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Rue Junk, one of the streets opposite the front of Luxembourg railway station.
Around 100 GBP, rather pricy.

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 01:25:53 +0200 Subject: Luxemburg I visited Luxemburg for a weekend not really in pursuit of a prostitute but at midnight the streets filled with young attractive talkative street walkers from around the world I spoke with girls from South America, Jamaca, Many soviet countries and Africa mostly Morroco. they wanted 2,000 belgium, Luxemberg franks for a quick "sucky Fucky". While I did not partake I was sorely tempted. Their were also caberets where the girls solicited drinks that cost 2,000 to 5,000 franks per drink but they would not be clear on what you get for buying them an expensive drink. Sex shops have private dancers who will from the other side of a glass do what ever you ask them to for 1,000 franks Beauty is not in short supply. All of this is available on the streets around the train station.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:14:41 +0100 Luxembourg : General overview : The main action takes place near the station. There are some nightclubs that offer "table dance" and 'individual' treatment but I never tried one so all I can say is what I heard : Very expensive. Most girls in these clubs come from the former east, some of them are illegal so you might get in trouble when the police are crossing your path. Most women are nevertheless streetworker. Prizes vary between 2000LUF (100DM) (straight fuck in car) and 5000LUF(250DM) (suck and fuck in a 'hotel' room). Do pay attention ! Some girls offer 'more' service for less money... HIV included (if you see what I mean). I am no racist when I say that you better avoid the black women... most of them accept fuck without condom and almost all are illegal. Some of the brazil women are men (so I was told). Prostitution in Luxembourg is allowed but not well tolerated which explains that circulation rules do change in these streets starting at 8Pm till 6Am. The streets are than 'one way only' so the usual 'waiting and visiting rounds' are now 'enlarged'. Virtual trip through the streets : Let's suppose you parked your car near the station. Right now you have to walk across the street. The first women you will see wait in front of the large post building, should you still need money, there is a cash withdrawal right here ?. As I said all the streets are one way only right now, so we turn right (in between the post-building and a parking). Some times you will see women here... most of them are toxicoman (or toxicowomen to be pc). The street then continues left then right, round the 'office des publications' (The publications office of the EU). There are lots of transvestites here and some older women. Finally you must turn left again to join the 'route the hollerich' Right again and down the streets to enter right again the first street that allows you to. (should be the 2nd or 3rd). Right once more and straight on till the subterranean parking is signed right again (I told you they complicated live... but most of the time you just have to follow the cars that drive extremely slow). You might find some girls here to... but be careful. The street turns left and at the crossing you may go straight on, left or right (for once there is a choice). Best deal is left. On either side of these street you will find women... up to you to decide to choose or to continue... if so right again. The best match (personally) do wait at the next crossing. They are belgian women. My favorite one has long blond hair and calls herself 'Kelly'. She's very nice and we had some good fucks together. Another hit would be 'Angie' a dark hair german Lady, if she is in a good mood she is a great deal. Kelly will ask you 2000Luf and Angie 3000. What to think about it : Luxembourg is very expensive! You better bring more than 10000Luf (500DM) and look for a girl that will stay the whole night. The black women promise all and everything but as soon as you paid (in advance) you're fucked... they want you to finish as soon as possible. Once you got a good connection to a woman it is possible to have a nice fuck in the car sometimes even in her room. Unfortunately 60% are rib-off.

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