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Las Vegas Report

Subject: Some Nevada brothel experiences

I was in Las Vegas a few months ago and visited a few of the legal brothels
in neighboring Nye county.  Although all of my experiences were enjoyable,
none of them stood out as particularly memorable, unlike some previous
experiences I have had at legal brothels in Nevada.  For reasons I can't
explain, I found myself paying $50 to $100 more than I am used to paying.
I normally consider $200 to be enough for a full hour of massage and half
& half and a friendly attitude.  I'm sure I could have probably bargained
that last $50 to $100, but I'd rather pay the extra and not start things
out as adversaries.

My first stop was the Chicken Ranch.  As I drove up, I noticed that
Sherry's Ranch was open.  Last year a girl at the Chicken Ranch told
me that the owner of Sherry's had died and she wasn't sure they would
be reopening.  I got the lineup and recognized two of the girls from
a previous visit last year.  I can't recall the name of the girl I chose,
she was a busty blonde with a pretty face, but perhaps a little too big
in the waist.

She had one of those "brothel menus" with the prices all filled in, which
was not a good sign.  I wanted something special, so I told her I wanted the
VIP treatment.  The VIP treatment includes the VIP room with the "sex chair",
the two-headed shower room, jacuzzi, all drinks, etc., for as long as you
want and as long as you can get it up.  She had written $1500 next to it,
which was unfortunate because I had to bargain her down to $700.  I figured
I would stay for four hours, so on an hourly basis it was less than if I had
gotten an hour of half & half for $200.

My favorite part of this visit (of the whole trip actually) was the shower room
at the Chicken Ranch.  The room is about three times the size of a normal
shower and features shower heads on opposing walls.  The girl (let's call
her "Heather" since I can't recall her name) first used the water to warm up
the tile on the shower walls, then we used the soap dispensers to lather each
other really good.  Then Heather started to soap down the wall between the
two shower heads.  Hmmm, this looked like something fun was going to happen.
I turned Heather around so her back was too me and put her hands up on
the shower wall, and slid my cock up and down on her warm, soapy ass
while fondling her breasts.  Ah, heaven, or so I thought until Heather took my
cock in her pussy.  This really surprised me, as I was not wearing a condom.
She let me fuck her for a while, and she eventually pulled away and finished
me off by hand.

We then went to the jacuzzi and talked for a while and found out that

1) Her last job was working in a jewelry store not more than five miles
   from where I live now.

2) We grew up in the same little hick town (but didn't go to the same high
   school).  She was maybe five or six years younger than me.

Then it was back to the room for some half & half, plus experimenting with
different positions in the "sex chair".  We repeated the whole thing and
by the end I had been there over four hours and had come four times.  The
shower room is a lot of fun, next time I go there I may try to see if I can
get just the shower room plus a half & half.

My next trip was to the Cherry Patch Ranch.  I was looking for someone I
had been with a couple years ago, but she was not in the lineup.  I chose
Megan, who has long blonde hair and an excellent body (tall, tanned, slim
waist, big tits) but maybe a little old.  I told her I had been there last
year and spent $200, and she really wanted me to spend more, so I gave her
$250.  When she got undressed she told me she had injured herself a few
days ago and the left side of her left tit was sore and it would hurt if
I grabbed here there, so I should stick to her right tit and just part of
her left one.  She gave me head for an incredibly long time and did a little
body to body massage, which I really like, especially with an incredible body
like hers (her body was really warm too, which I like).  We fucked in the
missionary position until I came.  The whole time I was just marveling at what
an incredible body this woman had.

My last trip was to the Cherry Patch II to visit the legendary Jennifer.
Fortunately for me she was in the lineup, but Starr was not, so I have no
idea what she looks like.  Jennifer is not a knockout, nor does she have
an incredible body, but she is attractive and has a nice body.  She came
right out and said she offers straight sex for $250, half & half for $300,
and bubble baths for $500.  I decided to not bargain and just gave her $300.
After we got undressed we sat on the bed and talked for a while.  She is
definitely the friendliest and most talkative lady I've ever been with
in a brothel.  She has this funny way of putting her face really close to
yours and staring at you with big eyes while she listens to you.  After a
while I started wondering if we were ever going to stop talking and get
down to business.  I found out she has a younger brother who is into
computers, and she is thinking of getting one herself.  Of course, I
recommended a Mac.  She uses her tongue a lot when giving head which
would have felt incredible were it not for the mandatory condom.  She
also makes a lot of slurping and sucking sounds.  We then fucked with her
on top for a while, and finally with me on top.  After she cleaned me up
she gave me a really nice massage.

