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Long Branch, New Jersey

Subject: [ASP]  Long Branch NJ

Tropical Touch
Long Branch NJ

Park in back lot and enter through the rear entrance next to the drug store.
 Rates are $40 for 30 min, $50 for full hour which includes time in the
jacuzzi.  After paying, I was given a choice of four Girls (6-8s) and I chose
Heather.  Heather lead me to the room and got me in the shower (each room has
its own shower and jacuzzi).  After the shower I layed on the massage table
and Heather gave me a decent massage which was quite relaxing.  After I
rolled on my back, She explained the rates for different services.  Quoted
rates were quite high and I offered $70 for oral which she accepted without
argument.  She then removed her clothes. She has a thin build, dark hair and
a nice personality. She moved to the side of the table and started to give me
a blow job.  I reached to massage her pussy and she raised her leg to give me
full access.   We stayed in this position until I came in her mouth (with
Nice place with a good selection.

Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 22:19:41 -0400 (EDT) Subject: [ASP] Long Branch, NJ West End Spa: Advertises in Asbury Park Press. Located in West Long Branch. Recently remodeled "Fantasy Rooms" are very well done with a shower, sauna and hot tub in each theme room. Themes are ancient Rome, Tropical and 1880s San Fransisco. Paid $40 for 40 min. After a shower and a fairly decent massage, I was told I could get a topless massage with the dreaded "manual release" for $60. I asked if she offered anything else and she said she would do nude for $80. Handjob was OK but there is much better service available in Long Branch for the money.
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 09:48:46 -0400 (EDT) Subject: [ASP] Long Branch, NJ Awakenings Spa Broadway Long Branch NJ Advertises as LA Spa. $40 45 min, $50 hour. For the full hour you get to use the hot tub. Asked for Camille, Blonde, late 30s . Camille takes pride in the fact that she considers herself a masseuse and she does give a very good massage. She is very cagey about extras and will ask if you want anything else. You have to specifically ask for a service and she won't discuss price. You basically pay what you want in tips. Generally $50 oral and $100 full service. She will get in the hot tub you and give a bitch'n massage under water, but again you have to ask. After your soak she'll give an excellent massage before moving on to oral sex or full sevice. She can be quite accomodating.
Subject: [ASP] Tropical Touch In Long Branch, NJ Date: 1998/01/29 Just wanted to relay a pretty lame experience I had with a usually excellent service called Tropical Touch on Broacway in Long Branch, NJ. (Exit 105 off of the Garden State Parkway). Anyhow, the day that I went had Christie working as well as 4 other girls. I like this place because you can see and select who you want. One half hour is $35, hour and even longer appointments are available... Anyhow, Full service is generally available from all of the girls, as was with Christie, but at $200, I decided againist it and went with the full body massage with her topless at $100...Quite expensive, but she was young and really pretty. Unfortunately, she had the most boring expression on her face and was so not-into it that it made for an awful experience. I still recommend Tropical Touch, just avoid Christie... The Traveller...
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 11:25:57 EST Subject: [ASP] Long Branch NJ Ellies Massage Ellies is new to the Long Branch scene and tries to sell itself as an upscale spa. The girls are quite attractive and there is usually a variety available. Basically a Jack Joint offering only topless and nude hand jobs for $60 to $100 on top of $55 dollar entrance fee. Nice facility but there are much better places in Long Branch if you want real action.

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