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Maastricht, The Netherlands

>I don't think there are any "window" prostitutes in Maastricht.  Long
>time ago, there were some street prostitutes near the Maas (harbour)
>but I don't see any lately anymore when I happen to be in M'tricht.
>I think the rate is appr. 150 Fl.. but I can be wrong.

Just of the riverside very close to the Vrijthof are a few sexclubs.
ask the riverside sexhop(s) for the correct addresses. Not top quality
but their fine at a rate of HFL 250.  Rooms are clean girls ok.

Date: October 1997 The German news agency dpa reports that Cecile Aan de Stegge, director of a psychiatric clinic in Maastricht, has negotiated a 40 percent discount (from 125 guilders down to 75 guilders) for her long-time patients with the local brothel "Club d'Amour". She asked police for the address of a good club; the manager of Club d'Amour had been a long-time nurse at a psychiatric hospital herself. Ms Aan de Stegge, who is also chairperson of the association for psychiatric care in the Netherlands, explained that her patients are poor and can't afford the regular brothel prices. She wants to break the taboo surrounding sex and institutions because it leads to sexual harassment of female patients. Male nurses will now accompany patients to the brothel on request.
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 16:19:24 -0700 Subject: Maastricht, Netherlands. There are a number of private houses in Maastricht, but I will only comment on one of them. It's located in the centre of Maastricht in the 'Jodenstraat'. I haven't got a number for you, but that won't be a problem. The 'Jodenstraat' is relatively small and since I haven't seen any other houses with their front door open I guess finding this place is easy. Upon entering you'll find a small menu in front of you and a closed door to your right. Take some time to study the menu and it's price list. When you're finished reading just ring the bell. Normally it takes a few seconds before on of the lady's opens it. She'll lead you to the bar for a drink (the first is free) and will ask you if you've visited before. Ask for the menu card if you still haven't decided what you'd like. Prices range from fl 100,- Dutch Guilders ($50) to whatever you're able to spend. Fl 100,- will give you a suck and a fuck within a period of an half hour. After you had your drink the lady's will come down. Ussually three to five girls will be available. Most of them aren't very pretty, although I agree that's a subjective observation, but sometimes you'll have nice looking one. And all of them are very friendly. My last visit their was in May (1997) and I had one of my best fucks ever. I can't remember the name of the girl I was with, but she was hotter than Pepperoni Piza. After the ussual small talk, the undressing and the initial massaging, I started to kiss her. She was very wet between her legs (probably some lubricant) and didn't mind me going down on her. I started licking her for all I was worth and soon she was breathing heavily and writhing with pleasure. She asked me if I would like to be sucked. When I said yes, she got out of the bed and took a vibrator out of her purse. She then got back into bed and after inserting her electrical friend in her steaming, wet pussy she motioned me to kneel over her. She then started to masturbate and gave me a wonderfull blowjob . Within minutes here body started to tremble and she asked my if I could grab her tits and pinche her nipples (afterwards she told me that during an orgasm she allways wanted to have her tits handled roughly - it made her wild she said). After her climax she asked me if she could rest for a moment and promissed me that she would give me the fuck of my live. Well, the fuck of my live it wasn't, but I guess it was somewhere in my top 10. She let me fuck her doggy style and within minutes I came. Exhausted, but extremely satisfied. Although I don't live in Maastricht anymore, I plan to go back there very soon. Visit some of my old 'friends'... Ps: on Sunday nights they give you a 50 % discount on all their services!
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 15:18:24 -0800 Re: Netherlands, Roermond Brothels. Best fucking in The Netherlands Over the last year I have made many business trips to The Netherlands. I used to think Amsterdam was the best place to get laid but I recently discovered the best little whore houses in Holland. I share this information today for the first time with loyal WSG readers! Here are some directions and then descriptions of what you'll find there. First you need to get to Maastricht which is an historic city in the south of Holland. It is a short flight or two hour car ride from Amsterdam, the capital. I usually fly into Maastricht since I often have business to conduct there. After business is over it's time to play and the best place to play are the Brothels of Roermond. Roermond is a small town just north of Maastricht. It is a twenty minute drive north along the E25 highway from Aachen Airport in Maastricht. The airport sits just alongside the E25 so its very easy to find. The brothels themselves are not in Roermond itself but lie along a road that connects Roermond to a small town called Echt. On most tourist maps Echt is not shown