All of the ladies I visited were friendly, had a good attitude, and made me
feel relaxed.  I think part of this was due to the fact that I didn't try
to bargain too much on the price.  I would pick each of them again on a future
trip if I didn't see anyone in the lineup that especially appealed to me.


Date: Mon, 1 Jan 1996 06:06:41 UTC Just got back from Vegas and am sad to report the party girl scene is pretty glum. Having been to the Chicken Ranch on past visits I was expecting the customary enjoyable visit I've grown so fond of. Not to be. My suspicions should have been aroused when the driver showed up at my hotel in under an hour. If business is hopping this should've been a long shot. The driver asks when my last visit was and proceeds to warn me that prices have gone up and some of the girls may be "a bit heavier" than what I was used to with my past visits. The other curious thing is that I was the only passenger at 9:00 PM. I have never been the only passenger in the past, even during off hours. Just for the record my last visit was 2 years ago, but I usually go a minimum of once a year. At any rate I did not expect things to be dramatically different. When I walked into the place the silence was deafening. The hostess was even slow to greet us. Usually you see girls passing in the hallway on an average nite, but I only saw 1 in the 15 minutes I sat waiting for a line-up. When a line-up was finally presented it consisted of only 4 girls out of which only 1 was of passable quality. 2 were total skanks which I would expect at a brothel like the Cherry Patch Ranch and 1 was a cow that my driver most likely referred to. The passable girl although having an impish face had nice tits, legs, long blond hair, and seemed very well groomed. She did not smile, but gave a wry smirk which unexpectedly appealed to me in some way so I decide to give her a try. After arriving at the little cubby hole which is passed off as a room she proceded to show me the "menu". I nearly fell out of my chair. These prices were grossly excessive as far as what constitutes the going rate (even in Vegas where prostitution is illegal). I proceded to explain that I've been a regular past customer and never had to pay by the menu and have always paid by the hour. Although the Ranch strongly encourages the menu system I know from past visits and other customers that the girls have the freedom to cut their own deals within limits. She would not budge from the printed menu prices, but suggested with a smile that we could have a good time in a half hour. Now I know why she didn't smile during the line-up - braces! That was enough for me, I had been insulted enough for one evening. I went back to the waiting room as my driver was not immediately available and stared at the walls for a few minutes. Another skank wandered out and tried to persuade me to come to her room to discuss business which I politely declined (even though my blood pressure was high at this point, no not that blood pressure). My driver returned shortly thereafter and after an uneventful 1 hour drive I was back at my hotel. Fortunately this lesson only cost me $50 which I didn't mind paying because my driver was a charming 40 year old woman who made good conversation. My previous party girl "lesson" came 12 years ago when I was rolled by one of the "entertainers" in the yellow pages, but that's a story for another day. My driver was sympathetic enough to remind me that some ladies work the hotel casinos, but I have never located a pro I would consider taking up to my room in a casino. This nite was no exception. I tried one last thing. Supposedly a dancer who works at the Cheetah posted her number here. Yes this is none other than the mythical Risa. And yes she is mythical, the number that was posted is bogus. So I returned from Vegas with full gonads and a nearly empty wallet (the tables treated me rudely as well) not the optimal result. I just want to take a brief moment to direct a comment to our resident Vegas expert - Blake. I knew you were spewing bull when you first started posting about the Chicken Ranch. This experience clinched it. Absolutely nobody affiliated with the Ranch has ever even heard of you. Not the manager, hostess, the girl I talked to, or my driver. What your motivations are for posting the crap that you do I do not know, but you can expect to get called on it. Your self aggrandizement doesn't irk me as much as I'm hacked about the gross misrepresentation of the current Ranch workers. My advice to Vegas visitors: spend your money in town or not at all. You'll probably get much more bang for the buck in the big city closest to your home town.
