the girl speaks English or you can speak her language. terref
Subject: [ASP] Macau Update Date: 1998/01/17 Yet another trip over to Macau. We've figured out that we can head out after work and still be home in HK before 2 AM, so whenever my friends and I can sneak away, we make the trip. Started out at my perennial favorite, the Tai Pan Sauna, which is located in the basement of the Jai Alai building. Tai Pan is probably the largest, most luxurious sauna in the region. One of their latest gimmicks is that when you lie down on the massage table and stick your face into the hole, there's a color tv down there! Anyway, I've started thinking that I'm tired of doing the massage/sex combo when one cannot choose the girl in advance. So this time I told the manager I just wanted a "single," meaning regular massage. But when they took me into the room, well, this girl was just the type I love. Mainland Chinese, from Harbin province, tall (about 5'8") and nicely proportioned. So picture this, if you will. I'm stretched out on the table, lying on my back, naked. She's sitting at the end of the table, has my legs wrapped around her, she's massaging up and down my legs, rubbing in the baby oil, and says to me, "Would you like to make love?" Well. How could I say no? She was great, licked me all over, excellent blowjob, and some enthusiastic sex. (When she went to take the condom off, I got hard again. Without saying a word, she sat right down on me for a second go. "Honey, I like" is what she said.) Total cost (including all facilities, drinks and dinner) at Tai Pan was around HK$1350, or US$170 or thereabouts. Next we went over to the Lisboa Hotel and Casino. My friend has been in Macau dozens of times but never walked around the basement to see all the hookers there. As usual, there were dozens, Mainland Chinese in most of the areas, some South Americans clustered around here and there as well. But the quality wasn't as good as what I'd seen on some previous visits, we gave it a pass. I had the latest issue of HK Penthouse with me, and looking through at the write-ups on the Macau nightclubs, we saw that the Deluxe Club Savoy at the Lisboa was having a "special promotion," so we decided to head up to the third floor and check it out. I've never visited the Chinese nightclubs in HK or Macau, fearing that they'd be too expensive. I was wrong. First of all, the women. They all wear the same outfit, floor length completely see-through dress with no underwear. They walk in the room, you see everything. And we didn't see a bad looking woman in there. The deal is that it's a karaoke style place where each group gets their own room. First the "manager" (a man) comes in, takes your drink orders, sizes you up to see if you're legit or whatever. Then the mama-san, in this case the "P.R. Manageress" comes in and explains the real deal. Keeping in mind that 1 HK$ = US$0.13 approx, and the exchange rate of the Macau dollar to US is similar ... The hourly charge per person is M$200. They break this down into 5 twelve minute increments of M$40 apiece. Every twelve minutes they will bring a different girl into the room until you find one you like. At that point you pay for whatever time you've spent there (plus drinks, of course) and it's M$2,000 (about US$250) to take the girl out for the entire night. If you don't have a hotel room, they will arrange one for you in the Lisboa for M$650 (about US$80 or so). Which is actually pretty good, especially when you consider that a similar arrangement at a hostess bar in Wan Chai will cost you almost double, and that's for a Thai or Filipino. (I prefer Chinese, what can I say?) And especially when you consider that the girl will stay with you all night long. My friend liked the girl they brought in for him right away, she was just the type he was looking for. She was all over him, he was all over her. The first girl they brought in for me was very pretty, very enthusiastic, but she only spoke Mandarin, and I only know a few phrases of that. The next girl was okay, had a little English, a bit thin for my tastes. The third girl was a strikingly beautiful Vietnamese. But we'd agreed that we weren't going to take anyone out that night, we didn't have enough time. So we apologized profusely to the mama-san, told her we'd be back again, paid our bill (M$1,000 which included the room charge, some food, drinks, and tips for the girls) and took off. On the way out, I saw this Chinese girl standing there with incredibly large (for a Chinese) breasts. I think I'll try this place again. I'm not so sure how well I'll do there if I don't go with someone who speaks Cantonese, but I think it's worth a shot. Incidentally, one should be able to save some money by going over to the Club's "VIP Room" at Shun Tak Center (Macau ferry terminal in HK). All of the nightclubs have rooms here where you can buy a package that includes discount Turbo Cat tickets. Just another reminder. Buy HK Penthouse. It's on all the newstands for HK$35. Tear off the shrink-wrap, flip to the back, and there will be all the listings for saunas and nightclubs. It's all in Chinese, but there are phone numbers given -- an 852 + 8 digit number means the place is in HK, an 853 + 6 digit number means the place is in Macau. (I have lots of friends who read Chinese who can translate the rest for me.) They will show you the outfits that the girls in each club wear, give some prices, and some recommended #s to ask for (complete with pictures, measurements of the girls and their specialties). The best guide to HK & Macau nightlife around.
