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Long Beach, California

Please note that the scene in Long Beach, Stanton and most other local
areas as far as street is VERY dead. I only see a couple walkers on
PCH near between Obispo and Cherry usually not on Mon - Tue. These
seem to be the same 35+ year old white hookers.  $20 can get you a
B.J. in the car, and that is all I would try. I recommend L.A. X-Press
as a safer alternative, but be forewarned that you must walk a fine
line to get good service and avoid dangerous situations.  Be smart.

Subject: [ASP]Long Beach, CA Street Scene Date: 1998/04/02 This post is to confirm that the once burgeoning Long Beach street scene has been decimated by the police and neighborhood watch groups. I would advise against any attempt to secure street services in the cities of Long Beach or Signal Hill, California. If you find yourself in the Long Beach area and desperately need to play on the street please read the following suggestions: 1) You may see a handful of attractive working girls on Pacific Coast Highway on Friday and Saturday nights. Be forewarned that they are probably bait for the local thugs, carjackers and thieves who prey on unsuspecting johns. These girls are usually young and black. If you see a 30ish-something blond who looks like she is in good shape she is most definitely an undercover cop. 2) Stay away from Broadway between Alamitos and Cherry unless you are interested in men. Also quite a few men are beginning to work Anaheim Street between Long Beach Blvd. and Alamitos. 3) The best time to search for a companion is Sunday through Thursday nights after 2:00 a.m. Most of the remaining girls in Long Beach come out at this time assuming the streets aren't too hot. You will know when the streets are hot because the Long Beach police tend to show much presence when they patrol an area. If you are cruising around and see a couple of police cars in a short period of time - GO HOME. They will probably notice you if you stick around too long and they will probably catch you if you try to participate in any illegal activity. 4) Some areas to search for female companionship are Pacific Coast Highway near Magnolia Ave., Anaheim Street near Cherry Ave., and Broadway near Atlantic. You will usually not find anything to write home about but you can still get a BJ for $15-$20 and full service for $20-$40 in Long Beach. 5) The welfare check principle applies in Long Beach just like anywhere else. You are more likely to find some quality action one or two days before the checks are distributed - the 1st and the 15th of the month. You can sometimes find an attractive welfare mother who is not a true working girl - just someone who needs to make ends meet. These are usually the best partners. Most other hookers in Long Beach are drug addicts. 6) You can find quite a bit of street action on Long Beach Blvd. north of Artesia in the cities of Compton and Lynwood. However these are extremely dangerous parts of the world. I would advise against going there unless you are feeling lucky and brave. 7) Long Beach is also dangerous city. Always try to take the girl someplace safe - like your motel room. Never let the girl lead you to a spot SHE knows. It could very well be a setup for local thugs. Be careful.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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