Date: January 1996 Went to the Chicken Ranch the other day. For some strange reason, this brothel is not listed in J.R. Schwartz' booklet "The Best Cat Houses in Nevada" (ISBN 0-9613653-0-7). The best and cheapest way to reach it is by renting a car in Las Vegas. Take 15 South, then 160 East in direction Pahrump. Maybe 2 miles before Pahrump, take a left on Homestead road. After some 5 miles, you'll see a Casino on the right, and after another 3 miles, the Chicken Ranch appears on the left. Can't miss it. They still use the supremely embarrassing line-up system. 4 girls on a Monday afternoon. I chose a small, slim blonde who had a nice body. On the room, she presented me with the menu which had outrageous rates. I told her that I didn't want intercourse, just an erotic massage, kuddling, hand- and blowjob for one hour. She wanted $300 for that. After even more embarrassing haggling, the best I could come up with was 40 minutes for $200. She told me that she works 10 days per month on the Chicken Ranch and holds a regular job in Las Vegas. After dick inspection, she left with my credit card (the charge on the bill appeared as "Western Best"), returned, made me take a shower, and undressed. She was good looking, but hurried from the start. She obviously hadn't understood what I was looking for and started a hand job after a couple of minutes which was clearly intended to make me come right away. I asked her to slow down and let me explore her a little bit. However, pussy was off-limits. Then she gave me a blow job w/ condom, average quality, and that was it. Maybe 20 minutes in total. Overpriced, unskilled work. Atta
Subject: Cherry Patch Ranch II Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 20:17:24 UTC I was sent out to Vegas on business (LARGE computer conference in mid-November). I knew that I was going to go about a two weeks in advance so decided to prepare for the trip by checking out some of the web pages on the legal prostitution in the area. Your page was a big help. I also decided to "store up" for a week before I went out. Storing up was a bad idea because there are so many good looking women in Vegas and all the smut peddlers on the street had me so horny that I could barely walk. My schedule didn't allow for much fun so I decided to move up my flight from Monday morning to Late Friday night. This would give me a few days on my own while in town. I didn't want to drive too far so I picked the Cherry Patch II. I think Cherry Patch I is closer but the directions were more confusing. I arrived about 11:00 PM and was greated by the hostess. She was a little old lady. Sort of a grand mother looking woman which made me nervous. My grandmother acts all embarrassed if someone even mentions sex so it was a wierd to me that a granny would be working in a brothel. She was relaxed ( which made me relax a little ) and wondered what I was interested in. I told her I wasn't sure. She told me to just pick out what appealed to me and that girl would explain my options more thoroughly. We had a short conversation while the girls were getting lined up -- Mostly about how cold it was. After a short wait the girls came out and said their names. I was expecting more of a selection. There were only 3 girls. After reading about the "fantastic" Jennifer on your page, I decided to get her if she was available. She was so I picked her without really looking at the other two. She was not at all what I had pictured when I read one of your posts. Her face was rather attractive but she was quite a bit heavier than described. Not unattractive, but heavy. We went back to a room. She said it wasn't her room because hers was "busy." She said she wanted $300 for an hour of half-and-half. I told her I was interested in going 'round-the-world. She said she wasn't really into anal but she didn't really say no. I figured I wasn't going to get what I wanted so I offered $150 hoping that she would go for it. We settled on $200. She told me to get comfortable and that she would be back in a minute or two. She took the money and disappeared for a minute or two. I guess she had to give the hostess the house's share or something. I stripped down to boxers while she was gone. I would have taken them off but the chair was damb cold. When she came back she placed a clean sheet on the bed. She got out a little nurse's bath tray, filled it with warm water, soap, and few squirts of betadine. She asked me to hold it while she washed me up. I don't know what other people are complaining about, this wash-up felt pretty good. She then asked me to wash my hands up and then we could get started. As I washed up, she got naked and started massaging my shoulders with her hands and rubbing her tits on my back. I turned around and was surprised that she wasn't as heavy as I had thought -- just really large hip/thighs. She gave me a big hug while we were still standing there. I grabbed her ass and began to kneed it as I kissed her ears and neck. She let up on her hug and I moved my kisses from neck to her tits. She let me do this for a while and seemed to enjoy it as her nipples immediately became erect and she moaned a little. Eventually she lifted my head from her tits by placing one hand under my chin and lifting. Her other hand grabbed my cock and she led me to the bed. She told me to lie on my stomach and gave me a massage. I get professional massages all the time and this was nothing special. It wasn't even a sexy massage. She rolled me over and massaged my shoulders and chest. She then worked on the front of my legs. I think she was trying to relax me more than excite me. Didn't really work. She then made a condom appear out of nowhere. She's naked, I'm naked, the bed is covered by a sheet and *ZAP* she's got a condom in her hand. She tells me that the condom's cost $2. (This reminder of money took me from mildly aroused back to slightly turned off at this point). I told her I'd get it to her later. I think she could tell her mistake because she quickly made up for it. She reached up to the bedstand and got a tube of lube. She placed a little in the tip of the condom and then a little on the tip of my cock. She then balanced the condom on my half-limp dick. I really remember how she looked up, smiled, and