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Lombard, Illinois

Subject: Lane's Spa in Lombard, IL

Lane's Spa, 330 E. Roosevelt Road in Lombard, is my favorite Asian
massage parlor in the Chicago area.  They charge $60 for an hour
session, which includes a "table shower" in which the girl scrubs every
nook and cranny of your body.  There is a sauna if you like.  When the
massage starts, if the girl asks "hard or soft massage?", say "soft", of
course.  She will run her fingertips lightly over your back, and very
soon, will start tickling your scrotum.  Lift youg body up off the table
a couple of inches, and she'll reach under for your joint.  Ask if you
can turn over, and offer her a nice tip ($20 to $40 is plenty), and
she'll give you an incredible handjob. She might let you feel her tits
and maybe suck on them. Don't bother asking for anything more - it won't
happen, no matter how much money you offer.  But the girls are beautiful
and friendly, and you won't do better in Chicago than a hand job for
under $100.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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