since it's so small but you should be able to locate Roermond. In any case, there is an exit sign to Echt (before Roermond) along the E25 highway about fifteen minutes north from Maastricht. Take the Echt exit and go RIGHT once you come off the highway and enter Echt. This will be the main street in Echt. Continue straight along this street. After a few short minutes you will cross a rail road track. A few hundred yards after the tracks will be a stop light and intersection. Go LEFT at the intersection towards Roermond. This road to Roermond is about 8 miles (12 km) long. After 2-3 miles you will notice some barn-like buildings on either side of the road that have small neon tube lights in the windows. The neon tube light indicate that the establishment is a (legal) brothel. There are about ten of these brothels along the remaining 5 miles to Roermond. Warning: it is easy to drive right by the brothels since there are no advance flashing signs etc. Plus the speed limit is 80 km/hr along this narrow road so you find yourself whizzing right by the brothels by the time you spot one. Don't worry. Just turn around at the next street and head back to the brothel of your choice. The whore houses have names like 'Green Garden Club', 'Sweet Room', 'Lucky 18' etc. I have visited several of them the last half dozen times that I was in The Netherlands and have been very well satisfied. The level of service is well above what you get in the rush rush districts of Amsterdam or Den Haag. Plus since it is out of the way of tourist routes they are cleaner with much less 'mileage' on the girls. Most of the Roermond brothels employ girls from Poland, Chek/slovakia, and many former Soviet republics. There are also girls from Dominican republic, Greece and of course Holland (Netherlands). The best brothel I found is on your left on the way from Echt to Roermond. I forget the name (it's in Dutch) but it has a black and green sign at the entrance with green and red neon tubes in the windows. You park in the back and knock on the back door. Someone usually peers out at you from the view hole on the door to ensure that you are not an 'unsavory' character. Actually I am quite unsavory but may not appear to be at first glance. Once inside you will find a small bar and a lounge area. If you have arrived somewhat early (8- 8:30 pm) pat yourself on the back because you get the best selection. The brothel owner will call the girls out for you inspection. For the low traffic in these places I am always impressed with the selection. There are no less than a dozen beautiful women. And believe me I do mean beautiful. These eastern European girls are a sight to behold. If they lived in America most could be well paid fashion models. But coming from the collapsed east block countries they have decided to turn to prostitution for a quick buck. You will be surprised, though, that most of these girls genuinely enjoy their work and consider their jobs as respectable as any other. Things sure are different in Europe! It also seems to be a buyer's market at these brothels. I have always seen more girls than customers and the prices are excellent for the quality of service and beauty that you get. I usually pay about $120 USD per hour with discounts for additional hours. Unlike hookers in many other parts of the world, including Holland, these girls will french kiss you, tongue to tongue and everything. Most will even suck and fuck without a condom if you request it, although I certainly don't recommend that! (even though I often go natural - hey it's my life. [No: it's her life --- Atta]) For an extra $30 you can get a bubble bath with the girl before getting horizontal. Bedrooms are clean and tastefully decorated. Some rooms are deluxe with king size beds, stereo, moody lighting etc. I never paid extra to use the deluxe rooms. The girl leads you to whatever room is available. I always enjoy my time there and never spend less than two hours. Hey at this quality level you can't afford to spend less time! Even though most girls speak very limited english or none at all, I'm always impressed with their willingness to communicate with their clients. They seem to thrive on repeat business so they do everything to make you feel satisfied. Although I have been well satisfied at all the clubs I visited there, only 'Lucky 18' gets a less than perfect score. Maybe I visited them at a bad time but they only had one girl available. She was a black girl from the Dominican Republic. Even though I found her to be excellent in bed I didn't like the fact that my choice had been so limited. Again, maybe I visited at the wrong time of the month so if anyone else has more information on this club or the others along the street, let us know. Bye for now!
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:00:14 PDT Maastricht March 1998 Club Amour Visited about 9pm - only one girl available - Melinda. Well, I wasn't complaining as she was an extremely sexy brunette with wonderfully smooth skin. Since it was late and had to drive a long way by car later, spent only half an hour with her. Cost - 120 Dfl. Very relaxed, kissing, etc - then a lovely blow job and just at the right time she went on top and very friendly shag. Well worth the drive !

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