unrolled the condom onto my cock using nothing but her mouth. Let me tell you, this was one of the best w/condom blow jobs I have ever had. A few minutes later and I was stiff as a board. She was very firm and used her tongue alot. I barely noticed I had the condom on. This would have been fantastic w/o condom. She then climbed aboard and began to cunt-fuck me as I lay on my back. I reached up and played with her tits. She sat too upright for me to be able to sit up and suck on them. This had to be one of the loosest pussies I have ever stuck my dick into. I moved one hand down to her pussy and put my index finger in right next to my cock. She didn't seem to mind and it made it a little tighter so I also put in my middle finger. She just kept bouncing up and down. She has this wierd way of looking at you when she fucks. We kept this up for a little while and then I switched fingers, placing my ring/middle fingers in her cunt along side my cock and my index finger in her ass. I guess she wasn't expecting this as her eyes got really big and she made this little sqeal noise. I thought that she didn't like it cause when I did this she got up off my dick. She turned around, facing away from me and climbed back on though. This gave me a great view of her ass and my dick going into her cunt. She twisted around and grabbed my hand. She fondled around 'til she only had my index finger and put it up against her asshole. I didn't need to be asked twice. I used both hands to pull her cheeks wide and slowly put my finger back into her ass. After a little bit I put my middle finger in too. I can see why she doesn't like anal sex. Her butt was so tight with just my two fingers that she would never have been able to get a dick into it. For being such a loose cunt, I was really surprised when I blew my load. It hit me so fast. She got up and took of the condom and cleaned me up. She asked me to give her a massage while I got my strength back. I did. I wanted to eat her but I didn't want to ask and besides, she had one hairy snatch -- I hate eating hairy snatch. (Why don't women -- especially professionals -- know that most men prefer shaved or half-shaved snatch?) After quite a few minutes I was ready again. She got on back, raised her legs high and wide, and spread her pussy. I thought she was ready so I moved up for her to put another condom on me. She said she wasn't ready yet. This was a surprise -- a prostitute who wasn't ready. She told me to play with myself as she did the same. This really got me going again. (It would have been better if I could have seen her cunt better through all the hair.) She got some lube and did my condom again and this time put some into her cunt. We fucked missionary-style for a minute and then I asked if we could do doggie. She said her favorite was doggie so we did. I banged a way for a while and tried to come 'cause I knew time was getting short. It would have been a bummer driving all the way back to Vegas with blue-balls. I even played with her tits and grabbed her hips so I could slam into her harder and deeper. No luck. She tried to suck me off. Nothing. She then asked if I would like to try oil. I said "sure". She took the condom off and she began to stroke me off. This felt great but it just wasn't working. I finally got the nerve to ask if she would just lay back so I could jerk off onto her face. She agreed. After a few minutes of furious masterbation, I finally came in another gusher under her chin and onto her neck. I was a little disappointed that I missed her face. I love the look of a woman with come on her face. We got cleaned up. She washed my dick again. I tipped her $60 and waited for her to get ready. She gave me a card, a big kiss, and then escorted me back to the hostess. She then asked me to come back and left. The hostess asked me if I had a good time. I told her yes. We had some small talk and then I left. All in all a great time. Jeniffer is not a beautiful woman ( a 5 or 6 ) but she does have a great personallity ( especially for her job ) and she is a great fuck. I still wish I could have fucked her ass. That nice padded butt and tight ass would have been wonderful. There just wasn't time to get her properly loosened up. I feel bad that in all the excitement that I forgot to pay her the $4 for the condoms. If you go to see her, tell her that some guy on the net said that he's sorry for jipping her.
Subject: Recent visit to Nevada legal brothel Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 12:03:32 UTC I just wish to inform others of the most delightful experience I had in late April at the Cherry Patch II in Lathrop Wells, Nevada (about one and a half hours northwest of Las Vegas). Upon viewing the line-up of four ladies, I chose Kim, a thin, long-legged beauty with long jet black hair and the most elegant cheekbones. After agreeing upon a reasonable price for the services I desired, Kim proceeded to provide with the most pleasing experience I have ever had with a working girl. Not only were her sexual favors incredible, but she also had the most pleasing demeanor and attitude which enhanced the entire experience. I highly recommend the Cherry Patch II and Kim in particular. She definitely rates 5 stars! * * * * *