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 13:03:01 +0100 Macau I was in Macau for a couple of days and I had read about the massage houses there so I decided to give it a try. There are a couple of places right by the Jai Casino so that is where I went. The cost was 1500 patacas which is about $160US. What they have there is glass wall with about 20-30 women on the other side. You can't see them but they can see you. You pick the one you want and she comes out and takes you to a room. All very efficient and business like. I picked a nice Thai girl, long legs, cute face and average tits. She came out and took me by the hand to the room. The room has a large bed, a TV showing fuck films and a nice big sunken bath. She proceeded to fill it up with water and bubbles. Then we both got it. She gave me what is called a Thai massage, which is a body-to-body rubdown. Let me tell you, it is the most awesome feeling in the world. My dick was so hard I thought I was going to come in the water. She told me (in her broken English not to come yet). The bath lasted for about + hour with her washing every inch (and I mean every inch) of my body. I was also able to wash her, touching every part of her too=E0 Then we moved to the bed where she dried me off, and then gave me another light massage. Then we kind of lost something in the translation. She started saying "no love" which I guessed meant she did not want to fuck. I was feeling a bit disappointed but so I asked "blowjob?" and pointed to her mouth and my cock. She smiled and shaked her head yes. I gathered from her broken English that my cock was too big for her (well, that made me feel good but I still wanted to fuck her). But, a blowjob it was and it was pretty good (with a condom). Since I wanted to fuck her and could not, I pointed at her tits and made a jerking off sound. She took off the rubber and gave me a titty fuck, which felt quite nice. I came on her tits and neck and a bit on her chin. Then she proceed to take another quick shower while I dressed and walked me back out to the lobby. I gave her a little extra, which she seemed to appreciate. The next night (I was till horny) I decided to try another massage place near my hotel. This place advertises massage, haircuts, manicures and the works so I thought it would not be the place to get some action (the hotel I stayed at also has massage services. I did call for a massage in my room and lady (about 35) shows up. I was kind of hoping for some action but the massage was great=2E She did "rub" my balls accidentally a few times but no action. Anyway, this other massage place advertises a one and a half-hour massage and then a special "finger" massage. I asked the guy what was the difference and he said that the finger massage was extra special. Since I did not get to pick the girl I wanted, I decided to get the regular massage. She turned out to be a nice pleasant oriental girls (don't know from where) and gave me a really nice massage.
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 17:27:37 +0800 Macau Darlings has adjusted rates since last posting. 1 hour is now HK$1,300 for basic room with girl included, HK$150 each half hour extra with separate fee to be negotiated directly with the girl. VIP room is additional HK$150 and probably worth it. More roomy with larger bed. Darlings always seems to have a fresh supply of beauties. Highly recommended but would like to hear of other similar saunas in Macau. Girls are behind 1-way mirror so they cannot see what the customers look like. Those that seem to make eye contact with you are just guessing your location. None-the-less, those that do put out the effort while you are considering are probably going to stay consistent in the room. Even if the demure one is more beautiful, you may well get better service from one of the girls that are more motivated.

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