Subject: {ASP} Nevada Brothel (Cherry Patch) Report Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 19:54:04 -0600 Last month (October), business took me to Las Vegas for a few days, so I naturally had to pay a visit to Cherry Patch 1 (a.k.a. Mabel's, a.k.a. Madam Butterfly's). My experiences there have always been good and date back to 1987, with June, whom I will always remember. Then there were actually two brothels there--Cherry Patch and Madam Butterfly's. Both are now consolidated into one and what used to be Cherry Patch has been "closed for remodeling" for several years. Anyway, rented a cheap, smelly little car from Thrifty (will never deal with that company again!) and headed north. The drive didn't seem to take as long as usual and got there around 8:00 PM. Rang the bell, got let in, and waited for the line-up. Didn't ask how many girls were actually working, but there were six in the line-up. Didn't find anything attractive about any of them except one--Heather. Tall, blond, nicely built, wore a black lacy bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels. (The others weren't ugly, but if I'm going to pay for sex, I want it to be with someone is more than just "not ugly".) Went back to her nicely appointed room and got down to business. Told her I was interested in massage, half and half, and that I wanted to go down on her (I LOVE eating pussy!). She told me it would be $800. I nearly fell out of the chair. She also told me she didn't let guys do oral on her. I was pretty amazed as last time I was there, granted it had been back in 1993, massage and half and half ran around $250-300. I don't like to bargain over the price. The process turns me off. I also figure if a girl prices herself high and I pay, then there just won't be a tip. However, as she didn't allow oral on her, the price and whether to bargain was all moot--I wasn't going to pay for it and not get to eat. She mentioned that one of the other girls did let guys go down her, but I told her she was the only one I'd found attractive. As she escorted me to the door, the madam said, "Send him up to Two." I told them that's what I'd planned on doing and thanked them for their time. It was the first time I'd ever left a Nevada brothel without using the services. However, I didn't encounter any of the unpleasantness I've read about in other postings. Made the 30 minute drive from Cherry Patch 1 to Cherry Patch 2, which was, in fact, my first visit to Cherry Patch 2. (At this point I should add that, prior to setting out on my adventure, I called Cherry patch 2 to find out whether Jennifer, who has received rave reviews in other postings, was available. They said she was on vacation.) Anyway, I was let in, and waited for the line-up. It took a little longer than usual for the girls to come out. As I waited, I could hear them bitching and bickering just around the corner. Apparently one of them had the habit of taking too long to get ready and was doing so now. I found this bickering within earshot of the clientele rather unprofessional. When the three of them did come out, the first one actually complained to the madam about the one who was slow. Add this to the fact that number one was rather plump, and she became an immediate write-off. Number two didn't do anything for me. But number three, the slow one, piqued my interest. Tina was older (I'm not a good judge of age, she could have been anywhere from her mid-30s to mid-40s), and, while definitely not centerfold quality, nice looking and decently built. Although in my late 30s myself, I've always preferred older women because they seem to be less inhibited/more open minded and level headed about sex. Tina was my choice, which, to my satisfaction, gave the complainer a case of the ass. We went back to her room where I explained what I wanted--massage, half and half, and to go down on her. Just as I made my last point she stopped me and said, "Slow down. How much do you plan to spend? What you've said so far will run $500." I asked how much time would be allowed. She said two, to two and a half hours. She also mentioned the condom would cost $2. Although the price seemed rather steep for the acts, the time kind of balanced it, so I said okay. She took the old Master Card, told me to get comfortable, and left. I undressed and she came back with the receipt for signature. We did the dick-washing routine, which I always enjoy, and she undressed. Her body was nice--about what you'd expect from a maintained, middle-aged women. We began caressing and fondling. She moved down and began to put a condom on me, at which time, thinking about a massage, I told I didn't think it was necessary yet. Her reply was, "Oh, but I want to suck you." I figured that meant she was into the rush mode and it was going to be a fight to get the two, to two and a half hours. How wrong I was! We spent the next hour to an hour and a half alternating between sucking, fucking, massage, and eating. She was open to any position, and limber enough to make them easy. Her pussy, was pink, fresh, and clean. Her pubic hair was light and fine--like a young girl's. She gave a decent massage. I won't go into much more detail other than to say we built up into quite a passionate time which culminated with her on her back, her legs pulled up high and out to the sides, and me thrusting and exploding inside her. She spent the remainder of the time in nice conversation and giving me a totally relaxing massage. Overall, a very good time. I strongly recommend Tina for someone who enjoys an older woman and is not hung up on having a woman with a centerfold appearance.

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